Burnley - Howe on Pato-I desperately don`t want to lose him!
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Howe on Pato-I desperately don`t want to lose him!

Many Clarets fans have been saying we have a new forward this season; one that will be key to our promotion prospects! That striker is none other than Martin Paterson!

Of course, he is not 'new' as such but after a season out of the limelight recovering from a persistent thigh injury, it seems like it, now that he has made a full recovery! Indeed it does feel like we have a new striker available to us! (in fact two if you also count Charlie Austin, now fit after recovering from a dislocated shoulder)

But now Pato is back for the Clarets, could someone else now poach him away from us? Already Reading and particularly Pompey have been linked with a move for the former Scunthorpe striker.

Former Clarets gaffer, Steve Cotterill seems hellbent on signing Paterson for Pompey.Burnley are reported to have already turned down two bids from Portsmouth with the second thought to be as high as 1.5m.

Howe has also made it clear to the Hampshire club that further offers would not be welcome. However,media reports earlier this week suggested that Portsmouth`s interest in Paterson is still very much alive with suggestions that as much as 2.5 million may now have been put on the table!

Now you know Burnley, always got an eye on the money and keen to hoodwink the fans that we can sell a player and call it a 'good bit of business' but are they really this time determined to hold onto a player or sell him to a club that dared go into debt and suffer administration and worse only a couple of seasons ago?

The rumours got so bad over the potential transfer of the 24 year old, that the Official Site issued the following statement from Eddie Howe

"We are not encouraging any talks and we are not discussing any bids as far as I`m concerned, and I`m sure the board are concerned.

"Martin Paterson is our player and I desperately don`t want to lose him.

"I want to build my squad around our best players and I certainly think Pato is one of them."

Strong words indeed so if we lose Pato then we know we wont be building the squad around one of our best players!

Let's hope then the Board dont see the signs spinning around and decide to further weaken the squad and keep the money for themselves rather than release the funds for Eddie Howe to make this squad competitive in 2011-12.

Come on you BFC, don't bugger this up as well like you did with Cork!!

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 15 2011

Time: 9:26PM

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I hate the word 'desperation' you always fear the worst!!
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15/07/2011 21:31:00

This doesn't sound good!!!!
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15/07/2011 21:34:00

Exactly what I thought and quite frankly after Cork I have absolutely no confidence whatseover that this Board will do the right thing and keep this team competitive! (if indeed it is anyway at the moment!)
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15/07/2011 21:37:00

Cotterill remembers his days of being constantly hamstrunf by loosing his star players, and I hope he's got a ceiling imposed by Pompey on how far he can go with this. The point I'm making is that none of us know exactly where the finances stand at the moment, regardless of premiership, parachute or Fletcher money. I just hope that they're ok and that we don't have to even think about this.
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15/07/2011 23:36:00

hamstrung !
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15/07/2011 23:38:00

Opinions are one thing Phil but the constant comments aimed at the board are bordering on hatred , which I find very sad !! " and keep the money for themselves " is a spitefull comment and uncalled for in my opinion , most fans have no idea how a football club is run with all the ins and outs it entails and would'nt last a week in the role , just my opinion!
Bernie Lee
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15/07/2011 23:58:00

Not hatred,frustration and a plea for a change of direction and if that comes from a change in the Board members itself sobeit. None of us know the fine detail of the accounts that is true, but what I do know is that I am sick and tired of constantly having to accept that 'ickle old Burnley never has enough money even when a season in the Premier was supposed to promise financial security for some time, when the parachute money was supposed to allow us to build a quality team and when the Board itself hoodwinked the fans into believing we had gone down stronger! If a fan doesn't think the Board has the strategy correct, and I don't then of course if we criticise them we are going to be accused of hatred. Put it this way if I fork out 400 for a season ticket each year, I expect to be entertained and I expect the club to be able to compete at this level. Keeping essentially the same squad from last season (one that we know was inconsistent and not worthy of a play-offs place), reducing the squad size, failing to buy a high quality player and letting him go to one in administration not so long ago and now potentially losing another to another club in administration does not strike me has being ambitious. If they are not careful they will sleepwalk into 2013, with gate revenues falling, the club stuck in midtable and their turnover so low they will not be able to attract the right quality of players we need to get out of the rut, then we really would have the right to show hatred!!
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16/07/2011 07:41:00

From the fans wanting the Board to invest millions in new talent the manager is now desperate to hang on to the talent he has got. I fear the wind is not is not blowing in the right direction. Mid table mediocrity at best threatens again. Probably being too pessemistic again, the aim of the Board could not be anything other than automatic promotion, I hope.
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16/07/2011 09:07:00

I assume Pato's fate may rest around the issue of wages - if we stick to the cap then it could be bye bye to one of our key players. If that happens (after Cork also) then surely the position must be reviewed - such an odd situation when the rest of the country is struggling, taking pay cuts and losing jobs!
Essex Claret
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 09:23:00

Yes I have to concur with such comments from Turf Man. I pay over 1500 for my seats, and as many of you know I am one of the biggest critics of the current board and its business strategy. I have never run a football club or indeed worked within one, but I do have my own business and have worked for some of the best and largest brands in the world, to boot I have have three septate business degrees, one being a masters degree. So whilst some of my comments may seem scathing, they are not based on a fresh air though process, moreover they are based on my own personal business experience, we are all footie fans and business is as much a part of football these days as the players we put out on a Saturday afternoon, I value all opinions but like most, I have my own idea of what I would do if I was the Chairman of this great club of course this day dreaming adds to the fun of supporting our club.. Personally I think the board would do themselves a bigger favour if they were more honest and open with the fans about current finances, I don't expect war and piece on all the budgets after all we need to keep our powder dry with regards to money set aside for transfers, but if we are financially constrained then please explain this to us, this in turn gives us for for though, what is not acceptable is for the board to continue to allow such concerns to gain traction. Having said all of this many of us will struggle to understand where circa 80M has gone in the last two years!!! So whilst we are discussing business strategy let's have a little look at this...... Kilby looks like he's handing the baton of being the Chairman to Mr Flood, for me initially a very good move, anyone who knows the club understands that most of the negotiations are done through Brendan HOWEVER ROAD BLOCK AHEAD!! ...... whilst I rate him highly I am concerned about his forthcoming legal battle with Allied Irish Bank, I hope BL kicks their ar*e but what if not? what if Brendan buys up enough shares to became the new Mr Chairman, then next year looses his court battle with the bank, I understand he has personal guarantees up to an eye watering 35M what this means is if he looses Allied Irish Bank will call in the 35M security if this happens has BL got this kind of money? if not he would need to make an application (or his creditors can make an application for bankruptcy) this means in turn the shares become the property of the official receiver the real question is if this happens what would the receiver do given that they would have become the largest share holder in Burnley Football Club, well I can tell you he/ she has an obligation to realise as much cash as he can for his creditors and that could have a major impact on the club. So whilst I recognise change is needed and I rate BL, I am massively concerned that he should be buying more shares prior to this hugh legal challenge, I hope Mr. Kilby recognises this and sits out the chairmanship until this legal case has been concluded because the implications for the club could be immeasurable, further I hope someone raises such a question at the forthcoming chairman's meeting with share holders
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16/07/2011 10:12:00

What is the problem if they make the right offer 3-4 mil for a player who's been injured for the last two season (which is a concern) let him go as long EH gets the money to spend. If Kilby stands down as the chairman, i for one would be very worried of BF taking over as chairman like hollins if he loses is court battle where does that leave BFC, and the fact this man wanted Laws for manager really worries me for the future.
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 10:50:00

He also wanted Coyle though and many businesses have gone to the wall in the World Wide Recession. Surely that's down to the World Wide Recession not the business acumen of Flood? Flood is busy buying Kilby's shares at the moment so clearly has enough personal wealth even if his busines interests go belly up and he loses the court case! I just wonder where John B comes out in all this, I thought he was going to be our financial saviour and would have been my outside bet to beat Flood to the Chairmanship. Not sure now but there is clearly some sort of power struggle going on at the club which I hope will lead to change and a different approach to things
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 11:20:00

Interesting exchange of views, though I wonder whether all of it would get past a newspaper's lawyer! There are certainly things that I would not dream of publishing in print. Talking of newspapers, the LET article of last week said BF's potential liability to AIB was 15million, not 35million, with the other 20million being the responsibility of someone else. (It might have been the other way round... you can check on the LETwww. And of course, you have to make your own mind up as to whether LET has its facts right. On this, I'd be inclined to say they do.) In the interests of maintaining the journalistic integrity of this site, it should also be noted that BF and the other person may quite plausibly come out of the case winning money, not losing it. In the meantime, I broadly welcome HC's cautious position about the gamble that could be construed as taking place with BF's Bfc investment. It would be good if some sort of clarity on that could be provided by both BF and Bfc, to alleviate what will otherwise now clearly be an anxious year for fans. But these things are rarely straightforward, so we quite probably are left trusting BK and JB and the other smaller shareholders, whose collective power as shareholders in a context of share transactions is greater than that of a chairman. I am always ready to be surprised by life, but I'd be surprised if they allowed to happen what the deeper anxieties on here are considering. Beyond that, I would suggest that for any club to give way to fans' hunger for full info on its finances would just be playing into the hands of other clubs and players' agents. Full openness is almost never the best position to enter into negotiation. I am also left wondering why HC can see the need for caution in the context of the court case, but struggles to extend that to the running of the club's finances in the meantime. Then again, we have become this site's Punch and Judy Show. Always bickering, but inseperably entwined in our fate, and not ultimately disrespectful. Beyond all of which, I think it's time to start a thread just about the PL money, and I'll aim to do that in the next week or two, unless someone gets there ahead of me. The aim will be to try to establish what is probably fact, what is probably newspaper hype, what is probably reasonable conjecture, and what is probably rampant speculation... so that we can each then take figures that are sometimes, in the best of intentions, thrown around on here like confetti, and make somewhat more informed judgements for ourselves over what to make of them. I'm also working on a piece about what the prospects are for Bfc to find new investors when compared to other clubs, including those who have been through administration, about which numerous apple/orange comparisons are beginning to litter this site. I hope these attempts at a business-like analysis are of some help. Obviously they should not be taken as in any way a complete picture.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 12:06:00

Anyone noticed that Grezza and Cork were on the front covers of the last 2 issues of wtbm ? Hope there aren't any plans to have Pato on the next one.
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16/07/2011 17:15:00

Player and players agents hold the power, if Pato wants to go it will be difficult to stop him. Here in Portugal Felcao has just resigned for Porto with a 45 Million Euro buy out clause if Bola is to be believed. We delude ourselves thinking the board can wave a magic chequebook that will guarantee a player stays.
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 20:25:00

CP - sounds like your touting for considered debate on a football message board. Easy tiger :)
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 23:52:00

Couch I am whole heartedly in favour of an attempted analysis of the clubs finances in respect of the incoming prem and flecher money, I offer a hand of help here If I can be of use please let me know! income statements can provide a snap shot at a given time but always look backwards, we need to understand the position as of today and in the future, I would appeal to anyone of the contacts at the club to help with this feed in the attempt for us to understand clearly where the club is, and for us to understand where the Prem money has been used Finally I would add that this is not about witch hunts it's more about due diligence . Further I am not asking the club to publish anything that's not in the accounts, but I am seeking to add notes to these account in order that we can clarify certain issues that are causing concerns to many fans ! Lets not forget we are all claret and blue and we all want the best for OUR club
Report Abuse
17/07/2011 15:36:00

I don't think there's a remote chance of the club advertising the state of it's finances Hollins, it'd almost be as good as telling every other club exactly where we stood at the bargaining table, whether buying or selling. For this reason alone I'm afraid we're going to have to be content with surmising or speculating as to where we stand financially and where the money has gone, if indeed it has gone. And if it has gone, then I'm pretty sure it can be accounted for in terms of players wages and all the other overheads associated with running a football club, and as pointed out by others on here, we haven't got the luxury of some 'phoenix' clubs who have risen from the ashes of administration, of having gates of 30,000 when even in the 1st division. tmp rightfully warns of the pitfalls of a potentially low turnover which all clubs will face, but the answer to all potential woes lies on the pitch and with the manager and the players. For some reason I find myself quietly confident that Eddie and the boys will deliver this season, and if they do and we manage to hit the premiership trough again, then our finances should come good again . Having said that they could be fine now for all I know ! UTC
Report Abuse
17/07/2011 16:50:00


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