Burnley - Was Bob Lord Totally Wicked? Well He Is Now!
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Was Bob Lord Totally Wicked? Well He Is Now!

Burnley Football Club announced a new 'Totally Wicked' signing on transfer deadline day! No,sadly Michael Owen will not be joining the club but instead the Bob Lord Stand will have a new sponsor. The sponsor is 'Totally Wicked'..no,it really is, that's the name of the company!! Who the heck are they, I hear you ask as did many Clarets fans on Saturday when the news filtered through?! Well they are a local Lancashire-based company specialising in electronic cigarettes of all things and they also market an e-smoking liquid as an alternative to cancer sticks!

There is something rather amusing about the Bob Lord Stand being 'Totally Wicked' considering its reputation for a certain age of Clarets fan more prone to feeling the cold and covering up with blankets and sipping flasks of coffee to keep warm! No, I am not prejudice, I sit in that stand myself but I don't think I could bring myself to start wearing hippy jeans and smoking pot again(allegedly) and going heh man,wicked!! Those of you living locally may well have also noticed the company open up a store in the centre of town and it would appear we will find out more about the sponsorship deal following a formal launch this week.

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Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday September 3 2012

Time: 6:14PM

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My god,give me strength!! Not sure about totally wicked, the performance on Saturday was totally rubbish!!
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03/09/2012 18:18:00

I wonder if with this cash we will be able to afford another ferking winger!
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03/09/2012 18:49:00

Well if we can, let's hope its a winger who can actually play on the wing!
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03/09/2012 18:55:00

We need someone to take charge A Wing commander maybe. (Promoting fags, and casinos that's a bit wide of the mark, far left or maybe far right.)
Grimsby Claret
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03/09/2012 20:11:00

If the Bob Lord Stand is totally wicked god only knows what the Cricket Field or Fishwick stand will become??? Woodworm Stand?
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04/09/2012 12:52:00

Totally Wrecked?
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04/09/2012 13:52:00

I think following along that theme it could be a good sponsorship deal for ***** and become the Totally ***** Stand, the upper seats being abbrieviated to The Total ***** UP....nurse I maybe in trouble......but I chuckled...
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04/09/2012 14:52:00

I see that I am not allowed to abbrieviate French Connection UK despite my attempt at humour with the company!!!
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04/09/2012 14:54:00

Awhhh god I am depressed! ..... can't remember seeing such abject performances for the clarets for years that those of the last week or so, even Daz Bentley through the twitter towel in on the back of them.......disgruntled fans, hideously high ticket prices , usual lets get 7M in and recycle 10% of it back out... awh the short sightedness of it all...... a *****e team and a manager who is refreshingly honest but has now started to to place doubts in many clarets fans mind What are we going to do ? Given TMP and I have have been banging the proverbial " we are under investing " for three seasons now is anyone (only those of you certified as sane) really still believing that the cobbled together lot can achieve anything ..... please convince me that I am a negative cynic and that just around the corner we have the road map to the promised land
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04/09/2012 15:07:00

Sorry, I have recently been certified as sane, and don't believe that investment automatically equals success. Indeed I would be happier if we hadn't brought home some of the purchases from our shopping trips over the last 3 years. Taking examples, as I am prone to do, from further afield, it's easy enough to find clubs that have invested heavily and failed, as well as clubs who haven't invested heavily and succeeded. There's also Liverpool, who have invested heavily for years, badly underachieved, apart from a League Cup win, and whose owner is now getting it in the neck for trying a different approach to the one that had failed so many times to work, albeit with a manager who had shown what can be done without big investment, but who has gone the other way from his owner, and now wants to spend the sort of money he never previously had! You've got to laugh! In answer to your comment, HC, I don't think you are a negative cynic, nor do I feel any more optimistic than you about the next weeks and months being easy. I even respect your business approach. And if I find the road map I look forward to sharing the journey with you, my friend. It's just not a business approach I can say is guaranteed to have made a difference over recent years, and not one I can feel certain would make a positive difference now.
Couch Potato
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04/09/2012 15:55:00

So we just contunue as we are ?Underinvesting,underachieving and trying sod all? Because thats what we have been doing since our promotion and some would argue for the last 50 odd years and it has got us precisely nowhere and on a downward spiral! Dont give a monkey's testicle what other clubs have done,haven't done. All I know is we never try anything different and in the main suffer for it! If you must quote other clubs than let's look at West Brom! Their gate on Saturday 25,000 not too far removed from our Prem gates at home! They invested heavily during their yo-yo years, brought in quality 'big' names and are now reaping the reward as a steady club in the Premier. For gawds sake, someone have the financial bollox to try something similar instead of being dazzled by 'administration' headlights. Falling gates, crap football and a sense of total apathy amongst many fans? Thats all we got to show for a season in the Premier? A total and utter cock-up by the Board
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04/09/2012 16:07:00

.and Bob Lord must be turning in his grave. Sponsorships is that all we can come up with?
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04/09/2012 16:10:00

Well one things for sure couch and TMP nowt changes with regards to our views and opinions of how these things should be conducted lol .... refreshing in itself I must say, missed the banter ..... Come on what are we going to do chaps? what's missing ? what's right? are we worrying to soon or are we right to be worried where would YOU start ? What do we need to do
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04/09/2012 16:38:00

Important questions from both tmp and hc.
Couch Potato
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04/09/2012 18:30:00

Well if we can play like we did against Bolton every game we would be guaranteed promotion thats for sure!! Thats the irony, why were we so magnificent in that game compared to rest? Can't explain the difference in performance! Was it just the will to win in a high profile match with history? Baffles me
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04/09/2012 19:03:00

Am I right in thinking that there were 11,000 on at the weekend? Sack the board - not that you can and in any event there isn't a queue of people wanting to take over, sack the manager - who has spent a couple of years getting a new team in so what a good idea to start again....and sack everyone else too. Though we wouldn't have much to moan about then. Very early days this season.
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04/09/2012 19:07:00

Don't you just sense though something is wrong? I so much want Howe to succeed but just for one minute think about the possibility that he might be out of his depth at this level. This is now his team and he will be judged on how well he does this season more than any other! That's before we even talk about the Board supporting him with for higher quality/quantity of players. Can he be trusted to spot the right talent? Has his signings in the main delivered?
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04/09/2012 19:19:00

All good points chaps ,,,, clock the current site poll >
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04/09/2012 23:24:00

Remember Sunderland's bad start before Roy Keane propelled them into the prem ? And I seem to remember Reading starting very poorly last season. It's definitely too early to panic because we all saw how the same team performed against Notlob . Having said that I was really cheesed off after travelling for 5 hours to see them not perform at all against Huddersfield , and it seems we've continued in the same vein against Plmouth and Brighton. Let's hope they stew over these performances during the international break and at least come out fighting against Peterborough . Things can only get better , they can't get any worse can they ?
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04/09/2012 23:31:00

I certainly hope not WC! Any worse and I fear the worse! We just go to latch onto that Bolton performance and hope we have something in reserve to find that form again and soon
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05/09/2012 06:57:00

I think its both Form and Right Tactics for the team we are playing against. If you wipe the board clear and start from scratch the team most people would agree on would be. Shackell, Trippier, Austin, Pato, (these are in order of putting them on the team sheet),Stock, McCann, Marney and for me at the moment Grant. Sadly this leaves 4 outfield positions where I am uncertain, Edgar Duff or Mee? I think Mee is the future out of those 3, Edgar makes mistakes week in week out. Mills, Lafferty or Mee? Too early to decide and so every poor game will impact on players. Then it is simply any 2 from Wallace, Stan, Stewart, Hewitt, Porter, Howieson, Ings, Jamaican lad in Jan, Treacle, Young Pros McCartan, Fletcher. Leaving Vokes as my only nailed on bench warmer! I think it all hinges on Pato and the 2 players from the last list above, get them right and it will come good.
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05/09/2012 08:34:00

Woops had overlooked Stock!!! As such my maths is wrong lol! But you get my drift I hope?
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05/09/2012 08:36:00

Amazing how this thread has developed and become so off-topic. Far more interesting debate than 'Totally Wicked' though so let's keep it going!
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05/09/2012 08:56:00

Tend to agree with your reasoning and choices above VR, but don't discount Vokes just yet. On his day he can be lethal in the box , but at the moment he's shining as much as sandblasted glass, although in fairness to him, the whole team presently fits into that bracket . I would also give Jensen the jersey to see if he can restore some confidence into the defence. It's a strange mix this confidence/skill thing but we all know you need both together for the team to work . This team is definitely good enough, they just need to realise it.
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05/09/2012 10:53:00

Yeah WC think Vokes too will come good although he is another who seems low on confidence at the moment. I am sure once he bags a goal or two, things will be different.
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05/09/2012 11:45:00

Trippier as an example this year has not been as effective going forward, he is vital to the likes of Austin and Vokes as he is a genuine attacking minded full back. The forwards need quality service to give them chances. The "trust" between our wide midfielders and full backs is poor. Somehow that part of our game needs to be sorted out. Against notloB it was a one off grudge match for us fans and the atmosphere dictated the tempo. Huddersfield and BHA are the bread and butter games.
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05/09/2012 12:11:00


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