Burnley - Young Claret is Back and Take Heed!
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Young Claret is Back and Take Heed!

Our young reporter is back after finishing his school exams and has a simple message to those that booed Brian Laws & the team in recent games.He is absolutely right and a few of us need to take heed on his basic but effective message.

He writes:

Hiya, Vital Burnely Clarets I am back doing articles again, I left to revise on my GCSE's has I recently had my Maths GCSE exam and my P.D exam, So my returning article is all about:

The Fans Booing the Team!

In Burnley's last 2 games against Stoke City and Wolverhampton Wanderers, the fans have booed the players at half time.

Seriously booing the team against Stoke was really not needed, The lads didnt get a chance to play at all in the first half.

Every move we made ended in either a tackle or a bad pass. The players was unsettled by Stoke's 'Long Throw' Goal, It was bound to happen.

There was no atmosphere at all! Once Stoke scored they continued to play long balls over our defence which caught us out all the time just like their throw-ins did.

However I was shocked at half time to hear the fans boo the players off. The Longside chanted 'Come on Burnley!' but that wasnt the point there was no need for any fan to boo them.

I'm glad at full time they were not booed off because the 2nd half performance was brilliant. The game was a turning point for Burnley but it was a pity it only ended up in a draw when we really did need to win.

However against Wolves the performance was a bit better, I still thought they was no need to boo the lads. We saw Fox taken off injured which was a blow to the defence.

This was an opputunity though to then see Stephen Jordan come on and replace Danny Fox and Jordan I thought had a good game. So did Paterson, Thompson, Nugent, Elliott and Blake.

I really didn't appreciate though the booing and the chant 'You don't know what you're doing' aimed at Burnley boss Brian Laws at the time of the Eagles substitution.

He obviously did know what he was doing because once Robbie Blake came on there was a lot more attacking play coming from Burnley. At full time there was even more booing. Seriously if you are going to boo your team why watch them? Booing the players drops the confidence, morale and atmosphere so it does more harm than good.

Get your acts together Clarets!

Create an atmosphere and stop moaning verbally at the players and Laws in particular during games!

We can still stay up! But to do that the manager and players need our support! So come on BURNLEY!!!!

'We love you Burnley we do, Oh Burnley we love you!'

Young Claret

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday March 18 2010

Time: 5:17PM

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I thought Jamie, that was a really effective bit of writing. What are you now 14-15? It certainly made me think and I thank you for that
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18/03/2010 17:21:00

Well said YC. I am in the JHU and we did try to drown out the boos by singing Come on Burnley and I did sing it and did not Boo. I agree it is a damaging thing to boo your team.
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18/03/2010 17:22:00

yeh lets cheer them while they playing crp and losing hand over fist and sinking quicker than the titanic, managers rubbish, they playing rubbish, and there attitude is rubbish, hence we are bottom 3 and going down, ALL THE FANS FAULT?
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18/03/2010 18:15:00

Disagree on that one mate! We can all whinge and comment on forums, I should know I am one of the worst recently but on the pitch when we have a chance of survival that displeasure should not be made verbally! I am sure the club, manager and players are aware of the fans concern by now but now it's time to drop it and let's see if they can keep us up! How many times do we say we might get three points on the road if the home fans get on the club,manager and players back? [Edited by turfmanphil]
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18/03/2010 18:21:00

9 games left! cityl,pool, spurs, bla bla bla, sorry but that leaves 6, teams above and round us will pick points up, imo, we wont, truely i hope we do but when people pay there money and week in week out are served up the rubbish and bllks laws gives up i for one am now in the boo camp,(for first time in my claret life) I WILL EAT MY HAT IF HE KEEPS US UP AND SAY SORRY TO THE LOYAL, but dont think i have to worry.
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18/03/2010 18:57:00

I have had the same frustrations,Gav as you know, I have also had to run the gauntlet of criticism from quarters you would not imagine, but I have held firm and will not be silenced on ligitimate fans forums for having an opinion but I do implore you to think again that maybe we can still survive if we just try and hold back at the games at least! [Edited by turfmanphil]
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18/03/2010 19:05:00

we get 4 points from next 2 games then there is a glimmer of hope, nothing and i mean nothing less than 4 imvho will condem us, we shall see and as always i will be cheering us on, suns out and clocks going forward, hope we will to,,,fingers crossed clarets, utc
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18/03/2010 19:17:00

Exactly, if we go down 3 points against Rovers would at least help but let's hope for more! Up the Clarets! We deserve more after what that ***** Coyle did to us !!
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18/03/2010 19:21:00

Palsdad, why kick us when we are down, Support the Clarets through the bad as well as the good times.
Grimsby Claret
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19/03/2010 06:32:00

Always do grimsby, but im not going to suport a man who i nither wanted or like, and is unable to do a job(imo) the team will always have my support but does not mean i have to conform to the support them what ever is happening,if we all did that then we may as role over and have our tummies tickled, its because i care so much that i dont like whats going on at the moment, and this forum and the football ground are were we can voice our disaproval,as i say the next 2 games going to be the biggest we play, so lets see what he can do, then its either knifes or flags.
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19/03/2010 09:17:00

My opinion on Laws is neither good nor bad. If we go down we go down.. if we stay up, well that will be fantastic, So stop whining about Laws and stick behind him! [Edited by turfmanphil]
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19/03/2010 09:34:00

From the mouths of babes eh ? Spot on Young Claret . Enjoyed your article as well.
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19/03/2010 10:55:00

Palsdad, I would like to add my polite request that you set a good example, by cheering until the arithmetic says there's no point, and then cheering anyway.
Couch Potato
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19/03/2010 11:56:00

So we just take it on the chin,what ever happens thats it? Great attitude glad to no you care so much!!!! Its only a game. Dont worry about the effect it will have on the gates next year and the income that premiership football brings to the town, after all its only a game, not to worry its now that matters,never mind if in 2/3/4 years time we could be playing in division 1 when all the players jump ship, not to worry, never mind the feel good factor around the town, as long as we stick by a team thats losing every thing will be ok, my point is this y/c thet facts speak for them selves, laws is NOT a good manager, the importance of staying up is massive to the club and towns folk of burnley, how any one can comment "if we go down we go down" is beyond belief, it will knock at least 5000 of the gates, loads of our pot hunter fans are really there to see the stars of manu and chelsea, they wont come next year when we playing barnsleys etc on cold tuesday nights, sponsors will be harder to find as we wont be on the tv as often, bla bla bla i could bang on for ages, going down is not something that should be taken likely, 60mill will not last forever, utc
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19/03/2010 12:01:00

Well I agree totally that some folk should seriously question the cosy thought of going into the Championship,some fans seem to have given up to me and are already looking to justify the drop by looking for the positives which I think apart from tickets easier to get are non -existent for all the reasons you mention above! BUT and it is a BIG but, we are not down yet and I think the valid point is being made that making your feelings known verbally on the pitch against Laws and the players is only going to be counter-productive and risk the very thing we all want-survival in the most prestigious league in Europe! You all know my thoughts on the Boards ambitions and the appointment of Laws but that should be kept for forums and pub debate, not spilt over onto the pitch during the game in my opinion
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19/03/2010 12:13:00

We pay there wages, and if i performed badly at work, i would be told at work by the people paying my wages, these are very very priveledged young men, earning upto 15k a week, if they can not take the banter and critisisum that comes with football then maybe they should try 15hrs a day lorry driving for 400 a week, sorry but as a paying fan i think we have the right to voice our oppinion, if they are performing then they get all the accolades, and the negatives go away, simple for me, pull there f in fingers out and get the crown back onside.
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19/03/2010 12:38:00

Yep but don't you think that just plays into the hands of the opposition on the pitch who tend to be lifted when they hear the fans slagging off their own manager and team? Don't we ourselves often suggest we might be better placed if the opposition fans get on their own team's back? It might not matter if we are playing dire football in mid-table and start booing but when we are in a relegation battle can we afford to take the risk that it wont upset the players confidence? They might be getting loads of money but they are still human? [Edited by turfmanphil]
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19/03/2010 14:50:00

blimey o rilley, OK i will cheer them when they losing, all is good in claret land, dress it up and ignore it, its bound to go away, i really dont no what you want from me, the team and club have had blood from me, but im not going to cheer a team thats getting twted 4,0 every week due to the lack of investment, and thats why we are in a relegation battle, not because i voice an oppinion, its not my fault we did not invest, its not my fault we got a mickey mouse manger, its not my fault coyle dropped us in it, its down to the board, and when not if we go down it will be there fault.
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19/03/2010 17:02:00

And Breathe.........................said my nurse
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19/03/2010 20:53:00

Palsdad, you make some very valid points concerning us fans buying the tickets and therefore paying the wages, as well as the benefits to the town and club. But you don't begin to explain how knocking the team makes any sense , is the booing going to change everything and make sure we survive then? 'Cos if it does I'll start booing myself, but it isn't going to is it ? When Alexander is booed for a couple of missed passes when he's just returned to the team it must make him feel really good and he's obviously going to play better as a result of this ? I don't think so. On Laws, he didn't come here forcing himself on the club , he was chosen by the board and he's now doing his best to turn things around and if he's given the chance , well he just might do it. If we're *****ed off with the board for lack of investment, choosing the wrong manager etc. etc. then the only productive thing we can do is organise a take-over and run it as we think it should be run. All it takes is money. The truth is that Kilby is a Claret through and through and he's doing a brilliant job as far as I'm concerned. No one could have forseen the defection of the manager in the middle of the transfer window, and make no mistake this is what has f****d us up this season. I hope to hell we get a result tomorrow , 'cos at the end of the day, that's what we all want isn't it?
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19/03/2010 23:50:00

Spot on welsh claret. We are all frustrated but having a go at the players, the manager or the Board is counter productive. Thats why I had a bit of a go at tmp when he prolonged his rants longer than need be. I dont subscribe to the "we can whinge as much as we like on websites and in the pub as long as we dont on the terraces" theory. I think people underestimate the effect of listening and reading others' negative thoughts-the thoughts spread to others and they then become boo boys too and the players read the forums too. To say we are all adult and can make up our own minds isnt good enough. Some are some arent. Even those that are probably dont realise how their views get influenced subliminally by constant negativity! I'm not saying we cant complain on this board at all just that we need to be wary of the effect-- and its certainly depressing for those optimists like me when having to read it all the time. Now is the time the players need us to keep the faith
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20/03/2010 08:06:00

Good points w/c, my only arguement would be that we have to show them that we are not happy, propbably be better at the end of a game, if the fans show no passion when we are doing badly then i would question who they are there to watch,ie everyone is cheering and burnley are getting thumped 4,0 by man ure, i have never ever booed at a game but i reserve the right to do so, again i go back to that is the right of the paying fan, lets say you payed 30 for a concert of play and the performance was rubbish, then as the customer you deserve to vent your anger at the performers, hopefully the lads will finaly put a show on today and batter rovers, and laws will be a hero, i say hopefully, utc, some good points made on this thread (some bad ones to),lol
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20/03/2010 09:50:00

Can't argue with your comment about showing dissatisfaction with a team who clearly don't give a t**s and only give it 25% when they're earning all that money. But that's not the case here , the boys are giving it all they've got and the passion and commitment is definitely there for all to see. True, we've seen mistakes leading to goals but these aren't intentional and you can see that with the players' reactions. And then there's the argument that they're not premiership players, not good enough etc. , but they got us here and definitely deserve to play in the premiership after all they've done, and we've all seen them produce brilliant team performances earlier on in the season . As I said above, it's all gone ape***t since Mr Coyle decided to leave at such a crucial time but I think there's a glimmer of hope that it might be slowly coming back . We got 1 point against Stoke and Wolves whereas it could have been 6 with a bit more luck. As you say, let's hope it comes together, it's what this team deserves as well as all us fans. By the way Bolton, you're bang on about the subliminal effects , it's beginning to get to me as well ! C'mon the Clarets, I'll be listening to it in work as I drive along the beach in the 4x4, next best thing to being at the Turf!
Report Abuse
20/03/2010 11:14:00

I am sorry BC I totally disagree with this concept we cant have a go at the board,manager and players on messageboards. If we agreed that we might as well not have forums. Pretending everything is rosy and we should all agree with each other is not positivity it's blind faith and is basically dull. Nor is criticism of the club being negative, some of us have genuine concerns the way things have panned out this season and we have a right to air those views. You may disagree with the views,that's fine, argue your corner don't make those that have genuine concerns feel guilty for daring to question the board,manager or players! Where I draw the line is airing those views at the games themselves. Managers and players do not have to read boards but they have no option but to hear the disapproval if being booed at matches
Report Abuse
21/03/2010 13:37:00

TMP my main point is that as you are editor your views get disproportionate airplay and so as editor you need to be more careful than the rest of us
Report Abuse
22/03/2010 23:20:00

Never heard of editorial comment? We all get the same 'airplay' as you call it. This is a site for the fans by the fans. I am a fan first and many editors of unofficial websites become one so their views can be aired more forcefully whilst allowing others to comment and debate the issues, Providing I dont transgress the laws of libel/slander and other legal issues, I don't need to be careful about anything. 'Its only opinion' as Brian Clough once said
Report Abuse
23/03/2010 07:10:00

TMP I agree we all have the same airplay opportunity as you but in practice you post more than anyone else which is what one would expect from the editor. I bet you post 5 times as much as anyone else. Therefore its your views that in practice get the most airplay and therefore have the most likelihood to filter into the minds of those sitting on the fence and some of those people will transfer their newly made opinions onto the terraces and boo
Report Abuse
23/03/2010 12:30:00

That is their problem not mine. I cant be made accountable for the actions of others just by having opinions and in a sense if they come off the fence and agree with me then maybe I am beginning to win the debate! They might also read that I do not condone booing at games as well and in fact have never asked for the manager to be sacked
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23/03/2010 12:37:00

as a everton fan coming in peace. I think booing the team is bang out of order and I would never boo our lads no matter how bad the performance its not constructive and really brings the team down. Good article was surprised to see that you were doing GCSE's quite a bit of wisedom beyond your years. Think Laws is going to take you down he isnt a good manager in my opinion hope you can prove me wrong you brought some good fans for Goodison earlier this year and showed some spirit at your place
Report Abuse
23/03/2010 17:10:00


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