Burnley - Holy Judas, God now thinks he is Moses!
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Holy Judas, God now thinks he is Moses!

Coyle was given a hostile reception from the 5,000 Clarets fans at the Reebok last night just three weeks after leaving Turf Moor to join Bolton. He faced shouts of 'Judas' everytime he came to the front of his technical area with the Clarets fans also constantly reminding him that he only ever scored 12 goals for Bolton so is not really the Trotters legend he thinks he is!

There were also plenty of banners including a massive one which read 'He`s not the messiah, he`s a very naughty boy.` Another one read 'Hypocrite. Hero 2 Zero`.

I was kept mildly amused when I saw a huge blown up set of pink rubber genetalia with a face mask of Coyle in an obvious place.

So yes we were angry and we were not prepared to let Coyle get away with his antics without him knowing our feelings.

It would appear though Coyle was upset that many chose to label him as a Judas. Aw bless, what planet is he living on? What does he expect after the mess he left this club in?

It would appear he thinks we owe him a favour if his post-match interview is anything to go by:

"If they were going to get biblical it should probably have been Moses, because I was the one who led them from the wilderness. But until my dying day, I wish the club nothing but the best. This was more emotional than any other game I have been involved in. I left a unique club and know the passion that surrounds the place. Burnley are special and I will always hold them in the highest esteem. The only person who knows the full story is me and I maintain I conducted myself properly."

Moses? Keep taking the Tablets, Judas! You don`t do that to a club you think are special Coyle.

He must think we were born yesterday. We all know of course what he is thinking and what he should have said last night but no he carries on spouting absolute nonsense, platitudes and more lies. Let me try and paraphrase his arrogant remarks above.

"Oh look at me, haven`t I done well coming to this wonderful stadium with all its modern facilities Isn`t this a great club with its willingness to go into debt to fund my players budget? Much better than that poxy club down the road. You know the one Burnley FC, the one where I was rapidly becoming a failure so decided to do my regular two yearly kneejerk and jump ship"

Yes, that`s much better! Yes, you got us promoted but what`s the point if by your actions and timings you could have sent us straight back down? You failed to manage a single away win all season with no win at all in nine games by the time you left. We were deluded to call you God and we were deluding ourselves that you might have saved us from the drop. You might think you have saved your CV from the failure of relegation but you now have to keep Bolton up and from what I saw of your team at the Reebok last night you will have a hell of a job on your hands. You might think you have more money to chuck at the problem but you won`t have as much as Manchester City and look what happened to Mark Hughes! Yes, you beat us 1-0 but if I had to watch football like that every week I would slash my wrists. Sadly for the Clarets, Burnley were also woeful with no shape or passion to win it seemed. But then Coyle in all fairness, this was your team only a few weeks back and if we go down this will be partly down to you and your gung-ho approach to football.

So from God through Judas to now Moses?

I think I have had enough now of all these religious tags. I have never been a God botherer anyway and I only have one true religion and that is my football club, Burnley FC. Maybe if Coyle realised what passion means to the fans of our club, he wouldn`t pretend to be so shocked that we would dare call him Judas. Doesn`t he understand what his actions, lies and awful platitudes about his previous 'loyalty` to our club have done to his reputation? Is he that naive he can`t understand why we can lose all respect for someone who jumps ship at the first opportunity because he thinks he`s going to be a failure with the club he professed to love only weeks below leaving us in the doggy doo?

I tell you why I am not religious because if there was such a deity that preached high morals and fairness, we would not have witnessed the Clarets going down 1-0 to Bolton at the Reebok last night and also been subjected to the sickly Coyle and his crew rubbing our noses in it even further. How dare the man start shaking hands with our players, how dare he try and wave to us!

Now of course I will hear cries of stop being bitter and move on, stop being so emotional but I say to those critics, I am a passionate football fan and I am entitled to my thoughts. Coyle has lost all my respect. If I remember Judas committed suicide and metaphorically-speaking I hope our Judas does the same with Bolton and takes them down. That would restore my faith in justice!

I know some fans that refused to go the match last night because they could not stand the thought of going to the Reebok and giving the club money to help fund Coyle`s spending spree. Others said they hoped we would just ignore Coyle at the match so it wouldn`t inflate his already huge ego. Not sure I agree with any of those but what I do know is that this disloyalty by Coyle has set Clarets fan against Clarets fan and emotions are high. Yes, we have to move on and we have to give Brian Laws our 100% backing but we have lost something, we have lost our soul for the season. We felt powerful and strong singing 'Owen Coyle da der da da!" even if we were deluded and we now feel betrayed and let down. You could sense there was something lacking in the away end last night, I couldn`t put my finger on it. Was it a lack of confidence? Did we want this result so badly the negative energy sapped our strength? Was the tension transmitted to the players? I know this though whatever it is Coyle is the one that has taken it away from us!

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 27 2010

Time: 3:55PM

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Just let me have a rant! I thank you!! Feel much better now for getting that off my chest
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27/01/2010 15:58:00

the caring person in me feels sorry for you guys, and hopes you stay up and prove that judas he was wrong, however, the blackburn fan in me says, going down with the scousers!
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27/01/2010 16:15:00

Lets stop thiis Bitterness towards Owen Coyle the only ones it will errect is those who let it fester. Owen Coyle did a brilliant job at burnley. thats a fact. We can carry on with this Topic until the end of the season. I am a Christian & know that unforgivness & bitterness lead to negativity & nothing is gained from it. Owen Coyle has left Burnley i feel at a vunerable time, but this can either make or break the club either through being possitive. or carrying on with the negative comments abour Owen coyle. Lets get over it and goo forward, and stopp pikking scabs oth old wounds
Albmaleaf claret
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27/01/2010 16:16:00

Try telling that to 5000 angry Clarets fans at the Reebok last night! There is one thing about wounds, they nearly always leave a scar to remind you!
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27/01/2010 16:30:00

There's large part of me that agrees with you Albmaleaf, but I don't see any harm in people who still feel let down posting a last thought here before moving on. Mine is that I trust (a) the FA and PL will be assessing Coyle's inciteful (deliberately or otherwise) action in front of the Burnley fans at the end of the game by the same standards they used to assess Adebayor's in front of the City fans (b) the Lancs Police also carefully consider Coyle's actions in front of a group of people who he knew to be in a highly emotional state, and take appropriate action. Being ethical, which I try very hard to be, even while often failing, includes having regard to social justice and to the safety and well-being of others, as well as to understanding the importance of forgiveness and avoidance of bitterness. It also includes giving people somewhere they can deal with a sense of loss, in this case the loss of someone who they trusted as their leader. There. That's my last word... I hope. But dealing with a sense of loss is hard. Not everyone deals with it in the same way. And it isn't always a straight line journey to feeling better again. But I hope that I'm done now. Up the Clarets! And whatever happens... we love you Burnley, oh yes we do!
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 16:37:00

Turfmanphil i know that we as Clarets fans hurt but if you keep looking at the scars you are not looking forward, if the anger from the crowd is that electric what effect has it on the players, I have been a Burnley supporter all my life was born in burnley in 1962. Lets forgive & forget and move forward, Personaly i think we will survive and looking at Boltons fixtures they will not be above us for long
Albmaleaf claret
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27/01/2010 16:41:00

From a Pompey point of view i'm getting nervous as we havent heard much more about the rumoured £3M nugent deal, it would be just our luck at the moment if we cant offlo... sell him soon!
Super Bock 1898
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 16:46:00

Sorry AC, I don't see it like that and for the first time ever I can now see why Cotterill got so much venom from Stoke fans for seasons after he did the dirty on them too! I will certainly NEVER EVER forget what that**** has done to Burnley FC.as for forgiving,only time will tell! I am quite capable of multi-tasking despite what my wife says and that includes supporting my club with a passion no matter what and carrying on but there is still plenty of room in my brain to also not forget the evils done to my club in its history as well. You forgive & forget this at your peril (ask the Jews about Adolf) and if folk simply take this approach everytime, you will give a licence for it to happen time and time again and it's about time contracts meant something when they were signed and folk realise what hatred and emotions breaking them cause.
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 16:58:00

I agree with what you say but let it go you will feel better
Albmaleaf claret
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 17:04:00

Trust me I wont! ;-) You see you are assuming we should all react the same and if we dont we will suffer on a personal level. But I think I know myself better than anyone else and this in the end will be good for my soul even if it might upset others reading it
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 17:08:00

One thing i will say is turfmanphil is that i will find it hard to beilve with sincerity anythin Owen coyle promices in the future to any club or set off fans, Hope i havent offended you with my oppinion
Albmaleaf claret
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 17:28:00

I wasn't at the game last night so can't comment on events but from what I've read Coyle's gesture towards Burnley fans was foolish rather than malicious. I always respect the sagacious CP's views but hope that the FA and Premier League have got more important things to worry about - like the disgracefully inflated sums that are being paid to players, agents and managers by clubs who do not have the income to pay for it and then claim it is unfair when they get found out. Managers come and go - always have and always will - but fans are more loyal and deserve better than to have their hard earned cash squandered by irresponsible clubs. Fortunately we have Barry Kilby at the helm but so many within football are just out for what they can get. No names, obviously.
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27/01/2010 17:49:00

AC agree with you there about Coyle's insincere remarks. In fact that's what makes me angry the most. the fact I was taken in by his loyalty and really thought we had found someone better than the rest with higher morals! He may as well have said 'Look Ill do a job for Burnley but if a better job comes along Im off'. Had he said that we might not even be calling him Judas now. You haven't offended me AC just as I hope I haven't offended you! This is the beauty of Vital Burnley. We can all have opinions and discuss whether we believe them or not without resorting to a personal slanging match (unlike some boards I can mention, where the poster is more a topic than the content!)
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 18:05:00

I disagree with what you say Phil about their being' no point him taking us up if his actions have led to us going down'. If we hadnt gone up, we would probably have gone into administration if we hadnt and now we should, in theory, be financially stable in the coming years. But I did lose a lot of respect for Owen last night. clapping the 5000 of us last night ( with approx 90% of them chanting Judas) - ridiculous. He may as well have come and stuck two fingers up at us - It amounted to the same thing. I think albmaleaf is right though, if we need to use this as our last rant about Owen, lets do it - but anger towards Owen is wasted energy and will only probably serve to make him/Bolton redouble their efforts - We need to channel this in a positive manner and get behind the lads who still play for OUR club. This will be of far greater benefit to us and the club ( my opinion of course). I think thats me done on the subject :-) Oh but I do agree - the pink rubber genitalia was hilarious!
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 18:19:00

What a sad desperate rant. He left you in a mess? Not as much of a mess as you were when he joined your outfit. Christ, blame your chairman for lacking ambition. Do you wait & save up to buy a house or do you get a mortgage? Debt is a fact of life. Those running your club are just cheap b@stards. Brian Laws... LOL!!
Big Stu
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 18:26:00

I think that will be the end now until we play Bolton again but some of us will never forget. I actually hope we dont play them for a long time and they get relegated with us staying up! That's the only justice I can see in this obscene money grabbing football world we live in!
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 18:33:00

Big Stu we will come back to this discussion when he poos on Bolton from a great height after carrying out his bienneial club change, then you will realise where we are coming from! Just soak up all his bull***** about Bolton loyalty and being a legend (12 goals? You got to be joking!) in the meantime!
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 18:42:00

RT - Thank you for your kind words, once again. I take your point about the FA and PL having better things to do. And I wasn't at the match either. But (unless I am having a senior moment) the fact remains that the FA did take action against Adebayor. Was he acting foolishly or maliciously? Were his actions different from Coyle's? If so, how so? I ask these questions when the headline news this morning was about how inequality is worse today than it was 40 years ago; and not out of bitterness, but out of concern for social justice, which is about people being treated equally. I would also like to thank the Burnley fans who were there for not letting the foolish action cause trouble. But does an incitement to cause disorder require disorder to follow for it to be incitement? And are any of us only responsible for problems that we cause through intentional malice? I think that there is, sadly, a matter that the public needs reassurance has been thought about carefully and fairly by the relevant authorities. And if I may turn from the legal to the spiritual, I would also ask that Mr Coyle asks quietly when he makes his next confession what it means to compare oneself to an honoured spiritual figurehead, and to listen with humility. Or, please forgive my slip into religious satire, to take the good Father a couple of expensive tickets to a top flight football match somewhere they play something at least approaching proper football. Old Trafford for a Champions League game would probably do the trick.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 18:53:00

Think I'll retire from this one CP - my over twenty year old degree in Philosophy can't cope with this though, for what it's worth, I thought Adebayor acted like a prat !
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 19:19:00

That's what I like about this site , football, religion, economics, law and philosophy together with a liberal helping of humour. Me? I thank OC for what he did for us but like everyone else was disappointed to say the least about the defection. Perhaps he should change his name to Owen Burnley, because he does. Yes, he took us into the premiership on a wave of free flowing football which other fans and pundits appreciate, but he was also given the honour of managing this club when he was Owen Who. And it was Burnley who gave him the opportunity to show the footballing world how good he was. The least he could have done was to stay the course until the end of the season, and when he turned down Celtic I thought he was with us long term. I didn’t think for a second that he’d go to Bolton Hoofers when Megson was showed the door. The irony is that his mate Nixon recognised the fact that we played the ’more pleasing stuff’ and moved the ball better than Bolton. I still think we’ll do it , we’ve got skilful players and I think Laws will turn it around, and if there’s any justice in this world where money is about to strangle football , then we will.
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 20:34:00

Welsh has it spot on - If their is any justice in the world, we will stay up. But then again - we would have won last night too!
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 20:47:00

I kind of agree that we need to forget Coyle for now and move on, us staying in the PL is more important. However, I was very dissapointed by Susan's (For you new people Vin started reffering to OC as Susan Boyle and it has stuck with me) comments. We came we chanted at him, thats how it was always going to be. Why have a sly dig, out of the darkness? We weren't that low Susan and I think Stan Ternant did a heck of a job before you to pull us out of the third tier. Why couldn't Susan just say, they came, they sang their passionate supporters thats their choice. That way we could have kept a modicum of respect. Phil I feel your pain.
Report Abuse
27/01/2010 22:25:00

I totally agree turfmanphil, call it a personality flaw but I'm afraid I'm not the 'forgive and forget' type. I began to have my suspicions of Coyle shortly after our promotion when he came across as falsely humble. This was confirmed by his constant attention seeking after the game by lingering on the pitch - notice how most managers just shake hands with their opposite number and then disappear quickly. His actions after the game on Tuesday were terrible but entirely in character. Floods book also worried me - he seemed long on the platitudes and short on strategy. He moved on before he was found out as he will from Bolton if that is possible. It was just Burnley's time, when everything went our way with two amazing goals at Reading after being outplayed and a win over a poor United at Wembley thanks to a ref who didn't like them and who ignored two good penalty shouts. Most of the players were Cotterill's and he just gave them a positive outlook and nothing more. Now Laws is now stuck with the legacy of Coyles lack of tactical nous. We have to give everything we can to keep up but we must not get too hysterical if we should go down either. We would keep just about all our squad, be financially better than 99.9% of clubs and I like the Championship - it's more honest than the Prem. Okay we won't have the mega bucks but as Coyle will find out, that isn't everything. Up the Clarets!!!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 00:35:00

Yes we do have to move on and forget, but it is hard to forgive. I do think justice will prevail. I didn't go on Tuesday but from what I have heard and read he was stupid in his actions. If a BFC fan has calmly walked up to Coyle, and clapped at him, they would of been removed from the gound and likely given a banning order. Need I say more.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 11:31:00

Look at us all on the band wagon were like proverbial sheep following each other!!!!!! let's just stop for a moment and lift out heads out of the sand with regards to the one we all all were once happy to call "God". Just for a moment put yourself in this position ....... someone comes along knocking your door down with a wheel barrow full of cash for you and your dearly beloved , they promise you things that you know your aint gonna get in your current job and you personally have a good feeling about the whole thing you know your gonna secure your future and that of your children..... now lets be honest " are you really gonna give a dam what any one else thinks". Coyle did what any one else would have done ( especially the protector providers... generally us with kids) he isn't a charity he's looking out for himself and his family and why the hell shouldnt he. Let's be brutally honest with each other..... The guy never told us a lie ever FACT!! ! He has been the single most positive influence on Burnley Football Club in 30 years FACT, He's the single most successfully manager we have had in the last 33years .. born out by the fact we never played football at this level for the last 33 years. His influence means we carry no debt and dropped £60M into our coffers this year, and guess what if we stay up or (don't even say it ) go down we have another £30M parachute coming so what did he do to us that justifies such rubbish we are writing and saying about the guy? Arrr did he hurt our feelings? are we sad .. perhaps we should go paint our rooms a happy colour yellow or orange perhaps to try cheer us up??? >>> GET A GRIP MY FELLOW CLARET FANATICS ! Pay the man some respect he's the best thing that happened to us in 33 years and deep down we all know it!!!!! so next time the boos start.... I ask you to think carefully about it! does he really deserve any of it ?. Let's finish with the bitterness towards him and get on with more important job of cheering our team through every game from now till the end of the season.The life of Brian is the next chapter .... let's hope it leads to the holly grail .... Here's to Owen Coyle and moreover here's to Premiership football next season Come on my fellow fans we can do this but lets do it "together" !!
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 12:51:00

Welcome to VB, HC! Minority view but thanks for the contribution. The opposite perspective has all been said before and in gory detail above but I will make just one point, in any other profession you have to give notice of your intention to leave and work 1-3 months, not just up sticks and plunge the club into a mess at the most crucial time of the season with relegation staring you in the face. And I might add take ALL your backroom staff with you. Judas he is,Judas he will remain,sorry but thats what a lot of us will always think rightly or wrongly
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 13:00:00

I agree with some Hollins, but as some one else has said something si,ilar it wa Stan who put the foundations in place, maybe OC put the roof on but Stan started the building. Also its the timing of it and to go to a club who are likely to be in the relegation fight with us. I love my job and maybe yes I would do the same but not at a crucial time, but then I am very passionate about my job.
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 13:10:00

If only to be sure of what I was talking about earlier in this thread, I searched just now on the BBC Sport website, and found - on CBBC Newsround for some reason, rather than the main site - a 2 Oct 9 story: "Manchester City striker Emmanuel Adebayor has been given a £25,000 fine and a suspended two-match ban for his celebration against Arsenal. He ran the full length of the pitch to celebrate infront of the Arsenal fans. The suspended punishment from the FA means Adebayor will only serve the ban if he breaks the rules again before December 2010." I am thinking of writing to the FA's Equality Officer to ask if they could explain whether the FA is considering taking action about Coyle's similar actions, and if not, how they see them as being different. I continue to think that the FA needs to explain their views on this. But I am not sure I will get round to contacting the FA, because I am listening to other views expressed on this site, and am not someone who seeks to get anyone into trouble. I should clarify that my concerns here are not 'justice for Burnley' in a bitter break-up with Mr. Coyle. My concerns are about 2 people who behaved in quite comparable ways being treated equally, and what message it says (especially to kids on places like CBBC) if the FA treats them differently.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 14:39:00

Sounds like a good article for the site brewing up there CP if you want to send me one on this FA Adebayor/Coyle issue?
Report Abuse
28/01/2010 14:57:00

You truly are a set of bitter and twisted individuals do you really think Coyle gives a crap about what you say. He was taking the p1ss out of you when he said the Moses thing are you so gormless not to realise that? Down to the championship with your diseased small minds you must have done too much lsd and Es in your younger days because your head is truly fcked!
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 06:50:00

For a so-called Catholic god-botherer, Judas is also an ignorant tosser, it wasn't Moses who led the Jews out of the wilderness to the promised land it was Joshua. Moses was not allowed to take them there, he died in the wilderness which is very apt considering that's what's about to happen to Bolton. I dont give one fig what you think about us mickbwfc, you are not sitting on our side of the fence. You will though know where we are coming from when he jumps ship in two years time having failed with Bolton like he had with us
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 07:36:00

with the greatest respect M.ckbwrfc go and post your coments down the neasrest local public toilet, because thats where they belong, When the same thing happens to you as it will when you end up with yes a bigger squad than Burnley have, a bigger debt, & 3 times the wage bill that you cant pay, se how glib you are then.
Albmaleaf claret
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 07:55:00

Thank you to jjo'k for drawing my attention to this one on Facebook-Sir, Should Bolton Wanderers fans begin to panic as their new manager, Owen Coyle, seeks to compare himself to Moses (report, Sport, Jan 27)? Moses led the Children of Israel out of Egypt and into, and not out of, the wilderness. Their journey there to the Promised Land, normally about 11 days, took 40 years. Although Moses saw the Promised Land from a mountain top, because of his transgressions he was not allowed to enter. Joshua led the people in. Should the board start looking for Coyle’s successor now? Geoffrey N. Cartwright Scraptoft, Leics Source:http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/comment/letters/article7005021.ece
Report Abuse
29/01/2010 17:32:00


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