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Bolton to Suffer Same Fate as Burnley on Re-Coyle?

Bolton could be about to have the tables turned on them regarding their poached manager and former Clarets gaffer,Owen Coyle

This time it might be their turn to try and keep the sharks at bay.The club though could have a battle on their hands to ensure he stays at the Reebok ­Stadium.

Coyle controversially quit Burnley just under a year ago back in January 2010 to become Bolton boss.

Despite sticking in the throat of most Clarets fans, he has turned the Horwich club round, so much so they are now 6th in the Premier League. It is probably still worth mentioning though the fact that we beat them at Turf Moor in the Carling Cup earlier this season.

Owen Coyle and his striker Johan Elmander won the Barclays Premier League manager and player of the month awards for November in recognition of their league success.

Carry on like this and Bolton could be plying their trade in Europe next season but if they are will Owen Coyle still be leading them?

An article in the Mirror this week and I hasten to had not one written by Coyle's media minion, Alan Nixon, suggests the 44-year-old Scot has done such a great job that he is now being tipped for a move to one of English football`s major powers.

Roy Hodgson could well be looking over his shoulder soon if Liverpool continue to underperform and if he fails to hold onto the manager's role, it will be Owen Coyle's breath he could be feeling on his neck!

According to the Mirror many Bolton fans also apparantly openly concede they fear losing him to Manchester United when Alex Ferguson bows out.

Chairman Phil ­Gartside is reported as saying:

"Our results and performances have ­improved greatly and that is a measure of Owen`s influence.

"We`ve virtually the same players that he ­inherited, but he`s got the best out of them, playing in a style that is attractive as well as ­effective.

All sounds a similar story and let's face it Coyle will be getting close to his two-year itch this time next season. He certainly made a great play of how great a club Bolton was last January and the fact that as a former player he was now some sort of legend (Cough!)

The club are so good in fact they announced a couple of weeks ago a huge loss of £35 million plus a significant rise in the net debt to £93 million which was down to having an unhealthy mixture of low turnover and an inflated wage bill.

Just as Bolton appear to be on the verge of great things then it could all end in tears with the club having to sell its best players, maybe as soon as the next transfer window in January.

Is Coyle going to feel so cosy with Bolton if he loses Cahill and Elmander to pay off some of the clubs debts?

It is all beginning to add up to some interesting times.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday December 5 2010

Time: 1:05PM

Your Comments

Aw bless him!
If he does leave Bolton, I hope he takes all his backroom staff with him, then they might realise what it's like to be left in the dog doo! Steve Davis at Old Trafford instead of Mike Phelan? Good Lord!
Personally I can see him going on to bigger things than Bolton - but dont think it will be a jump straight to United/Liverpool. Owen will probably go to a Villa/Everton and if he is a success there, it may lead to a 'top top' job.
I agree with you there, Dale. Everton seem to be flirting with the idea of getting rid of Moyes time and again. Not sure they'd be any better off with Coyle, but who knows?
Could you see Coyle jumping ship for a Villa/Everton? I can't see it if both are significantly below Bolton if and when the opportunity arises! If Liverpool comes along, he might be tempted more. Sir Alex wont be retiring just yet so that I think is more a medium-term prospect
A month ago pundits were saying that Chelsea had won the title. Now they're saying their squad is aging and paper thin. Today Bolton are riding at the top of a very big and competitive chasing pack. In two months' time? IF Coyle is getting his Mirror chums to pump his rep up now, maybe it's a sign that he knows he's quite likely to be at t'other end of the pack come March. Who knows? But a 5-game losing streak would give things a different complexion, and who's to say it didn't start when Bolton failed to take advantage of 10-man Citeh?
Couch Potato
TMP - Yes I could. Bolton were below Burnley last January and Owen probably left because he felt their was a better opportunity for long term success ( rightly or wrongly). In my opinion, this would then be the scenario if Everton/Villa or similar came along.
United will need someone with proven knowledge of competing in European competition, Arsenal will too. If and when Moyes leaves Everton - and he will - Coyle is exactly the type of man they will go for. He's been at Bolton a year now so the itchy feet will be starting again and no-one should forget that he left St Johnstone to join us. A move to Everton would, probably, not involve too much domestic disruption either.
Are you still banging on about this TMP? Unlike the Burnley fans, we will wish him well, because he deserves a crack at a bigger club, just like he did when he left Burnley.It really does your club no favours at all.Anyway, if you keep on moaning I`m gonna start calling you Horse again and you can call me Roberta!!
Roberto Bettega
There are ways of leaving a club and had he chosen the right one all Burnley fans would have equally wished him well! He didn't and I would like to see how many of your lot would wish him well if he left you high & dry in the middle of a transfer window fighting to avoid relegation (or for a place in Europe!-same difference) whilst taking all your backroom staff with him and sniffing around your players
Coyle is a good, confident manager but a selfish one, any club should be wary, many people only find out the limit of their ability when they take one step too far and the subsequent fall is long and hard.
Coyle does not care who he steps on to get to the top, But he will meet himself falling down one day the he will wonder where all his friends have gone.
Grimsby Claret
He certainly stepped on us - mind you he left some cash behind.
I hope he dosnt leave us!
Robbie Blake at Liverpool or Arsenal......bless him....nurse!
Interesting the potential new Debt : Turnover Ratio which may be in the new rules the Government will bring in to reform the game's governance. They have reaffirmed after the farce this week that they will be making proactive steps as a Government. Clubs like Bolton will be stuffed I suspect. p.s I agree with Dale as to Coyle's next step, I just hope the opportunity comes at a really inopportune time.
Oh how funny that would be and then disappear into obscurity.
Had a look at a few "stories" doing the rounds. I would have to say that it is all coming from him and he is touting for a new job and a payrise. No other explanation makes sense. He went to Notlob and they are doing well. Surely its in his interests to demonstrate that he can deliver - unless he thinks he can't!!!!!!!
Still bitter?! lol.... .... Six fingered cretins.
Big Stu
Welcome to Dingle land Stu, check your own fingers as if you stay here too long who knows you may become bitter and twisted and have 6 fingers, who knows you may even want to get rid of your manager.... or did you already do that with Megson! Give Coyle the money for transfers you promised him and he may well stay at notloB, otherwise he has all the excuses he needs "I am sure in years to come notloB will thank me for changing the way they play the game and lifting them from potential relegation to potential European football but Everton is a bigger club and I once scored a goal there which has always been in my heart to return one day!"
Get over it, concentrate on your team your bitterness does you no favours. Owen will one day Manage at the very top of this league, by which time he will have had a succesful spell at our club and we will wish him well. Bolton will not fall foul of the UEFA restrictions as the majority of the debt is to the owner of the club, which means our only applicable debt will be £8-10M to the bank. Still enjoy your bitterness it seems that is all you have left to cling to.
Methinks the Bolton fans doth protest too much!
Couch Potato
A lot will depend on whether Elmander and Cahill stay during the January transfer window. Whether we like it or not, Coyle has done the same at Bolton as he did for us by getting players that were already there to play, and more important play attractive entertaining football. If his top players go, then it will be interesting to see if he stays or not. :-)
We tell you you ignore it what else can we do ? If Owen does leave in the near future then we will wander across and take your Manager.. oh wait no we probably won't
Agree with Cornwall Coyle thinks of one person and one person only himself so lets see what is opinion is on Bolton when they have to sell 2-3 players in January. Only thing that matters to coyle is his perfect CV.
Which all comes back to the only explanation for all this. He wants out (quick) and this is his way of advertising himself. I can see why notlob(B) fans are upset - but I doubt that anyone understands it better than us!!!!!!!!!
Yes we are very upset at being in the top 6, boo hoo I wish we could turn back the clock to when we were crap and had a crap manager life is so dark in the top half of the league.. Get over yourselves, move on let light into your heart and dream of the times ahead rather than grimacing over times behind you. Bolton were established in 1874, we have had bad managers before and we will no doubt have one or two in the future, but at the present time we have a really good manager. I for one hope he lands a top job as it will mean he has done really well with us, hopefully it will be later rather than sooner.
I remember having the same stance as these Bolton lads when Stokies used to vent their anger on hate figure Steve Cotterill for leaving them in the lurch. The Notlob fans will only get it when it happens to them the way it did to us..end of! I now know totally why Stoke fans had such venom
TMP, it happened to us with Mr Rioch 15 years ago, and at very inappropriate time. So we have been there, Bruce Rioch is still remembered with affection by those of us who watched his teams at Burnden and then to beat Reading at wembley in a truly great final. And get this here is one of the links Owen Coyle scored one of the goals in the final (perhaps why he has been remembered with such affection over the years, until he came home). Arsenal stole Mr Rioch and then let him go after 12 months. So we have some understanding of where you are coming from, but why so bitter for so long that I don't get. Look forwards not backwards or you will always have a dark heart.
I guess, if you don't want to get it, you won't get it, Catte. But, just to explain one more time... 1. No Claret would have begrudged Coyle a move to a significantly bigger club in the close season. But he went to one barely bigger in the middle of a season, pretty much betting on himself to get us relegated in the process. 2. He then stuck the dagger in by taking so many of the coaches, forcing our new manager to spend time replacing them, rather than on managing players and buying a few more in what was left of the transfer window that he had sabotaged. 3. Coyle had lied and lied and lied to us about how he wasn't motivated by money, and that he was going to see his mother when actually he was going to see your chairman. You say the Rioch move to Arsenal was comparable... but on which of these criteria did it come even close? Aren't you actually insulting Rioch really quite badly by suggesting it was?
Couch Potato
Sorry, catte, I forgot to ask whether your own heart is actually too dark to be able to see the treachery, let alone understand it.
Couch Potato
With Chris Hughton sacked today by the Magpies Board, I wonder if they are thinking of taking Coyle to Newcastle!
Couch Potato
Right okay I forgot it was sideways step sorry about that. I did find it a little embarrassing that we took the backroom staff as well, now I grant that was not fair play. I hope that you find the strength to put the hatred of Owen behind you and don't waste time hoping for the fella to do the same to us. I learned many years ago not to allow bad news in football to affect me deeply, my heart is light and looking forwards makes me see the possibilities of the future. surely we can't lose another Manager to Newcastle - BSA took all his backroom staff as well - BSA still a Legend in Bolton how ?
Apparently Coyle is the favourite for the Newcastle job CP
Although his assistant says Coyle does not want the job, cough cough sounds familiar......
Coyle to Newcastle (pun)
blah, blah - more bitterness from Burnley. Lads, you're wrong on 2 counts. 1. Coyle was always a legend at Bolton. He played in our fondly remembered first non-lower divisions team for a decade (93/4season) - containing an amazing FA Cup run in which he scored crucial goals. He then played in the following promotion season (94/5), to get Bolton the top flight for the first time since 79/80, scoring a goal in the Wembley play off against Reading. To be fair it is not for you to decide who are legends are or are not. He was one way before he became the boss. 2. All but £10m of our debt is with the club owner Eddie Davies. It is not with the bank. You're going to have to clutch at some other straws I'm afraid. This is far from a Portsmouth scenario. This continued bitterness to Bolton does you no favours. The two clubs are roughly similar in size. Bolton have had the edge for some time having not been a division below your lot since 1976. Your average football fan would certainly have said Burnley had the edge throughout the 1960s and the first half of the 70s with you in the top flight and us in the doldrums. Point is, the more you rail against Bolton, the more you come across as fans of a small club criticising a bigger one, the kind of treatment we get from Wigan, Bury et al. You're not a smaller club - stop acting like one.
If Coyle moves to Newcastle next week I will still feel the same about Coyles departure from the Turf. It is more with Coyle that my anger and disappointment lies than with notloB. However it would be ironic if he left and NotloB went into a downward spin and Newcastle went upwards.....
Crikey, for a moment there I began to think I was cracking under the pressure of all the patronising psychological guidance and the ever-expanding list of dos and donts, so... I am going to propose a truce. We agree to let you lot decide who your own legends are without any help from us, and in return you leave us to decide who's a lying, treacherous money-grubbing egomaniac without any help from you. And if they happen to be the same person, what's the problem?
Couch Potato
Coyle and Necastle are made for each other, Just feel sorry for all the fans of both clubs.
Grimsby Claret
Can't really argue with what Catte and bwfc are saying but as soon as I heard the news about Houghton, I immediately thought of Coyle. He has no guarantees as far as I can see, that he's going to hang on to his top players. Gartside has stated that they're going and Coyle has said he hopes they stay. It gets worse, his assistant says he doesn't want the job as 8c8 points out. Next thing fellas is that he'll be going up to talk to his mother and then you know you're in trouble. Like VR, my problem isn't with Bolton and it's going to be interesting how this pans out, and how the Bolton fans will feel when Coyle is announced as the next Newcastle boss. He may not of course, but Newcastle is a big club and . . . . .
Hey Couch - how about callous and insensitive as well?
Come to think of it how about "Snot licking donkey fart"?
Sky news have him as a favourite for the Newcastle job but they also seem to have anyone called Allan in there as well. (or at least Curbishley, Pardew and Shearer)
Couch, I am only attempting to rescue you from the bitter that you seem to have gotten yourself into.. Granted you are not alone, it would be almost worthwhile Owen going to St James' park to work alongside the football genius that is Mike Ashley, just so you guy's can smile again. If this happened we would recover as we tend to do "resilient" I think the word is. I doubt that even Owen could work with Mr Ashley (Football Genius)
Resilient is without doubt a B word (despite the R for Reebok). The fans of the likes of Burnley, Blackpool, Bolton, Bury and some other Bast@rds have needed large quantities of it over the years. What gives your lot exclusive rights?
I did not realise I had claimed exclusive rights. Bury are hardly resilient, they never actually make any strides forward just stay exactly "Crap".. in fact if you look in the Oxford dictionary under crap you will find Bury FC
Catte, is it that you have an innate, or just obstinate, refusal to empathise and understand? :). In terms of understanding, your comparison with Big Sam heading north again overlooked several of the key elements of Coyle's callous treachery. In terms of empathy, seeing Coyle desert Bolton for Mike Cashley would not fill our hearts with joy, and all of a sudden make us feel better about him. To be honest my overwhelming emotion would be to feel sorry for you, and I would ask all the Burnley faithful to resist the temptation to say that we had told you so. We aren't full of what you harshly call bitterness; we just look at, and talk about, the world for what it is. More to the point, Mozart left behind an unfinished opera about how forgiveness too easily given helps neither the betrayer nor the betrayed. If I'm going to seek psychological guidance from your good self, or Mozart, I trust you'll understand that Mozart gets my vote. I am less clear about who I want to win when Big Sam comes back to Bolton this weekend. It's a choice between those who tempted and gave solace to someone who treachously abandoned us, and having to embrace our sworn rival. You seem pretty free and easy with the advice. How do you think I should resolve that one in my mind?
Couch Potato
Couch, simplest way is to take a beer and enjoy it, then worry about your own team. You may not wish on us what happened to your good selves but I feel many of your bretheren do. BSA coming to the Reebok is always an occasion. The player I followed as a kid and our best Manager in my lifetime, just pips Mr Rioch for longevity. Maybe Owen will turn out to be beter ? who knows. You see also Couch you have done some thinking and that is never a bad thing. good luck at the weekend Leeds ?
Where does anyone say that Bury are resilient. Their fans are though. I know one or two and I have to say they are up against all sorts of things. Maybe there are two "Snot licking donkey farts" lurking in Notlob(B)? Susan and some other person who doesn't like Mozart. By the way Couch - Franz Schubert failed to complete as well. No big point to that except his stuff that wasn't complete was pretty good unlike some person (manager) who fails to complete by buggering off at a bad time without snuffing it.
Okay, Catte, I've finished thinking now and, for the record, most people who know me well say that I think too much. But, having finished thinking on this thorny issue of the B game this weekend... I'm clear in my own mind that, unless Coyle humbly seeks forgivness again and again and again, and publicly atones for his treachery... I'll be in the mob, when he meets his Maker, that's trying to sway the Final Judgement for him to be sent down. (I don't believe in purgatory myself, but I respect Coyle's belief system.) If any good football fans of Bolton suffer as a consequence, I guess that'll just be like being roadkill (Or bycatch, if you're Mark Fish.) though hopefully not in ways that you can't recover. But think of it in terms of The Massacre of the Innocents, if it doesn't work out well for you. So - rent the temple veil - that puts me in the same camp as the Big Beast of Bl*ckb*rn this weekend. Pray for me!
Couch Potato
Couch, if there is an upstairs and a downstairs when your time comes (I suspect there is neither) then I think the argument will remain unanswered as probably there will be equal numbers pulling and pushing. Be good.
I can't see any of the top clubs wanting him. I would find it hilariuos if he went to Newcastle!!
I wander off for a few hours and then have to get my readers as there was so much to read! Great thread this, good points made and one that broadens the mind. Having said that I hope Horse Face gets what he so richly deserves.....
Vin, don't put your readers away! The new WTBM is out!!! I have only scanned it, and - early warning - it looks like one or two articles may print smaller than you asked for. Your copy's probably still lodged in a snowdrift somewhere, mind. Catte - I'm not gambling on any kind of life after this one. But I'd like to know if you think we'll still be able to get the football scores after our mortal days are done? Who can say? But I do believe that in Coyle's belief system it's quality as much as quantity that counts in the big balance sheet. So maybe his relentles pursuit of the readies is to line up an advance bulk purchase of indulgences and candles for when the quality judgement looks to be going heavily against him? After all, as it said on the banner when were were at the Reebok: we foolishly called him God, but he just turned out a very, very naughty boy.
Couch Potato
There is one thing I am certain of, that if there is another level to play then we play it without the knowledge of what is going oon this one. Otherwise Bolton and Horwich (save anyone pointing out that the ground is now in Horwich, yes we know) would have been swamped with our ancestors seeking answers on the appointment of Gary Megson..
Ah, but Catte, just cos we can't hear the ancestors doesn't mean they can't hear us! And maybe it was your ancestors who got into your souls and made you drive poor Gary out. And given that that was what caused you to tempt Coyle, I guess it puts us Clarets at odds with your ancestors!
Couch Potato
Well if you are right they should have got their arses in gear a lot quicker, poor Gary my buttocks. I would not wish the football that man promotes on anyone not even Bury. I was one of the tragic few who wanted to give the chap time, he just kept letting me down by being mediocre.
Catte, I am feeling sorry for you now....I know a chap who is and has supported Brian Laws despite many saying I am foolish to do so!!! Oh heck that will be me then..... an older reincarnation of
Vinrogue, keep going old chap BL is a long long way from GM. I stopped backing hime when he kept getting a lead then going ultra defensive and throwing it away, and then telling us we had no idea what he was trying to achieve, damn straight. I was in Munich and I thought he had cracked it and knew what we wanted as fans, then he goes and spoils it in Lisbon. His own worst enemy if he believed in himself and his troops he could be a very good manager, he just loses faith in himself. Always remember that no matter who is in charge now it is only temporary custody of your club, the next temp manager will more than likely be just as interesting..
With some clubs the job seems more temporary than others. We seem to have had our fair share mind you. (But only one is a snot licking donkey fart)
Andy I am trying to think if this should be a quiz as I am struggling to guess this one? Is it a 70's 80's 90's manager or is it that lying horse faced porridge person?
Thats him. The lying horse faced porridge snot licking donkry fart. There can't be two of those. (Can there?)
Pardew then ?, is that not a true sideways move from Hughton to Pardew.. Seems Mr Coyle was beyond their wildest dreams, you have to feel sorry for the Geordies and be happy with your own board. Football genius - Mike Ashley
Not sure Andy... is it the same person sometimes known as "The lying, horse faced, skirt wearing, porridge loving, snot licking donkey fart? Or maybe I am mistaking him with that chap of The One Show?
He could be the Unshaven lying, horse faced, skirt wearing, porridge loving, snot licking donkey fart?
I think I may know who you mean...does he have a sister called Susan?
Thats him. Pitty he doesn't have Boyles as well.
I'm sure Coyle will leave Bolton because I think he is good enough to manage a bigger club. Despite the bitterness of a lot of Burnley fans, Bolton fans KNOW what it's like. When Allardyce left us there was no compensation. The Chairman let him go because he said he was tired and needed a few months off (oops, make that a fortnight). We then had to endure a few years of abject misery with Megson. If Coyle had stayed at Burnley, it is still likely you would have gone down and not be much better off this season than you are. He would then probably have been sacked. Clubs have no loyalty to staff so they look after themselves. It all stinks but it's the way it is. Just enjoy the good times!
Bristol White

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