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Vin Rogue Reviews WTBM Issue 82

Vin Rogue in what could become a series provides a review of the latest issue of the When the Ball Moves fanzine.

Vin Rogue Review of WTBM Issue 82

Earlier in the season I used to post my player ratings out of 10 and because of my low scoring I took a bit of flack! So I decided for a bit of fun to mark an Issue of whentheballmoves out of 10 and also rate a few articles along the way. My literary experience for doing this review is a 25 yard swimming certificate and 3 O`Levels, namely English, Surveying and Art!

I wasn`t and never had been a great buyer of any fanzine. I think last season I bought one and then a couple of weeks later bought the same fanzine again, it sort of put me off a bit. This year with the introduction of the Glossy photos I have been able to spot a new edition and have not made that stupid mistake again.

So to the review, as it is now becoming the norm, first the photos on the cover pages are a joy, none more so than 2 very different photos of members of the Laws family and the scoreboard pictures. For me these score 10 out of 10 as they just set the tone for the entire fanzine.

Page 6 MARCH PART THREE by Dave Thomas.

This article quotes almost all the "ifs" and "could have been" that this season has so far given us. It was a great reminder as to how close we could have been to survival with just a little more luck. Dave finishes with Tony Mowbray leaving Celtic and the likelihood of a job vacancy in the summer for you know who. 9 out of 10.

Page 30 KILBY - WIMP OR GENIUS? by Arthur Jones.

Presenting a case for Wimp and then a case for Genius is pure genius! It provokes the mind and prepares you for a good debate in the pub. I have a sneaky feeling Arthur thinks Genius! 9 out of 10

Page 8 CHILES PLAY by John Sutcliffe.

Enjoyed this one page article as I like Adrian Chiles and John makes this an easy read and one I understand. 8 out of 10


Keep writing as you have set yourself a high standard, I just wish I knew how old you were? It would affect my opinion on the article but it is an 8 out of 10.


This is an absolutely brilliant way of looking at the stats. The comparisons between ourselves, Birmingham and Wolves in defence are astounding. This article using stats and logic that will challenge your thoughts on where we are going wrong. This was nearly my first ever full house but I have gone for 9 out of 10 because I had to find my glasses to read the forwards Stats. I hope this is repeated next season around the half way mark.


Another way of presenting stats for our best starting 11. This article appealed to my sense of always wanting to zag when the majority zig. It ends with the 11 players we should start every game with and I will go on record as saying I disagree with that 11 but loved the article and gave it 9 out of 10

Page 41 I LOVE THE PREMIER LEAGUE?! by Dale Warrington.

"We are Burnley not some superpower of the modern game......" Read it, enjoy it and consider it is written with honesty and integrity. 10 out of 10

Page 44 TICKETLESS IN DESPAIR by Couch Potato.

Despite the use of a swear word 2 pages of a great read "....I am in despair about the Premier League. It seems to be in denial about its problems...." 10 out of 10

Page 50 THE OLDER VIEW by Andrew Lipton,

Found myself disagreeing and saying that`s simply not true, it made me mad reading it yet I did agree with some paragraphs but not many! Different and Enjoyable 9 out of 10

Page 24 KEYBOARD KINGS by Rickers Twickers.

What a brilliantly balanced article, part fact part fiction and the fact that Sepp Blatter is going to read WTBM...well you just need to read the article and enjoy it 10 out of 10

Page 54 WHY I WON`T MISS THE PREM By Ria Hopkinson

I have read perhaps 4 or 5 articles by Ria and some I have enjoyed and others I have struggled with, however here is an article we should all try and understand and learn from. 10 out of 10


Both of these articles score 10 out of 10 and so having agreed with the ramblings and chuckled loads at the weekend muses Barnsey gets the Vin Award and to think I have actually bought two copies of this Issue, one to send to minivr. That sort of takes me back to last season.

Just a few mentions Boff 9/10, I`ve Tried 9/10, Goals at Both Ends 8/10, Should I Stay or Should I Go 9/10

Finally if you haven`t voted for your favourite fanzine go to and do the right thing. This edition gets a 10 out of 10 and for 1.50 it isn`t that much of a drama if you do like me and buy 2, as you could easily sell the spare on!


If anybody else would like to do a review of Issue 82, particularly if you disagree with Vin Rogue's comments and ratings then please feel free to send your review in Word Doc format to the following email address:

You would also all be welcome to review future issues of When the Ball Moves.
The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 20 2010

Time: 10:21AM

Your Comments

This could make a good series VR if you are up for it. Would be good to get comments too from fans with opposing views.
Absolutely agree TMP and was a good article VR. This could make a superb series of articles. If other people could contribute their thoughts also it could make it even better. Certainly from my point of view, constructive criticism would be welcomed.
Brilliant stuff VR. What a great advert for WTBM and it made me want to buy a copy - and I've already got one stashed away. There are lots of writers involved now and I'm sure this will encourage them all to keep going and, perhaps, a few others to have a go in the hope of winning a 'Vin'.
I would just like to add here how much I appreciate Barnsey's decision to change the look of the fanzine this year. I wasn't convinced at the outset, and struggled at times to meet the requirement of less words in each article. But not soon after I decided the big man had done the right thing. Better quality reproduction of the pictures (and more of them) has been a big gain; but so has the better quality of writing that has come with it. I have no idea whether sales have gone up as a result, but if they haven't, I would suggest that a few more people buy an issue sometime in the future and see what's inside. There are some excellent writers, and it's a privilege to be published alongside them. Many thanks also to everyone involved in the production: they manage to get articles as late as a Monday night, and still have copies to sell at away games the next Saturday. And thanks too to the sales team of Martin, Timbers, Dale and - as Barnsey says in every issue - anyone else I have forgotten. Only 18 more issues till number 100. Keep going everybody!
Couch Potato
I am with you CP - When Barnsey asked me pre-season I was very dubious about the new format because I thought WTBM had its own setup of basically being a photocopied production ( man with his mates etc). But Barnsey made the right decision in changing to the upgraded format and it is generally an improved fanzine with some good new additional writers which provides a good mixture of articles.
First of all, I'd like to accept the Vin award on behalf of all fanzine weiters everywhere. It couldn't have ben possible without my Mum and Dad... In all seriousness, great to read so many positive comments at a time when things are a bit tough in terms of keeping going. Can't wait til we get to the 100 mark! Hope that more people consider buying this issue between now and the end of the season as a result of this article. Thanks once again, Vin!
I would add my agreement to all the comments above - the magazine seems to be a very good quality nowadays and there should be no reason for the sales struggling. It's better than the match day programme that's for sure! Thanks to VR for his positive review of my case for the defence article, though he has got my surname wrong!
Whats the surname CC, Ill correct it?
I just wish more people bought it! We sell 400 copies an issue, which isn't bad. That said, as a % of crowd size, I don't think it's high at all. Man Utd and Arsenal sel around 3-4,000, for example! Not sure how many comparable clubs such as Wolves, Ipswich, etc do...
Did the sales go up to any significant degree when we got promoted or did it make no odds? Perhaps we could get the sales up by more online promos on here somehow? The articles are covered by NewsNow and reach a wider audience via Google tags etc
Also agree wholly with Vin's commendation of Ria's piece. Always the first writer I look for. I believe she does some work for Charlton, I think she's an excellent football writer.
The sales went up from 300-350 to 400. Not sure online stuff would help. I don't have the time to do it, in any case.
Surely we could do it between us though? I can help on the IT side,just needs one or two to jointly help do a Word Doc every now and again promoting WTBM,maybe monthly? Send it to me by email and Ill do the rest
Thanks VinRogue, thanks CubanClaret - much appreciated!

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