Burnley - Will Burnley Be Shackelled by Pompey or Derby?
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Will Burnley Be Shackelled by Pompey or Derby?

It looks like Burnley may be about to lose out to either Portsmouth or Derby if the speculation is true that they want to bring Barnsley defender, Jason Shackell to Turf Moor.

It is understood Derby are now clear favourites to sign the 27 year old centre half. The Rams according to media reports have had two bids of around 700,000 rejected but it is thought an offer nearer 1 million has now made by Derby and that this will be enough to tempt Barnsley to sell their highly rated captain.

Barnsley have also stated they have received no offer at all from Burnley so either the speculation is wide of the mark or yet again we have capitulated to clubs with more financial muscle than ourselves.Certainly the thinking locally in the media is that Howe had made Shackell his number one back four target and that he will now have to start looking for an alternative

Clarets fans will be forgiven for thinking that clubs with 'more financial muscle' seems to include every club in the Championship! Portsmouth for heaven's sake? Derby? Give me a break!

Shackell started his career with Norwich City after coming through their youth system. In September 2008 he joined Wolverhampton Wanderers after signing a four-year deal for an undisclosed fee believed to be around 1 million. He then signed for Barnsley for an undisclosed fee in May 2010. The imposing 6ft 4' defender replaced former Clarets defender, Stephen Foster as Barnsley`s captain this season.

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Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday June 11 2011

Time: 12:23PM

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Oh for heaven's sake Burnley get a bloody grip!
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11/06/2011 12:36:00

Tmp it could be EH thinks he's over priced at 1m and if its right regarding buying Treacy and Cork they could both cost the Club 1m each so unless EH has a transfer kitty of around 5m we cant afford everybody. One other point do we need to get rid of some of the high earners before we can even think of adding players to the squad, and if we cannot afford to buy 3 or 4 players who's bennefited from the year in the promise land.
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11/06/2011 13:53:00

Sorry benefitted
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11/06/2011 13:58:00

Guess we simply have to wait and see who we manage to keep hold of (McCann?), who we get shut of (Iwelumo?) and who we get. All I know though is that Shackell is very highly rated and sometimes you have to go the extra mile to get someone you want without being hindered by salary caps. Losing out to Pompey or Derby really sticks in the throat. If Derby rate him at 1m who is to say he's not worth that? A season in the Prem, the parachute payments and the 7.5 million for Fletcher can surely cover 1 million each for Cork, Treacy and Shackell? The philosophy simply has to change at Turf Moor and they need to create a climate where all players know they will be paid on merit and meeting objectives, so some will be on a higher wage than the salary cap because they are bloody high quality and deserve it
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11/06/2011 14:04:00

Totally agree with you phil but some might say thats why we are in this position now with the likes of Iwelumo and Cort being the top paid players at the Club but not wanted by our latest manager.
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11/06/2011 14:59:00

Always felt Iwelumo and Cort were panic buys by Laws to be honest would much rather trust Howe with a higher budget and give him a chance to get the Championship level players of the right quality we need to see us a) get promoted and then b) have a greater chance of staying up. Cork,McCann,Treacy and Shackell would all fall into that category IMO. Surely we can afford to buy 3 million worth of players (plus keep hold of McCann) and give them all a decent salary even if that meant breaking the salary cap? We have to show we mean business, I am sick and tired of the same old lame excuses and having to accept second-best all the time and I know we both agree on that one Fedup
Report Abuse
11/06/2011 15:32:00

Who's to say we won't end up with the four you mentioned Shackell and Cork have not officially signed yet for any other Clubs.
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11/06/2011 16:21:00

You may be right and I hope you are! I would be delighted and eat a load of humble pie if we do! After over 50 years of supporting the Clarets though I have yet to taste one and haven't a clue what flavour humble actually is?? ;-)
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11/06/2011 16:48:00

So far it does not look like anyone is interested in the players we would like to go, if we offer them on frees I reckon the Board will plead poverty on paying for replacements. Time is going by and still nothing optomistic from the Board, I think we will be starting next season with a new look, young but relatively inexperienced squad. Just have to put my faith in Eddie to perform some magic.
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11/06/2011 17:18:00

I posted on here that the board have no ambition and are happy with mid-table mediocrity a long time ago. Well, isn't that what we seem to be seeing? If we don't get some quality players in and pay a bit more, we can kiss goodbye to any hope of returning to the PL. We're not a big club, no, but we have a chance to compete at the moment, and seem to be letting that chance pass us by.
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12/06/2011 04:36:00

"It is all going to depend on the manager, because you get the right man in and you don't need to spend millions and millions of pounds to get out of the Championship. You just need to have a good team ethic, know what you're doing, play to a certain philosophy and you can get out of that division. Anyone who thinks you need to spend, spend, spend...the way that Cardiff did in the season just gone... you're taking a massive risk." These are not the words of anyone from the Bfc Board, but of former Cardiff striker Nathan Blake, courtesy of BBCwww. So who is it that's got to wake up and smell the coffee? The Bfc Board for failing to grasp perceived opportunity? Or their critics for failing to grasp the possibility that things are changing perhaps quite rapidly now in the wider world of football's finance? We'll have to wait and see.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 09:27:00

*****ing down with rain, and the dog's hurt his claw, so I might as well keep on wittering away on here... Just for old time's sake, can tmp dig up from the VB archive what any of us said when Iwelumo was signed up this time last year as what's reputed to be our highest earner?
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 09:35:00

Totally agree pmh but think they ferked it up when we had our best chance of getting this financial monkey off our backs once and for all ! More financial balls when we were in the Prem could have meant now that we would be raking it in with average gates of 20,000 plus all the TV revenue! More ambition and guts with some debt (not massive like Pompey's) could finally have got rid of this small-town, amateur image and small town mentality. Please don't tell me Pompey are a bigger club than Burnley. We might not like what has happened there but fortune always seems to favour the brave (or indeed on the face of it financially foolhardy). Pompey preparing to spend there way to promotion, Southampton & Leeds back in the Champs with the latter finishing above the Clarets last season, Hull only 3 points behind Burnley in 2010-11, Norwich in the Prem and so it goes on...along with no-spend Burnley back in the Championship
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12/06/2011 09:37:00

I remember, CP one editor of another certain Clarets website saying around the time Iwelumo got that hat-trick against Preston that he thought the Big Scot would be the dark horse of the season and would become a firm fans favourite! The dangers of being an editor heh? CP you are welcome to troll the archives for Iwelumo comments. If you did not know all of them from 2005-2011 are at the bottom of this page left hand side. Try searching Summer 2010-December 2010,probably his best period. Could be an article waiting to happen for you thete ;-)
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 09:44:00

If anyone wants to compare how busy we are with other clubs, you can do so at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13600908.stm. Don't be afraid. Don't be very afraid.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 09:47:00

Indeed, tmp, an article reporting who said what about which of our new signings over the last few years could be quite amusing, and probably embarrassing for many and maybe even all. But I'll leave the option open for someone else for the time being. My next five articles are going to keep me busy for a while. First of them in 1-3 weeks, then maybe a flurry... just like our new signings? Meanwhile, I sense that avoiding getting stuck with high earners after their sell-by date is going to become a major preoccupation for Championship owners.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 10:30:00

EXCUSES EXCUSE EXCUSES !!! Boys when are you going to stop coving yourself in the negative shroud called " cant afford it " and start realising that we cant afford not to afford it? these meaningless and pathetic whimpers are down right pessimistic, how can you come onto this form as suggest a a 1M for a player is too much when we have just released another 16M by way of parachute payments Fed up,.... you even questioning if we have 5M quid ??? I don't want to offend you but are we watching the same team, how pathetic is it that your even thinking this way ( not you fault driven but the turf moor board) TFM I want to change my user name from hollins to WHERESTHE MONEY how can I do this? guys I have been banging this drum all week and reports like this just send me over the edge what's going on.... why are most of you sitting content whilst Rome burns??? Is there not a single thought that something is very wrong...... FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE....... we have to compete on and of the pitch this is a pathetic strategy !!!! WHERE IS THE MONEY !!!!!!!! why are we not blowing the bloody doors off to put a team together that can work on getting us promoted and then competing in the prem..... or is it that many of you think were a championship side and that will do for you ??? Aaahhhhhh
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 11:36:00

Fortune favours the brave is probably a fair comment. But what about the stupid? Where is the line between being brave, and then just being stupid?
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 11:37:00

I have to say I thought Pompey were stupid, indeed very,very stupid! I thought that of Leeds and Southampton as well! Now I am the one that feels stupid! Administration as things stand at the moment is simply a joke, it does not mean the end of the world and clubs seem to bounce back stronger That is very annoying and whilst not advocating going down that path, I still beleive spending modestly and going into some debt could have far more financial benefits in the long term if we can reach nirvana and stay there! If we don't try to take more calculated risks, the chances are we will stagnate again and even in the worst case fear of administration seems to be unfounded
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 11:51:00

I refer Hollins 'Where Has All the Money Gone' Claret (HWHATMGC) to detailed answers posted in another thread on this site concerning: what money came, where it went and where which bits that haven't come yet might be going. Perhaps an equally valid question might be 'where did all that info so painstakingly provided by Bernie Lee for example go'? :-) May I end (hopefully continuing in hwhatmgc's good-humoured Sunday morning mood) by guessing that neither tmp nor hwhatmgc are doctors? They don't seem to have any patience!!! It's still raining, but the dog now wants a walk despite his damaged claw. At least he is brave! I'll get my coat.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 11:59:00

Its always the same this time of the year, speculation and more speculation. Are we really after Shackell or is it the press saying that were after him? Whatever the truth its succeeding in getting us all hot under the collar about what we can afford, what we cant afford and what wed like to afford if we had the cash. And we've no idea how much cash we've got ! Its notable that theres no news whatsoever coming from the official site or any other official source, come to that, so that leaves us to wonder and speculate even more to fill in these boring non footballing months. I refuse to get excited or bored with all this and instead Ill wait and see how Eddie is going to strengthen the squad for this promotion chasing season. Shackell certainly fits the bill though, but lets wait and see
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 16:14:00

LOL Couch.... loving the sunday morning banter hey that bloody dogs not called Patto or mcann is he ??? cos if he is be careful,... he will be costing ya 10k a week with that injured claw hehehe
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 16:52:00

If the dog was called Austin there could be a shoulder-charge! (Ill get my coat) Apparantly the in-name for a dog is Diesel! I think I prefer 4-star
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 17:19:00

I would like the Board to say EH has a budget of 5, 10, 15 million or whatever for players. Not to necessarily spend it but just trust Eddie to do the right thing. At the moment he does not seem to have any money at all which he must find extremely restrictive.
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 17:30:00

diesel..... that what our bloody clubs running on, its certainly not rocket fuel
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 17:31:00

No more like methane!! ;-)
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 17:53:00

cornwall - The board quite probably have said to EH that he has Xm to spend this summer. But quite rightly this figure should not be made public.
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 18:58:00

Are you sure that's not X p? lol. Funny how the big clubs tend to advertise their big budgets for players and we just hope no bugger finds out! ;-)
Report Abuse
12/06/2011 19:05:00

Building on CD's point, it's nice to give us fans a sense of what's going on. But, I am of the view that if you announce how much money you are willing to spend, it just puts up the prices you have to pay. Also, if you announce your targets, and then - as happens in any competitive situation - you end up in a different place, some of us fans find that a worry. No easy solutions... For those worrying about the dog, he'll be at the vet later today for a routine claw extraction. 40 last time.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
13/06/2011 10:22:00

I have yet to see Burnley get their big targets and keep our biggest assets whether we deny it, shout it from the rooftops or say bugger all?
Report Abuse
18/06/2011 10:07:00


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