Burnley - Are the Board making a Jay Rod for their Own Back?
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Are the Board making a Jay Rod for their Own Back?

Disgruntled Clarets fans this week following the sale of Danny Fox to Southampton may have been placated by the words of Brendan Flood to some degree yesterday. Our Operational Director has been trying to keep the Hampshire club at bay in their attempts to also sign striker, Jay Rodriguez. It would appear that the club have already turned down an offer of 4.5 million from the ambitious, newly promoted Championship rivals. Flood has also slapped a 'Not for Sale` sign on the player but it is still expected that the Saints could increase their bid and there are rumours that some Premier Clubs could also be interested in the England Under 21 international including Newcastle and would you believe Arsenal! (I don`t!)

Surely though every player has his price and even the Club Statement following the sale of Fox recently made that obvious:

'We will only sell when we feel the fee exceeds our own valuation and where we feel we can invest that capital in promising young players that will be given the opportunity to develop at Burnley Football Club; a policy that allows us to remain ambitious` said the statement

Well you will forgive me if I can`t stop laughing at the word 'ambitious` but by the club`s own admission they must have a figure in mind for Jay Rod, so what happens if one of the clubs interested in him reach their valuation? Yes, quite he will be off!

What though would be the figure they would have in mind? 5 million? 6 million? 7 million? More?. A lot of Clarets fans would no doubt justify the sale of Jay Rod by calling it a good bit of business even though it would decimate our squad even more and at this late stage make it difficult to find replacements with the transfer window closing at the end of August. It would surely write off our promotion chances for this season even if they haven`t been already.

So could Brendan Flood`s words sound very hollow if this week they also agree to sell Jay Rod? What would also be the reaction from the Clarets fans? Already a sizeable number are angered and want some answers, could such a devastating bit of news push them over the edge and lead to protests against the Board?

Let`s look at Flood`s words and analyse them:

"There is nothing that would tempt us," he said when asked if Rodriguez had a price.

"He is a local hero and he wants to achieve success for himself and for Burnley.

"He is very much part of our plans, as are a number of players who are here who want to play for Burnley.

"We were chased by, in particular, Portsmouth for Martin Paterson, and other clubs have enquired.

"We also had enquiries about Charlie Austin, but we don`t want to sell any of our forwards.

"The only players we have sold are those who didn`t want to be at Burnley."

All sounds very good then but how foolish will those words look if something does tempt them to sell with an offer of x million (with x anywhere between 5 million and silly money)?

What also would Jay Rod want to do if there was an offer on the table from a Premier League club? How would he feel about staying at Burnley rather than join his former colleagues at Southampton? We can only imagine and speculate but at least Jay Rod is a local boy and might want to stay but we used to say that about Richard Chaplow!

I just wonder too how many Clarets fans would also buy Flood`s statement that the only players the club have sold are those who didn`t want to be at Burnley.

He went on to say:

"Danny Fox, I don`t think, wanted to further his career at Burnley.

"The players who have left I don`t think wanted to stay at Burnley.

'They are good lads, but their ambitions weren`t with the club."

That may be true but shouldn`t the question be after a season in the top flight and all the hype associated with that, why players at this club no longer want to play for us? Is it because we have no ambition to return to the top flight, is it because we have reduced the salary cap to non-competitive levels or is there low morale now at the club? Would that morale not plummet even more if we also lost Rodriguez?

I don`t think anybody except those at the club could answer those questions and of course they would never do so in public so all we can do is take Flood at his word and hope Jay Rodriguez is still a Burnley player by the end of August and indeed is still with the club after the January transfer window also closes. Why don`t I feel confident that he will be? Guess I don`t need to spell that one out do I Barry?

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 14 2011

Time: 11:52AM

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So what price would you put on Jay Rod that would make you say 'Good Bit of Business'?
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14/08/2011 12:01:00

Selling him and subsequently buying a player like Nicky Maynard with spare cash also would be a good bit of business for me. But I cannot realistically see that happening.
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14/08/2011 12:28:00

To late in this transfer window to sell Jrod for any price, in January if the price is to good to turn down and Howe has definate players to come you would have to think about it, remember he would be in his last year of his contract next season. As for Flood i do not trust him but i could be completely wrong about the man, with the pictures i've seen of him he would look more at home in the directors box at West Ham.
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14/08/2011 12:45:00

I just got access to the net again, would someone give me the link to the full interview?
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14/08/2011 12:49:00

I don't think we should accept any price, Jay Rod IS a local hero and our biggest asset both in terms of finance and moral at the club at the moment, He's an inspiration to many of the young players that we have (and supporters) and if youth is going to be our future policy and strength (as keeps being reiterated by BK and others), he is an essential part of any future plans at Burnley including a promotion push. Don't forget we sold Fletcher for 7 mill and got Iwelumo in part deal, who happened to be another journeyman who can score goals but had no real loyalty to the club, there are loads of players like that that we could buy with the money from a Jay rod sale! No thanks, in my opinion keeping him is essential, for the Fans, the youth and any real promotion challenge.
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14/08/2011 13:25:00

I certainly don't want Jay Rod to be sold. Meanwhile anyone think Gary Cahill will be sold against C*yle's clearly stated wishes in what's left of the window? Or Jagielka's against Moyles's? Or Fabregas and Nasri against Wenger's? Did Paul Jewell at Ipswich want to sell Wickham? The last is possible, I reckon. My point is just that we're not the only club with dilemmas of this nature or where manager's don't get it all their own way. Heck, did Fergie really want to sell Ronaldo?
Couch Potato
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14/08/2011 14:00:00

Yes but the likes of Fergie and co simply use the money to bring in some equally talented, high profile player(s) whereas we sell our best assets and then bring in lower league unknowns and pay them a pittance?
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14/08/2011 14:09:00

Latest news - Jay Rod off to Bolton for 250,000 and exchange for George Oghani. "We do need some experience" added Kilby.
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14/08/2011 14:54:00

Like Owen Hargreaves, for example tmp?
Couch Potato
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14/08/2011 15:31:00

I think Flood means it regarding this one. He knows that to sell J Rod would bring massive criticism, and he's also very much aware that he's an important asset to this club. Regarding the 'good business' price, there isn't one as far as I'm concerned for J Rod. Since when is it ever good business to get rid of your best players, who want to stay, and during a time when we don't have to sell? If promotion is the goal, selling is out of the question, and it's now time to see this squad being bolstered instead of weakened.
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14/08/2011 16:31:00

Time for a reminder Flood, Kilby and Jay Rod are Burnley fans. Any body question that ?
Grimsby Claret
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14/08/2011 17:20:00

No, no doubts whatsoever but sometimes I think it might be better not to have such emotional attachments so that more risk-tasking and ambition could be considered without carrying the emotional baggage around. I would have no qualms supporting a Board who were ambitious enough to try a different approach whether they supported Burnley, some obscure team in the Middle East or even Man U! I might draw the line at Blackburn though!! ;-)
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14/08/2011 17:29:00

We should have ambition to achieve the Prem. At the moment I am seeing the ambition of the Board is to be a feeder club and the more accidental success in the way of winning something would be welcome for the additional revenue it would stimulate for the players sold.
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14/08/2011 18:24:00

I have just heard a rather downcast Eddie Howe on last night's Radio Lancs post-match interview. Now saying we are rebuilding the team and we are in transition! What happened to just needing 2-3 players to add quality to the squad? Also hinted morale affected by loss of players. Summat not at all right at the club [Edited by turfmanphil]
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14/08/2011 18:36:00

Don't worry Eddie will soon be upbeat again, We all feel like that after a defeat. By the way I was watching Yorkshire regional news and it showed hundreds of Leeds fans chanting for Ken Bates to go. Poor old Ken.
Grimsby Claret
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14/08/2011 19:33:00

Reports comeing in Newcaste to offer 7million ?
Albmaleaf claret
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14/08/2011 19:46:00

Got to agree with dredlox.76 no way should we sell Jay at any price, if Jay goes, thats it I will have had it and seriously think of going down and shoving my season ticket right up the one of the boards ar$s, I don't think things are rosey in the garden at Turf Moor, soon we will have a team of pound shop players, to go with our town of pound shops
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14/08/2011 20:21:00

Oh and I don't trust BF, never trust a man with a chin to match his forehead.
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14/08/2011 20:22:00

Poor BF its his turn to get the hate posts. Whats his crime Just being on the Burnley board. Jay Rod is a Burnley player.
Grimsby Claret
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14/08/2011 21:16:00

Turmoil and more turmoil, the team can never be settled and play at their best (even if not good enough for promotion) in the present atmosphere. I am now only waiting for the transfer window to close and some normality to resume, at least until the next window.
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14/08/2011 21:37:00

i have a bad feeling that he'll be sold this week leaving us short up front again for Cardiff.
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14/08/2011 22:09:00

Reports from where Albmaleaf claret? message boards I suspect, not entirely sure about Flood myself those wanting him to take over I would say buyer beware, you pay your money and are entitled to your say but it seems to me we were more ambitious before he came along, I trust Kilby but I feel he is getting pushed out, examples of Kilby's ambitions anyone remember Ian Wright, Paul Gascoigne okay the latter did not work out but put bums on seats signing youngsters won't, Ings is he better than Fletcher and MacDonald will he get a look in with only 5 subs allowed? we have had all summer to sort this out regarding players in what have we done naff all, shown no ambition and you wonder why players want to leave, who is next in Shotton? played a couple of times for Stoke, why do they want rid of him? begs the question if he was any good...we have prospects we need quality signings age should not matter look at Phillips today for Blackpool won the game, it is a worrying time for all Clarets which needs to be addressed, let's have a bit of ambition, I bet Howe at this point wishes he had stayed at Bournemouth..
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14/08/2011 23:16:00

Wow feelings are running high. Anybody got anything positive to say about Burnley fc ?
Grimsby Claret
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15/08/2011 08:06:00

Yeah, and why not? We are a club that is nothing if not one with a proud and glorious history of triumphing against the odds. We've done it before, and we can do it again. Up the Clarets!
Couch Potato
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15/08/2011 08:26:00

Spoken like a true football fan CP. Against all the odds, hope shines eternal.
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15/08/2011 09:10:00

8c8, try reading what Cherry Steve Wright, who often comes on here and is a good guy, says about Bournemouth in the Backchat Burnley thread on Charlie Austin... then let me know if you think Eddie would have rather stayed at Dean Court! Might though Eddie be wishing he'd gone to the Saints, who did I think try to get him and he turned them down? I think we have learned that Eddie is a completely different character than *oyley, and would not have jumped ship to go to what was at the time not only a local rival but also one with whom the Cherries were in direct competition, albeit for promotion rather than relegation.
Couch Potato
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15/08/2011 11:22:00

Southampton were in a different League then and we had some decent players with money to spend that has soon changed, I am not knocking Howe if that's the way it sounds but the lack of ambition being shown by us, I sincerely hope that this changes with the signings we are supposed to be getting but we shall see.
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15/08/2011 12:20:00

Jay Will leave i feel, Sad but reality,
Albmaleaf claret
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15/08/2011 13:06:00

Frm Daz on Twitter-'Jay is not for sale!! There have been NO more bids for over a week and NO contact from elsewhere! 'Looks like we are safe for at least another day then!! ;-)
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15/08/2011 15:50:00

Thanks TMP at least I can sleep tonight!!! knowing Jay is tucked up in bed safe and sound in Burnley, wearing his Claret and Blue pjs!! Seriously lets hope no more offers come in. Agree with 8C8, I trust BK, more than I trust BF
Report Abuse
15/08/2011 18:30:00


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