Burnley - Rumour Mill- Will Kilkenny Neil for the Clarets?
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Rumour Mill- Will Kilkenny Neil for the Clarets?

The Clarets are one of a number of Championship clubs tracking Leeds 25 year old, midfielder Neil Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is an English-born Australian footballer with 8 full caps to his name for Australia.

Leeds announced on their official website in late May that Kilkenny had failed to respond to the club's offer of a new contract and that he would most likely be leaving the club. He is now out of contract at Elland Road

The news seems to have stirred a number of Championship clubs into action.

Burnley are one such club apparantly looking at the former Birmingham City player along with Hull City, Nottingham Forest, Ipswich Town and Bristol City.

The player is currently on international duty and played for Australia in their 3-0 win over New Zealand on Sunday being set to also feature in Tuesday's international against Serbia.

Once he returns to these shores, Kilkenny will have a lot of thinking to do and will have to decide which club may suit him best.

Kilkenny signed for Leeds United (then a League 1 club)in January 2008 initially on an emergency loan before completing a permanent transfer the following week.

He signed a three-and-a-half year permanent contract for a fee of £150,000.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday June 6 2011

Time: 10:20PM

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Will be interesting to see what pulling power we have compared to all these Championship rivals! If the rumour is true, this could be a good signing though
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06/06/2011 22:27:00

Be interesting to know why he wants to leave Leeds, can only think wages if he comes to Burnley. Still, good news that we seem to be active in the market.
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07/06/2011 07:30:00

Good news at last a player that could have a future if we ever get back to the Prem. This is why i'm against the 30 plus age players coming with the money running out we need to look at the future.
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07/06/2011 09:07:00

Fed up Claret you say money running out? my question is where the hell is it ???? I'm missing around £40M it's a joke we haven't spent sweet f.a. all we have to show is a new pitch a couple of signings under laws all paid for by the sale of Stephen Fletcher, where is the promotion money and the two parachute payments ??
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07/06/2011 19:59:00

I am so bloody board with these bargain basement transfer speculations, what the hell is going with our club?why we pi**ing around on loans and rejects from other championship clubs if they arnt good enough for them they arnt good enough for us surly, i just don't get this at all? we have a short space of time to bounce back we are we wasting such precious time with tin pot ambition were are our serious targets WHERE IS THE BLOODY MONEY
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07/06/2011 21:35:00

Listening to people and other forums there ain't going to be a lot spent by EH this season, and on top of that we need to ship out some of these over paid ageing stars befor we start to look at players coming in. On the other hand i could be completely wrong watch this space.
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08/06/2011 08:52:00

Fed up claret, I think your absolutely right .... but that doesn't negate anything for them really, we can still have a clear out, we can buy and sell simultaneously, what I don't get is why they fans are so willing to except this? just don't get why there arnt more fans asking the questions of the board, you would have to be petty stupid to see that something is seriously wrong with our strategy at the moment, lets not forget the "ageing players" got us to the premiership, Don't want to say it but fact is time seems to be proving Coyle right..... the ambition and willingness to spend on really good players just isn't there the bigger question to me is how long are we (the fans) going to accept this as any kind of positive proactive strategy. I have to say i HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO CONFIDENCE in Kilby and this board, and Eddie Howe still has it to prove for me, having said that he needs the tools to do the job
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08/06/2011 09:59:00

Hollins, I would have thought that key to unlocking your wish that fans both say, and ask for, more would be to present to the Board a reasonably clear and achievable Plan B. Does anyone you know have one? You have asked on other occasions where the money has gone. I am not an expert. But, are the following clues? First, promoted clubs don't get the fabled £60 million (now £90 million?) all at once. It comes over the various years until the last parachute payment is paid. Second, a lot of what money we have had so far went on promotion bonuses and new player salaries, which continue at a significant level. Third, we bought quite a few players as well as made money selling one, some of whom have done well, some considerably less so. Fourth, it's thought that firing Laws cost us a million. Fifth, we had to spend on bringing the Turf up to PL standard, then we spent more on the pitch and the all-weather training picthes. Sixth, a chunk of the money that got us promoted was in the form of a loan from Brendan Flood's companies. Why that was taken as a loan rather than an investment would have been a (complicated) group decision, and it would be wrong to assume it was necessarily what Flood wanted. Obviously, it would have been preferable if Allied Irish Banks (I think it was) had not called in their loans to Flood's companies. Perhaps they didn't need to? But it's my understanding that they did, perhaps because of thier own problems more than because of Flood's. That meant Flood lost control to receivers. They would have had no choice but to take back the money loaned to the club, with any agreed interest. So, while all of that could have gone better for the club, if Flood hadn't made the loans in the first place, we quite probably wouldn't have got promoted, and would have had to find some other way to handle the poor financial situation it's generally accepted we were in before that, which would probably have involved selling players and - who knows? - maybe even relegation, as has happened since to PNE. I would assume that the loss of that substantial loan investment is what put paid to the various stadium development plans. Meanwhile, Coyle can whitter on all he likes about 'ambition'. He does the easy bit of getting other people to pay for his. But, for those who have to sign the cheques, if banks aren't lending, if you've already mortgaged the ground, and if you haven't got cash beyond your existing spending commitments, what are you supposed to fuel that 'ambition' with? I am not saying your views are wrong. I am just trying to work out what the realistic alternatives are. I stand ready to be converted as a disciple to them. But I need to know more before I sign up.
Couch Potato
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08/06/2011 10:54:00

CP, I began to post many of the same arguments this morning before work until I ran out of time. As is probably clear from most of my previous posts, I dont agree with all the 'board are doing it wrong' talk. Yes they have made mistakes ( ie. Laws), but so has everyone else on the planet. The money has probably been split across the areas you mention above, additionally before the promotion were we running at a loss? are we again now? Will we next season? If so, there also needs to be money to cover this.
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08/06/2011 12:53:00

BOYS YOUR BUYING THE RHETORIC! .... Couch that's a great response and I thank you for it, its exactly why I would like to see a debate, not to argue with each other but more a proactive point more about "discovery" of key facts. It may well be I say I stand corrected and realise the board are fantastic, but as it remains I'm far from that opinion, in fact I am absolutely opposed to it as you know,Claret dale cheers for getting involved I want to be clear, I'm not saying the board are wrong all the time they have been a safe pair of hands and I do think they want what's best they are all genuine fans to a man, but that dosn't mean I accept all that being told to us, I have a comprehensive knowledge of how they have gone about sacking and closing the leisure centre and believe me the decision making is absolutely absurd, I simply don't agree with many of those points you articulate earlier, so there are couple of points worth re looking at for all of us, driven of course in the spirit of friendship lets get the debate going ..... Can anyone on this forum confirm what revenue is projected to have come into the club in the last two years before we look at the outgoings? Would you think a guess at approx £100 million is deluded or about right? my figure is made up of the £60million promotion (could be argued that this was in fact more Blackpool received £90 million a year latter,) and two more years of £16M parachute plus Steve fletcher at £7.5 M. Am I off my head is is this about right? or is the £60M INCLUDING the two parachute payments? If so why is it called a parachute Secondly the outgoings pale into insignificance compared to this incoming amount, our signings included Fox Marney Wallace, Iwelumo et al.that was approx £3m, we laid a new pitch at £1M ok so that leaves us with plus £3.5M after Fetchers sale, lets stick a high figure in for a score board new dressing rooms and upgrades to the all whether pitches say a £1m, and I m still looking at money of some £1.5 million BEFORE we even look at the remaining promo cash. Floodies business struggles they pull the plug and the receivers notice the "promise to repay on promotion to the premier league undertaking on the directors loan" it costs around £7.5M plus further cost and interest, .. ended up around £8.5M. Fingers crossed Brendan sorts them out with his actions later this year. However I'm looking at your post above and think I remember seeing the posted losses were around £3M for the year we got promoted so lets factor this in and give away to a cool million on the removal of a former manager... HOWEVER I'm quick to point out we got compensated by Bolton for Coyle and paid nothing to attract Mr Laws, so some of this compensation will have paid towards laws and Howes entry and exit packages. So from promo monies we spend £10M, so where is the other £50Million quid or £82m if the promo monies included the parachute payments. Placing the money to one side, what kind of debarcal were the managerial appointments? laws and the pain staking appointment of Howe our 4th choice on the list. We paid a fortune in setting planning permissions for Gawthorpe and now we arnt moving forward with the plan. We spent the same efforts and finance on the development of the cricket field plan, now correctly shelved We converted the Jimmy Mac stand into offices then a year later booted out the poor old tenants that had moved into the no limits enterprise suite and re converted it again. The business school for football has failed with its first partner before it even got of the ground, ok so we have a new partner in there and its going to go ahead, but not sure what kind of revenue driver that will be given most of the Uni's are on there arse. You just cant keep making so many mistakes and not delivering and expect fans to have the same confidence in you..... can you?
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08/06/2011 15:01:00

The £60M is including the parachute payments and we will have received around £45M to date but it's increased since Blackpool got promoted. You forgot signing Austin approx£2M , Grant approx£1M & Bartley £350k plus last season we signed Fletcher£3M , Mears 500k , Cort £1.5M , Edgar 350k , Eckersley 300k , Easton 300k , Bikey approx £2M , players wages for the last 2 seasons will guessing at around £25M & BFC will employ over 100 other full and part-time staff , Prem pledge must have cost over £1M in season tickets , work on the pitch , Gawthorpe , dressing rooms and stands will be well over £2M , sacking Laws , employing Howe , Directors loans and many other hidden extras with total upto a tidy big sum !
Bernie Lee
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08/06/2011 16:48:00

I don't agree with your assumptions hollins re income. I do agree with the fact I had a great year watching the lads all over the country in the Prem something I never dreamed we would achieve in my lifetime. I thank the board, manager and players for that and accept it was a gamble to survive and we failed. Hindsight is great...we should have binned Caldwell, Jordan, Kalvenes, Jenson and Carlisle the moment we got promoted as they aren't Prem Class.....and if we had......there might just have been a public outcry by the fans without the gift of foresight.....
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08/06/2011 16:59:00

I think that there is a good squad player in kilkenny going for free and im sure that if we had not shown an interest in him then many of you would have been upset at this, but because we have shown an interest you are now unhappy............can Kilby and EH do anything right?
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08/06/2011 22:25:00

Bloody hell I agree with you miniVR, I also like Bernies' post as it would be what I am trying to say too. As an example Fletcher to Wolves £7.5 Million but how much did BFC get? Perhaps £5 million? Everyone takes a slice of the fee from sell on payments to agents and the tax man etc but if you want to be negative then there is a danger you will become short sighted on everything. Remco's wages for example whilst on loan, were we paying part of them? Quite possibly and its all those other costs as Bernie rightly highlights that make a balance sheet more complex than some would like to believe.
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09/06/2011 08:46:00

Didn't some of the money from Wolves for Fletch go to Hibs (or Hearts)? Hollins, thank you for confirming the spirit of friendship in which we are debating, and for getting debate going. Debate is important. Can you share anything more about the Leisure Centre? Concerning money spent promoting the ground developments... that all began before the bank crash, and looked a reasonable gamble to me, at that time, to bring in outside investment and generate an income. Not sure we can blame the Bfc Board for the appetite of the transatlantic banking fraternity for tucking into credit default swaps quite so ravenously, while apparently off their heads with too much cheap Chinese money and seductive mathematical equations that, to use an analogy, made them think that driving the wrong way on the M65 loved up with booze and pills wasn't risky. Also I think we need to accept that UCFB is about helping the town more than helping the club. Is that a bad thing? Securing a deal like that was always going to be tough. That the initial partner dropped out probably tells us as much about them as about Bfc. I still don't see why we we should think that not getting a first choice manager is embarrassing either. The easy way to get a first choice is to aim low. In summary, I am still not sure what the alternatives are at this stage. Take a loan against future season ticket sales ? Sell the club to a Malasian shipping magnate?
Couch Potato
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09/06/2011 10:04:00

How will this, from a bbcwww story on PL finances affect Bfc? "Championship clubs are set to introduce their own financial fair play system. Football League chairman Greg Clarke says Championship clubs have voted in principle to match Uefa's break-even rules. There is also a proposal that League One clubs move towards the introduction of the salary cap currently in force in League Two, where teams can spend a maximum of 60% of their turnover on wages."
Couch Potato
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09/06/2011 13:46:00

Clarets this is a really good debate, couple of well made points to which i stand corrected with regards some of the signings, Further I am aligned in much of the thinking, we need to be ambitious and the development plans for the cricket field stand were good at the time, clearly the brilliantly articulated comments from couch on the banking crisis leave me in agreement that this plan needed to be held off. I still think there are lots of excuses being made and I agree hindsight is a wonderful thing, but look at us guys, we have had jack cork on loan for 2 years, he's expressed a wish to sign and we cant even secure that, Chris Mcann who you think would be very great full for the support he has been afforded is also stalling so why is this? why 6 weeks into closed season have we not secured one single target and moreover, why is there not one single name in the rumour mill coming from premiership named players, given that's where we want to be playing why are we not linked with some of these players ? With regards a wage cap I absolutely welcome that, also think it would be a good thing for the prem but locked out at 60% turnover would be a real concern for us if we got back to the prem
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09/06/2011 18:10:00

hollinsclaret , Although Jack Cork has been with us a long while and hinted at being keen to become a Burnley player , Chelsea have never said they are happy to sell and he is under contract to them , this is the time they have commented at him being available to my knowledge , Chris McCann is likely to be keeping his options open with a veiw to prem football and a bigger wage packet , loyalty in football amongst players is thin at best! Premier league players cost a lot of money and require a big fat wage packet , even those not sought after by premier league clubs!
Bernie Lee
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10/06/2011 00:31:00

Thanks for your kind words, hollins. It has been an interesting debate. Debate is good. I am sure everyone is anxious at the moment: Board, manager, players, fans. I wouldn't want anyone imaging I am remaining calm! Transfers seem to happen later and later in the summer, as agents presumably advise 'wait and hope for better'? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on yet at any other clubs, apart from one or two top end deals. If a salary cap does eventually get put in place, the more income we can generate from things like hotels, universities, restaurants, etc the better, especially if it's done in a way that the club is not taking big risks that could undermine rather than boost the football. But, apart from the uni, which got an interview this morning on R4 (after news of the Jordan Henderson transfer and Roberto Martinez speculation) they all seem likely to remain on hold till the economy picks up generally. I think the thing that has been hard for Clarets is the double whammy of the banking crash/relegation, and then government cuts/failure to bouce back. It's made the contrast between dreams and reality particularly harsh. Bernie - where did the story come from that we had an option to buy Jack Cork, but chose just to do the loan deal? It's been kicking around for quite some time. Are you saying it was always just a myth?
Couch Potato
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10/06/2011 11:05:00

There's more about the FL's 'financial fair play' initiatives at http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/13724949.stm. The times they are a'changin'?
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
10/06/2011 12:54:00

Oops... 3 posts in a row. I need to calm down. ;-) But if you click through to (the other) Paul Fletcher's blog from the webpage whose address is in the post immediately above, you'll find this news from 4 April: "The Football League has signed a three-year deal with Sky Sports, giving the broadcaster exclusive rights to show live matches from the 2012-13 season. The deal, worth £195m, marks a drop from the current £264m agreement with Sky and the BBC. Football League chairman Greg Clarke said it had been a challenging climate to negotiate in. The BBC said that it had been unable to make a competitive bid for live broadcast rights. Under the new agreement, Sky Sports will broadcast 75 matches from across the Npower Football League, the play-offs including all three finals, 15 matches from the Carling Cup including both legs of each semi-final and the final, the final of the Johnstone's Paint Trophy and at least two matches from the preceding rounds. Sky will also show match highlights. The Football League said it was in ongoing discussions with broadcasters regarding free-to-air highlights." Fletcher speculates that this has been a significant factor in getting the FL to start determinedly down the road to 'financial fair play'.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
10/06/2011 13:06:00

Couch, I'am aligned with some of your thinking, just don't tell me your a BFC director in disguise will you. ..... For me despite all the current economic issues fortune favours the brave ALWAYS ! we have to have a different strategy than the other clubs, rather than the polite passive interactions we seem to be having. Anyway onwards and upwards I guess we all want the same in the end, a clarets team in the premiership, we probably all have different views on how we get their though, some more openness from the club surrounding our finances would do no harm at all, I think the stuff you have posted today makes really interesting reading, how many clubs will change their initial budgets based on this info i wonder ?
Report Abuse
10/06/2011 17:17:00


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