Burnley - The Outlaws have Won! Bye,Bye Brian!
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The Outlaws have Won! Bye,Bye Brian!

Brian Laws has this afternoon been sacked by Burnley following increasing pressure for him to go by Clarets fans.

Chairman,Barry Kilby called Laws today and asked him to resign.

The Official site have announced that Laws has stepped down with immediate effect.

Kilby is quoted on the official club site saying:

'I have telphoned Brian today and asked him to stand down as manager of Burnley Football Club

'Everyone is naturally disappointed and frustrated that recent results have not gone as we would have hoped

'The Board of Directors has therefore decided that we need a fresh approach in order to achieve our goal of returning to the Premier League"

There will be no further announcements until tomorrow

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday December 29 2010

Time: 3:51PM

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Eureka, about time!
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 15:53:00

So who do you want to (and also who do you think will) replace Laws? See our new Poll too!! ;-)
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29/12/2010 16:35:00

Ding Dong Laws has gone. Lets celebrate. Managers I would like are in employment and unlikely to come to Burnley. I think we will go for someone cheap again, another pound shopm manager
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29/12/2010 16:40:00

I think we need someone animated, someone who looks passionate in front of the dugout. We need someone who can motivate players and get them to punch above their weight with belief. Aye OK someone in the Coyle-mode!! Really excited now, cant wait to see who we get. Don't think the Board will make the same cheapskate decision again!
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 16:44:00

The betting odds are Phil Brown, as low as evens now
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 16:49:00

Hope your right TMP
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 16:50:00

Eddie Howe looks a good bet if we want to see attractive football played at the Turf. He is similar to Coyle by all accounts but hopefully with a smaller head!!
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 16:54:00

Hughton for me, but whoever we get I just hope he's got the 'Coyle' factor. Otherwise we'll be back to 'wotsisname out' before we know it. Someone once said 'you can't please all the people all the time' but the new man has got to appeal to a broad spectrum.
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 17:19:00

Heck,Preston North End sack manager Darren Ferguson today as well. taxi for Laws down the M65?
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 17:27:00

Howe is a good shout. Clark? McInnes? Funny how those calling for Laws to leave now have unrealistic and/or no ideas who to get in. "Be careful what you wish for..." Personally, I think Brown will get it, as he is (allegedly) a friend of Flood's. O'Driscoll I think would not come - he recetly turned down The Blades AND, having spoken out about our facilities, may not be welcomed by the board - nevermind the fans. Interesting times...
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 17:30:00

I cannot say I take pleasure or rejoice in the sacking of anybody who tried his best for Burnley FC and do not rejoice as some of you do. I was on the Turf yesterday and saw that shocking performance, for the good of the club I admit after yesterday he had to go. The ones on this site who respect Kilby knew he would do what had to be done if it came to it and he has proved to do the right thing for Burnley fc.
Grimsby Claret
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 17:43:00

Although it's a pity he didn't take note of the Clarets fans contempt for the appointment of Laws in the first place. Nobody really could ever see this working and it was always viewed as a lack of ambition. Like many I was willing to give him a chance even after relegation but my heart ruled my brain and deep down I could never see anything other than failure. I wish Brian well, but I am grateful a huge weight of dispondency has been lifted from my shoulders and that I can now look forward to 2011 with renewed vigour!
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 17:51:00

yeah some may rejoice in the fact the man has gone but I wont ! whentheball moves is very right...... be careful what you wish for!!..... I hope sheclaret is wrong because another cheep billy no name will get us know where, which brings me right to the important point it was this boards who brought Laws with a unanimous decision, its the same board that wouldn't go the extra mile for Coyle when he needed the funds for the second half of the Prem campaign ...... is Kilby really such a hero? I think not! he's far to cautious... O' Drisscoll was absolutely right about Burnley's facilities they are very poor almost 1970's stuff... which is exactly what they are Burnley Fans have some bigger questions to ask themselfs rather than baying for the heads of under performing Managers the bigger question is ...does this Board have the balls to employ the correct talent and back it with some real resource fact is Coyle would have still been here if Kilby coughed up some of the cash !
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 17:59:00

On Christ please no-Plymouth Argyle manager Peter Reid is in the running for the two vacancies at Preston North End and Burnley according to a leading bookmaker. Nobbers please take him!
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 18:06:00

Reid came across badly at interview I think when we appointed OC, so don't think that'll happen. And, he's done nothing since...
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 18:17:00

In dream world we get a young upcoming manager (as the board will not pay for a proven one) he exploits the January window and we finish Champions. Sorry, will not happen. I reckon the Board should wait for the right manager, that is the priority, if it is too late to do something about this season we can build for the next. But the board will have to part with CASH. Also I feel sorry for BL and wish him well, a genuine man, but not the man for the job.
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 18:21:00

Could Grezza do a job as player-manager till end of season? Not sure but maybe we should not rush into this and get the man we really want and be prepared to pay for him in the Summer?
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 18:23:00

Coppell til the end of the season, which almost happened in the PL?!
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 18:28:00

Jesus hope its not Phil Brown, i'd like to see Eddie Howe given a chance or Chris Hughton but whoever comes they have not got much time to look at the squad before the transfer window opens.
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 18:28:00

Grezza for caretaker for a few games yes, but longer Im not sure.
Grimsby Claret
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 18:33:00

Daft as it sounds whoever comes in has a difficult job - we are solvent and a game in hand away from the play off positions but this was not good enough for the fans and eventually the Board. No qualms with BL's departure altho there seems to be a "what now" feeling around the place. Hopefully BK has a clear strategy in mind.......
Essex Claret
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 18:56:00

A flood of money on Howe to become the next Burnley manager saw him backed in from 6-1 to evens with leading bookmakers Victor Chandler today. Cherries chairman Eddie Mitchell, speaking to the Daily Echo earlier this evening, confirmed he had not received any approaches for Howe. Mitchell also said any approaches would be “unwelcome” and added that he hoped Howe and Tindall had “no desire” to leave. Howe has worked wonders in his first management post at Dean Court, saving Cherries from relegation in his first season and then getting them promoted in his second.
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 19:18:00

Laws was the wrong appointment in the first place.Whoever you appoint make sure it`s not Megson.Phil Sunbed Brown is ok but I don`t think Hughton would be interested,he`s reportedly looking to return to the South.Anyway good luck.
Roberto Bettega
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 19:22:00

I wonder what Steve Davis is thinking at this precise moment in time, RB? ;-) You are totally right though, Laws was never the right choice and Megson would I am sure be seen as another bad one
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 19:30:00

Well Laws has gone, I'm afraid he had to after Tuesdays game. It was the worst performance I've seen in a long time. I would like to say thank you to Brian, it was a thankless task replacing Coyle and he did what he thought was best. Timing is an impotant thing in life, in this case I think the timing was wrong. Anyway onto the future, hopefull we can get the right replacment. Brown is favourite, I would say he is a man motivator and that is what seems to be missing from the club. He isn't as bad as some people seem to think, got Hull promoted kept them up it just went wrong at the end. You see I'm not sure about Hughton, he did well at Newcastle but they had the best championship squad probably ever! What I would say is that we need to be realistic. Which manager wants to come? We will see..
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 20:29:00

I think I mentioned that SoD was at the Turf yesterday but I don't see him leaving Doncaster for us. Can't see Hughton coming either and would be surprised if Eddie Howe did, though he is doing a great job at Bournemouth. I have no doubt it will be Phil Brown and can see his motivational skills making, at least, a short term difference. We certainly need some new ideas to shake the players up a bit. Wonder if Kevin Keegan could be the man ?
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 20:57:00

Agree Rickers about SOD, he didn't want to come when we were in the Prem, why now? Also the board were rumoured to not like him as they thought he was arrogant. Lets be realistic with the mangers we can get.
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 20:59:00

It needs to be a person who can effectively kick the backsides of the numpties who were on the pitch first and foremost. Grezza should have an idea where to start. Possibly his own backside? Then all the other things as well. Hmm - could be tricky.
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 21:07:00

Missed the Scunny game with a possible stress fracture of the foot, and missed today's action off the pitch with a headcold! Had a chance to catch up now... As Bishop Berkeley said when he and his fellow bishops were banished from the revolutionary parliament by Cromwell and his cronies: "When the dog is kicked out of the house, where then shall we lay the stink?" Or, in current language, 'if it wasn't the dog who f*rted, who was it?' That said, I certainly don't think Brian Laws is or was a dog, and think that those on here who say that they knew it was never going to work with him are perhaps overstating their ability to see the future in the emotion of the moment. Hey ho. :-) I will continue to enjoy memories such as beating Coyle in the Carling, winning 4-2 over Spurs, getting the PL away win that eluded bighead, and banishing our Boxing Day Blues and beating the Oakwell hoodoo in the process. All that said and done, Brian clearly didn't do enough with the squad psychological debris created by Coyle. I wonder whether he would have done better to have removed a few 'big names' in the summer to refresh the squad, rather than molley-coddling us fans by doing what we begged for and keeping almost all our favourites. I wish him well, have no idea who will come in his place or what they should do when they get there, and think that the eve of the January window is an awful time to change a manger. I wonder what stories will come out in due time about which players said what to Fletch or Board members, maybe about Brian, maybe about not wanting to stay. Any significance in Elliott being subbed? Probably not, but we may hear stories that none of us predicted. We may also need to be on stand by for some bad news, which could have tipped Kilby's hand. Who's in charge tomorow morning?
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 21:44:00

We do not want a manager who talks the club down if SoD said what some claim I dont want him, I want some one who talks the Club up, who is proud to be a claret manager, who can talk the players up to believe in themselves motivate them to give there all for the team. someone loyal to Burnley FC.
Grimsby Claret
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 22:27:00

hollinsclaret Do you really believe Coyle would have still been here if Kilby coughed up some of the cash ! I think not.
Grimsby Claret
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 22:29:00

It is always sad to see a manager removed, for whatever reason, but this had to come--and should have come a lot earlier in the season It might just be too late to make any radical changes to the team, but let's get a manager with fresh ideas and one who will "convince"(read kick in the a*se) the lads to play far better than what they have in the past few weeks. Give us entertaining football with expectation of a good win more often than not. Instil some pride back into the ranks of both the players and the fans. We have and are the best group in the league so ---we get behind the team--management -coaches- players and show everyone that QPR Leeds and Cardiff had better start looking over their shoulders because here come The Claret and Blue. Give us some money to spend in January and give us a manager like Eddie Howe
Report Abuse
29/12/2010 23:31:00

Those of you asking for Burnley to 'splash the cash' for a 'big name' manager are misguided. I respect Kilby and I genuinely think he saw something in Laws that didn't eventuate - he tried to get him as manager before but Wednesday wouldn't let him go! In Burnley's history the big name managers have been a complete disaster and our best times have been with either ex-Burnley players, steeped in the club or energetic unknowns like Coyle. From the names mentioned I would definitely not want Hughton - nice guy but didn't have to do much with Newcastle with their squad and facilities. I would want to see how he does with a small club like Burnley first. Brown might be okay but reminds me too much of Bond - too flamboyant for Burnley. I'd definitely be happy with Howe or someone similar - someone who has done well with a smaller club. I still think Cotterill did a fantastic job for Burnley so someone like him would be my preference. I would also like to thank Brian for his efforts - he didn't deliberately stuff it up just to 'enjoy' abuse from supporters and it can't be nice losing your job at Christmas. Good luck to him in the future. It is now time for the players to take some responsibility for their poor performances and lift their game.
Report Abuse
30/12/2010 00:21:00

Laws was never going to work. I gave him until the end of October and then moved to the out camp. A good start was needed (top 2), and it went on too long, showing a lack of ambition, and leaves this season almost out the window and the incoming man with a very hard job now. Now we need someone who can get us going again and bring some players with him, or in, in the Jan xfer window, for next season. Someone who is a good motivator and has something to prove. I dread Phil Brown- Hull's decline was a season and two thirds long when it kicked in, and he doesn't seem like the type for Burnley. Hope he proves me wrong if appointed.
Report Abuse
30/12/2010 03:13:00

GC totally agree we need a manager who is proud to manage our beloveded club and get the players believing in themselves again. If you cut him open he has to bleed the Claret and Blue of Burnley......or is that asking for to much
Report Abuse
30/12/2010 08:40:00

Sheclaret... my heart agrees, but it's nevertheless true that Laws was Burnley deep inside, whereas the manager who achieved our greatest recent successes turned out to have what passes for his soul stamped 'Created in Gorbals, forged in Bolton'!
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
30/12/2010 10:09:00

..and he took one called Steve Davis who supposedly had nothing but Claret-coloured blood in his veins! Wonder what he is thinking now
Report Abuse
30/12/2010 13:19:00


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