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The Club Does Not Have A Clue-Eagles,Mears Off!!

Well I think our chances of getting promotion now are well and truly over before the season has even begun

It is a catalogue of failures:

1. Failure to sign Jack Cork

2. Failure to sign any permanent player so far this summer, the only club in the Championship

3. Failure to keep key players at the club with news today that both Eagles and Mears want away with the club accepting a measly,pathetic 3 million for both of them and letting them speak to Bolton. Yes,Bolton and Owen Coyle!!

It is clear that this club has absolutely no respect for Burnley fans and their wishes.

It is clear they have no ambition

It is clear they are never going to take calculated risks

It is clear they will always lose out

Just as well they don't have an 'Early Bird' period for Season Tickets in August because I can tell them now they would not have got my money and I suspect after this pathetic showing, many more Clarets fans money besides.

There has to be a change in the Board and a change now. I have no confidence in them whatsoever.

The man I feel sorry for is Daz Bentley, the club haven't even got the decency to keep their own Media Manager in the loop. Only this morning, he was telling Clarets fans on Twitter that we should chill and not believe the tosh in the papers. The club are so unprofessional and amateurish, they even let their media man fall on his own sword!

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday July 23 2011

Time: 2:30PM

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Yet another kick in the teeth for Claret fans, Paterson will be off to Portsmouth next, sold to Owen Coyle have we no pride at all, absolutely GUTTED!!!
OMG the only way I see us going now is League 1. What the hell is happening at our beloved club, I am to angry to even say anymore just unbloody believable
Paterson not in the squad to face Torquay, hmm watch this space....
You are not the only one,believe me and still some are trying to defend this bunch of amateurs saying their hands were tied FFS!! They were tied because they offer peanuts, show no ambition and then wonder why players want to leave!!
This is a Fckin joke isn't it cos if not my season tickets are going back on monday
TFM This critical wheres it coming from???
It states in the article that they both did not want to be here. It is better to get something for them now than lose them for nothing next year.
Oh look, we are beating Torquay 1-0. How exceptional. We can look forward to more games like this in the future the way we are going. It is all the boards fault. Eagles and Mears are our two best players and they have allowed them to run into the last year on each of their contracts. They should be doing everything they can for them to stay. Get rid of the wage cap, offer them a deal they cant refuse. We have surely freed up a bit of wage seeing as we axed FIVE/SIX players from last year. Show the players a bit of ambition, show them that we are moving in the right direction, make things more appealing to them. And now Paterson is not in the squad. I bet he is over at Portsmouth discussing a contract. Is this all some kind of joke, are we trying to fail as a football club ?
ssc41, it is not necessarily better to get something for them now. What if they help us get into the premiership, thats 45 million or something, not 3 million. I knew this was going to happen, when you get relegated and dont go straight back up players lose faith. And no wonder they have lost faith. We lost Jack Cork, we havnt completed a permanent deal and we are five players down from last season. Im actually surprised at Chris Eagles. The guy turned down Rangers, the Scottish Champions where he could have played Champions League football for us last season and now he wants to leave. But what can you expect with a board that has a backward attitude and no will to succeed or please the fans.
We have been linked with Jay Emmanuel-Thomas. Is this supposed to be Patos's replacement. Lets just hope we dont need a Pato replacement. The club would have some nerve to let him go too. I am furious as we speak, this would just be beyond all comprehension for a football club to destroy itself like we are right now.
So its better to get money for them now,suffer decreasing gates and revenue, fail to get promotion and then have to reduce the salary cap even further in 2012-13 because of FIFA Fair Play? It is fast becoming a viscious circle when with a more professional approach and the balls to spend more money we could have kept Cork,kept Eagles and kept Mears and stood a far greater chance of getting back to the Prem
Im sorry I know exactly what it is like to get relegated, to almost go out of the league and support a team that everybody else laughs at. They are my team and I support them what ever. I am glad the board have the sense to stay within budget and try and secure a future. I do not want us to go bust trying to get into the Premiership, I would rather we start the youth conveyer belt going and use that to get us forward. We need young hungry player who want to PLAY for US...
Patto deal will defo happen wont it? a not fit player for 2 years and a bid for 2.5M there no way he's gonna stay on accepting 1.5 for mears and eagles !! they must be pi**ing their sides in bolton that's not my worry... my worry is a manger who's articulating he wants to keep his squad together lets 3 key players go and moreover hasnt been able to make one single signing in eight weeks other than a loan deal.... watch the panic set in now along with a few token signings this is the single most shocking news I have ever read .... I just don't get it !!
if Patto goes which he will in fact he's probably in Portsmouth with his agent now if he aint at the ground it means we are eight down with only one in!
I can't believe this. I honestly thought it was just press nonsense, as if we'd sell them to Coyle of all people !! And for only 3 million? For me, the questions are as follows. Did these 2 players make it clear they wanted out regardless and therefore the board had no choice, or have we sold them because the finances are far worse than we thought? Either way, we're now looking more like a mid-table side as each day passes. I frigging hope you're wrong about Pato 8c8.
We certainly need players who want to play for us but what half decent player wants to play for a club with no ambition. Two years from now we will be playing Morecambe and Accrington and probably hoping for a result against those ambitious clubs. I have had some sympathy for the Board and, as I saw it, their attempts to act prudently and responsibly, but this does not just take the biscuit it takes the whole factory. All the doom mongerers were obviously right and I offer them my sincere apologies.
3 Mill for two quality players, where do the Board get their advice from? Oily Coyly presumably. Opting out from paying excessive sums for players does not mean you have to give yours away. Businessmen? don't make me laugh, anyway I am already crying. Be interesting to see what quality we buy for the pledged 3 mill. I will put my money on them not being what the fans see as quality replacements
That's one hysterical report TMP. By the looks of things the club haven't had time to do this via the right channels because the players themselves have forced the issue through at the 11th hour. Let's face it this is Owen Coyle we're talking about. He has their personal mobiles and has engineered this to suit himself. Its the players who have no respect for the fans. Let em go I say, lets get a right back in who can defend and someone of the ilk of Emmanuel Thomas or Treacy who would be more than an adequate replacement for Eagles. At least we've got 3m more than we'll get next season.
yep 3m more than next season! but wait I have a really good idea why don't we sell everyone in the team then we will have a pile of cashand a zero wages bil!!!l job done god that genius
Keep trying cuban,you are fighting a losing battle trying to be the 'Voice of Reason' the excuses are running out and the reality is we are stuffed! Get someone in? FFS we have been trying since June and we are now the only,repeat ONLY club in the Championship to have not made a perm signing! Bring Eckersley back from Canada will no doubt be the Board's cheapest option and boy they will choose it.
Coyle leaves because the club have no ambition, Laws arrives because the club have no ambition, we get relegated because the club have no ambition, 'We go down stronger' they rant, 'We will buy Cork' they rant and what happens? We get weaker and we have no Cork,Eagles or Mears because the club has no ambition! Still the excuses from the eternal optimistic come to the Board's rescue, still it is always some other reason rather than the Boards fault. Come this way chaps I have some strong coffee in the pot and its wafting your way, can you smell it yet?
Well said cuban a bit of sense at last.
We need young hungry players who want to play for us? Where are they ssc41? Not seen any arrive yet and it's just two weeks before the season kicks off? No sorry there has to a better way and I am sure another set of Directors would have the balls to prove it.
I would have been happy to accept Rangers' 2M for Eagles last summer, he's too patchy. And he's a bit of a nancy; fed up of him being text-vote man of the match because the teen girls fancy him. Mears started last season very poorly because he thought he was too good for the Championship. He also has itchy feet - in fact he's played more for Burnley than for any of his 5 previous clubs. Be honest, he would've left last summer if anyone had come in for him. I'd have liked to keep them, but if the prima-donnas want out we have to take the money. Don't get me wrong, I'm a bit worried at the moment too...
Coyle leaves because the club have no ambition, Laws arrives because the club have no ambition, we get relegated because the club have no ambition, 'We go down stronger' they rant, 'We will buy Cork' they rant and what happens? We get weaker and we have no Cork,Eagles or Mears because the club has no ambition! Still the excuses from the eternal optimistic come to the Board's rescue, still it is always some other reason rather than the Boards fault. Come this way chaps I have some strong coffee in the pot and its wafting your way, can you smell it yet? turfmanphil Just put a very similar post on another Clarets Board and instanly locked ??? They dont like confrontation. I'm disgusted by the decision to see them sold ( well nearly )especially to noblot. But I bet we dont sign enough quality before start of season to sustain a play off position. All the talk has been quality not quantity, well look at the press and links .... not exactly inspiring is it. Board seriously need to look at themselves ... NOW .
Would be interesting to see a Board Pol TMP. Board Out Happy Clueless Full Backing Making Money GIVE ME AN ARAB
I think I will take my judgement on these players from Eddie Howe who has just said 'It's always sad to lose your BEST players'. Bearing in mind he also said he wanted to build a team round his best players, we would now appear to be stuffed unless you believe the guy can work miracles between now and the transfer window closing effectively replacing seven players just to keep the squad size the same not to mention finding high-quality replacements for Cork, Eagles & Mears.
Good point about the poll lil! ;-) Watch this space
Its not like this hasn't been coming but its still no easier to take, the writing has been on the wall for a while because some people have noticed the boards spending pattern. To the people who think its a shrewd bit of business, what would be your price for promotion? Do you think 3million is a steal for us? Do you think this is really the direction we should be going or are you like the board and have no ambition at all? This is a sport before a business and people want to see progress, I thought we came down stronger?
Hear,hear YC!! Its an entertainment business or should be. If you excuse the metaphor, this is like listening to Jedward rather than ..well actually anybody else!!
I am disappointed, more so about Eagles as it has already been stated that Mears was prepared to run his contract down. But what I don't see is how it necessarily is the Board that is at fault. Do you think BK wouldn't rather these players be here and committed to the club. He's a passionate Claret and probably heartbroken. Is Arsene Wenger not having the same difficulties over Fabregas and Nasri. In the case of Fab he is contracted for 5 years, but Arsenal are still powerless to stop it. Keeping him last season against his will did no-one any favours. The big difference with our players is that they are on short contracts which makes the club even more powerless. If players are kept here against their will then we are round the corner from a mutiny. Why not blame Eddie Howe? It might be the go karting and his pre season training methods that Eagles didn't like for all anyone knows. How does anyone spouting off about what a disgrace it is know on what terms Eagles signed a contract last season. He has ALWAYS stated he wants to play in the Premier league and now the chance has come, the gutting thing is obviously that its Bolton. Why OC has had to wait this long to do his dirty business is the thing that will really cost us. It might well be because he has missed out on his first choice targets so has settled for second best. Life goes on. Tough one for Eddie.
The fact is they are contracted to play here for another year and I think they should respect that, if BK was so concerned about our plight he would have signed players already and turned down OC advances for our players. If he is heartbroken he should have realised it was coming and got in replacements or if he didn't then at least wagered a higher amount? Do you really think the players wanted to go that badly now? Would you rather have the option of one club or lots more after a season?
I think we need to look at this objectively for a minute. 1. Cork - 22k a week saints are paying him. That would smash our wage structure. Cork is good but he isn't that good and personally I think McCann is better. We couldn't compete as he wanted to much in wages and we can't afford it, were not big enough. 2. Eagles and Mears - If their refusing to sign contracts what can the club do. Lose them next year for nothing. It's OK saying we could get promoted but what if were not. It is more financially prudent to take the money and replace, however I think we might have been able to get 4mill for both. 3. Signings - Lets give Eddie to end of transfer window at least and we did spend 1mill on Austin in Jan. We are supposed to be close to a signing now, probably mon. Lets wait and see a bit.
Hand on heart time cuban and skutter do you seriously believe whoever we sign in the next two weeks, is going to go any where near to replacing both the quality (Cork,Eagles and Mears) and quantity (seven players down) in the squad compared to last season? That season by common consent we were not good enough for promotion, now when we really should go for it (Fair play problem etc) we are leaving it late in the day with so far no indication that Howe can attract anybody to this ambitious (?) club of ours?
OK, you guys who think it is a good thing that we sell players who want out, IMO for relative peanuts and probably because they see a lack of ambition from the Board. What do you reckon our chances are now of promotion given all this money we now have to get those hungry, quality players?
I agree! The hungry quality players we need have just got on the bus to Bolton, or there could be some in league one or two...
I may be a bit unpopular for saying this, as a football coach, Eagles wants away from burnley he thinks he is to good wants higher wages, Mears has wanted away for ages his hearts not in it although he is a good footballer, there are better, Martin petterson injury prone, I feel now we have players who want to pay for burnley fc will give 100%. and with the additions this next week we will be in a stronger position to compete. this may go against the flow but Al the teams who have spent big lets see what the team spirit is like when they underperform and thing go T--- up fot them
Albmaleaf claret
I just wish I could beleive your optimism AC but until the Board change their stance,show some ambition and release the purse strings, I fear we will just be going round in circles! The 100% commited might now want to fight for us but do they have sufficient quality to mount a promotion challenge? If they fail how many seasons will it take before they too get above their station and want off because the salary cap,now smaller because of the FIFA Fair Play ruling hacks them off?
Just joined so please be kind! Yes its hard to lose 2 of our best players and especially to noblot! And yes the board should of given Eddie a large amount to spend from the off but in the end its the players that dictate if they want to stay or go, neither of them want to be here so let them go. I know 3 million is'nt much for them ( i personally would have kept them to the end of the season ) but if we can get someone like Treacy for maybe 1 million to replace Eagles then try to get a couple of decent defenders and maybe a target man. P.S If the board still want to sell players then please get rid of Cort!!
"I fear we will just be going round in circles!" can't disagree with you there TMP. It is being reported that we did offer contracts to these two players. But Bolton have three times our budget, funnily enough OC told me that personally when he was still Burnley manager and we were a PL team! To be honest I was surprised that Eagles signed a new contract last season - he probably thought it was worth giving it a shout when no-one came in for him. Situation changes, his old boss comes in for him, its a no brainer for the lad. As regards the future of the Board, what do their knockers really want, that the club gets put up for sale. Would we like a Venky's type to come in? Who in the right mind would sink millions in to little old Burnley.
I just want change CC, I am prepared to give anybody a chance. Sick and tired of the same old,same old! BK will not last forever, so let's make the change now and see what happens!
Sven got in superstars @ nots county. then left they were in 9th position. Steve cotterill got them promoted as champions with the so called superstars leaving the club before he took over, my point is there are teams in the championship up to their eyeballs in debht. when things get tough Burnley will be left with a squad of young keen players that will be able to compete & a club that are solvent. Lets get some positive thinking going please.
Albmaleaf claret
Welcome to VB,Nblood! We are always kind here and everybody's views are welcome. There will be no censorship just for saying what you think (providing no libel/slander/common decency issues of course). Players have the power yes, but its up to a club to be responsible and make sure we can attract them as well..that is attract the players we need of the right quality to get promotion! Others can decide whether we are being responsible with no new perm signings yet and two weeks to go till 11/12 kicks off!
They are up to their eyeballs in debt because they realise if they get promoted the debt will evaporate! They are prepared to take that risk for nirvana and the greater financial security! We on the other hand prefer to be negative and spend bugger all hoping for a miracle that is more likely to turn into disaster and relegation anyway. We will be solvent but playing Padiham at this rate!!
Hand on heart TP I think it will be harder to replace Mears than Eagles. Mears has been a quality right back. Eagles although good is a bit too inconsistent for me. He can be brilliant, he can also be awful like he was after christmas. Was this due to an offer from another club? There not going to be easy to replace TP, but you can't bet the farm on promotion. If they won't sign contracts they've forced the boards hand. When we got promoted we had a small squad all pulling together I think Eddies trying to re-build that. We now need, a right back, winger, Big centre forward and another midfielder in my opinion. If they give him 3 mill lets see what he can buy.
I agree on the Mears thing! They are probably thinking, I know let's bring back Eckersley, he will be our cheapest option! Rebuilding is fine but Howe now has to do what you want in two weeks when quite frankly if we dont get promotion this season we are scuppered when the Fair Play thing kicks in 12/13! This is the main problem we don't have the luxury of team building we have to go for it now! [Edited by turfmanphil]
Is there any planning going on at all??? If we see the much anticipated flurry and dump some prima donas then fine. BUT we are leaving things a bit late. (This fan is not happy)
I decided to sleep on this and not knee jerk into saying something I may later regret. I always thought Mears and Eagles were likely to go sooner rather than later. I think now you will find that other than Beast and Grant the squad all want to play for Burnley Football Club. That could be very refreshing with the added excitement of maybe a loan or two from clubs such as Arsenal and Spurs. If Man U can't keep Ronaldo, Man City Tevez, Arsenal Fabregas and Nasri, Spurs fighting for Modric what hope do we really have of persuading two players who both want to play in PL as they believe they are good enough from taking the offer, keep them here and unsettle the squad as posted above Mears can look disinterested in games, Eagles can have 8 games on the bounce looking shocking. I did not want them to go but we can play Wallace and Pato out wide or Wallace and Wade who could try being a winger for a change, or JayRod and Wallace with Austin and Pato up top. Front 6 could still look good, Austin, Pato, Jayrod, Wallace, McCann, Marney or Wade and Marvin. My glass has exactly Half a Pint in it.
Agree VR but I'm sort of uneasy and I don't like it. A couple of good signings could turn this around but we are leaving it a bit late.
I dare say the whole of the youth team want to play for Burnley Football Club but that does not mean we have the quality in the team to achieve promotion. It also sends out all the wrong messages to potential new players we are trying to bring into the club. Lack of ambition, can't hold on to key players, low salary cap? What will morale also be like in the squad now. We continue to look for excuses no matter what happens to this club. The bottom line is we are stuffed and that is purely down to the Board. They have continued to show lack of ambition since we got promoted and the they only have themselves to blame for the mess we are now in. I have slept on it too and still agree with my 'kneejerk' reaction made within two minutes of listening to the pathetic announcement that we have let Coyle once again laugh at this club!
I am glad that I was able to distance myself from some of the comments made in this thread by being at Plainmoor yesterday. I asked a Gull fan when walking to that station afterwards for his thoughts. He said that 'Burnley's class showed'. Here is the Official Statement from I, Couch Potato: "Oh dear. Panic has taken hold in the ranks. There were indeed also a few loud individuals on the terraces at Plainmoor yesterday, but also a fair few folk (from various parts of the country, including Burnley) taking a rather different view. A commonly heard view that I heard, amongst a very wide range, was that Eagles never really delivered what we all hoped he would, and hoped he would, and hoped he would... Another was that Mears was a known unsettled grumbler when he arrived, has been ever since, and that there has been a need for some time to get the pyschology of the sqaud sorted after *yley threw his bomb in the middle of it. Maybe it was the beautiful English Riviera sun that was making a fair few folk there be slightly more cheerful than those posting on this thread yesterday? I think it also helped to see a more than decent performance. As usual Andre looked perhaps less awake than the others, and Edgar will need practice if to play at RB, but actually looked quite good going forward. (Can Mears defend?) Austin hasn't got himself quite into gear yet. He plays in ways that I can't quite read. Alex Macdonald looked razor sharp. Wes Fletcher had their central defenders on edge. Mee looked great. When was the last time you saw a Burnley central defender running forward with purpose in an opponents half and finishing, without breaking stride, with the sort of cross that Eagles never quite seemed capable of delivering right-footed, let alone left? The Torquay goal stole the show. May not see a better shot all season. But this was a bright performance that suggested the players are not losing their heads even as fans all around them (on here anyway) are losing theirs."
Couch Potato
Friendly games are not important remember CP and come on this was lowly Lg 2 Torquay we are talking about! If they did matter we could refer to Tuesday night's woeful performance against 'The Gas' which of course was virtually the same squad plus of course two key players we no longer have Seven players down so far, No Cork, No Eagles, No Mears and probably now No Hope!!
From the initial shock horror of hearing that we'd lost 2 of our best players, like others on here now I can see the other side of all this, although I did question whether this was a case of the players themelves wanting to go, and the answer to that is obvious really. Coyle came in, and had probably talked to them before he came in, and once they knew he wanted them there was only one outcome. So although I didn't want to see them go, better they went under these circumstances. Eagles is definitely a match winner on his day, but I vividly remember hoping that Howe would take him off in many a game, where he really was a liability and constantly giving the ball away. But you always think that this could be his first consistent season, and now I'm not ! Mears? Not a secret that he wanted away, and only stayed because nobody came in for him, so no surprise there. Let's see if Eddie can bring in some decent replacements who will want to wear the shirt, and who might perform with consistency. You might be right tmp, but on the other hand . . . . . . .
A blind man on a galloping horse on a dark night though would have seen the liklihood of Eagles and Mears going, but to listen to Howe you would think it was a complete shock, so much so he now had to rethink his targets!?? [Edited by turfmanphil]
Agreed, but nonetheless nobody came for them even though they both made it clear they wanted to play in the prem, and this at the start of last season. So Eddie could have reasonably assumed that we were safe for this season? Coyle has engineered this with his usual complete lack of morals and sensitivity. In short, he's probably tapped them up on the quiet, and then moved in for the kill once he knew they'd come. Probably all done in a couple of days. The B****d.
OK then WC we could see what Coyle would get up to,why couldnt the Club and Howe? Surely it was the obvious contingency planning we should have been doing?
Wow, I missed this thread, though as I read it I see the voices of reason shine through (except for TMP, of course!). Howe clearly says that it might need a bit of a rethink and also says that because of their contract situations, it was in the back of their minds anyway (and good business to release them and 3M - no doubt he has his ideas for that already and a busy Sunday too!). These two are only a loss because we recall their best days, not those where Eagles went AWOL for whole games and Mears, well, did he EVER defend anything? We have some good boys in the squad; some excellent players in the squad and some we could still do with shifting out. Of those who we have lost from the squad (and may do so tomorrow), none holds a candle to Jay or Macca or Pato (please let's keep him!). We have some new blood in Austin and Bartley, for whom it is early days. Eddie's rebuilding is on course without these two who are charmed by the Charmer and the bright lights of a seat on a bench in the Prem (neither of them are Premiership standard, if we are to be honest, or we'd have had a troupe of Prem clubs at the door!). Next week's a new week and it will be interesting to see who it brings. We have the potential already to be 95% a promotion team - just a couple more, Eddie...
Mike Mada
BTW - if TMP is able to edit his own posts, why can't we?
Mike Mada
The only thing I edit on my posts is spelling and grammatical mistakes because I can. The Editor's ability to edit is more to censor posts if they become libelous,racist or too personal against a fellow poster! If you want to edit something let me know and I will make the changes for you. By the way,in the forums you can edit your own stuff,no problem.
What puzzles me , is that last season people were saying , Carlisle was a libility , Alexander too old , Thompson not good enough , Eagles too inconsistant & Mears did'nt look interested , so why have they all become massive losses all of a sudden ?
Bernie Lee
Oops forgot Iwelumo , not exactly Mr popular either !!
Bernie Lee
Just confirms what I was saying while we were still in the premiership - NO AMBITION - KILBY & CO THINK THE FANS ARE MUGS - DON'T TURN UP IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SELF RESPECT.
Bernie Lee, you are spot on!
Mike Mada
Who said they were massive losses? Cork, Eagles and Mears in my opinion certainly are but not the rest. There are seven players we do not have anymore though and therefore at the moment seven light in the squad with no new signings other than Mee on loan. We have lost both QUALITY and are down on QUANTITY, which is a pathetic position to be in just two weeks before kick-off

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