Burnley - Next week it is for signings then Howe?
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Next week it is for signings then Howe?

Clarets gaffer, Eddie Howe is hoping to add players to his squad 'sooner rather than later' according to the latest media reports

'We need to strengthen the squad and that's what we're looking to do next week,' he said after yesterday's pre-season 4-2 win against Altrincham at Moss Lane.

'We know the areas we want to strengthen and we certainly hope to do that sooner rather than later because we need to get people embedded into how we want to play.

'I don't think we need to bring in a load. I just want quality in certain areas to make us a better team.'

A sizeable number of Clarets fans have been frustrated by the lack of signings this summer and we have still to see a new face arrive at Turf Moor with the new season just 4 weeks away and our pre-season friendly games already underway.

The disappointment of not even having enough money to sign Jack Cork has upset many Clarets fans who are beginning to wonder whether the club has enough ambition and enough bottle to attain Premier League status again. They are also asking two simple questions. Where has all the Premier League money from 2009-10 gone and how come Southampton, a club in administration not so long ago and plying their trade in League 1 have more dosh than Burnley to sign a player that wanted to play for the Clarets?

Yes, we need some signings and yes it has to be this week please! Those signings also have to be of the right quality. Up and coming players from League 1 and League 2 will not cut the mustard with many Clarets fans after losing out to Southampton in our attempts to sign England Under 21 Internaional and huge prospect Jack Cork.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday July 10 2011

Time: 10:13AM

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Third-string keeper appears to be high on Eddie's wish list. At least we can afford one of them I hope!!
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10/07/2011 10:22:00

TFM ..... I very articulate piece indeed! well written it personifies the thoughts of many clarets. We don't wanna see up to a 1M quid run of the mill players being signed, we HAVE to start taking this seriously and investing in an improved squad. But again I refer you to the same interview and highlight the fact that Howe says he needs to move bodies on to free up some finances .......... the situation for me and many others is critical .... I can honestly see the failings around Jack Cork costing board members there seats............. the clarets faithful are not happy and nor should they be the storms gathering and we need some answers !! about where the cash has gone
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10/07/2011 10:36:00

Eddie came from a lower league club, and his first and only two signings were from lower league clubs. Its not in his comfort zone to go looking for players in the Premiership and to some extent the Championship aswell. Thats the downside of instating a manager from a club thats a league lower. If we had appointed a former Premiership manager, it would be the opposite. But Im not saying we should have. Also, I dont think we didnt have enough money for Cork, I think Eddie was implying that he didnt want to spent a massive amount on one player. Even almost every Claret fan in the country believes that anything around 2 million would be a good price for him. Maybe Chelsea wanted a lot of add-ons aswell that would cost us more money in the future, that we dont know. On the other hand, we still brought in Delfouneso and Duffy on loan from Premiership clubs, so hopefully that signals that there is atleist a decent chance that Eddie could make a permanent deal with some big clubs. Who knows ? Im just a bit fed up with Eddie continually looking for players in his comfort zone in lower leagues, rather than being a bit more risky and showing the fans that he means business for next season.
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10/07/2011 11:37:00

Think you may have hit the nail on the head there Adam, re Eddie's comfort zone in Lg1/2! It is plain to everybody I think that we need more than a tweak if we want automatic promotion. To get that we have to look for quality by bringing in established Prem/Champs players. Whatever happened over Cork I am disgusted that a club like Southampton can outbid us,a club in League 1 last season and supposedly recovering from administration! How exactly have we gone down stronger from the Prem, when the Saints have gone up stronger from League 1 and can sign a player we must surely have been desperate to sign?
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10/07/2011 11:54:00

One thing I would say about lower league signings Adam is that it totally depends on who they are. Most people for example who were pretty pleased that we had managed to get Charlie. I think the important thing is to get a balance. Some up and coming youngsters from the lower leagues that we can maybe bring on. Some who already have the quality ( such as a Cork).
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10/07/2011 11:58:00

Fair point Dale, we just have to hope&pray we now get the experience we need. Lets not forget too that at the moment we are four down in the squad having lost Thommo, Kev Mc, Grezza and it would seem Carlisle! We can't fill the void with more unproven talent from Lg1/2, that's even before we get the squad bugger which looks unlikely due to finacial reasons. Financial reasons I thought would now been less acute after a year in the Prem and parachute payments
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10/07/2011 12:11:00

I'd have been more than happy to go with Eddie's signings from the lower leagues, and to trust his judgement, had we signed the one player that we should have signed this season. You've put it in a fine nutshell up above tmp, and there's no more to add to the Cork saga than that really. I'm still hopeful because we've got a good squad especially with the return of McCann, Pato and Austin , and I'm looking forward to a strong promotion challenge. But we should have signed Cork ffs.
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10/07/2011 12:58:00

Yep, Cork was the one player who would have made all the difference to our promotion chances in my opinion. How could we ever let such a prospect slip through our fingers for the sake of a ridiculous salary cap that in effect would not attract anybody of the quality we need? I am so,so furious with the club!! No way can I beleive this club could not have bettered the reported 22k/week. Surely we could have reduced the squad size to pay for Cork,he was that crucial to our promotion chances. Small town club, small town mentality and it stinks! [Edited by turfmanphil]
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10/07/2011 13:05:00

I think we will see a mix. Agree with your comment above TMP. Three of the four players who have left have huge experience and were probably big characters in the dressing room as well as on the pitch. VR has been commenting for months about the need for leaders. I would say it is essential that we bring in at least one player capable of filling this role.
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10/07/2011 13:06:00

Howe seems to have been hoisted by his own petard. Reduce the age of the squad and you get rid of experience but is there anybody still available so late in the day to fill the void before the new season starts?
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10/07/2011 13:11:00

We have McCann, Pato and Cort at the moment back it really is all about how angry you want to make yourself. Pato back is like a new signing as is McCann and Cort well...... lol
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10/07/2011 13:38:00

I think it's all about paying good money for a season ticket and being entertained by a club who has a positive attitude to be competitive! This lot dont and treat the fans with utter contempt hoping there will be enough fans gullible enough to accept the 'pleading poverty' garbage we have had to suffer in the 90s and 00s. Having Pato and McCann back is fine (you forgot Austin too) but at the moment we are still four down in squad size so even if we do play catch up in the four weeks remaining, we will still be as we were last season. Inadequate! If we don't play catch up which looks likely, then any injuries /suspensions to the players you mention (or indeed any playing regularly) and we may not have any adequate cover either.
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10/07/2011 14:27:00

If we sign 4 players who are better than the four that have left, we will have a better squad than last season. Having a better squad doesnt necessarily mean bigger. In addition, I dont really know how good our younger players are, but if we pay for players to jump straight ahead of them - we may never find out. I can kind of appreciate your frustration/disapoinment/annoyance - but I think we need to try and be positive. Being negative ( even if you feel it is justified) will probably not result in a positive outcome.
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10/07/2011 15:05:00

The thing is I am being positive by saying the world wont collapse if we spend more and that we wont go into administration if we take on some debt. The ones that are being negative are the ones that are too scared to try and take more calculated risks. Some directors would and it is something that could lead to a far better outcome that could once and for all break up this small-town mentality and all its associated negativity. If we don't have confidence in ourselves nor the courage to back up that confidence we will simply stagnate and if we are not too careful find ourselves in a right pickle in 2013 with falling gates, falling revenues and lower salary caps being unable to compete with other clubs in the division able to afford higher paid,higher quality players [Edited by turfmanphil]
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10/07/2011 15:10:00

D J Campbell available for 1.25M from Blackpool I know who I would be picking the phone up to, but wait ... we have a wage structure in place don't we..... so off down Townley park to see if I can spot someone that will play for us you never know we could get lucky .... Blackpool confirming today they will bring in around five players Ferguson and Phillips to name but two !! Awhhhh !!!
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10/07/2011 18:50:00

Cambell has a very patchy track record. Then again he does score - maybe he's got to have the right partners up front?
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11/07/2011 00:11:00

Intrigued that I expressed concern about bringing in a manager whose radar would be tuned in to the bargain basement before Eddie was being signed, and that others are now saying this too. Having got those negative concerns out of the way early, I now continue to warm to Eddie, and am hopeful he might be the sort of manager to turn promising young prospects into first-teamers. I also like his lack of nonsense in interviews. Phillips to Blackpool... oh dear. When he was 'linked' with us a few weeks ago, no-one on here wanted him. Well maybe one or two, but not many. And the doomsayers pay no attention to his departure from Brum when analysing their strengths, but seem to think he's boosting Blackpool's. If he's that bipolar, Kevin probably should consider going to a psychiatrist. Anyway, continuing - in the spirit of debate that is held dear on VB - to try to offer attempts to answer points raised in this thread, it was said clearly on the club site that one of the problems in the Cork deal was indeed the add-ons that Chelsea wanted. If Cork is indeed as good as he's now being made out to be (which I don't feel so sure about), we'd have struggled to keep him for more than a year or two. Maybe those add-ons would have meant Chelsea getting the benefit of any onward sale, not us? Where's the money gone? This mantra is getting dull, because when there's an honest attempt to do the sums, no-one joins in, but just keeps on chanting their mantra. It's like a really, really bad chart song, that just keeps buzzing in your head. Was it one of the 70s glam rock bands who did that awful 'where's your mama gone'? The Sweet maybe? Why could Saints spend more than us? Again, it's dull that the same question gets asked rather than discussion develop around the fact that Southampton got a big new investor who will have looked at things like the size of the town, the size of the TV market, the average attendance, the proximity to an airport and the yachty Solent lifestyle. All of which begs the question of which club is actually spending more. Can anyone on here tell me the size of Southampton's payroll? Sorry lads, but I am getting really bored. Used to be you could come on here for an argument. Now it just feels like a parody of a Monty Python sketch. You've got to laugh.
Couch Potato
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11/07/2011 10:12:00

Would that be the five minutes argument or the full half-hour?
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11/07/2011 10:16:00

The salary cap needs to be adressed. If we release or sell two players on 15k a week, we cant spend 30k a week, we are limited to spending 15k a week twice. Its just stupid and doesnt make any sense. Releasing Thompson, Alexander and McDonald would surely have given us enough wage to bring back Cork, who we were paying anyway last year. The salary cap is a joke and in addition to some poor judjement by the board etc, cost us a valuable player.
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11/07/2011 10:43:00

Totally agree Adam, our lot never seem to think outside the box!
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11/07/2011 10:49:00

How much of Cork's Chelsea salary were we paying, all or some? How big was it? It's also intriguing to me that we take at face value that Cork wasn't so concerned about the money. Did we learn nothing from being burned by C*yle? The difficulty in breaking the cap is that you immediately get calls from every other payer's agent, and you weaken your negotiating position in every deal you work on after that. (Assuming of course that we are working on any. :-)) I'm like everyone, sad we didn't get Cork, but not as sad as some. (Oh dear, now I have confessed to the Claret in my veins being watered down or something. Tell me my punishment.) I think he's good, but not amazing, and if signing him really was a make-or-break thing, I'm left mystified about the importance of things like teamwork. Salary caps have some good things to them, and some bad things, like any management approach or decision. Take Brian Laws's's management as an example: vilified, but did at least sign Cork. Give me the full half-hour please temp, but if it's not a real argument, I'm not paying.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
11/07/2011 10:56:00

If you're not paying, are you arguing in your spare time now then Couch ? 'Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep' was far worse than anything Sweet did by the way :-)
Report Abuse
11/07/2011 11:47:00

Paying? News to me!! lol ;-)
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11/07/2011 11:48:00

I note that 23% of respondents to our current survey think we'll be promoted and that only 12% of teams go up. So there's obviously a clear groundswell of support on here for Eddie and the lads to overcome the odds. (I haven't voted, in protest, as there's no option for 'play-offs but not promoted', which is my view, but which has apparenlty been ruled out by the surveymaster.)
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
11/07/2011 12:20:00

Can we stop going on about Cork please. The boy is now at Southampton and there's nothing anyone can do about it! The one thing that does concern me, and has done for a while, is the fact that our defence is weak. It looks like we are going to let Carlisle go whilst keeping Cort. Now that doesn't make any sense at all to me. Are there any rumours about new defenders?
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11/07/2011 23:50:00

Hello chaps, Bournemouth fan in peace. Quite a few AFCB fans will be watching with interest to see how Eddie will get on this season. Many will want him to fail because of the way he left our club, I hope he does well and you give promotion a real tilt. Forget about Southampton, the fact that they were in administration recently has no bearing on their present situation. They were bought by a multi-millionaire who wiped out their debts overnight and invested heavily in the team. They had the most expensive squad in L1 last season and will bring in some high profile players for the coming one. Suprised that you haven't spent some of the parachute payments to bring in some quality players. Trust in Eddie though, he may be finding his feet but he never does anything without a reason and normally doesn't make knee-jerk reactions. All the best for the season.
Report Abuse
12/07/2011 10:35:00

Hi Brian. Good luck to Bournemouth in 2011-12. We know what it's like to lose a manager in midstream (Judas Coyle ;-) ) ' 'Surprised that you haven't spent some of the parachute payments to bring in some quality players' is a statement that I for one can't understand either! We are scrimping and saving still, despite a season in the top flight! Disgraceful
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15/07/2011 20:17:00

howe gunna take u down to league 1 just watch haha cheers for the 500k compo
Report Abuse
16/07/2011 22:38:00


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