Burnley - Nugent Has Been Playing For Peanuts
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Nugent Has Been Playing For Peanuts

David Nugent may have been playing for us on loan this season but the money he earned was paid by Burnley FC directly to Portsmouth who were then supposed to pay him.

The dire financial situation at Portsmouth has of course been headline news with reports over the past few months of players not being paid. Pompey have been accused of late paying their players four times this season so far.

Chief executive Peter Storrie appeared before a crown court accused of tax evasion in January and the Hampshire club face a winding-up petition from HM Revenue & Customs at the High Court on 10 February.

It has been revealed today that Nugent has also been caught up in the payment fiasco.

Nugent speaking to the media said:

'Nobody knows what's going on at the football club and I feel sorry for the staff and players.

'If they aren't getting paid, then hopefully the new owner that is coming in can sort it all out and steady the ship.

'I've not been getting paid either - Burnley pay Portsmouth and then Portsmouth pay me, so I'm in the boat with them really.'

The new owner of course referred to above is Balram Chainrai who has today assumed control from former owner Ali Al Faraj after exercising a clause in their agreement over a 17m loan made to the Saudi. According to a Pompey spokesman Chainrai's company, Portpin have exercised a clause in their contractual agreement to take a controlling interest. They are taking control on a temporary basis to allow new owners to be found.

The saga therefore looks set to continue with Portsmouth still in a dire situation. They also lost a game last night away to Fulham and now remain firmly rooted at the bottom of the table five points behind Burnley who are now second from bottom following Hull's draw at home to League leaders, Chelsea on Tuesday night.

As far as Nugent is concerned he seems to be well out of it following his loan extension agreed in the January window. He will now remain a Claret until the end of the season but has also clarified his intentions in the summer:

'I'm trying to keep myself in the shop window - I'm only on loan and I think I'll be leaving Portsmouth in the summer,' he said.

'If Burnley stay up then I'll be looking to stay.'

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday February 4 2010

Time: 12:49PM

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If we do stay up, then I assume we will change our attitude on the salary cap unless Nugent would be willing to accept 15k/week?
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04/02/2010 12:53:00

If we stay up, I would imagine the salary cap would increase, but only slightly. I would be surprised if it went above 20k.
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04/02/2010 12:58:00

I fully agree with Claretdale on that one. I would expect the salary cap to rise but would be surprised if we go above 20k.
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04/02/2010 13:08:00

Let's hope he gets a few goals, starting on Saturday to help us stay up. If that happens as I think it will :-) then he'll be looking to stay, and we'll be looking to keep him. Happy days. I think the 20k figure will be an absoloute maximum, but watch this space for lunatic salaries to start dropping everywhere in the near future.
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04/02/2010 13:40:00

Nugent is on 35k So i doubt you lot would want to pay that hence his desire to keep his options open. He did not play for peanuts, he got paid just like the rest of the Portsmouth Players, he just got paid a few days late. Yes it is wrong, but its not like he never got paid. I am lead to believe Burnley paid 10k per week, and Portsmouth paid the other 25k
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04/02/2010 13:48:00

as midge says, he's not playing for peanuts, he's playing for more than the rest of your squad. I hope for your sakes you don't increase your sallery cap, as you really don't want to end up in a situation like us, and if that means you can't sign money-grabbing nugent, then that's probably going to be a good thing for you!
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04/02/2010 13:58:00

I doubt anybody will be willing to pay Nugent 35k/week now anyway so if he's just motivated by money he may have to lower his sights. Technically he was playing for peanuts UNTIL he got payed, and even now payment at your place seems up in the air although none of the players are hardly going to be destitute!
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04/02/2010 14:19:00

I wish i got paid Peanuts that these average players get paid, some of these players need a reality check & need to go and speak to the supporters on the terraces, WHat loyalty Ngent, ile stay if you lot stay up or ile go and join Sincere Sven at notts county if you dont. These type of players need to be re recording The Beatlle hit Money money money thats what i want,
Albmaleaf claret
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04/02/2010 14:51:00

Sadly its their agents more than the players that seem to be the root of the problem supported of course by the corrupt football world of money talks! I just wish we could return to the days when players belonged to the clubs and not their agents but alas that will never happen more's the pity! In a way I guess you cant blame the players for getting the going rate, its the going rate that needs to be changed but who will do that?
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04/02/2010 14:59:00

I suspect the bubble will burst, but I don't know when. A slow puncture may be more likely than a spectacular collapse, given what Pompey's new owner has said today about taking control in order to get a bit more of his money back than he would have done if the club had gone into liquidation. Indeed things may already have started to deflate, given the very low levels of activity in the just-closed window. It will come down to whether there's 'another sucker' round the corner to buy clubs at their currently stupidly inflated values; whether SKY and their ilk keep on offering so much money for TV rights; and whether sponsors have as much money to spend as in the past.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 15:27:00

You cant blame any player for getting as much money as he can , it's his job and his loyalty is to his family ! If you were offered 100 to wash the directors cars at Man utd or 300 to do them at Man city , i'm sure i'd know what you would do even if you prefer Utd over City ! I'm proud our club have taken a stance over a wage cap & i'm sure other fans wish their clubs would do the same , 100 grand a week is a ridiculous amount for a player to earn but you cant blame a player if he can get it ! 15k a week is 750k a year , 20 players on this amount would be 15M a year , thats the full seasons parachute payment gone if we went down !
Bernie Lee
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 16:43:00

I think the needle is already in the bubble CP , the only question is how long before it's retracted and down they go. Clubs like Portsmouth and Palace, it could be argued are merely following the path laid down by Leeds and many others. But when we hear that Man U HAD to let Ronaldo go and that Tevez (they didn't do enough to keep me) went the same way, then you begin to wonder. They're now in the 'in for a penny, in for a pound' trap where they're throwing money at the brilliant Rooney, because without him they could exit the top 4 and forfeit the Champions league cash. Because they are Man u , they'll probably be taken over by Shake Yermoney who will then up the price of his crude oil so that we can all contribute to eradicating their unbelievable debt. As always, I think the markets will eventually sort it out , and I think the process is already under way. As tmp says, the agents need to be shot first, but there are a lot of bullets required to sort out the whole sorry mess. Anyway, enough on this, I'm off to fill the car before travelling up to see my mate in the Wirral tomorrow evening, then over to Burnley on Saturday for another 490 mile round trip. Shake Yermoney will be rubbing his hands. C'mon the Clarets.
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04/02/2010 16:53:00

I take your point on a lot of these issues BL but do we have 20 players in our squad on the maximum 15k, surely a lot are below that even? I don't fully understand the rationale for the cap rigidity. If for example we had the opportunity to buy a solid performer with Premier League experience (maybe more than one) but they wanted I don't know 20 or 30k and we lost out on them because of the cap even though that player(s)could help us keep our Prem league status with all the financial benefits that entails would we not be cutting off our nose to spite our face? The argument has been the others would then want more than 15k, but since most of them dont have prem experience how could they object to bringing in someone who has and therefore deserving of an higher salary? I am not talking about players in the region of 50-100k plus a week but that sort of grey area in say the 20-40k region. [Edited by turfmanphil]
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04/02/2010 16:59:00

Peanuts!...thats extortionate..i dont think he's worth it...mind you he has got to be better that Dindan....he is worse than useless.. Play up Pompey
plymouth graham
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 17:16:00

I always wonder'd how much we were paying Nugent. 10K
Grimsby Claret
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04/02/2010 17:17:00

He will have to score a bagful of goals for us to convince other clubs to offer him over 20,000 a week next season.
Grimsby Claret
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04/02/2010 17:20:00

I would be interested to see a graph of all players in the Premier League so we could see the distribution of salaries. I wonder what % are on 100k+ 50k+ 25k+, 15k and less than 15k/week?
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 17:38:00

honeslty if we both go down and we can twist his arm to stay with us, we'd be stupid to let you have him, hes a proven quality championship striker and could easily bring the team woh has him back up again! but if we happen to stay up by some miricle you can have him! and as graham said you can take dindane as well lol
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 18:54:00

pompeym@ You (along with Burnley of course) have the best fans in the premier league. Pity your Club is in such a financial mess. Our great chairman a proper fan would never let that happen to us.
Grimsby Claret
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 19:49:00

Although I do wish they would pack in that bloody drumming!! ;-)
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 21:12:00

haha cheers fellas, your a damn noise bunch yaselves lol, but that drum is part of the fixtures and fittings so it ain't going anywhere, and yea grimsby hopefully whoever we get next as an owner won't be quite as... errm, well idiotic with his cash lol but things are starting to look up so theres always hope of staying up. good luck with the rest of the season guys would truely love to see both of us staying up.
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 22:43:00

I for one would rather him come out and talk about putting a few in the back of the net. Sorry, my heart doesn't bleed too much for a bloke earning 35k, pretty sure I couls survive being paid a few days late earning that much. Score some goals, then talk money!
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 22:51:00

To be honest I would be disappointed with his attitude to you. ' Won't sign permanently until the end of the season, why? - to see if you stay up! IF you stay up he wants to stay but if you don't he will sod off and leave you in it! His loyalty and respect know no bounds.
Report Abuse
04/02/2010 22:56:00

TMP , in my opinion , paying a player 30 k a week is a massive gamble , it could unsettle the squad who have been told the max is 15k , they may feel a bit bitter and understandle they might with no gaurentee that this player will keep us up , he may even get an early injury but we still have to pay him ! To sign a player of that standing would maybe cost 3M+ , 30k a week =s 1.5M a season on a 3 yr contract is 4.5M , a total of 7.5M , thats a big gamble for me !
Bernie Lee
Report Abuse
05/02/2010 00:19:00

Although we have a 15k salary cap, I think you will find that amount boosted by bonus payments - so much for every 1st team game and wins (not too many this year!) etc. There will also be a large bonus if we stay in the Prem as there was for the players getting us promotion. This is a much better way to go - performance payments give even more incentive to do well. Having a cap means players don't come here for the dosh either, it means they want to be here.
Report Abuse
05/02/2010 00:51:00

Firstly on the Pompey salry front and players not being paid to be honest, they can all probably afford to wait for late salaries etc, the ones I feel sorry for are the ones who will be paid peanuts, eg club shop staff etc. Secondly Ozjean you are peobably right and the salary is boosted by bonus payments, although don't most clubs do that anyway, so as Tmp says maybe we do need to slightly increase our salary cap, or increase the bonus's.
Report Abuse
05/02/2010 10:08:00

You can't increase the salary cap as a one of for an individual player. What would happen after that? Another player comes along with an extra two years premier league experience so we'll offer him a little more again. Then another comes along with 20 international games under his belt so we'll offer him a bit more again. See where I'm going? If the cap is not rigid then it is pointless. As ozjean and sheclaret have said, their salaries will be bumped up with performabce based incentives which aer definately the way to go. Enourages the players to work hard and play well and only if they do will we be successful and then subsequently offer them bonus payments. As for Nugent, I get the feeling a couple of people are narked by the suggestion he is on peanuts, but remember he has not moaned once. This suggestion has come from us, the fans in this article. Also, it would be stupid of Nugent to sign permanently in January. If he waits till the summer he will earn 35k a week until then instead of 15k and he will be able to see if we are or are not a premier league side next year. Can you blame him? I think not. Asalready suggestion if you were offered double the money to do the same job you currently do would you take it? Yes!
Report Abuse
05/02/2010 12:20:00

You make it quite plain, if you are a Premier League player with say five or more years experience you are entitled to a bigger salary than 15k/week which is then negotiated by the club, the rest have to accept that if they dont have that experience then the 15k cap applies. Bonuses should cover the situation where theye exceed targets just as any other industry. There has to be some flexibility within reason that allows the manager to get the players he wants without being tied by a 15k cap if he thinks they will signifcantly increase our chances of survival. Do we really say goodbye to players of high quality who would accept say 16-25k?
Report Abuse
05/02/2010 12:30:00

Whatever Nugent's getting paid, it's ten times too much.
Report Abuse
06/02/2010 12:29:00

Salary cap is right. The most im portant thing is survival as a club rather than survival in premier league. That comes next - and Portsmouth are not doing too well at either at the moment. No wonder Nugent likes us so much!!!
Report Abuse
07/02/2010 01:30:00

If nugent keeps putting the ball in the net peanuts may become Dry roasted nuts, Jokeing aside if he can score on a regular basis he will be worth what we are paying him,
Albmaleaf claret
Report Abuse
07/02/2010 21:00:00

No actually I think the most important thing is to survive in the Premier League and forever banish this notion that if we go into debt we will go into administration! 33 years it has taken us to get back into the top flight and all we hear is 'We would rather be in the Championship, than go into debt' Not good enough
Report Abuse
08/02/2010 16:42:00


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