Burnley - Rumour Mill-Burnley in Rochdale Raidy for O'Grady?
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Rumour Mill-Burnley in Rochdale Raidy for O'Grady?

It is perhaps inevitable that if a manager states he is looking for a striker, in this case to fill the gap left by the departed Chris Iwelumo that the media speculation will be in full force linking us to possible replacements.

Eddie Howe said this week after Iwelumo left the club to sign for Watford:

'We are working on it (a replacement) because we need another striker. I don't want to go into the season with just three, so we will be working hard to bring one in.'

The World of Clarets Twitter of course has since been hectic and it was on there that it was first mooted that Burnley could have 25 year old Rochdale striker, Chris O'Grady on their radar. It is thought the rumour first broke when Richard Partington MEN Magazine sports media journalist for Greater Manchester which also includes Rochdale tweeted the speculation.

Later tweets and independent fans footy website articles then suggested we had made a 500,000 bid.

There could be some truth in the rumour though with Eddie Howe being a close pal of Rochdale gaffer, Steve Eyre. Eyre only joined League 1 club, Rochdale in June this year replacing Keith Hill who left to manage Barnsley. Howe is also fully aware of O'Grady's abilities after he helped Rochdale thump Bournemouth 4-0 at Dean Court during the promotion season

So what do we know about O'Grady?

He started his career at Leicester City in 2000 at the age of 14.The forward impressed then manager, Micky Adams being prolific in front of goal for the youth and reserves teams. O'Grady made his Foxes debut coming off the bench in Leicester's 2-0 victory over Grimsby Town in April 2003 but failed to establish himself as a regular first-team choice.

Loan spells at Notts County and Rushden & Diamonds followed and in January 2007, O'Grady signed for Rotherham United on a two-and-a-half year deal for 65,000. He left the club though to join Oldham Athletic for an undisclosed fee in May 2008.

He only played 11 league games for Oldham and spent most of his time out on loan with spells at Bury, Bradford, Stockport and finally Rochdale. It was at Rochdale that he made his mark scoring 12 goals in 21 league appearances after joining them on loan in August 2009.

O'Grady made his move to Spotland permanent in January 2010 after signing a 2 year contract for an undisclosed fee. He has continued to whack 'em in for Dale scoring at a rate of one goal every 3-4 games.

It had been thought he might be moving to Sheffield Wednesday in the summer, but it is understood that their bid of 200,000 has been rejected.However if our much higher bid is true, Dale could be tempted by the offer rather than risk losing him for nowt when his contract expires next summer.

There is no doubt this chap can score goals, but his he the sort of striker that would easily adapt playing at a higher level in the Championship and would he be worth the risk? The answer is probably yes,in my opinion. Strikers can usually score at any level of football and he certainly sounds prolific in front of goal.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 21 2011

Time: 8:00AM

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Interesting one this, with Pato,Austin and Jay Rod already around, O'Grady could be a useful addition to our strike force. He is maybe the tall striker (6ft 3) we are looking for but just hope he can also track back and be more involved compared to say Iwelumox.Hope this one goes through!
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21/07/2011 08:07:00

Interesting Partington now tweeting-'Spoke to club top brass last week after Sheff Weds bid and he said club would only sell striker for fee in region of 500k'
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21/07/2011 08:21:00

Is this the quality striker we need might be a bit unfair on my part never really seen the lad play but you do have to trust the manager. But we defo need another striker with the injury problems of Pato and Austin, is O'Grady the answer.
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21/07/2011 08:45:00

Sounds OK to be honest and Dale fans certainly rate him. My feeling is a punt on a striker who can score goals is less of a risk that it would be say taking a defender or midfielder from the lower leagues. Let's face it this club is stuffed financially so we are not going to see any high quality names coming methinks!
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21/07/2011 08:52:00

More Partington Tweets now suggest we are NOT in for him-Latest on Chris O'Grady: Spoke to source at Rochdale this morning and no contact - let alone a bid - been made by Burnley' although 'Club confirmed a Championship side had expressed an interest recently but nothing came of it' Heer we go again,zilch just as you hoped there might be something in it! [Edited by turfmanphil]
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21/07/2011 09:26:00

MMmm .... not sure I don't often differ on opinion with you turf man but "taking a punt" is not what we should be doing, I understand the club have been afforded their next 16M instalment of parachute monies. So why are we all considering that league 1 players are going to fit the bill? The guy is unproven at Championship level we have 3 / 5 strikers at the club unless we are going to bring in an awesome proven player then we shouldn't be swelling the ranks with another player with similar capabilities. We need 3 awesome signing good I wish I was attending the forthcoming shareholders meeting .... I would make Paxman look like mother Teresa !! soooo many questions need answering !! why are we so far into pre season and seem so incapable of doing a deal ?
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 10:08:00

HC - did you get the free season ticket in our PL year? You could have traded it in for a share, if so!
Couch Potato
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21/07/2011 11:13:00

Further thought... it's a pity HC isn't going to the shareholder's meeting, as I would expect that all his questions can be answered calmly and appropriately, though of course there are always more than two ways to look at any business challenge in any setting, and therefore always reasons for debate and disagreement. Failing HC being able to find a way to gt in, I did email tmp last night the first article in a mini-series from me about 'where's the money gone'. The first one looks at how much actually came in. Bet you can't wait!
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 11:39:00

Are you putting it on here CP
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 13:18:00

FupC - I don't know how to put things on here. I send them to TMP and he should be putting the one I mentioned in this thread on here in the next few days. I should add that he's said he'd be willing to show people how to put articles up on this front page, but I have ducked that extra responsibility.
Couch Potato
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21/07/2011 13:48:00

Sounds a good speculation but is that what we want? I am waiting and hoping for Eddie's two or three quality signings.
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21/07/2011 13:54:00

Couch unfortunately I did not obtain shares on the Prem promise. I will wait with bated breath for you to put up your piece on the real incoming finances. Again from my side I am not looking to sit as a critic on everything this board does, indeed I support much of what has been done, and I don't for a single minute consider that anything untoward has been going on, these are highly capable and successful people within thir own right what is interesting to me and many others though is the chance to gain a real overview of where our club is and suggest positive solutions to any issues that they may face, Its seems inconsiderable to many other fans that the club is struggling, however this could be the case and if it is we need to cut our cloth accordingly we are all clarets and we are all in this together !
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21/07/2011 14:08:00

The search for truth, cornwall, must never be abandoned in the pursuit of either commercial gain or glory.
Couch Potato
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21/07/2011 14:10:00

Hmm Howe say's we want some quality players Yet we continue to bottom feed in my eye a Quality signing is someone prooven at championship/premier level not another lower league player that he is hoping will cut it Gawd this rate we gonna more or less be sending kids to do a man's job and can't see us mounting any sort of challenge for promotion i really hope that Howe prooves me wrong so far 6 wages have been reduced off and one kid who i can't see being on more than 5k a week added surely their must be some money available to try and entice some real quality we short in so many area's it's almost laughable now and a couple of bad injuries that will be end to any sort of challenge only needs mcann's knee to go austin's dodgy shoulder or patto and we knackered
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 16:27:00

Just nicked this off skysports news can understand getting rid of some of the older players just wish someone would buy that bloody donkey Cort but to let any of our best players don't bear thinking about Skysports.com understands that Portsmouth have lodged a bid for Martin Paterson. The Northern Ireland international has emerged as a Pompey target in recent weeks and now they have made their move. It is believed that Portsmouth have made an offer in excess of 2million and Burnley are now considering their options. The 24-year-old is believed to be part of Eddie Howe's plans at Turf Moor - but the offer may be too good to turn down. Steve Cotterill will now be hoping to conclude a deal for the former Scunthorpe man.
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21/07/2011 17:39:00

Pato to Pompey can only be considered a good deal if we can get a better player for the money. In my opinion we will not and so the Board should say a big NO to Cotty.
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21/07/2011 18:02:00

I think it is barmy to even consider selling Pato at this stage of the game even if it is silly money especially to the likes of Pompey. What would that say about our ambition and can I remind you what Eddie Howe said only recently ' "Martin Paterson is our player and I desperately don`t want to lose him. "I want to build my squad around our best players and I certainly think Pato is one of them." Selling our best player to raise a quick buck by a club adamantly telling us 'we don't have to sell'. It should be BUY,BUY,BUY now not SELL,SELL,SELL
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 19:03:00

I still have worries over Pato injuries over the past two years, if they did offer 3.5mill we would be foolish not to think about it, just hope that pato does not breakdown after five games of the new season. Sorry for looking for problems that might not be there.
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 19:19:00

3.5 mill is alot of cash Fedup, but who do we buy instead? If Pato goes then we could only hope to buy someone of similar quality, not any better as the transfer window noose tightens. I queried the position re Stuart Gray at Pompey on another thread and suspect his hand in this? I think the player has quite abit of influence here - if Pato wants to stay and believes in EH he'll stay, but if wages are his top concern then I fear the worst.......
Essex Claret
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 19:37:00

The club seem to be saying it's all hogwash and Pato is upbeat about season ahead for Clarets (paraphrasing Daz B on Twitter). Not sure where the 3.5 m is coming from,reports I read,Sky etc suggested 'in excess of 2million ' but this is not new, 2.5 m was quoted only a couple of weeks ago??
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 19:49:00

No what i was trying to say tmp if Pompey did offer that sort of money you have to think about it.
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 20:02:00

If we had given Owen 'Judas' Coyle money when he wanted it, appointed a proven premiership manager after he left and not got rid of Fletcher and Caldwell etc we would probably still be in the premiership. I just don't see Kilby as the future of this club, to my knowledge it was Flood who opened up his chequebook for players in the promotion season not Kilby and he is meant to be the director? At the moment I cant see any money being spent which is a real shame because come September the 3 quality signings we need wont have materialised. I am optimistic about the start of the season but at the moment realistically I think we will be at the same place in the table as last year. What do you guys think? Oh and I'm new btw but read your articles all the time, hello!
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 20:15:00

Welcome to VB, YC! I think you are spot on. I was just thinking the other day that our most successful season was based on one of our biggest spending seasons also when Flood came on board and suddenly Coyle had money on a scale this club had not seen before after years of Steve Cotts having to sell his best players every January! I think to some degree that proves my argument that to be successful you have to release the purse strings! We should have done it in the Prem, we should certainly being doing it now before the disaster of the FIFA Fair Play kicks-in 2012-13
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 22:08:00

Ha Ha !!!! I see the momentum is building boys! I hate too say I told you so!! but if you treat people with contempt then it generally comes to bite you in the arse , ask Messes Murdock ESQ. See clarets this is what happens when you have media manager who thinks tweeting is the way to convay your key messages, and a board that's is strangling the life out of the clubs and its fans ambitions !!! ..... I 'v well and truly had enough, ... time for revolution and not evolution... Rome's burning and still the silence from the board and their pathetic PR team is deafening! I dare them to sell Pato for 2.5M and on the other hand not land Cork lets see what happens if this gets agreed .... its totally inconceivable for most fans to even consider such a derisory figure.... and I am not Pattos biggest fan. A bigger question is why has the board become so disconnected with it's fans ??
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 23:12:00

"If we had given Owen 'Judas' Coyle money when he wanted it, appointed a proven premiership manager after he left and not got rid of Fletcher and Caldwell etc we would probably still be in the premiership" Or not perhaps. He had money to spend but Bolton had a budget three times ours and a training complex light years ahead of ours. Only a severe restructure and a property transplant would have been able to compete with what BW offered. Why can't people see that promotion to the Premier League didn't transform Burnley into a different club. An experienced Premier League manager might have made a difference I'd agree with that bit there wasn't exactly a queue of leading candidates applying for it....it was only really good for a man with nowt to lose and Laws certainly was that.
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 23:12:00

PS Couch Potato - I am looking forward to your pieces on the financials - I am aware of some mature debate on this issue but it tends to sink beyond the bottom of message boards very quickly. Football fans aren't conditioned to deal with reality. Indeed, its part of the appeal and the escape which I understand totally.
Report Abuse
21/07/2011 23:16:00

I would agree that BW have a better infrastructure than ours with regards to training facilities, stadium etc which has been established after years in the premiership. However they were recently reported to be 200 million in debt, it seems some clubs are more willing to take the risk when necessary unlike ours. I am not saying we should get into a debt as serious as that but with the parachute payments decreasing next season it will be too little too late. OC repeatedly stated in press statements that he was working on a tight budget which he what obviously unhappy about. Plus don't forget we were higher in the table and relatively in a comfort zone at the time of his departure unlike Bolton.
Report Abuse
22/07/2011 00:44:00

Thank you for taking the 'mature debate' further forward.YC!! ;-) The whole thing has been clearly botched, a club totally unprepared for the top flight proves it by hacking off one manager due to financial constraint and then bringing in another with such an ambitious statement as 'oh he's good at bringing in players on a low budget'! A statement made about a Championship manager,a sacked one at that with the club now in the Prem! We then have to suffer foolish statements like 'we have gone down stronger' and 'we dont have to sell' only to find out that if it wasn't for the parachute payments we would be in a financial crisis despite all the money we got from the Prem season with gates of 20,000 plus. We are then assured by some that this is frugal business sense run by a sensible board despite the fact we are probably now doomed to midtable mediocrity (or worse) against a backdrop of falling gates, squad cuts in quality and quantity and with the FIFA Fair Play salary cap limits against turnover looming. That's the reality and I wish some would deal with it and stop trying to prop up a board that continues to fail its fans
Report Abuse
22/07/2011 07:28:00

But tmp, if everyone agreed with you, the number of hits on the site would go down, and then you'd be upset about that. :-) I look forward to seeing my attempt to start detailed debate about finances go up soon, as discussed just now by email. Concerning the Flood/Kilby issue raised by YC, I am going to do an article on director investment either next week or the week after, so we can all focus on that in one place. I stress I am not an expert. The debate that hopefully follows will be more important than whatever I write. But, for now, I'd certainly support the idea that Flood's money and motivation of the other directors was a major factor in gaining promotion, but... big BUT (Am I allowed to say big but on here? Is this a mature debate?) no sooner had we won at Wemberley than (as reported in his book) the company that had loaned the money for him was in difficulty... and that difficulty may well have been a major factor in there not being more to spend mid PL season. Beyond which, we have to accept that banks are not lending on the scale they were when BW ran up thier debt, and that investors willing to loan vast sums don't grow on trees. Another article in my mini-series will though be called 'New investor on the horizon?'
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
22/07/2011 10:32:00

Will be good to have that debate,CP. Now already up & started by the way (see CPs 60 million plus article). If everybody agreed with me it would be a very dull place indeed!! lol
Report Abuse
22/07/2011 11:20:00

I agree with that!!!
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
22/07/2011 14:34:00


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