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Rumour Mill-Jensen to join Beastly Bolton?

Brian Jensen's contract at Burnley expires in the Summer and there were numerous rumours recently that he could be leaving Turf Moor in the close season as a free agent and be moving to Portugal. A number of Portuguese clubs were understood to be interested in his services.

In today's Daily Mail though, there is an indication that if he does move, it could be much closer to home than the continent of Europe.

The Mail reports that the 34 year old stopper has opened talks over a new contract at Turf Moor and is seeking a new two-and-a-half year deal at the club.

However the paper goes onto suggest that should a new deal not be agreed, his former gaffer, Owen Coyle might be tempted to bring the Dane to the Reebok on a free transfer.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday March 16 2010

Time: 8:16AM

Your Comments

At least the article wasn't by Alan Nixon!! I do wonder though if we do go down (or for that matter stay up) how many of our players will be Coyle targets in the close season and indeed how many at the moment are hoping they will be!
or how many at the moment we are hoping will be. This is one such example. Decent keeper at CCC level, decent understudy in the Prem, but not a 1st choice for me.
After seeing his head-down "tackle" at the weekend I just hope this isn`t true.Or are you winding us up TMP?I know your struggling at the moment and Laws is taking some stick but you could have appointed Megson and then you would have had something to be down about.
Roberto Bettega
Its the Mail not me that are doing the winding if it aint true! But if it is true and it happens, we will take Jääskeläinen off you! :-)
I think we need to keep Jensen. A lot of the goals that we've shipped this season are down to what's been happening in front of him.
Portugal.......Porto Champions League in goal Brian Jenson.....? Bragga unfashionable but doing well with a young Portuguese Manager Domingos and they also have Portuguese keeper Eduardo at No 1...doubt it, Sporting Lisbon Europa......NO, Benfica...unlikely. All other 12 clubs in the Prem League could not pay enough imo to secure his services.
I'd be surprised if many of our players would be wanted by OC other than perhaps Fletcher and possibly McCann / Eagles, as they all have youth on their side. Maybe Mears too. Personally, I think Fletcher would thrive on a season in the Championship, and McDonald probably feels more wanted by Laws than he ever did by Coyle. Eagles would be up against the excellent Lee for a place in the Bolton team so if it's football he wants, he's probably best staying put too. With the news yesterday about the considerably improved parachute deal, I'm starting to warm to the idea of being equipped to field a strong team in the Championship. Jensen, I'd give him two more years but would be looking for a new goalkeeper who is capable of challenging for the first team.
CC - What's the new parachute deal? I seem to have missed that.
Couch Potato
There's absolutely no chance of Jensen going to Bolton. As well as Jaaskelainen we've got Ali Al Habsi and Adam Bogdan. One a top class keeper and the other a fantastic prospect.
£16 m per season for two years then two seasons of £8 m for year 3 and 4. Considering our wage bill was circa £11.5m in our promotion year, this is going to give us some competitive advantage over our rivals. I guess Kilby won't be trying to take the Premier League to court over this any mroe ! but it does seem unfair to other clubs (while revealing just how significant our promotion to the Premier League was in financial terms).
In addition, it's worth adding that the Football League still have to ratify but as there's additional money in the pot for other Championship clubs, they are unlikely to contest. Also, if a club is immediately promoted after relegation (a la Newcastle and WBA) their remaining, unclaimed parachute money is evenly distributed among the remaining Championship clubs. Happy days :)
We need to let him go. While he's been known to play the occasional blinder, and his one-on-ones and shot stopping can be great - his decision making has always been suspect and he just doesn't dominate his box. I'm always nervous when crosses come in and The Beast is there to flap.
£16 million? How far do you think that is going to go when we will virtually have to rebuild the squad next season and have a cashflow adjustment to make with gates back back down to 11,000?. Two other sides coming down with us will also get that as will any of the teams relegated last season who don't come back up. Sleepwalking into the Championship,trust me! Thats even before we use some of the money to buy back the Turf (I hope!). Have we still any more Directors loans to pay back now that they have already taken back £7 million from our promo fund? Place your bets for the first time we will hear the pleading poverty argument again next season if we go down! I will say Summer transfer window
Well if the figures are to be believed, it would mean between 40 and 50 million over four years - which is hugely significant - just spend half an hour looking at our potential income compared to what we had coming in before the promotion year. Hull are predicting financial meltdown if they are relegated because they have over extended themselves - hence the last throw of the dice in axing their manager. Portsmouth will also require far more than any parachute payment to recover from their dire situation. Should we be relegated as the only solvent club, then that would give us an excellent chance of winning promotion next season in my book. TMP - I know you don't think we've spent enough money this year, which is an argument can at least understand, but surely you don't question the long term commitment of our Board to see the club succeed? Brendan Flood has almost gone bankrupt since providing the funds for Burnley to achieve promotion, he and Kilby deserve utmost respect for what hey have done for the club. Not derision. And I don't get why you suggest we will need to completely rebuild in the case of relegation. All our best players are contracted beyond this season so if we do need to sell anyone we'll get good money for them.
Great four years to get back into the top flight! I am sure Sheffield United, Reading, Derby and Watford would have liked that chance since they are all still in the Championship with Boro looking the next likely to join them. Some of them are also teeterring on going in the opposite direction and yet folk think thats a risk we can afford to take.I know it is not fashionable to go against the Board and I have already been accused of potentially damaging the site hits for having such an opinion. I just ask you to step back and just think for one moment that they might just have got this wrong. Contracts are not worth the paper they are written on. If Wolves go down they could sell just one player (Doyle) and make more money than virtually our whole squad put together. He cost them about £7 in the summer,curiously enough about the same amount of money the Board took back in loans from the promo fund
Let me also answer the rebuild question. We have 11 players in the summer out-of-contract, lets be generous and say just 5 go. Then we have Mears, Fletcher, Eagles and maybe McCann who will get restless and will probably go. So far thats at least 9 players to be replaced. How confident are you that Easton, Eckersley(if he stays),Kay, MacDonald and the five new deal pros will cope in the Championship? Nugent will leave, Nimani will leave. I make that 11 players at least being shown the door or wanting to leave. That's eleven players we will need just to keep the same size squad with only £16 million to fund it plus whatever we get from the transfers. In general they will also have to be higher quality players than we have had previously at Championship level if we intend to go up better & stronger and they would demand bigger salaries. I am afraid the maths do not add up
I don't think anyone on here hasn't already taken a step back and thought about whether the Board might have made some decisions differently. Indeed, I would suspect that even the Board members have done this... and thought in more than an idle moment about what would have happened if Brendan Flood's year had been different. The one certainty is that it's too late to do anything about it now.
Couch Potato
Spot on CP.
Regretably that is true which is why I am bitterly angry about it
Oh, And cannot see Beast going to Bolton. If he did he was therefore guaranteed to be a number 2 and very unlikely to ever replace Jussi. I also agree with Crosspool - If we go down, he is Ok as our keeper. If we stay up, We need a new number 1 with Beast as a sub.
Could I also remind you of Kilby's reasons for bringing Laws in? Well he said he is used to working with a tight budget. So it would appear we are going to have a tight budget whether we remain in the top flight or not. Stronger and more powerful on a tight budget? God help us!
We are working on a tight budget as a Premier League club - FACT!
This whole keeper thing has me perplexed. For a start why have we got four of the buggers? On Weaver, how do we decide to keep him or not if we dont see him in first team? If we release him hasn't that been another waste of money when Penny could have done the same job? Lund,do they see him as a future keeper or what? If Beast does go (on a free) more money will be required to bring in yet another keeper and it begs the question what will happen to Penny.Lund and Weaver!
Yeah working on a tight budget so he brings in Weaver (why do we need another keeper?), Nimani (dont even make bench now), Fox (not the great white hope at l/b we would have liked) and Cort (to score from set-pieces (cough!). Jack Cork is the best of the bunch but as soon as he has his best game and becomes MoM, he gets dropped! Bizarre
I dont know why he brought in Weaver - it doesnt make sense to me either - but he has. Nimani may ( and probably was) already on the way through before Laws arrived. Fox was one of the best championship left backs of last season ( was he in team of the year?) and Cort, well I dont know. As for the latter two, Fox especially, it could be more a case of the players not performing to standard, or the fact they are playing in a team that is low in confidence ( which cannot be easy to settle into). His job is to manage the team, and he will do this in the best way he can I am sure. Constant criticism will not help.
I agree with TMP if the fans think we are going to get promotion next year think again, like you all say we need to rebuild for next season I'm not to sure I trust laws to build a team to go straight back up or will BL still be hear.
In terms of the rebuilding issue TMP, your theories are based on desperately negative assumptions. Why would we be so different from WBA who kept the likes of Chris Brunt and Roman Bednar. I would hope we would trim the squad (if we went down) - we won't need 7 central defenders in the Championship that's for sure! Interesting though how the emotions of football can lead to such violently different outlooks.
Eagles has already said he wants a life in the Prem, I cant for one minute think Mears will be happy to stay, Fletcher maybe but not confident. We also will have Bolton sniffing around as well I suspect. West Brom have the advantage of more than one go in the top flight and are consistently pushing for promotion every season they are down. We have no heritage of that and it would be more difficult to convince our key players having witnessed the 'small club attitude' of the Board and having lost their mentor Coyle because of it! Which of the eleven out of contract do you think will stay or even should stay?
Keeper, consider the following discussion in January. BL tell me why Diego didn't play at Barnsley in the cup? Why he isn't pushing for a spot in the team given our obvious defence frailities.....oh.....everyone at the club thinks like Owen he is not good enough...ok so who is number 3....a young lad from Leeds is he ready for the PL if Jenson gets injured or suspended? No....OK I will try and get us a number two keeper as cover for the season....enter stage right....Mr Weaver....exit stage left Diego oh and out on loan the young lad.......Maybe it will only make sense to me, but if you are prepared to view the problems from all sides maybe the answer is right in front of you......OC thought we had no number two hence his choice of Jenson in the cup at Barnsley and subsequent desire to try and find a young number two.
So let me get this right, Coyle brings in Penny at some significant expense and then decides he is rubbish but we keep him on the books all season without trying to terminate his contract thus soaking up more money for a club working on a tight budget. We then bring in Lund, also soaking up money, even though he has no chance of ever playing in the Prem, well at least not this season! Penny did alright when he came on for Beast by the way but anyway not content with that, we then go for Weaver, who we never play despite the Beast not being on top form of late! I put it too you that Weaver is an expense we could have afforded to do without and that Penny may as well have been kept on the bench as reserve in the unlikely event Jensen got injured? Either that or we simply got in an emergency loan keeper if and when Jensen got injured/suspended?
Has Chris Eagles proved himself as Prem League class? Certainly made less of a mark as Chris Brunt at West Brom. Either way I'm sure we'd make a profit on him if sold. I don't know who the 11 out of contract are TMP but I can guess they include 1. Carlisle 2. Caldwell 3. Kalvenes 4. Duff 5. Alexander 6. Blake 7. Thompson 8.Gudjonsson 9. Jensen 10. Jordan 11. Penney ??? If we stayed up, it might be actually be the case that none of those players are offered new deals. If we went down, then maybe half of them would be. I'd imagine Penney, Kalvenes and Joey are the only ones sure to move on. There's a decent argument for the other 8 being offered something. Surely WBA boinging between the top two divisions twice means they didn't spend enough on two occasions they have made it to the Prem. Does that not make their crime more grevious than ours?
Out of contract players in Summer 2010 to confirm are:Nicky Weaver, Robbie Blake, Stephen Jordan, Steven Caldwell, Clarke Carlisle, Brian Jensen, Graham Alexander, Joey Gudjonsson, Steven Thompson, Michael Duff and Christian Kalvenes.
cubanclaret I agree with your respect for Flood and Kilby, come on Phil change the record now. Things are not all doom and gloom at Turf Moor.
Grimsby Claret
Pretty clear that some of them will move on and my guess is that will definitely include Caldwell, Gudjonsson and Kalvenes. I expect Eagles will go too and Mears is a definite to sign for a club like Villa. I love The Beast and think he has been a truly loyal servant who could, eventually, be remembered as a legendary Burnley 'keeper. Perhaps his time has now come and he could secure himself one last move before hanging up his increasingly slippery gloves - though if he signed for Bolton it would surely only be as a back up. When you see people like Kasper Schmeichel playing in League 2 you do sometimes wonder whether the football world has gone mad.
"Mears is a definite to sign for a club like Villa" - unless they've been watching him since Christmas.
I just wonder you know if Mears has been affected the most by Coyle's departure. It's probably no co-incidence his form has plummeted the most in my opinion since Coyle left. I want to change the record GC but someone keeps putting me back on
Fair point Cuban as Mears was certainly better in the first half of the season but I think Phil might have a point too with Coyle's departure appearing to knock the confidence of several of the team. Still think he is one of our best players - Mears that is, not TMP ( though on the current showings of the usual back four our own leader would at least have a chance of getting in the squad if not the starting XI ).
Only if they could find that lost blimp and airlift me onto the pitch RT. My tactics would be to just stand there whilst they ran round me giving Mears, Cort and Fox greater chance to get back! :-) lol
'want to change the record GC, but somebody keeps putting me back on ' , that's brilliant tmp , I've got to put that in a song ! But coming back to the footie side, Coyle's departure and subsequent introduction of a new boss who brings in his own broom and new ideas has definitely affected the performance of the team. I don't think at all that it's to do with Laws' personality or methods, but just the simple fact that the change occured and in such a 'bolt out of the blue ' manner , not to mention the timing. I like Brian Laws and really hope he manages to produce the goods, and even though we didn't do too well in the last 2 games regarding points, I got this feeling that he's beginning to suss the team out , his substitutions in particular improving performance no end. I wonder if we'll remember this season as the 'Life of Brian' ? Don't hold back tmp, tell it as it is ,the way you see it. We may not agree with certain aspects, but it sure as hell keeps this site interesting.
Well if we didn't WC, we may as well not have fans websites and just pop over to the Official Site everytime and gorge ourselves on all the positive spin without daring to suggest that things could be better!There is only one way Laws will silence his critics and thats by results on the pitch. Coyle went from hero to zero, Laws could go from zero to hero if he still kept us up and even more so if that also involved beating Rovers.

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