Burnley - Targets Come,Targets Go But Still No Bull's Eye!
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Targets Come,Targets Go But Still No Bull's Eye!

The club have been dropping hints left, right and centre that Clarets fans will need to be patient in their eagerness to see some new signings sorted out before the start of the new season.

Clarets fans will be wondering though why everything seems to have stalled with no positive news at all yet regarding our targets.

All the players will report to Gawthorpe next week for pre-season training on Thursday 30th June and the pre-season friendlies will soon be upon us next month.

Eddie Howe hinted that there could be a flurry of transfer activity the end of this month but it remains to be seen if Burnley will be involved in any of it.

One target is of course to agree a new contract with Chris McCann and yet another week goes by without a deal having been struck.

All we seem to get from the club are platitudes and lip service.

Howe told the club's official website: 'We have been in negotiations with Chris and his agent for a period of time and these things can be drawn-out affairs.

'We are desperate for him to stay because he is an important part of our plans going forward and I am very confident.

'We're hopeful that he sees his future here. He knows how the club value him; not just us, but the supporters as well.

'We have seen him through a really tough period in his career due to injury and I am sure everybody would like nothing more than to see Chris in a Burnley shirt again next season.'

All very well, Eddie but come on this has been dragging on for months now and all those fine words will evaporate if he finishes up playing for Horwich Wanderers next season.

So now we turn to Jack Cork and still no news. Of course things may well have been thrown up in the air with Chelsea's appointment of new manager, Andre Villas-Boas but even so many Clarets fans will be disgusted if he finishes up playing for Southampton (or some other Championship club with more ambition) next season

If this club is unable to sign such a high quality player as Jack Cork, a player who has indicated he would be willing to play for us then we have to ask why we bother. If Southampton get their man, a club in dire financial straits a couple of seasons ago, I will begin to wish I had been born in Hampshire. If we lose Cork to one of our Championship rivals, it will say everything to me and confirm we need a change in strategy at the club. That's before we even mention the salary caps based on turnover that could be inflicted on the club come 2013. Let's be honest if we have not been promoted by then we will be well and truly stuffed, so let's go for nirvana now and spend some bloody money! I don't care if it breaks these daft salary caps to get McCann and Cork on board, we need them for a promotion push so come on sort it!

So what does Howe have to say about the latest Cork situation? Not a lot really and if you read between the lines of his last statement this week you might begin to think they are already resigned to losing him.

'Jack remains a Chelsea player at the moment, he said

'We have had discussions with the club and his agent, but they have just appointed a new manager [Andre Villas-Boas] and that can sometimes cloud judgements and decisions.

'Whatever time the deal takes, it takes, and we are hopeful it will happen, but if not we do have to move on to other players because, as much as we want Jack here, we have to build a team that we want to be competitive.'

To be competitive you have to match other clubs in their bids and attract players on similar salaries. Until we do, we will never be competitive, simple as! You have to be prepared to pay more for key players of higher quality if you truly have any ambition. The fear of debt and administration is clouding the Board's judgement too much and I truly believe until they take more calculated risks we will always be a midtable club, punching above our weight. I would love to be proved wrong and eat humble pie so come on remind me what it tastes like, it's been so long!

So what of our other reported targets? Not good news at all!

Premier League, Newcastle enter race to sign Preston winger, Keith Treacy

Bristol City have signed Leeds United midfielder Neil Kilkenny on a three-year deal.

Derby County have completed the signing of Barnsley centre-half Jason Shackell on a three-year contract.

Bournemouth defender, Jason Pearce was sold back to his old club Portsmouth on a three-year contract for an undisclosed fee this month

We have of course been linked to many other targets, but the outcome is still the same. No new faces at the club with pre-season training to start in four days time!

Patience? Well if we still have any left it will be wearing thin if no new faces are signed soon with all the other Championship clubs it seems getting their man!

Many thanks to Burnley FC for the use of the above photograph

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday June 26 2011

Time: 9:44AM

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Get yer bloody finger out Burnley and flip it through your wallet!
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26/06/2011 09:54:00

Under the banner "Rumour Mill" you post a very passionate but hugely critical article about out of season activity, of lack of it, at Burnley. Is it not true to say that all five directors have already "Got their own bloody fingers out and fliped through their wallets! The players you say we have missed out on are not those identified as targets by Burnley Football Club, but by local and national media - and we all know how unreliable that information can be. The club is clearly doing the best it can to secure Chris McCann and Jack Cork and I hope fervently they can do that for I love seeing talented footballers playing for the club I have supported since 1955. Over those years I have sometimes thought we are very lucky indeed to have enjoyed a club of our stature given the comparatively limited income streams available. Lets see how we are placed at the start of the season and hope that of the "irons in the fire" two or three will have been persuaded that their future lies with Burnley.
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26/06/2011 10:47:00

You're right tmp we need to sign McCann and Cork and get rid of the deadwood and sign some fresh faces. I am really starting to question Kilby and the board for the situation we are in players on big contract who we cant move on and are clearly not good enough. And before i get slated Kilby and the board have done alot of good things for the club but you cannot keep living of good decisions when over the past two seasons alot of bad decisions have been made. Rant over.
Report Abuse
26/06/2011 10:51:00

Our limited income streams would be greatly enhanced by this board showing greater ambition and digging more deeply to keep this club competitive. Many Clarets fans are now questioniong where all that money has gone after a year in the top flight and they are right to do so. Like I say I would love to eat humble pie and see McCann and Cork playing for us next season with some other high-quality signings. They better get a move on though or our targets will evaporate
Report Abuse
26/06/2011 11:00:00

Think you will find the money has gone on sacking a manager who clearly was not good enough, (not having a go at Laws but the board) and then buying players on big contracts and then loaning them out having a go at both Coyle and Laws on that front. I would think we made between 60 and 80 Mil for our year in the prem and this season we have got the begging bowl out, like i said bad management. Can i ask what Paul Fletcher does for quarter of mill a year besides pushing for the bread bin stand.
Report Abuse
26/06/2011 11:33:00

Yep Fedup, you are right. A bad appointment in the first place for all the wrong reasons eventually led to the need to sack Laws and pay out compensation (1m or so I beleive). Because of that we then also had to pay more compensation to Bournemouth to bring Howe in! Some are condemned and ridiculed for ever daring to criticise the Board, but I think an ever increasing number of fans are no longer prepared to be hoodwinked anymore and are becoming more vocal pleading for a different approach before the parachute money runs out, gates drop back down and in 2013 the salary cap/turnover thing kicks in!
Report Abuse
26/06/2011 11:51:00

Seems to me that the salary cap/turnover date is absolutely crucial to the future of BFC. Turnover must be maximised by this date, all the stops have to be pulled out to achieve that target or permanent doldrums beckon.
Report Abuse
26/06/2011 19:34:00

So at last turfman and fedup where have you been ! My feeling have been clearly demonstrated ... board are p**s poor and the business plan is deluded.... get out of your negative thought process people and understand if this was a school report it would read Barry and Brendan must do better" ... as for the other board members we invite you to have a look at yourselves !!!! come and tell us where the money is
Report Abuse
26/06/2011 21:31:00

If we sign Jack Cork and McCann would that mean the board have done well to negotiate contracts? Or would it mean that they were slow in completing the business? Fedup is saying we made 60 to 80 Million for one year in the prem, I am yet to see any break down of how this figure is made up? Is it taking into account parachute payments due to us in years to come? Is it projected revenue from? Plus Birmingham have been in the Prem for a while and get relegated and the new manager says he will have to sell players to raise cash to buy players? Going down stronger is not what Brum are saying. Maybe the balance sheets at football clubs are more complex than we supporters believe them to be?
Report Abuse
27/06/2011 08:05:00

You see various figures banded about. When Blackpool went up, they said they stood to make 90 million, however I am pretty sure this includes the parachute payments. Think these are 48 million and you get them split over four years as follows-Year 1/2 16 million, Year 3/4 8 million assuming you stay down. Premier league life then also provides 42 million (TV revenues etc I assume) . You would also get extra from increased gate receipts (20,000 v 15000 in Burnley's case). In effect then if Burnley FC had had more balls and bought a few more players to try and stay up, we would now be bringing in 42 million each season not 16 million! Let's sign Cork and McCann first before we comment on the speed of the deal
Report Abuse
27/06/2011 08:35:00

As i so it Vino did we get between 20-30 mil when we got promoted then a further 48 mil for relegation then all the addons bigger gates which in turn sell more products on match day. A new shirt sponsor and according to Barry best deal ever then we have the Club shop which was doing really well. The point i was trying to make second season out of the prem and as i see it we have the begging bowl out so whether we got 50-80 mil whatever it may be to have very little to spend this season to me is bad management.
Report Abuse
27/06/2011 09:36:00

A big strain on resources though was certainly salaries in fairness which is why they are trying to reduce them since most were a throw back to Prem levels! The danger is reduce them too much and we will not attract the high calibre high quality players we need to get back up to the Prem and we will not be competitive with our Championship rivals! BK is also probably regretting the announcement to hand out free season tickets if we got promoted, think an additional 3 million was lost on that, enough to buy back the TUrf which has still not been done
Report Abuse
27/06/2011 10:18:00

I'm impressed with the strong abilities being shown on here to engage in creative accounting to prove intuitive viewpoints. The only thing an auditor would have learned so far is that no-one on here knows where the 60 million figure came from (other than Sunday paper back pages), or whether or not it is 'real'. Nor has anyone shown any clear knowledge about whether or not the $60m did or didn't include the various things being added on in our creative accounts. My memory of the claims made in the papers was that it factored in everything, except any profit in the transfer market, and from parachute payments being increased late in our PL stay. But I've yet to see anyone be able to show conclusively that the bigger para payments applied to teams relegated that year. Every report I have read has been ambiguous on that point. The other thing that has happened between our Wembley win and Swansea's (for whom the papers inflated their guesstimate to 90 million) is that SKY is paying more money for the PL now. TMP's point that we'd obviously be richer if we were still in the PL is, of course, irrefutable, unless we'd spent more than we'd made in the transfer market to achieve it, or had paid bigger wages than we could afford. Similarly irrefutable is the point that that was then, and this is now. Moving on... FedUp's leap from the creative accounts presented on here to 'bad management' goes further than I'd want to go. I'm quite happy to agree with him, if that's what the figures say; and would find it interesting to share views on which decisions were, in hindsight 'bad' on the basis of some clearer figures, if we could work together to put them together. For example, I would say that Barry Kilby's PL Pledge was, in hindsight, a bad decision, if only because it probably proved far more work to administer than he'd allowed for. Did anyone on here pocket their share of that badly managed cash? It would also be interesting to know which directors said what about Brendan Flood's early inputs being taken as a loan rather than as an investment. With hindsight, we'd all have rather it hadn't been a loan. And as for Brendan's management of where that loan money came from, he'd managed a blinder to get us the money for that loan (which got us promoted) and I think it's being contested in court as to whether it was his mistakes or those of a bank that meant it got paid back sooner than anyone would have liked. IN terms of putting some more detailed figures together on here, Bernie Lee responded to me posting similar thoughts a while back, and threw in some costs we're probably all guilty of forgetting about. I have been trying to search for what he posted in a front page story, but have not found it yet. Can anyone help me find it?
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
27/06/2011 10:42:00

Couch thanks for that post it helps me understand the situation better. I heard rumour that we (BFC) got less than 5 million for Fletcher after everyone had taken out their bits. I wonder how much Chris McCann cost us last year? 10K a week or more? Maybe insurance covers some of it? Maybe insurance pays for the treatment and maybe just maybe the wider picture of running a football club is not what some fans want to see, indeed unless you have spent 60 million in the transfer market you have no ambition.....Great Post Couch and at least attempts to answer my question.
Report Abuse
27/06/2011 20:13:00

going down haha
Report Abuse
07/07/2011 15:44:00

Kilby ain't betting the ranch. In fact, he ain't even putting a quid on on a horse.
Report Abuse
07/07/2011 16:21:00


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