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Rumour Mill-On His Bikey to Molineux?

The wolves are already picking over the bones of Burnley FC following our confirmed relegation back to the Championship on Sunday after the 4-0 defeat to Liverpool at Turf Moor.

The latest rumour in the Daily Mail today suggests we are literally under attack from Wolves with the suggestion that Mick McCarthy is wanting to take Andre Bikey to Molineux.

The former Reading man ,signed by Owen Coyle as a centre back in August 2009 has had a strange first season for the Clarets. He impressed in his first few games in the back four and in the absence of captain Steven Caldwell who was out injured for the opening part of the season with groin strain, Bikey made the centre of defence spot his own.

Owen Coyle though made a strange decision when Caldwell finally returned to the first team against Birmingham at home last October. Bikey lost his place in the back four and was tried in midfield and it seemed to work at first with Bikey scoring against Brum. Virtually for the rest of the season, Bikey when selected for the first team then found himself playing in front of the back four even when Caldwell once more succumbed to his persistent groin injury.

Brian Laws seemed to carry on with the tradition for a time preferring instead to select his central defence from Carlisle, Edgar and Duff. Rumours then circulated following the heavy 6-1 defeat against Manchester City at Turf Moor earlier this month,that Laws and Bikey were not seeing eye-to-eye. He has certainly spent most of his time on the bench these last few weeks and his last appearance in the starting eleven curiously enough was against Wolves at Molineux back in March this year.He came on from the bench in our away game against Hull City a couple of weeks ago but was only given four minutes in which to make an impression.

The Daily Mail claims that Mick McCarthy is hoping to complete a cut-price summer deal with the Clarets for Bikey in an effort to give the 25 year old Cameroon international a quick route back to the Premier League.

Bikey who signed a three-year deal for the Clarets would surely be tempted to play in the top flight again but with Barry Kilby stating they don't have to sell players to survive, you would have to hope that if he does leave for pastures new that we will be heavily compensated and get a decent amount of money for the player.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday April 27 2010

Time: 4:15PM

Your Comments

Bikey never convinced me as a midfielder and I think we messed him about something rotten under consecutive managers. to be honest He is and always should be a solid central defender in my opinion. He would be a great asset in the Championship in the back four but as I always expected someone in the Prem would no doubt poach him off us. Still we are going down stronger (Cough!)
You want to get that cough seen to turfman, it seems to be getting worse. :) As for Mick McC, I reckon if he wants discounted bargains, he should go to Hull, Pompey, Rangers, Celtic or Liverpool. Personally, given his reasonably solid defence, and utterly dire attack (How many did the supposedly multi-million Doyle and pals score at Molyneux?) he'd do better grubbing around at Hull. Though maybe, given that Hull's combined total of 200,000 a week strikers got 7 goals all year, maybe he's thinking that if Andre ******** cut it in a Claret midfield, he can hardly fail but double the Golden Ones' home goal tally by playing up front. Or perhaps Mick's just going to say: "Andre, I can't guarantee first team football, except at Old Trafford, and you can play any position you want there!!!"
Couch Potato
Where did those asterisks come from? I thought I had typed 'can't' in that spot. What happened? If I typed something else it was unintentional. Or has auto-censor misfired?
Couch Potato
If you beleive these rumours McCarthy is doing far more than trying to tempt Bikey. Wolves are chasing 3m-rated Bristol City striker Nicky Maynard. Full story: Daily Mail Wanderers are also lining up a double summer swoop for Reading's Gylfi Sigurdsson and AZ Alkmaar winger Jeremain Lens. Full story: Daily Mirror The midlands club are also keen to re-sign striker Robbie Keane from Tottenham. The 29-year-old, who began his career at Wolves, spent the latter part of this season on loan at Celtic. Full story: The Sun Not bad for a championship side like us only last season
It might be one of these Scu*thorpe things with a rude word in the middle or you hit the wrong vowel in cant!! ;-)
You will be saying we are bigger than Wolves next (cough) !
bernie lee
In terms of ambition everybody in the Premier League and most of the Championship are bigger than us and that certainly includes Wolves.
I just hope that Kilby tells the premiership pirates to get on your bikey, and if the player still want to go get a fair price for them.
He says he will but at the end of the day if a player wants to go, there is nowt much you can do. Shades of Andy Gray and Lafferty again but at least we got a fair whack for them
In terms of fan base almost everybody in the Premier League and the Championship are bigger than us !
bernie lee
I imagine we will get lots of these rumours in the coming weeks, we don't need to sell but anybody wanting to go can imo but I would hope the board would say course you can have them if you pay more than we paid for them.
Are we really jealous that Wolves are a bigger club than us? I fear practically every thread is going to have a cough jealous streak to it. If McCarthy can afford all of them and Coppell can't keep his best players...cough...and Keane wants to play in the Prem at Wolves rather than fight for a spot in Europe with Celtic or Spurs....cough ...... then so be it....
All threads are disapearing down the same track - To try and get this back on track - I am not sure about Bikey. He hasnt had a fair crack at Turf by playing largely out of position but I just worry about him in general. He seems to lose concentration, and it can be costly!
I am not sure if he has been that costly in the back four?It's so long ago he played there I cant remember, I seem to recall though he was pretty solid in that position and that is probably what he should be judged on not his prowess in midfield which left a lot to be desired dont you think?
I think he has done ok in midfield , although he is played too far forward , in my opinion he is better suited to the role Alexander plays , sat in front of the back 4 with 2 players like McCann and Elliot/McDonald in front of him in a 4-5-1 !
bernie lee
I for one do not want Bikey. Our defence is looking alright now and I can't see him adding anything more to what we have already got. As for Robbie Keane -he will be a wolves player come September - FACT. And that will make every Wolves fan extremely happy. Some of you should take a look at what we have done to get to where we are now. If you do the same - youl be back up in a couple of seasons - and good enough to stay here next time :) PW
Bikey on his game was excellent for us at times, debut against Man Utd, midfield performances against Birmingham and Chelsea, particularly outstanding. His versatility is also an asset and he has strength and power that could see him dominate games in the Championship. He definitely has a weakness with his concentration and temperament but I think we knew that when we signed him (play-offs anyone?). I'd like us to keep him in an ideal world but as long as we didn't lose money on him it's not that big a deal.
Lets be honest PremiershipWolf , you didnt avoid the drop due to ability , with all due respect Wolves were a poor side and lucky to win at Turf moor , we were poorer on the day !
bernie lee
Bernie - With all due respect - I have to completely disagree - losing one game in 8 in the 95th minute against Arsenal suggests otherwise. We were pretty dire in both games against Burnley , but when stakes are so high... Pressure = massive.... And let's not forget we still got 6 points?! Anyway this isn't anything I wanted to talk about... I hope you go in for George elekobi in return!
He was Readings Best player against Burnley by a long way at Turf Moor until he got sent off, if he had played in second game we may not have won in second leg play off last season. My opinion he is a 10 million pound player minimum at least compaired to others in premier. I agree he has lost concentration a couple of times in matches,but even Mears who in my opinion has been Burnleys most consistent and best player this season made a mistake with a header back to the Beast that cost us. Laws brought in his player Cort played better in last few games but he has made more mistakes . I think he should be in the defence and has been messed about this season to much
I wouldn't be that sorry to lose Bikey, although he was played out of position as everyone has said. His lack of marking of his opponent however was dire and surely a defender by trade should have known that more than anyone. He also seemed a bit uninterested to me too. However unless any of the first team squad ask to leave, or we get an offer we can't refuse, I would keep them until we see how they go in the Championship. Good luck to Wolves, hope they do well - I can still remember when they were our great rivals. All the moaners about our lack of ambition should look at them though - huge club compared to us but spent decades out of the Prem and then came up and went straight back down again without breaking the bank and then consolidated and came up again last year. They have spent more than us this time but were still very cautious. This is the model Kilby is following. Also if Burnley were looking at the players you mention that Wolves are after then you would be complaining that they weren't experienced Premier League players and the Board were being stingy by going for players from lower leagues. "3 million rated player from Bristol City" - we paid over 3 million for a striker too don't forget.
Ozjean I think you might need to look a little closer at the Wolves model. In the 2003/4 season, the last time they were in the top flight they spent bugger all on players and got relegated in bottom spot. It then took them another five seasons to return! They spent more than us this season are still in debt (a modest amount about the amount I was asking for 10m) and their reward has been to reap 40 million. The lessons are clear if you want to reap the big rewards then you have to speculate to accumulate. Are you seriously saying we should follow the Wolves model of 2003-4 and take another five seasons to get back? If that is going down stronger I will eat my hat
As for going for players from lower leagues, McCarthy's targets so far have all been from Prem/Champs clubs. More rumours today that McCarthy also wants Hull winger Stephen Hunt for 3m as well as Tigers centre-half Kamil Zayatte. Considering our only links so far has been a lad from League 2 Rochdale and a lad from Conference side,Wrexham there does appear to be a slight difference in the level of ambition so far
I enjoy reading what you guys have to say! There is no doubt about it - you are are passionate about your club... But i've said this before - your not a premier league club yet... Very few clubs manage to go up first time and then stay up! Yes, 5 years in the championship is a snore - but it's a brilliant league! It was different for us as we got hoddle... He messed our club up - then it took Mick a short while to turn it back around. Burnley are clearly sticking to our model and I truly believe we are a good example for any championship club. We got here the right way... Buying honest young lower league players. Do the same, and we will be playing each other again before you know it :) p.s. My favourite thing about us staying up - is the now ridiculous amount of players we have been linked with! P.p.s have you guys seen the supposed new wolves kit? Look at wolves on news now and a link is on there... Quite simply - oh dear!
TMP - Yes I agree he is better in central defence but i still think he loses concentration there - Pompey is one that sticks in my mind. I also do not argue that he was Readings best player at the Turf in the play off and the 2nd leg would have been much tougher if he had played. BUT, he made a rash decision ( through concentration or whatever) which ultimately cost his side.
PW, I have not said this write a lot of sense and your experience of the yo yo sounds good enough for me to hope we can do the same. Some time ago I thought your posts were designed purely to wind us all up, I accept you must have a similar sense of humour and wind up ability to mine and the designer of your kit! p.s I reserve the right to slag you off in a minute! lol
That is funny! You got Hoddle with five years in the wilderness and we got Laws who kept Sheffield Wednesday in midtable obscurity for about the same time. Don't know how anybody can think the Championship is wonderful after tasting the Prem. If we all love it that much we might as well not bother trying to get up. I would argue that the many clubs that dont stay up in the Prem do so because they are tight fisted buggers!
Experience of the yo-yo? Bloody hell, I dont think there is a big enough Yo-Yo to hold five years worth of string? Mind you it is prefereble to one holding 33 years worth!
Thank you VinRogue lol - don't get me wrong, when people start going off on one at me, i do retaliate, but i always start with good honest opinions! The only site i use on vital is vital burnley funnily enough as ive became slightly more fond of your club over the season for a few good reasons, but also because you lot are just passionate about your football. The Wolves site is dire. End of! Back to the football - i have to disagree that Wolves are any form of yo-yo club! West Brom definitely - Wolves - never - we've not been good enough! And with regards to the championship not being brilliant, you would have to go a long way to find a more even, honest, exiting league... And the rewards for doing well in it are amazing. For me, the thing that scares me most about relegation, is that if we were to go down, i wouldn't be able to watch the away games i can't get to on the internet (thanking you Iraq Goals!). But just think, how nice will it be on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday (!!!) knowing you are big favourites to win, and knowing that your team is far superior to the oppositions (it will be come August!)... You will get to celebrate goals again, and not worry when you go 1-0 down. For me, it will most likely be 'so ive got to travel 5 hours on a Tuesday night to watch Wolves get battered 6-0 to Man City'. I'm not complaining... lol, but you get the point... Mehhhhh, end of essay!
p.s. actually i am complaining slightly - i don't want to lose 6-0! Would take 'another draw' !!
The Championship is one of the most difficult leagues to get out of and it gets more difficult every year. I am sorry beating the likes of BarnsDonnyKnobber is nowhere near the thrill of beating Man U at home 1-0 and drawing 1-1 with Arsenal and almost winning. Nobody gives a damn about you in the Championship and you hardly ever get a mention win,lose of draw! I want those Premier League badges on my shirt again thank you very much not some poxy second class ones from the losers league whilst a smug Blackburn & Bolton look down on us from on high
Well yea, your slightly bitter about being in the Championship and you want to get up straight away without even a ball being kicked but thats not going to happen. What im saying is enjoy next season, and stick with the Chairmans decision. You will more than likely be back up in one , maybe two seasons, and you will be x5 better because of it... Who knows, you may even be trading places with both of them on your way up...
I am sure you would have been extoling your Chairmans decision to spend bugger all had you been relegated. As you can see I am somewhat at odds with the 'Voice of Reason' types on here but that's because I am sick and tired of hearing the same old pleading poverty hogwash from our Board and missing opportunities to get this monkey off our back once and for all. Looking at our poll it would appear we are going down so strongly that 55% think we wont get back in under two seasons after 33 years of trying this time. It's all might be this,might be that in terms of getting back. With a bit more braveness from the Board we would now be enjoying 40 million income next season and still playing in the most prestigious League in Europe. Never mind going down stronger we should have put more effort into to staying up and being even more stronger
turfmanphil the way that also involves bringing in a manager with a track record in the Premier League after losing Coyle not one that was brought in on the cheap because he can win 30% of his games on a low budget in a league below us!
Well i was pretty gutted last time round, but wouldn't change what we have now - no way jose! I am like you as you know this from previous comments and i agree completely with why you are like this, but a few weeks of reflection, a few exciting signings, and your attitude will change - guaranteed!
Firstly PW I would love to go up as Bolton and B@st@rds come down, hopefully while that Judas is still at the helm at Bolton. However I can't see it happening in the near future. More likely in a few seasons time. Now going back to Bikey, I would like to see him stay but in his true position of a good solid central defender. At least while he was in the defence we were still winning some games.
Maybe it will change if indeed we do bring in exciting signings although so far an interest in a player from Rochdale and one from Wrexham has not exactly got me running down the street claiming Barry Kilby to be the best thing since sliced bread! But yes you are right, I should perhaps reserve judgement until i know who our manager will be next season, what the squad will look like and whether by Xmas 2010 we look anyway near to getting promotion.
Burnley defence would have been far better with Bikey in the back four, and as for concentration I think all the players have been suspect in that department not only Bikey. Next year in the prem with Newcastle coming back up stonger the teams fighting religation this year will be the same teams next year.
A bit of advice Buttercup syrup sorts coughs out which some of you guys are suffering with.
Naw mine is a Dry Wit Cough not a Chesty one. I expectorant more from the board
I think we all do phil
Burnley in Europe next season!?! Please see just posted article on the Daily Mail website: All depends on Fulham winning the Europa Cup.
Eyresy's Left Peg
Two things - first see the Vital Forum Pompey Watch, where turfman has posted about Pompey trying to reclaim that Europa spot. Outrageous! Second - a cough is one thing, but if it turns into a splutter in the autumn, don't delay getting specialist help.
Couch Potato
Firstly whats the chances of Fulham winning it? Seondly how good would that be a Championship side in the Europa League.Get in there BFC!
My mate's a Newcastle fan and she says she has enjoyed this season far more than many of their premeirship years. Much more fun winning games. By the way TMP get doing the lottery, hope you win on a double roll over week and then I'm sure you wouldn't baulk at investing all the money in Burnley's greatest team ever :-)
Billy Hamiltons Boot
Noting PW's very kind words in this thread, I see that Wolves Chief Exec Jez Moxey is going to ask the June PL AGM for a ruling on why they got a 25k suspended fine for 10 changes at MU but (thus far anyway) Fulham haven't when making 9 changes at Everton at the weekend. Jez is also saying that Wolves are not asking for any kind of back-ruling or even comment on their fine. But, like turfman's cough, Jez does think it needs clearing up.
Couch Potato
I hate how this issue keeps coming back. It's really old news now. The 25k should be forgotten about. People should move on. So many examples happen week in week out when clubs rotate players. You will probably find that from now on, you will be allowed to use your SQUAD how you like. Rotating as you see fit. It's the only way to stop all this squabbling. 25 players in a squad. If the manager wishes he can have a 'home' and 'away' team.. why not :S ?! At the end of the day - he's your manager to do the BEST thing for your club. Nobody elses! Nobody likes to see what Wolves did, but at the end of the day - he didn't do anything wrong. I wouldn't want him to change his ways, and i would back him if he did it again. We got 3 points either side of that night. Worth far more to many than anything else...
Agree with that Wolfman. All clubs rottate players as you say and, in any event, can any of us really agree on what is a ' strongest team ' ? At Burnley, even the manager has no idea. Coming back on thread, I can't understand why Bikey plays in midfield. At Premier League level he isn't sharp enough to play in the middle of the park. He is strong but not, in my opinion, quick enough to play against quality players.
Prem Wolf - spot on that. As I said at the time - the definition of a strongest team is very hard to predict. By 'fining' Wolves they Premier League opened up a can of worms - In a fair world, Fulham should also be punished.
Surely my comments aren't making me friends?! Lol! It was only a couple of months ago when I was apparently the most wrotten tomato in the greenhouse! I just think the premier league made their decision 'because they had too' ... They whimped out of making an example of us by a) only fining us 25k & b) making it a 'suspended fine' ...
Lets turn this on it's head then, in the interests of Burnley would we not want Fulham to put out their best players Europa League and play their other players in the league (which they are safe in) thus giving them the best possible chance of winning the Europa Cup meaning then Burnley would be in the Europa Cup next season?
But burnleys 2 yellow cards against liverpool meant B*****d Rovers are now above clarets in Fair Play league!
Doing a search on google there seem to be 2 Fair Play leagues--one is just based on yellow and red cards and blackburn have less than us and the other includes marks given by delegates and we look much better placed on that one-hopefully its that one that is used!
It is this one I would presume but it only gets updated monthly BC
PW - I agree with Jez Moxey that it needs clearing up.
Couch Potato
so if pompey couldnt be bothered registering for europe in time what chance that the clarets have?
Tmp asked me - "Are you seriously suggesting 5 years in the Championship before we get get back to the Prem?". If someone offered that to me now, guaranteed, then I would jump at it. It's not like the Championship is terrible, it's actually a very good league and it would be certainly better than going into Div One or two like so many others. It's time everyone got a bit real and looked at where we have come from. I suppose I'll get slagged of as 'unambitious' now.
Yep you are unambitious! ;-) We have come from Division One 33 years ago, a time when Blackburn & Bolton were the butt of everybody's jokes and Wigan were a non-league side. If the Championship is such a very good league why are all the clubs trying to get out of it? I bet if we do go down into League 1, it will be "oh well we are only a small club and we have been punching above our weight. We couldn't have spent any money on decent players because we would have gone bust."I want to get out of this dross league as soon as possible and if it takes five years that will be failure and make the statement from Kilby that we have gone down stronger a load of balls! I am never happy with second best
Turfman - could you clarify what Claret happiness involves? :)
Couch Potato
Easy,playing in the most prestigious league in Europe and reaping the long-term financial benefits so that this club once and for all can truly say, we might be small but no longer will we play second fiddle to Bolton,Blackburn & Wigan and no longer will we have to plead poverty and whinge on about being a small town club punching above its weight
PW - I do sympathise with your wish that discussion of McCarthy's choice would go away. But even if Jez Moxey's latest resurrection of the issue does result in a PL rule change (which it might well) I suspect that even Wolves fans will be talking about this aspect of the McCarthy legacy for years to come. After all, the first to express their negative views were the travelling Wolves. For reference, RT and CD have always agreed that the rule needs to change. I remain unconvinced until I see what a new rule says, and how it works. Also, at a fundamental level, I don't reckon that football managers, any more than anyone else, can focus only on what's best for themselves and their own; I would argue that, like everyone else, they have to accept wider collective responsibilities. That's my view, and I do greatly apreciate your choosing to keep coming back on this site and commenting about how passionate fans share views and air differences here. All the best. Well done Wolves.
Couch Potato
So you were half happy this year, tmp?
Couch Potato
Can you be half-happy? Surely you are either happy or sad? I guess you can have sad and bloody annoyed and happy and bloody delighted?
Wolves are set to offer relegated Burnley 3m for defender Andre Bikey. (The Sun) Should we bite their hand off?
I would argue there's a spectrum of moods between happy and sad! But, without a doubt, take 3million for Bikey.
Couch Potato
I don't have a problem with playing in the championship next year. I think we got up into the premiership a season too early, amazing when you think that we were being tipped for relegation by some at the start of that season. And this doesn't mean that I'll be happy to stay in the championship tmp, but more of a case of let's carry on building a strong team so that when we do return to the premiership we'll be ready this time, and with the added bonus of the massive lessons we've learnt this season. Speculation as to who will stay and who will go will be rife from now until the close season, but if the offers come in and the players concerned prefer to go, then let them go provided we reap the benefits. I'm still undecided about laws, but I don't think anyone can judge him on the impossible task that Coyle left him. Likewise, his record at Wednesday has to be seen in the light of constantly loosing his best players ( remind you of someone ? ) and he's got to be given a chance now of managing a team who don't have to sell, and to bring in his own players to strengthen the squad. I've got a feeling that he will deliver and that we could well find ourselves in the automatic promotion spots sooner than some think. The continuing economic collapse of more clubs over the next 12 months will stand us in good stead thanks to Kilby and Floods' astute management. By the way, you talk a lot of good sense Prem Wolf.
Letting the paint I wacked on the old Sky Sports and there was BL talking about Europe with a grin on his face and saying come on Fulham, then they show Coyle and say Eagles a summer target....happy days all round. PW I am slowly becoming a Wolves fan can you bugger off as its not good for
I once considered going to the Isle of Man to see a pre-season tournament but realised it was too far to swim across the Irish Sea. Mind you, I can remember going to Anglo-Scottish games in the late Seventies so at least I have seen The Clarets in 'European' competition.
Hey again all! Apologies for the lack of comments the past 24 hours, been very busy! Thanks WelshClaret :) And Vin, lol, you can become a 'friend of the wolves' so to say ... !!
Better than being fed to them like we were twice this season! :-( I do so much hope we actually follow the Wolves model under McCarthy and indeed had done so many seasons earlier. It was only when the club finally released the purse strings and stopped selling our best assets in the Jan window that we actually progressed and there lies the moral of the story. Don't spend stagnation, spend and progress

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