Burnley - Rumour Mill-Taking Stock now Clayton No Go?
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Rumour Mill-Taking Stock now Clayton No Go?

It had been rumoured that Leeds midfielder, Andy Clayton was one of Eddie Howe's targets but the 23 year old completed a transfer to Huddersfield Town in midweek rejoining his former United boss Simon Grayson at the newly promoted Championship club after agreeing a three year deal.

There was talk too that Clayton would have been interested in moving to Turf Moor with a fee of £500,000 mooted. The local Lancashire Telegraph though believe Burnley's top priority in signing Jason Shackell from Derby and uncertainity over funds available allowed Huddersfield to nip in and complete the deal.

Burnley will now have to look elsewhere for a midfielder and it is now strongly rumoured that Doncaster Rovers' Brian Stock could now be the fresh target although we have been linked with him in the past including this summer.

Stock is yet another player known by Eddie Howe from his time at Bournemouth when the two used to play together. The 30 year old still has one year of his contract left at Doncaster but now looks eager to play at a higher level.It is thought Stock is keen to leave the Keepmoat following the club's relegation to League One last season. Doncaster have so far insisted that they have had no contact from the Clarets although that may have been due to the fact Burnley were still pursuing their first choice, Clayton.

With Rovers keen to reduce their wage bill following relegation, Stock could be snapped up for a nominal fee or maybe even on a free transfer.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 7 2012

Time: 10:53AM

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Stock would be OK although at age 30 that is a slight worry. Pity about Clayton. LT wrote:'The Clarets had been looking at a move for Clayton but their decision to prioritise the £1.1m signing of Jason Shackell is said to have been a telling factor in the player’s eventual move to Huddersfield. Leeds were reported to want £500,000 for Clayton but Burnley were eager to finalise the Shackell deal before moving on to other targets – conscious that their top priority was making sure they landed the centre back they wanted, and knowing that signing was likely to take up a large chunk of their budget. Clayton was believed to be very interested in a switch to Turf Moor after hearing of the reports about the Clarets’ possible move for him, but the finances involved in the Shackell deal meant that Burnley were never in a position to match Leeds’ asking price. Huddersfield, in contrast, did agree a fee with their Yorkshire rivals and were able to complete the signing of the midfielder on a three-year contract, with the Terriers currently making a number of moves to bolster their squad for Championship football.' Don't get it we get £7 million for Jay Rod, pay only £1.1 m for Shackell and pfaff about worrying about another £500k-£1m for Clayton? Summat dont add up if LT assumption correct
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07/07/2012 11:00:00

Stock has certainly been a good player, good passer, cool on the ball. However - the last few seasons he has had a number of injuries and I think may struggle with his back. If he is fully fit and at he same standard he was 2 years ago - he would be a good player to sit in front of our back four in my opinion
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07/07/2012 12:12:00

Really getting pi**ed off the Bournemouth Team of old, we have to start uping things with our scouting network, looks like lazy scouting and inexperienced management when we keep going back to one club ..... looks like we are skint or incompetent when it comes to tying some of these deals up though
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07/07/2012 13:06:00

All managers will go back for players they know - If they are good enough - it doesnt matter surely! The problem comes if we are signing players who arent good enough. When Stan got us promoted he did it with a number of players he had worked with previously. Stretch, Lenny, Ronnie, Swanny & probably a couple of others - not many were complaining at the point.
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07/07/2012 13:10:00

Cotts did it too as well, Cheltenham (Duff) the Stoke bunch etc plus Coyle used his Scottish connections! CD is right,dont care where they come from as long as they are good enough at this level
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07/07/2012 13:28:00

Might be a slight doubt over his fitness, but there is none over his ability. Stock is a wonderful player and would add a touch of sophistication to the midfield. Like TMP I don't care where players are from - just whether they are good enough.
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07/07/2012 17:00:00

Amazing that there are all these good ex-Cherries. Let's hope that in a few years there are as many good players around who have come through our ranks. We're getting there, but it sounds as though we'd be behind Bournemouth at the moment in terms numbers of youth graduates who have made it. Concerning not stumping up the cash for Clayton, maybe we were being cautious in case we needed to shell out a lot more than we did eventually for The Shack; and it was just a matter of quite close timing?
Couch Potato
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07/07/2012 18:40:00

Cautious ? Jay Rod £7 million Shackell £1.5 million? Even £2 million that still would have left £5.0 million max for Clayton..and he was only up for £500k!!
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07/07/2012 19:37:00

Do we really believe that we got £7 Million in the form of a bank transfer to BFC! Every tom dick and harry has to be paid and quite often the fee can be paid over a period of time. I think we will be lucky if we see £5 million to the club when it is all done and the final beans are counted by the Burnley bean counters!
Report Abuse
07/07/2012 19:53:00

I would agree with that VR. I would also add that some of the money was probably with add ons such as prem appearances, International apps etc. Some of this money will also no doubt have gone on updating facilities/covering debts/running costs etc.
Report Abuse
07/07/2012 20:35:00

Even if you take the JayRod money out of the equation are you saying this club is so poor that had JayRod stayed we would not have been given any money to rebuild the squad? If you are that shows how mis-managed this club has been these last few seasons! You can guess a figure for JayRod as much as you want there must surely have been enough to find £500k for Clayton even if Shackell was bought for £3 million
Report Abuse
07/07/2012 22:03:00

That would be asuming the LT article is true , which I dont believe is the case !
Bernie Lee
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07/07/2012 23:46:00

The times they are a changin' in the world of football finance and transfer markets. And now even football clubs and their managers have to work within budgets, rather than illusory - or otherwise - bottomless pockets. Besides, is Clayton worth half a mill? Dunno.
Couch Potato
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08/07/2012 09:02:00

There is no doubt that Clayton was good, but was he really that good ? Why did Neil Warnock want rid of him ? The priority at all times was Shackell, and I dont blame the club for focusing on him. The fact is, we have brought in an excellent center back who is proven at this level, and our defense is looking strong. There are a lot of midfielders out there who fit what we are in search of, there wernt a lot of Jason Shackells out there that we could get for a million. Im sure the midfield will be stronger than it is now in a couple of weeks time. The point Im making is, Adam Clayton isnt really worth fussing about, we got our main man, so lets move on.
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08/07/2012 10:41:00

By the way, does anyone know what the latest on Brian Jensen is ? Obviously he was at our first training sessions, which suggests that there is a good chance of him remaining with us. But has anything been said ?
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08/07/2012 10:45:00

I hope Bernie is riight because if we really were having to think finance so much to bring in Clayton for the sake of £500k then we really are in trouble having just banked millions for JayRod. The thing is we were led to believe Clayton was the top target for midfield. Yes there may be others but the fact we didn't get our first choice presumably annoyed Howe
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08/07/2012 10:50:00

Doesn't seem to have annoyed Howe as mush as it appears to have annoyed TMP? ABF - it says on the official site, towards the end of one of the 'first training' stories that progress is being made towards a Jensen contract, or something like that, which in the context of any contract means nowt till there's ink on paper.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
08/07/2012 11:06:00

Didn't know CP had spoken to Howe! lol
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08/07/2012 11:09:00

I don't think we have enough of a kitty to risk vast sums on buying players who demand big wages. We can't afford to gamble too much of the budget and whilst it maybe to some a sign of bad management to try and keep the club in the black and not risk the red for a better chance of glory, to others like me I will accept running the club with optimistic caution :)
Report Abuse
08/07/2012 23:54:00

Then we are doomed forever to midtable mediocrity or worse but then we can always satisfy ourselves we will always be Clarets no matter what league we play in..although some of us, just a few of us what something a little new and and more daring so we can propel this club into the 21st Century!
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 01:10:00

Come on Phil , you are starting to sound like you have elivated yourself to the god of football fan expectation. We all want success and have been starved of it through 95% of our lifetime , the same as 95% of other football clubs , which makes it more enjoyable for that rare time it comes around ! But like it or not , unless an Abramovich rich type fella comes along , we have to accept that we are not a big club and never will be , we will never get gates or media interest to make outsiders find us interesting , Derby fans are suggesting they have sunk to a new low having to sell their top player to "likkle old Burnley" that fact we still have parachute payments and just sold a player for a reputed 7M has no baring on their opinion , because that how we are percieved , football is a sport where the rich just keep getting richer and its impossible to break into that cycle , Bburn , Bolton , Blackpool , QPR , Swansea , Stoke , WBA , Southamton , West Ham & Burnley ect ect will always just be fighting to stop in the premier league when promoted , no matter how much they spend they will come down at some point , Bburn & Bolton have done well but might never return to the prem league for 5 /10/20 years now , thats football . We will win some , lose some , play well some games and dire in others , lose managers , players , even some supporters when struggling , i'd love to do well & get promoted but if not , its not the end of the world just the end of the season and we roll onto the next with as much hope as went before , whether we suceed or fail , lose a manager or players , the one thing that will ramain a constant is my love and hopes for my football club , the same as every Burnley fan !
Bernie Lee
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 13:32:00

We are not a big club because we never show any ambition to try and become one and even when they had the best chance ever to break the mould in our promotion season in top flight they buggered it up! The best role model is West Brom, they don't have much bigger gates in the Premier than we had ( a few thousand more than our 20,000 average)but after a few years yo-yoing they now seem pretty well established! There was absolutely no reason at all with a few more financial balls we could not have followed suit. The club are now reaping the reward for taking their eye off the ball and had Kilby said on our return to the Championship our promotion to the Premier was now long-term he would have been laughed out of court! [Edited by turfmanphil]
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 13:56:00

I think our relegation from the premier league was more to do with the manager leaving than money spent , in my opinion if Coyle had stopped , i'm 100% confident we would have stopped up but would have been battling relegation again the next season and every season after , if we stopped up. I dont think Swansea spent big but stopped up , despite what Southamton spend they will still have every chance of coming back down , thats football it has no gaurentee's & is why we love it!
Bernie Lee
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 14:25:00

There is no guarantee that is true but you raise the chances of success by spending more on players in my honest opinion. There is though a balance and if you look at Leicester they bought so many players they never had chance to put together a settled team. I just think we could go the extra mile sometimes to add 3-4 more key players especially in the Jan windows when promotion still looks on
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 15:36:00

I would like to think that the club are thinking the same !
Bernie Lee
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 16:50:00

I totally agree with Bernie and I think his post 3 up sums it up perfectly, I only wish I had wrote it.
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 19:40:00

Agree with Bernie also. I also think it is a bit harsh to suggest the club didnt spend when we went up. Andre £2m, Fletch, £3m, Leon £1.5m, Foxy £1.5m - Edgar/Eckersley/Easton £1m, Mears £500K - others I may have forgotten? That is the best part of £10m on players, + a heavily increased wage bill. I also agree with Bernie that if Owen hadnt left, we would probably have stayed up. With the Owen/Laws scenario, we would probably have gone down even if we had spent more. If we had spent more, and had gone down, we would now be really struggling!
Report Abuse
09/07/2012 21:16:00

At the end of the day its just a lottery. Football has become such a financially based game, and the club has a mindset of trying to spend the minimum possible to try and achieve promotion. I can see where TMP is coming from, why not just go a little further with the transfer money spent and give ourselves a really good chance. But then I can see where BL is coming from, if we were to spend that bit extra and fail, we are in an increasingly worse position. And what then ? Keep spending every season hoping that eventually we will be rewarded. And what if were not ? Then where will we be ? We could go down the Southampton route and try to guarantee promotion by spending millions, but thats not always a good idea, as Leicester demonstrated last year. Weighing everything up, I dont think it would hurt to spend an extra £2 million this season in particular because of the Rodriguez money and the fact that the parachute money is close to running out. Obviously any more than that would be dangerous for us economically. But it always begs the question, should we take risks and really go for the ultimate rewards. Its what successful businessman do, and when things go your way, you get the ultimate success.
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 11:05:00

Risk is a bit like your aunty - relative. Van Persie thinks Ars don't risk enough. But they are still perennial Champs League group stage qualifiers. Arguably, given the wealth of Sheikh Mansour (or whoever it is, I can't confidently remember his name) PL Champions Citeh haven't got anywhere near to taking a risk yet, and would not even be doing so if they bought what both Ars and Citeh fans were talking about with me yesterday as 'one season wonder Van Persie'... and then ended up paying him to play the following year alonside their other employee up Lane, Adebayor. Meanwhile Banks (the financial institutions that is, not Gordon of '66 fame) are being asked to take less risk and simultaneously bring success back to the nation anyway by lending to businesses in a double-dip recession. Mmmm? Maybe I'd better clarify my analogy... risk is like the aunty who talks a lot but who you can never quite be sure knows what she's on about.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 11:54:00

Talk about it all you like the chances are unless they change tack we are and always will be midtable,punching above our weight or maybe even worse if we lose what competitiveness we have due to FIFA Fair Play..fair my arse!
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 15:02:00

It has certainly been commented by others that the 'fair' rules do actually go quite a long way towards entrenching existing boundaries between rich and poor; certainly in the very upper echelons, where the financial disparities between say Citeh and Ars, and between Ars and Everton, are mind-boggling. But down amongst the aspirant middles classes struggling to get a toehold on the top tier, I would not in any way rule out the continuing not unoccasional successes of the plucky parsimonous over the nouveau wannabe cash-splashers.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
10/07/2012 15:48:00


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