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Quoting the Laws-On Fletcher & The Drop

'We are still not quite sure where we are with Steven Fletcher,' said Laws. 'We will take it day by day and monitor him.

'Obviously we want him in the team, there is no question of that.

'But we have got to be absolutely sure his mindset is right and he is fit to play. We will make a decision probably on Wednesday.'

Fletcher of course broke a bone in his hand whlst traiing for the Scotland squad last week and missed their midweek friendly against the Czech Republic.

It had been hoped that he could play with a cast or light protection over his hand against Arsenal at the Emirates last Saturday but his hand was just too painful and he failed to make the eighteen.

Hopefully Fletcher will be in contention for a start against Stoke City at Turf Moor on Wednesday night but it could be a tough decision for Laws to make if he is fit. Martin Paterson has played well in the last three games scoring two goals since returning from a long-injury and David Nugent also performed well against Arsenal on Saturday scoring our goal in the 3-1 defeat.

Laws has also been talking about what it would mean for the club if we failed in our battle to stay in the top flight.

'Of course it's going to be disastrous for any team that falls out of the Premier League. Is it a disaster for Burnley?,' questioned Laws

Well at this point after 33 years of trying to get back to the top flight I was hoping he was going to say 'yes' because quite frankly I think we have been slumbering in our attempts to stay up since Day 1 and have been making all the wrong noises and making the wrong judgements.

We should have been saying, we are determined to remain a Premier League side instead of which it's all been about preparing for a return to the Championship in my opinion and that is now being echoed again by Laws when in answer to his own question he replied:

'No it isn't'

I know some of you won't agree but I am sorry the answer should have been 'Yes, it is'

Laws continued with the usual meaningless expression of positivity and ambition:

'We know that we haven't gone and put all of our eggs in one basket. We know that we've got a plan for the future and it's been done well.

'We've planned for both parties, to stay up and eventually if we don't make it. We're very positive about our approach towards staying in the Premier League.

'We want to stay here and we'll give everything possible to do that, but I think there's bigger pressure on other teams than us.'

Really then we should have the same pressure?

Everything possible to do that? Yeah unless it means spending a bit more on quality players to stay up now not waste the money on a load of players that have hardly ever played or never will.

Well I hope all this careful planning keeps us up because if anybody thinks we are going to be well placed next season to make a quick return then they are living in cloud cuckoo land. The Championship gets more and more difficult to get out of every season and 16 million of parachute payments with gates back down to 11,000 is not going to go very far if we have to virtually rebuild the whole team again and manage the cashflow. If we are serious in building a team capable of returning to the top flight and more importantly staying there, then that will cost more money and if the club starts pleading poverty again we are stuffed!

Let us just stay up by playing good quality football on the pitch Brian and get these lads to think about staying up not wondering what they are going to do if we go down.

The club should never have entertained the thought of going down, they should certainly not have been quoting the possibility in their public statements. Sure plan for going down behind the scenes but don't make it sound like you almost relish the prospect!

It's like saying, well try and keep us up but don't worry if you cant' Hogwash!

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday March 8 2010

Time: 1:34PM

Your Comments

Sorry but this self-congratulatory bollox of how clever we have been to cover both options cuts no ice with me. Be careful what you ask for! It doesn't matter if we get relegated? Of course it bloody matters
How are you supposed to back somebody that comes out with a statement like that? he is leaving himself open to criticism, I wonder if he said to the Wednesday fans it would not be a disaster if we went into league one?
Something else I don't agree with although I can understand why they have done it is to ask folk now to commit to early bird season tickets a month earlier than usual because they know that by April we could be down and the uptake of ST tickets will be poor! Another example of preparing for the drop!!
Sorry guys, have to disagree. He is right to try to alleviate the pressure. Berra from Wolves was quoted today as saying if they play as well against us as they did against man U then they should win, but he also says that it will be a much more nervous game and this could affect the outcome. We see turgid 0-0 draws at this stage of relegation battles each week. Let's play with some freedom.
You sound like William Wallace in the film 'Braveheart 'who when asked to show allegiance to the English King whilst being hung,drawn and quatered shouted 'Freedom' and promptly had his head chopped off! ;-) . Pressure I believe is what makes the difference between success and failure, remove the pressure and tell folk it don't matter and they will take you at your word and not put in the effort. They should be fighing on adrenaline fully aware of what relegation actually means and trying to avoid it at all costs. They haven't shown that passion sometimes under Laws
1. Various people have observed how Pompey started to win once the pressure was off them. 2. Relegation for Hull would be a financial disaster, and they are playing at least as badly as us. 3. Maybe Laws could have said 'Yes of course it would be a disaster in that we all are totally focussed on staying up. But, if we did go down despite our best efforts, it would not be a financial disaster, as it may well turn out to be for any of Bolton, WHU, Sunderland, Hull, Pompey and possibly Wigan. 4. From what I understand, Wolves have set up their finances like ours, to be able to withstand shock, which in almost all businesses is considered to be sound management. 5. Is worrying about something that cannot now be changed anyway going to have a better impact in terms of motivation than doing what Laws is having to do: accept what he inherited and do the best job he can?
Couch Potato
So it doesn't matter Mr Laws you ask that to the Burnley faithful and I think they will all disagree. Of course it damn well matters. We have had more years of hurt than England. I will give Mr Laws till the end of the season to prove he has the passion, for this club that all the fans have and the drive to take us forward. Come on Mr Laws prove you are a worthy Burnley manager.
1, I told you fletcher wont play and i doubt he will for 3/4 weeks, its to painfull as i said and far to dangerous with heavey cast and just plain daft to put light cast on. 2, Laws, you are a c*ck, end of, sick of him already, chumpionship here we come.
Fine once the pressure is off and we are down,Burnley can start playing to win again? Don't see the logic there. Relegation for us would be a financial disaster too, just wait and see what happens if we go down! It might also been less of a financial disaster this season if the Board had not called in their loans of about 7 million and put that instead towards the players in an effort to stay up(Source: Sunday Independent ). Wolves owner, Steve Morgan by the way is now owed 13 million by the club but has not recalled it this season plus it's interest free
I am not sure Gav we will miss Fletcher that much if Pato and Nuge continue in same vein with Thommo as back-up! Big if though
Im not saying we would miss, just wish laws would concede you can not play with broken hand, anyway, if we could get good service into the box then we can create chances for any of the 3 you mention, my worry is, who will give them the service, our chumpionship wingers dont seem to be able to do it, it again goes back to why the hell he and susan just did not buy a bit of quality for the middle of the park and the wings, defence can only do a job if they get help to relieve presure on them, the forwards are fine on the whole, the middle is our weakest point imvho, and thats whats going to cost us our place.
Fair point about the midfield problems, Gav although I do think we have really missed McCann, having said that it has not been helped by Elliott playing like a lemon most games. Guerrero was obviously an awful mistake, van der Schaaf a joke and the rest Championship level at best! We have also messed Bikey about so much he has lost the plot. 10 million could easily have been found to get in two strong prem league quality players in midfield and had we still been relegated we could have sold them on at a profit rather than carry the might-be's and might-dos for next season
Agree there, i mean even wolves and hull and bolton sell players for multi millions, apart from Fletch, mcCann, prehaps mears, and carlisle, im struggling to find anyone we could sell for over a million, they all playing like rabbits in the spot light and have to snap out of it now, not when its to late, and with a man in charge who seems so relaxed i think vins nurse has been giving him sleeping pills i cannot see any good coming over the next few franky says, relax, as gav says, bllks and get into em ..........
I would suggest to sheclaret that there's a difference between 'matter' and disaster'... but will probably get my head bitten off by someone or other for having the audacity to say so!!! As for the Wolves benefactor, does anyone have any hard evidence that anyone on the Burnley board currently has that kind of money? If not, has anyone got Col Gaddafi's phone number? What's more important? Local ownership or a sugar-daddy? Or maybe the emotional need to demand both? I suspect that the combination of the passing away of Ray Griffiths while owed money by Bfc and the more-or-less simultaneous problems in Flood's property development business led the Bfc Board to conclude that a club kept afloat by loans is subject to significant problems, unless the money is loaned without condition. Having said that, after everything that's said in Brendan Flood's book, it would be helpful to know the ins and outs of the loans between Bfc and his companies. Finally, I can't recall anyone saying that having a Plan B, as was set out in Flood's book was a bad idea at the time of publication. And I think the book says that money was loaned on the understanding that it would be repaid if we went up, or could be covered by player sales (in the time-honoured Bfc fashion) if we didn't.
Couch Potato
I am not convinced until anybody can prove to me conclusively that the Directors had to recall in their loans this season.The article in the Independent said the loans repaid were to Kilby and SEVEN other directors. Surely a total of 7 million would have been better put towards players increasing our chances of staying up with the Directors taking their cut next season whatever league we were in? I suppose 1 Big sugar daddy at Wolves nearly equals 8 slightly less sweet daddies at Burnley in this case!
Flood, if we believe his book, talked his fellow directors into stomping up the extras a year ago in the form of short-term loans. We got promoted; they got repaid, as agreed. Flood's ability to add finance decreased. The recession deepened. Ray Griffiths died. The directors reverted to how they felt about finances before, for a few blessed months, Brendan was able to make them feel taking a risk was sensible, by standing behind them with more money than he has now. I think we would struggle to find even a few, if any, directors at other clubs (or banks) who have increased their lendings to clubs over the last year. Many clubs, even though still owing loadsamoney, have worked hard at decreasing their debt. MU have refinanced thier loan. Ars have paid back a huge chunk. Etc. At the other end of the table Pompey are showing what life's like if you get caught short. Perhaps this year is going to be remembered in the history of Bfc when we flew close to the sun, and an angry mob of fans got overheated and turned on the directors to seal the very fate that they feared the most... and metaphorically lynched the gaffer for calmly explaining that it wouldn't be as bad as they feared?
Couch Potato
There are all sorts of implications if we go down, which is why I repeat we should have done everything possible to try and stay up. Until we get away from this unproven notion that spending more money on the bigger potential reward of staying up could mean financial ruin if we dont, we will always be in this situation. We have to decide if we want to be a good Championship side,yo-yoing at best or one that is going to make a go of it in the top flight! By that I mean just being a steady midtable club in the top flight,not pushing the boat out like Portsmouth have done to win silverware! That can be achieved by buying players of the right quality and then selling them on at a massive profit just like Blackburn and others have done to retain their Prem league status
If couch(yep im biting yer head of) we so skint, then were is the money coming from for new stand and cinemas etc, that we niether need or want imo, probably best part of 40mill been wasted as WHEN and not IF we go down the crowds will drop and we will have no need for lardy dar hotels etc, chomp chomp.
Bolton established themselves after yo-yoing. Wolves have yo-yoed despite their loaner's largesse. Wigan and Stoke were luckier than us in going up when money was available to those who wanted to take a punt. Hull had the same advantage as Stoke, but while Stoke have apparently pushed on, Hull are in turmoil. The chairman brought back from Derby is cutting costs; and I would be far more worried if I were a Tiger than I am as a Claret, whether I was looking at the football or the finance. I certainly accept that instant re-promotion, if required, would be hard work for Bfc, and in no way even close to being guaranteed. But I don't think I do agree, tmp, that there will be as many struggles as are foretold in your prophecy of life down a division.
Couch Potato
Don't you think the question of being a championship side for another 33 years was made by the burnley board of directors by appionting laws in January. Do you people think is laws the man to rebuild a new team at the end of the season if we go down to challenge the championship, or will kilby and the board have the balls to get rid of laws at the end of the season and start a fresh.
PD! Chomp away! I would be surprised if money for the current ground redevelopment plans (football uni etc) were coming mainly from the club. The fact that it's shifted from a cinema to a uni suggests to me that they're looking for someone else to cough up the cash and take the risk... and get some rent off them. I also think it's entirely unproven, indeed very unlikely, that money for that plan is available now, or indeed will be available in the next 12-24 months. Didn't the official announcement pretty much say as much? FedUp - I very much doubt if the Board have given a second's thought yet to whether they would want Laws to remain in charge, if we were to go down. They'll start to think about that only if it happens, and it would depend on what happens between then and now. And, at that time, they'll be thinking whether they have already got rid of the manager who made the costly mistakes. Equally, I am quite sure they won't have spent a second thinking about who'll be the gaffer if we stay up, which remains a distinct possibility... especially if we remember to turn the Turf into a noisy fortress, and get behind the lads.
Couch Potato
This is a real dilemma for Clarets fans no matter whcih side of the fence you sit! All I will say is I don't want to be in a situation next season struggling in the Championship having to say 'if only'. Nobody knows what will happen but what I do know is that staying in the Prem is in our best financial interests, short,medium and long term! Taking a risk on dropping back down is a greater risk than going into administration in my opinion and indeed if we are not careful, we could drop even further down with no money to do owt about it!
Bloody hell fire, where were you all when we got one point away from home out of 33 under Coyle? When we started the season with wins against Man U, Everton, Sunderland where were you in the we should have bought in the summer our defence is not good enough. When Coyle couldn't buy a win from October? Take yourselves off into a room with a mirror and have a good hard look at yourselves then come back and support the Clarets, the negativity will infect the club like all diseases do......
And another thing whilst I am feeling so happy, name one out of work Manager in January who would have been ideal with Premier League experience and proven relegation avoidance skills. Just one name is all I crave...Keegan was the only one I remember and that was from RT. Other than that who else was available?
Steve Coppell-Year 1 at Reading? Sparky at Rovers? Probably far more in work we could have tempted to be honest. We need Flood to write another book and tell us who they interviewed for job
One name of who you think we should have got in? Steve Coppell or Mark Hughes is your answer Phil. Mark Hughes would be tempted by the Burnley job after Man City? Really? Steve Coppell after resigning at Reading after losing in the play offs to us and having spent a dogs watch at Man City before finding out it was cold up North! If those are your two Phil ahead of Laws then I am 100% against your train of rational thoughts! Who in work in the Prem League would we have tempted? I just do not see it. Its the same old chestnut of buying our way out of this mess, with how much money? Where does that money come from? Plus who do you buy and how many players do we need! A Keeper, 2 Central defenders of quality, 2 midfielders and a goal scorer might have guaranteed our survival total cost of that little lot would have been over 60 Million pounds...... I will be there on Wednesday will cheer the players on have a moan if necessary and be back on Saturday to repeat.....
Are you seriously asking me to believe there was no better candidate than Brian Laws we could have attracted to Turf Moor to lead a PREMIER LEAGUE club? Sorry don't buy it! Megson saved Bolton last season, wouldn't have been my choice but there is another example of an out of work manager with Prem Experience. Laws is a nice bloke and I hope he succeeds but there are others out there. I would love to know who was on the shortlist. We dont need a keeper, we dont need a defender, we dont need a striker, we need two Premier League quality players in midfield and we could have paid for them quite easily when you look at the money wasted on keeping squad players we have never used nor likely to this season
Having been betrayed and deserted by a leader who told them lies, the faithful wasted little time in arranging to lynch the next one for telling the truth?
Couch Potato
Candidate is a different question? Mark Hughes and Steve Coppell were your first choices now its Megson, I only asked for one you think we should have got and of course would have rushed at the opportunity to manage the club given its situation in January! I would have liked to bring in Alan Curbishley ahead of Laws and hoped he was available. As for we don't need a defender have a look at our goals against! Carlisle, Caldwell, Duff love all 3 of them but did I ever think they were Prem League Class...sadly No.
You have watched the Beast over the years and have you honestly thought he would be bought by a Prem League side? Again I love him to bits but do I think he is Prem Class...sadly No...minivr will confirm I even have him in my fantasy team out of love for the guys huge heart, but Prem Class over 38 games sadly no and he will leave in the summer no matter where we are playing.
Calm down, VR, calm down! When I was watching Hilario in goal for Chelsea against Delap's Bomber Squadron on Sunday, I was thinking that the Beast could perhaps get a job as a PL second string keeper somewhere half decent.
Couch Potato
Seem to be going over old ground here. We're fighting for our lives against Clubs who have spent a great deal more than us for the same aim. If we fail in our efforts, it won't be a "disaster" - in football terms, disasters are reserved for terrible tragedies such as Heysel or Hillsborough. And it certainly doesn't qualify for a financial disaster as, if relegated, we would return to the Championship in a much better situation (finally) than when we left it. In that sense then, what Laws says is correct but I agree that he is largely unconvincing in interviews in general. I do hope Burnley fans will be united in getting behind the team on Wednesday though. Now is not the time to be our own worst enemy. The support was crap against Portsmouth. I felt well in the minority in getting behind the team :(
I meant (financially) not finally, LOL x
Sorry Chaps and Chapesses! CC is right we are going over old ground Phil and I disagree on finances at the club but I still bought him a pint at the Emirates and will do so again. Football is a game of opinions and one I love to debate as do we all. I base a lot of my thoughts on the chap who sits next to me, he hates Bikey, hates this hates that, rarely if ever has a sing song, yet has been a season ticket holder for years and is buying next years early too. His opinions are not mine, but he is a supporter and has every right to be listened too. Come on Liverpool!
I think we all need to take a step back and breath, this is all hypothetical win our next two home games we shall be in a different state of mind, no point going over old ground we have too like it or lump it simple as, it is what is! some think some ways some think others, we are all Burnley fans at the end of the day, Gosh (sounding like somebody off Jeremy Kyle now!! Heaven forbid) who knows what will happen? make no mistake though it is going to be very tight, whichever happens we all still be there following the Clarets!!!!!!!! UTC!!!!
CC / VR you can't argue with someone who has already made their mind up and is "right". That's why I haven't bothered...
Football is a game of opinions and one I love to debate as do we all. Yes totally 'right' VR
The Board have made their mind up Barnsey and believe they are right? In fact everybody makes their mind up and believes they are right dont they? So with that philosophy nobody would ever argue! Might prevent wars but it would be pretty dull
Really don't see any point in discussing this question of should we have spent or not, because there isn't anything that can be done about it now. And the same regarding whether or not Laws is the right man . Mark Hughes would have been my first choice but we couldn't afford him and it's highly questionable whether or not he would have been interested anyway. So we got Laws and he's here for the term so we need to get behind him and the team 100% And it's still too early to judge him as far as I'm concerned , look at how perceptions of Coyle have changed after just 2 games. Agree with VR, let's ditch the negativity because it sure as hell doesn't improve anything, quite the reverse. All we are saying . . . . . . is give Laws a chance, . . . . all we are sa . .
I really think a lot of this discussion is based on the usual over expectation by Burnley fans just because we did really well 50 years ago when there was a maximum wage and no tv. Talk of getting in big name players and managers, even if we had the money, is totally unrealistic. I know the Board sounded out Coppell, the Leeds manager and a couple of other bigger names but they weren't interested. I admit Laws was not my first choice either but I don't know who couldn't or wouldn't come and lets face it Coyle didn't give us much time to pick and choose did he? Burnley will always be a small club and getting into the Prem at all was a minor miracle. Clubs like ours without a large sponsor can only do so much. I think it's unfair to criticise the board when they know there's a 99% chance their money is going down the gurgler. Would all the fans complaining re-mortgage their house and put it into Burnley to buy players? The main person owed money was Flood and he wasn't repaid when we went up - his company Modus went bust and the Liquidator called in the debt for the creditors. The Board have been trying to get new money into the club for years but so have other clubs much bigger than us. Anyway it's too late to talk about new players and managers, let's just get behind what we have now until the end of the season. Bloody Liverpool lost to Wigan althought I always thought they would get out of it and I still think we have a good chance of staying up with Wolves (with only 4 home games left) and Hull going down with Pompey. It's still really in our hands - we just have to have our usual end of season run. Up the Clarets.
'Burnley will always be a small club '. Yes, we will be if we continue to think like that and be scared to push the boat out when opportunities arise to once more compete in the top flight and stay there. We will be an even smaller club on gates of 11,000!
Sadly our boat does not have a Jack Walker on board or even a bank that thinks we are worth the risk, so unless you can find the Captain of the boat pushing out our canoe is the best we can hope for. I think this season and last, we have pushed out the canoe as far as we can in stormy waters. I agree some of the wages being payed to players brought in who are just not good enough is a waste of resources.....but we could have bought say a Veron or Robinho and gosh were they pure value for money or what!!!!! We got Easton Eckersley and Penny lol
Give Eck a chance. He was top-rated Plymouth player this weekend, it's reported in a VitalBurnley forum. Against Nob Enders I think it was.
Couch Potato
Couch we have paid his wages since Coyle brought him in and he has been sent off booked and substituted for us. Then to add insult he goes to the "Janners and plays well my lover"... when we are not paying his wages!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With all that cash we could have paid a weeks wages for a top class player that tmp wants.
Two decent midfielders for 10 million was all I was asking for and maybe a manager with a more proven pedigree than Laws so let's not get carried away with Veron or Robinho. No guarantee of course but a better bet than having six first year professionals and a load of players waxing lyrical,not playing,not likely to play and costing the club Boat,yacht, canoe, dingy, paddle steamer, bloody owt rather than the Titanic! [Edited by turfmanphil]
I think it was couch potato who said "win our next 2 games and its a different picture." I totally agree, it'll propel us up the table and breath new confidence into the team and hopefully the club. Then who know, wigan away (unpredictable at best - beat liverpool at home, lose to burnley at home????), then of course the ********s. Win the next 2 and this could become 4 (or at least 4 games undefeated) i hope. Surely there must be another surge of form somewhere in this team and why not now???
As someone else has posted in this thread, you can't change the past, and it isn't helping the club by arguing over it this side of the close season. That said, there is no argument that the history of Burnley Eck has not been good thus far; but I am happy trusting BL and the Brains Trust as to which of the players they've been landed with are worth a bit more effort, and which are not. Now the tribunal's over let's at least see if we can build him up enough to get our money back; or maybe even find out if he can do more than he's shown thus far. Meanwhile I hear that Bfc's advert for an Official Club Executioner (no experience necessary, but bad attitude essential) has resulted in an overwhelming response.
Couch Potato
On the other hand, I would not have appointed Laws to keep us up. We should have pushed the boat out and installed either a promising young manager from another club (Nigel Pearson anyone?) or given someone the option to come in till the end of the season to try and keep us up, with the option to extend if he succeeded. I think that is what we should have done, however it seems that many managers weren't man enough to accept the challenge of keeping Burnley in the prem (i'm looking at you 2, Coppell and Curbishley) and the board were too tight to pay the comp to allow O'Driscoll to move from donnie. So as for Laws, his recent comments are not a surprise to me. Lets face it, he's a wet fish of a man and very uninspiring and this is always going to act against him no matter what he says. As for the noises coming out of the Turf, are they not the same noises that have been coming from day 1? The noises that everyone was applauding to begin with (tv, papers, fans - both ours and opposition, managers) when things were going well. However, now we're deep in the relegation mire as is predictable with the world of football a lot of opinions have changed. Personally, I think it was right not to raise expectations too high and 2 fingers up to the football world when we announced a wage cap of 15k. Sensible football management in 2010...surely not? I do hear the voices of discontent and understand peoples fears though and once the board saw coyle leave and the rut we were in more funds should have been invested (as TMP said a few weeks back - we're not talking of debt like Hull, Bolton etc, manageable debt that would allow us to invest in some actual premiership quality). For all the praise we have received for being debt free and well managed financially, the footballing world doesn't really give a *****. All you need to do is take Portsmouth as an example. 80mil debt, yet the the prem league are still willing to help them with early parachute payments and fifa are of course in on it allowing them to sell players outside the transfer windows. This is the footballing world we live in and unfortunately it is not the idyllic place it was when we were last in the top flight and this is precisely why the board, having seen there initial plan start to fail, should have have decided premier league football is worth the money. If we go down, nobody will remember, nobody will care in the football world. We'll be another championship club and thats it. (fyi 15 of the 24 clubs in the champ have previously been premier league clubs) So it would not make us special that we were there for 1 season. Football is about the here and now and I want Burnley to be there for a long time! Whether or not this will happen remains to be seen, based on the points i've laid out above.
I have just read all the comments and I have just one thing to say Vin your nurse please, my head is well and truely bashed. I am now going to sit on the fence, as I started to feel rather sick with all the jumping from one side to the other.
Certainly a passionate thread! 50 posts now!!
Plus I want the final say nurse is available at a small fee, my bed bath this morning was admirable and we discussed the merits of debating passionate issues in the written form. I didn;t have my hair washed on the basis I don't have any and so we then discussed how to change peoples opinions and we decided it was more about understanding the other persons point of view, I then decided to have a back wash where we then discussed the difference between a bloke in a suit and a bloke in a track suit at this point we decided to pull the plug on it for the morning............My Final Words Up The Clarets, Keep The Faith, Loyalty a small price to pay for this adventure.....
OK VR Ill let you have the final say! Oh bugger I just havent!! I am getting hot and flustered now about the thought of being bathed by a nurse! Knowing my luck,she would be over 60, hairless and look remarkably like VR!! Grin!!
OoooDavidAyres neither the PL nor FIFA have done anything to help Pompey yet, and I don't think you can take it for granted they will. I reckon Mr Justice Norris may have the final word... on 15 March. All rise!
Couch Potato
The bad baths can become quite boring, however Ulrika is nowhere near 60 and would have your blood pressure in serious doubt of blowing a gasket. I would put her in early to mid 30's and of course Scandanavian with a good take on all things Burnley. Always prepared to listen and never to proud to admit there maybe another side to the story...........must go time for my afternoon massage. UTC
Comments above about not wanting to be back struggling in the championship in a year ot two's time wondering 'if only'. 'If only' we had spent more money and had a 'better' attempt at trying to stay in the PL. OK - Lets flip that. 2-3 years time we have been relegated after a brave fight but one in which we had pumped millions more than we could 'reasonably' afford. The club is on the brink of administration/going bust ( ala Pompey/Cardiff etc etc). 'If only' we hadnt bet more than we should on trying to stay in the PL, we may just still have a club to support!
As for the directors having their loan repaid( at the time agreed I understand) and people saying they shouldnt - Think about what you are saying! When should they have it repaid? Next Season - When we either a) need the money to push on in the Prem or b) need it to help get promotion back to the prem? We will nearly always be able to use the money for the good of the club but these directors have worked hard for their money ( probably) and without their 'loan' intially we would be in a mess ( if we still had a club). These directors should be praised/thanked for their input - not abused for taking their money back at the 'agreed' time!
Am totally on that wavelength ClaretDale, just wish I had typed that. These are Directors of Burnley Football Club not Russian Billionaires, American Millionaires or Oil rich Arabs, these are Burnley Football Club Directors doing a great job in stormy waters. Not one of them wants to see us in the Championship and lose out on our TV Money and the PL status. Yes thats a Full Stop. Do any of the Directors have cash to gamble or bankers prepared to let them gamble big time? NO to do that you first need to be Super Rich. I am just getting a tad fed up with retrospective negativity. Coyle out, sack the Board at the start of the season they haven't invested in the club during the summer were these the headlines? Or did I read "give the lads who got us there a chance at PL level because they deserve a crack at it?"..........nurse I am in need of....
Directors who have just taken 7 million out of the 60 million we got for promotion to repay their loans. They might want to see us stay in the Prem ,course they do, but they are not willing to maximise our chances of doing so. We are missing potentially our best chance ever of securing our financial security for many seasons. It is a crying shame
Phil - When would you like the directors to receive the money back that they have LOANED to the company?
It reads as if they have taken Burnley FC money, it was money loaned to the club to get the club where it is today. Loaned because they are not Billionaires and wanted back because the country is in a down turn and they are not super rich Directors. My nurse reckons you will never see it any other way, that saddens me as you can't debate if one person is unprepared to accept they just might be in a minority. I don't expect you to agree with me or others who think like me, but I would love rational arguments supporting your theory for survival. Better Manager, more spent on players, better training facilities to attract them. Yes Gawthorpe is shocking compared to many and would certainly put off many, where do you then start? How much do you need and who would come? Same old same old. So much we could do if only we had The Glaziers.

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