Burnley - Rumour Mill-Saints Preserve Us £4m for Jay&Danny?
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Rumour Mill-Saints Preserve Us £4m for Jay&Danny?

The Daily Mail fuelled speculation on Friday that Southampton had made a £4m double bid for Burnley forward Jay Rodriguez and left back Danny Fox.

There has been no official statement made by the club on the rumour over the weekend and anyway you would probably not expect them to make any comment.

Most Clarets fans though will be hoping that if a bid has indeed been made that the Saints have been told in no uncertain terms where to stick their offer!

It is bad enough having lost out on Jack Cork to a club in administration only a few seasons ago. To have Jay Rod and Fox depart for St Marys as well would be too much to bear for most Clarets fans.At least I hope it would!

Having said that, I thought there would be more of an outcry over the sale of Eagles and Mears but it seems a sizeable number of fans have accepted the club line that it was a 'good bit of business' and that they would have left for nothing next summer.

I also thought there would be more of an outcry after we lost out on Cork and to this day I still believe we should have gone the extra mile to get him. If the rumours are true, he is on £22k/week at St Marys and we have just got shut of Chris Iwelumo reportedly on £15k/week. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out the maths. We could have had Cork based on this one-for-one replacement alone for just an extra £7k/week but then of course the club argue that would have broken their salary cap with the other players up in arms complaining they were not being paid as much. That to me is just an excuse for not having the financial balls to go for a player of the high quality we need to get this club promoted.

Anybody hand-on-heart who watched the recent games against Sunderland and Watford would have to admit we greatly missed Jack Cork in those games.

How far are we going to take this 'good bit of business' or conversely 'pleading poverty' line?

I would bet my bottom dollar that if we did let Jay Rod and Fox go for £4m in total there would still be fans toeing the club line and there would be yet more convincing themselves that once again it would be a 'good bit of business' even though it would cripple our understrength squad even more with very little time to fix it.

I hope on this occasion the club will have the financial nous to tell Southampton manager,Nigel Adkins to get stuffed but I have to say I have no trust in the Board especially once the £££££ signs start spinning around.

I also wonder at what point the 'happy clappers' content with whatever this club does or does not do, will begin to smell the coffee and realise all is not well with the club despite the Chairman's best efforts to convince us otherwise.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 7 2011

Time: 12:12PM

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When are we going to read rumours about BFC making bids for a couple of quality players??? All we seem to be linked with are young hopefuls although EH's two signings and his loans do seem to be good ones. Sincerely hope Saints are told to b. off in no uncertain terms.
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07/08/2011 13:03:00

I have long been searching for the most suitable tag to use in ripostes to the tmp's friendly ribbing with term 'happy clapper'. After this outbreak of manic panic, my search is over. :-) Nothing to add beyond what I posted on this in the rumour mill forum earlier this morning.
Couch Potato
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07/08/2011 14:15:00

Just found this on Southampton Rumours Website :06 Aug 2011 12:04:13 Burnley set to reject Southampton's first bid of £4.25m for star duo Danny Fox and Jay Rodriguez, Saints will come back with £5.75m + Dan Harding - who is currently Saints' first choice left back. I hope the board really aren't considering selling Jay + Fox after Eagles & Mears, that would have to be the last straw. TMF I agree with your comments above about the board and people just seem to be taking it lying down, how would you suggest we make ourselves heard as fans? I am a member of the Clarets trust and know you are on the board, will the trust be mentioning the way we feel as fans with regards to selling off key players and justifying it by saying we are going to make a 4 mill loss this year, (how does that work out?), how can fans make the board take notice? , all i'm hearing about lately is how were gonna be mid-table at best, I'm optimistic and think Eddie can do the job and is a good manager who can get us promotion, but you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, money has to be spent on some new signings, especially when were selling off key players, we need to strengthen now, what will it be like if Jay & fox go, I really worry that we'd be lucky to get mid-table without them, the board has to show ambition to gain promotion and if that means going into debt so be it.
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07/08/2011 14:19:00

Hi Dred, first of all welcome to VB. You will appreciate whilst I totally agree with your comments it's a difficult one for me as far as the Trust are concerned since we are trying to represent all fans and not all fans want changes at Board level and/or a different strategy. I should also point out that all the comments I make on VB are my own and not those necessarily of the Trust (as the riders on this site spell out) I am though raising these issues with my Trust colleagues in relation to some of the concerns regarding those fans who are not at all happy with the club's current stance and I will continue to do so
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07/08/2011 15:17:00

For the opening game of the season I thought the gate was not very good, even given some fans would be away on holiday. Surely the Board will see that what some perceive as a lack of ambition results in lower gates and consequent lower income.
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07/08/2011 15:48:00

It's one thing to have clubs making offers, and another to actually sell. Mears and Eagles wanted to go, and they made this clear at the start of last season, so what's the point of keeping them. Take your point about pushing the boat out for Cork tmp, but then how do the other players feel about that? But as far as selling J Rod is concerned, I hope the club make it clear that he's going nowhere, and the same with Fox as well. If we do end up selling, then as you say above, things are worse than we thought at the club.
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07/08/2011 16:19:00

Mears & Eagles let's face it wanted to go from the time Coyle left. In hindsight we should have sold them last summer and got the market value for them then. £3 million was a pittance and we were forced into a corner. Of course had we not *****ed off Coyle due to lack of ambition and not brought in a weak manager because he was cheap, both Eagles and Mears could now be playing for us in the Premier League and we would now be laughing both financially and in terms of entertainment on the pitch with gates I am sure of 20,000 plus.
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07/08/2011 16:30:00

Cornwall has it right regarding the gate although Watford did only bring their usual two mini-buses!!This is what worries me, with revenue going to be key to our salary cap limits in the next year or so, we have to start entertaining with a high quality team that is good enough for promotion otherwise the gates will fall even more! We are falling short by miles at the moment,which is to be expected after losing three key players of the calibre of Cork,Eagles & Mears! But then it was all good business.Yeah right
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07/08/2011 16:36:00

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07/08/2011 18:20:00

A? A what? lol
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07/08/2011 18:32:00

Thanks for the reply TMP, I'm glad to hear that someone is representing our views. Someone with a bit of clout needs to be asking the uncomfortable questions the Burnley board need to answer, otherwise, other than the odd banner etc. How are we heard? I hope that maybe the odd post and discussion is read and taken note of by them occasionally!
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07/08/2011 18:33:00

Just the one coach Phil of Watford fans Phil but the did clap jimmy Mac so well done to them for that. I suggest anyone who has not read the programme about Jack Cork would have had to have been paid double the rest of the players wages to read and understand how that could have caused discontent in the changing rooms. Though we miss him we could not given in to such wage demands.
Grimsby Claret
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07/08/2011 18:43:00

Disagree GC, any manager or board worth its salt would have ben able to explain that one away. It goes like this: 'This club is prepared to be ambitious and pay a bit over the odds to get the quality players we need to get promotion. hands up those who think Jack Cork is not such a quality player that deserves being paid more? If you don't want to be part of the ride and further your own careers by being promoted then go and join Bury!!
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07/08/2011 18:56:00

Long post this one ... suggest you get a brew before embarking on it .....!!!! So as many of you know I have been very vocal in remonstrating about the board, our monies and moreover our current business strategy in the past few months . However, I do think we need to be considered in our approach now the season has started, the last thing we want to do is derail any possible chances of promotion from our own terraces. So let's for a moment have a look at some of the positives over the last few months of pre season. I think we are all agreed we were carrying passengers in terms of players last season. So I have to say the job of clearing out from EH and JT has been very strong, they have impressed me with their character, they have grown a pair and cleared out our old guard, now lets face it that takes strength of character and a belief in your own conviction, so for that I am happy to go with the flow they have impressed me. With regards Mears and Eagles and with hindsight IF the issue was about them wanting to leave and NOT wanting to play for Burnley as articulated by our chairman then that does changes things for me and I think this is why the out cry has been tempered, we probably had little choice but to sell, my only issue is we took the first offer and that was poor business either way we were probably right to sell, not because of the monies but because we don't what a couple of players upsetting the rest because they felt robbed that we stole the chance for them to play at a higher lever. no one ewants rotten apples in a barrel. On another positive ALL three new recruits are EXCELLENT yes EXCELLENT ! and further to this Eddie has already articulated that he knows he need a replacement for Jack and at least one striker so is he wrong ..... no that's exactly what he needs, is it his fault that we cant bring players in? well I don't think it is...... listen to the interviews of the three new boys ALL have said they came because Eddie impressed them, and don't forget lots of managers are unhappy about the speed in which players and agent are moving, look at Steve McLaren he's going nuts because it's taking an age to get bodies in so we have to conclude we are not the only ones in the vortex of the waiting game. Eddie is absolutely right he needs bodies and he knows where they are needed, so I am comfit-able on that score, actually I will rephrase that, I am not comfit-able but I accept at this stage, as it is proving difficult for most clubs to get player in, fact is there are three weeks of this stupid transfer window ( why it dosn't close on day one of the start of the season god only knows) we all know what will happen in the last week of the window agents will bob it, concluding that something rather than nothing is better for them and their player, and we will enter the fire sale season with a multitude of players coming in and leaving. Final bit on Jay, Foxi and Patto...... Patto should have gone last week we missed out boat on that one, now he's injured he's probably worth about three bob.... something some of you will remember me articulating last week. With regard Jay and Foxi well I just don't know, we have little cover for strikers at the moment, in fact you could say we have a bit of a crisis, Patto injured and Charlie looking a million miles off the level he needs to be at so would we really off load them? Jay being put on a pedestal of being a product of our youth policy etc, alo Jay and Foxi are different this is a Championship club bidding not a Prem club so you couldn't really see Jay wanting to swap one for another when he could be playing at a higher level anyway in a few years. I think as fans we need to show a bit of resolve and put some faith in Eddie and the board, let's judge them ONLY when the transfer window has closed and we then get a real picture of what ambition the club shows, for example if we signed Vlad Weiss next week and a striker for £4M what would we be thinking then?... so come on let's give it a go cut them some slack and support them over the next few weeks...... you know what.... I have faith that we will do the right thing, I don't think Jay and Foxi will leave and I do think we will bring some real quality in and we will be better for it !
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07/08/2011 19:01:00

Christ I am starting to sound like couch .... Phil help lol !
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07/08/2011 19:12:00

Christ I am starting to sound like couch .... Phil help lol !
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07/08/2011 19:12:00

You are bloody repeating yourself as well!! roflamo!!
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07/08/2011 19:46:00

What the hell is 'roflamo' tmp?
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07/08/2011 22:41:00

Actually it should be roflmao or rolling on floor laughing my arsenal off!!
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07/08/2011 22:45:00

Sorry, but if I was any one of maybe ten of our current first team and the gaffer or chairman came in and told me I wasn't half as good as Jack Cork, I'd have probably yelled abuse at him and once I'd calmed down a little got my phone out and told my agent I was going to activate the plans I'd told him were stupid last week to force the club into selling me. Then go and Twitter and let rip.
Couch Potato
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08/08/2011 08:30:00

Having read this thread again, a few comments... First, I welcome dredlox exploring the idea of the Trust being a voice for fans. That's what it's there for. Second, I also welcome TMP's reminder that it's a democratic organisation. Third, concerning the gate: was it bigger or smaller than when Watford were last on the Turf? Anyone got those numbers? And how many did we get for the first game last year, and was there a significant difference in the number of away fans. I don't know. I am just curious. Finally, if C*yle hadn't spent so much money ineffectively beforehand he wouldn't have had a negative repsonse when asking for more cash shortly before he quit. And, as was shown by the Board giving BL money soon after, Coyle would probably have got cash if he'd been seen to be doing something about the absolutely pathetic defence he was in charge of instead of asking for more and more flair players!
Couch Potato
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08/08/2011 10:01:00

On Saints bid-'I don't know anything about it,” said Howe. Of the speculation, he added: “It's not ideal.” CP Watford gate last season at Turf was 14,160
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08/08/2011 10:46:00

By the way our opening game against Forest at home last season drew a gate of 17,496 although Forest brought considerably more than Watford's two mini-bus fulls!!
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08/08/2011 10:48:00

Thanks. But can you now remind me what the gate was on Saturday? I've forgotten! I'd guess Forest brought 2-3,000 last year. When Howe says things like 'it's not ideal' I get the impression that it's just a typically low key response on a matter he's not given any serious thought to after being pressed for a comment by a journalist.
Couch Potato
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08/08/2011 11:05:00

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has signed for Arsenal for a reported £12million. That would free up money for a considerable bid if they really wanted Jay and Danny. I hope they don't go but It will probably be too good for the club to turn down I guess. I hate coming on here and sounding so pessimistic but when you are told the premiership money will keep the club going for a considerable time and we are claiming poverty 2 years after relegation and selling players it just doesn't add up.
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09/08/2011 18:42:00


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