Burnley - Hands off Tyrone Mears, Sunderland!
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Hands off Tyrone Mears, Sunderland!

Sky Sports were earlier tonight fuelling speculation that Tyrone Mears was a target for Sunderland. They understood Sunderland gaffer, Steve Bruce was in talks with Burnley regarding our right back

The club's official website have consequently been forced to make an official statement which reads.

'Burnley Football Club can confirm that contrary to media reports, the club is not in talks with Sunderland over the potential transfer of full-back Tyrone Mears'

With one day left of the transfer window which closes at 5pm on Monday 1st February, late deals of course remain a possibility.

If there is any truth in this rumour and we lose Mears at such a vital stage of the season, we will know once and for all that this club is only thinking of being in the Championship next season and has given up any thought of showing some ambition to survive in the top flight!

It will be a shame considering it has taken 33 years to get back where we belong!

We are third from bottom and fighting for survival, surely this club can't be that naive as to sell our best asset at this crucial time?

We will hear all the same old excuses if he does go about how wonderful we are to remain debt free and how we refuse to break our third-rate salary cap to retain him. What sort of message will that send out to the fans and players alike?

If we want to compete with the big boys in the top league in Europe we have to start acting like them and it that means going into debt than sobeit since every other club in the League is at a competitive advantage by being so.

Show some grit Burnley FC! Sunderland are just 3 points ahead of us in 13th place; they are a rival in the dogfight to avoid the drop! Who in their right mind would let a full back not so along ago being talked about as a future England international go to such a club?

If we hear that Mears wants to go, we will know why. Nothing to keep him at Burnley FC

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 31 2010

Time: 11:41PM

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I will be absolutely furious if we lose any of our key players tomorrow and have to listen to the usual tired old excuses!
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31/01/2010 23:48:00

As this is Mears first season he must be under contact for another couple of years at least. I would have thought therefore that he will stay at least until the end of the season as we would still be able to get a large transer fee for him then if he wanted to go. Can't see him wanting to go mid-season to another relegation club - mind you after Coyle I'll believe anything! Burnley has always had to sell to survive and that won't change - it is just a case of who and when and making sure the club is in control. This is more difficult these days when players have all the power and can simply refuse to play (they should be done for breach of contract). Running a club, especially now, has to be as debt free as possible otherwise they will simply go out of business because the loan providers and creditors (especially the tax office!) are not prepared to carry the debt, except in the huge clubs with the massive cash flows which they use to cover their business debt as well. Even the clubs with mega-rich benefactors are feeling the pinch as they have lost the 'mega' bit. Although it may seem unambitious now, in the next year or so a debt free club will be a massive advantage because we will be the only ones able to afford new players as the banks and owners increasingly have to reduce debt and interest payments by flogging not only the silverware but the tin plate as well. The example of Portsmouth is just the beginning and many more will follow. Notice in this transfer window Burnley are one of the few clubs to buy anyone who requires a transfer fee - most of the others are loans or cheapies or nothing at all. The global financial crisis is a massive advantage for Burnley as other clubs have to now operate like we do and we are better at it than them! Up the Clarets!!
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01/02/2010 00:27:00

No offence lads but we are hoping on Wearside this rumour has no legs at all. He may be your best player but we can do a lot better than Tyrone Mears if we want to get into the top 10 this season.
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01/02/2010 01:04:00

I am not sure how you work that one out Gaz and can only think you have not seen him play much this season.I think you might have to worry more about being in the bottom than the top ten at the moment. Who you going to buy Glen Johnson or Luke Young?
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01/02/2010 07:10:00

...or Alan Hutton? Tottenham and Scotland defender Alan Hutton will sign for Sunderland as Steve Bruce seeks a breakthrough in solving his right-back problems.(Daily Mirror-Mon 1st Feb)
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01/02/2010 07:28:00

I disagree with this article tmp. I don't want to see the club going for broke in a bid to retain premiership status. List of clus who have fallen foul of doing so: Bradford, Leeds, Norwich, Charlton, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Portsmouth and there are probably more. Just because we do not want to end up like these clubs does not meean we have a lack of ambition. Also, what if Sunderland offered something like £6million for Mears? Would it not be good business to accept the offer? £550000 profit in six months? Would he be wirth anywhere near as much should we be relegated and is he going to single handedly keep us up? No and no!
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01/02/2010 08:03:00

Tmf would sell the ranch. Barry Kilby has said many times he wont do that. ClaretClaude and Ozjean's comment make sense to a lot of us.
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01/02/2010 08:42:00

I cant understand people urging us to go millions of pounds into debt because ' everyone else is' - look at the examples of some of the clubs listed above. And even closer - this season - Pompey may not have a club this time next month! Kilby and Flood will do what they think is right for the club.
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01/02/2010 09:01:00

Think we will probably hang on to Mears until the end of the season. After that, who knows but reckon he will probably move to a club in the Midlands if anywhere.
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01/02/2010 09:11:00

Laughable every club in the Prem League are in debt and all we hear about are the few that have failed when the vast,VAST majority survive and show ambition! Given up to be honest, we are a Championship side and determined to remain one! Yeah fine let's give up on trying everything we can to keep up in the top flight in Europe, something that has taken 33 years to achieve. Let's go back to gates of 11,000 and all our players leaving for Bolton. Fine let's rebuild a team again and start the pleading poverty all over again. £60 million for getting promoted and we spend peanuts. Joke
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01/02/2010 09:12:00

Blackburn £17 million in debt and 10th. Bolton £52 million in debt can attract our manager and backroom staff, Everton £39 million in debt, Fulham £197 million in debt and Stoke £2.3 million in debt. Says it all. We live in fear of administration so much it stiffles any chance of breaking the pleading poverty cycle. All the clubs you mentioned are still in existance with their debts written off. You might not like it but its a fact of life. I just hope we are playing Leeds in the Prem next and not the Championship [Edited by turfmanphil]
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01/02/2010 09:23:00

Couldn’t agree with you more ozjean. The global financial system nearly fell through, never mind football finances, which is why we all bailed out the banks at the time. These financial institutions won’t hesitate to call in loans if things get close to the wire again , as I think they could. But enough on that, it’s one thing not to borrow excessively but I hope to hell that at the moment we’re in a position where we don’t have to sell, and that Mears stays . I don’t think the club is managing for the championship tmp, I think Laws will turn it around, and this team is definitely good enough to stay up provided we don’t sell our best players. We’ll know by the end of today !
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01/02/2010 09:38:00

This woul be terrible we can't lose Mears, he is one of the best playes we have and I don't think he has had a bad game this season. Oh roll on 5pm so we know whose in and whose out.
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01/02/2010 09:40:00

I hope you are right WC but at the moment I just don't see how we are going to survive with a side that is predominantly based on Championship players where our weaknesses in defence are exposed time and time again. I hope the new signings add something especially in the back four but it worries me that the players have in most cases been sidelined by their own clubs eg Cort @ Stoke and/or are currently lacking match fitness (Nimani). Fox looks a good catch though and I hope we can get the young lad Cork from Chelsea. Trouble is matches are coming thick and fast and they haven't much time to bed in. It would be a disaster if we lost Mears and let's not try and pretend otherwise
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01/02/2010 09:45:00

If Mears goes we want at least 5 - 6 million for him there are players going for a lot more that are not as good, I dont think he will go. Who have we got in this possition as a replacement ?
Albmaleaf claret
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01/02/2010 09:55:00

AC asks who have we got in this position as a replacement! Well if Mears goes we wont have anytime to find a replacement so the options will be Duff, Alexander or Eckersley. Oh bloody marvellous! Forgot to add Sunderland, £69.2 million in debt!!
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01/02/2010 09:58:00

Ozjean says 'The global financial crisis is a massive advantage for Burnley as other clubs have to now operate like we do and we are better at it than them'. So why are we third from bottom with no win now in 12 games, out of both cup compeitions and still to get our first away win?
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01/02/2010 10:05:00

Agreed tmp , it’ll be a real step backwards if Mears goes . But assuming he doesn’t and by the end of today we’ve brought players in rather than sell, then we’ve got a real fighting chance as far as I’m concerned. The weekend results weren’t a disaster for us by any means , and it’s going to a hell of an interesting dogfight from now on starting with West Ham. We did’nt loose 5-0 or worse to Chelsea , and yet again we were so close to a result against a team dripping with money, with sh****r himself earning more than our whole team put together. Yes there were mistakes, but defensively we are definately improving . Before we got promoted, I couldn’t give a t**s about the premiership largely due to the money madness that prevails here. But now that we’re here, I’m bursting to see us survive so that we can consolidate even further . I don’t think it’ll be a disaster if we don’t survive this year, provided the core of the team remains intact. There’s nothing wrong with being a ‘yo-yo’ club until we finally make the transition to the premiership with a sound financial base. Clubs like Bolton on the other hand will have real problems if they go down with the level of debt they’ll take with them. And we’ve got a much better team than Bolton which is why I think we’ll do it and they won’t
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01/02/2010 11:20:00

TMP - if I accept your argument that borrowing money to finance a better future is indeed the best way forward, I remain unclear on who is willing to lend us any significant amount of money, and on what terms. There was loadsamoney sloshing around when most of the clubs mentioned in this debate went into debt. But banks are now frightened to be too agressive in getting their money back from them, because getting some of it over the next few years is better for them than getting nothing by pushing a club into administration and debt-default. But while that means that banks will help clubs who owe them money to stay in teh Prem, I don't see any evidence of banks wanting to lend to additional clubs, and get themselves (i.e. the banks) into a deeper hole than they are already in. Maybe I am just being slow. But could you clarify who would be willing to put us into debt, and on what terms? Also, how much debt would make a significant difference in terms of Prem survival? 10 million? 20 million? 30 million? Personally I think that the financial markets have changed radically. Also we have to accept that Brendan Flood has had a very tough year, business-wise and in his family. I have no idea how Barry Kilby's business is doing, but most businesses at the moment are being run cautiosly, and I don't thnk that his has ever been big enough to places Prem-sized big bets. So, a bigger spending policy would seem to require a major new investor. Col Gaddafi yesterday lost his post as head of the African Union, and may therefore be looking for a new challenge. Moreover, if we were to borrow now and go into administartion later, I wonder whether clubs who have gone into admin - or reached the verge of being put into it - would testify that it's a painless experience of just walking away.
Couch Potato
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01/02/2010 11:45:00

I take your point about the financial banking loan scenario at the moment but even if they were handing out the money like no tomorrow, I doubt this club would have the bottle to take any of it!
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01/02/2010 11:48:00

I so hope you are right Welsh. I fully expected us to drop into the relegation zone afte xmas, as post xmas we free fall, but some how we also manage to pull together and climb as few places, lets hope by March we ae a bit moe comfortable.
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01/02/2010 11:51:00

Would you prefer to have Ridsdale as our chairman spending more money than he can bring in and thus taking another club to the verge of bankrupcy? or would you prefer Kilby as chairman, doing his best for both the present and the future. If we stay up Kilby's way, we will be OK when we go down. If we spend and spend - I couldnt see anything other than a slide down the football league pyramid if we were to go down. Trust Barry Kilby - when has he failed us so far?
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01/02/2010 12:23:00

There's a balance and of course I am not talking about going as far as Ridsdale but it does show that even in the worst case scenario its not the end of the day with a resurgent Leeds now on their way back but ask yourself if clubs not much bigger than ours in terms of fan base like Blackburn & Bolton can accept a certain amount of debt why cant we? The financial benefits of staying up far outweigh the parachute payments of going down . We are just as likely to go in the opposite direction in the Championship, we will certainly have to rebuild. We have the best chance in ages of ditching the pleading poverty cycle once and for all if only they would have more bottle and grasp the nettle
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01/02/2010 12:30:00

The Mears/Sunderland thing is being vehemently denied on both the official BFC website and on SSN.
Brompton Claret
Report Abuse
01/02/2010 12:52:00

Recent Leeds defeats in Exeter and Swindon may yet mean Norwoch and Charlton beat them into the automatic promotion spots. Miss those, and it's a lottery; and if their lucky number doesn't come up, they can start saying goodbye to everyone who has been pledging loyalty in recent weeks. Goodbye Grayson, sayonara Snodgrass and byebye Beckford. For that matter, if they do get promoted, the best players' agents will be touting them around. Meanwhile, would Bfc need to rebuild if we went down? Do we have players who would find PL buyers? I would suggest there are not enough for a rebuild, as such, to be needed... more like the usual close-season tweak. And I still don't know where this nettle/money is that we are not grasping; and reckon our Board's current decisions are based more on lack of oportunity than on lack of bottle. Finally, TMP, you are doing a great job of keeping debate going and site-hits up. Keep going!
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
01/02/2010 12:54:00

By the way jjok, we have already sold the ranch, its called Turf Moor and we haven't even got that back yet with the rent now costing us more and more!
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01/02/2010 12:54:00

I think BC, Sunderland have changed tack and are now looking to bring in Spurs R/B Alan Hutton. I very much hope they succeed
Report Abuse
01/02/2010 12:57:00

Yep let's hope they concentrate on Hutton losing Tyrone would be a massive blow is it 5 o'clock yet?
Report Abuse
01/02/2010 14:07:00

Yep Hutton having medical in Sunderland and finalising terms according to Sky Sports
Report Abuse
01/02/2010 14:09:00

And breaths a sigh of relieve ;-)
Report Abuse
01/02/2010 14:22:00

Relief even der!!
Report Abuse
01/02/2010 21:08:00

Talk about a breath of fresh air ! This is the first time in yonks that we've been a buying club instead of the usual sell to survive outfit. Well thats it now, all the pieces are in place and now it's up to Laws to produce the goods and I really think he'll do it. Like sheclaret I was gutted after the Chelsea match but quickly began to reflect on the positives, and there were plenty. Now we need to produce the same level of performance against our relegation rivals and every match from now on is going to be like a cup final for us. If these players perform like we know they can, with the home crowd playing in their usual positions, then it's look out any visiting team. I'm really looking forward to giving Liverpool and Spurs a tuning towards the end of what could and should be one of the best home records in the premiership , oh . . and there's the small matter of Blackburn Rovers as well of course.
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01/02/2010 21:15:00


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