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Laws to beat O'Driscoll in Two-Horse Race?

Most of the media are now saying that Brian Laws has come up on the rails to beat Sean O'Driscoll in the two-horse race to become the new Burnley manager.

The club are expected to make an announcement sometime today.

Sean O'Driscoll was yesterday's favourite and at one point was 1/25 with the bookies to take the job. BBC Radio Sheffield also went as far as saying he had been offered the job with the club now in talks with Doncaster Rovers to agree compensation.

Barry Kilby though had been reserved all day and tried to dampen the speculation suggesting the interview process was still underway.

"We are still interviewing, we are still looking." he said yesterday morning

One theory at the moment is that the club could not agree compensation for O'Driscoll which according to the Doncaster Rovers chairman was supposed to be around £1 million.

The Lancashire Telegraph understand O'Driscoll had earlier undergone a second interview but there were complications regarding compensation for Doncaster Rovers

If this is true Clarets fans will be disappointed that the club have instead gone for their second-choice purely for financial reasons.

Suzanne Geldard though writing in the Lancashire Telegraph believes Laws has impressed Kilby and Flood the most during the interviews and it is understood Laws had a third interview last night.

Laws of course is a former player with the club and has managed Grimsby Town, Scunthorpe United and Sheffield Wednesday. The 48 year old left the Owls only last month by mutual consent after a run of bad results that saw Wednesday drop into the relegation zone.

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday January 13 2010

Time: 7:59AM

Your Comments

Well if this is true I just hope it's because Kilby&Flood know what they are doing and he is coming here on merit not because this cheapskate club were not prepared to spend £1million to get the man they really wanted. I will of course support anybody who comes here and give him a chance but this if true will be viewed by many as a very dull appointment
Slightly Disagree TMP. If we could not agree Compensation with Donny, who then put him on gardening leave and sit and wait whilst in effect holding BK and the board to ransom, who suffers? Not Susan fresh off gardening leave, I bet the Bolton fans would love to see our No1 choice as you put it on gardening leave. Or does BK say we will have to use money we said we hadn't got to pay Donny? I will not be disappointed if we didn't get S O'D for contractual reasons, I would be disappointed if we chucked loads of money at an untried Prem League Manager at Donny just because their Chairman is better than ours at negotiating. Meanwhile I still think we could be in for a shock yet before this saga concludes......ULRIKA!
Kilby Strikes Again, Brian what a joke laws yet again kilby takes the cheap option this puts the clarets back 3 years. Watch the gates at the turf start to drop, all the managers availible and look who we end up with, premier league more like sunday league.
I would like to hear exactly the Burnley board's profile for the new manager, at the moment I am getting the feeling that it is no compensation, low wages, track record not particularly important and no demands for anything like money for new players. What has happened to the Premiership money, have we not got it yet?
Its a dull appointment and not something that will raise the spirits, certainly not mine. We are also now the laughing stock amongst our rivals no doubt and we could do without defending an appointment that let's be honest most of us would have preferred not to have happened(assuming it does). We can hear all the words from Kilby in due course if they confirm Laws but the fact a lot of fans will always suspect that once again we have been cheapskate for the sake of a £1m or so will not put us in a good position especially if results dont start going our way and they get on the manager's back and do a Megson. Laws now has to convince fans it was the right appointment, a much more difficult task than SoD would have had to do.
I have to say the actions recently by this club suggest they are preparing for the Championship more than preparing to keep us in the top flight. This is bound to open the debate once more about the benefits of being frugal to the point of giving up
And if it is Paul Ince? Or Mark Hughes? or Peter Reid? or Mr Scotland nobody? We are all hurting from Susans departure, I am not a Laws fan at all, but if it is him I'll get behind him until the end of season 2010/11. I really don't want to be too negative as I have hope that BK and BF will do what is right for our club.
Yes, I have already said I will support him but I fear if results dont start going our way the fans will be on his back far more easily than some of the other appointments we could have made. I am not convinced that the image of a failed Champonship manager is one that is going to help if we go on bad run and see the Championship staring us in the face.Let's hope that doesn't happen but the pressure on Laws to keep us up will be even greater on him
I will give Laws my backing he wouldn't of been my choice but what do I know! I must admit at he moment I too feel as TMP does regarding prepairing for the Championship. Its always a roller coaster ride supporting Burnley.
Are there any amongst us who placed any truly significant amounts, maybe something like half their annual salary, in win-lose bets on Burnley being in the PL next year?
Couch Potato
I hope not! :-(
I really got myself convinced yesterday we were going to get SoD, that will teach me. Was beginning to see the potential positives of going with SoD and thought even if we failed to stay up we would have an excellent chance of going back up based on O'Driscoll's Championship pedigree. Getting Laws now is like being hit across the face with a damp dead kipper!
If it’s Laws, I hope everyone will get behind him and the team as they have this season and last. The alternative is to do a ‘Megson’ which results in negativity, and that can eventually affect the team. And this is a good team capable of beating most of the premiership sides when they put it all together . Stan Ternent said you can’t have champagne football on beer money , but we’ve all seen some champagne football at times this season , Robbie’s stunner against United being just one example. Kilby and Flood appointed Coyle who did a brilliant job and got the team playing the kind of football we want to see , we’ve now got to trust them to hopefully do the same again .
I have exactly the same feeling tmp. Will teach me too. However I will stick my head up and applaud him at his first game on the Turf. I hope CC is right and we are wrong.
My thoughts are like many others at the mo i.e. Laws wouldn't be my first choice but I'll back him. I find myself doing mental checks all the time, forcing myself to think "I - will - not - be - negative!"
Brompton Claret
I had even practiced singing Sean O'Driscoll dahda dahda. (But not in public.)
Couch Potato
I think Laws went due to fan pressure from Wednesday. I hope he does well for you.
I hope kilby starts looking for a new fotball club because the next home game the fans wont be chanting owen coyle I hope its kilby out. Very angry claret fan who supported BFC for forty years home and away. I know how bolton fans felt when they hired Megson.
What's best for Burnley? BL and money to spend on a player? Or S O'D and a smaller transfer kitty?
Couch Potato
Lol CP yesterday at work I found myself trying to hum Sean O Driscolls claret and Blue army. I've decided we need to be choosing a manager whose name fits in best with terrace chants how simple would that be lol.
to sheclaret the best for the terrace chants KILBY OUT
I totally disagree with you fedup!!! The last thing we need is people chastising and booing the chairman on matchday. I will repeat what I have said many times before that I believe Kilby is a good chairman. If he does appoint Laws I may not necessarily agree with it, but at the end of the day he is in a better position to decide who is right or wrong for the club. For that reason I will trust his judgment over my own, as I have done in the past, and I will applaud Laws (should it be him) out onto the Turf for his first home game. We may feel as the Bolton fans did when they appointed Megson but it does not mean we have to behave like them. Let us not forget Megson kept Bolton in the league.
Who'd be a manager or a chairman. Brian Laws slagged off before he's even got the job as every uninformed, intolerant bile filled "fan" gets their six pennorth in before the bloke's even set his foot in the door.
Kilby out? Col Gaddafi in? Or a leveraged American buyout perhaps, as at Liverpool? Or the guy who can't pay wages on time in Pompey maybe? Who do you think BK should sell to FUC? It doesn't sound like BF could buy right now. And maybe you want him out too? Gold and Sullivan are looking round at several clubs at the moment with the money they got from selling Birmingham, and appear to have ruled out many in the PL and Championship as carrying too much debt. Burnley may look attractive to them. Should we encourage them? My suggestion is, if fed up, take it out on Coyle, rather than help him by undermining us in our relegation struggle against him.
Couch Potato
I accept what you are saying CC2 and we all have to see what happens before passing judgement verbally from the terraces but the fact remains Megson kept a club up in the Premier League whereas Laws looked like he might be failing to keep a Championship side up! There is now tremendous pressure on Laws with the majority of fans totally unconvinced and he might buckle if results start going tits up and the crowd start to shout their displeasure. It's a pot boiler waiting to happen and I hope Laws is strong enough to prove us all wrong and keep us up [Edited by turfmanphil]
I agee with CC we need to be getting behind the board and giving them our support. I too will applaud Laws although he's not necessarily my choice, saying that Coyle wasn't at first but he ended up being God before he became Judas. Who ever the new manage is we will need to give them time unfortunately though thats something we don't have much of if we want to remain a PL team.
Im a Sheffield Wednesday fan and your right Laws went for the same reason most managers trying to manage us have over last 18 years. We have a bad reputation for sacking managers some very good and some not so good. Brian Laws was very unfortunate to lose his job, yes results went the wrong way but we also had many good times under him including a Derby Double over Sheffield United. What I can say about Laws is he is a good honest, hard working manager who plays attractive football. I f you think about it at Sheffield Wednesday he had no money whatsoever to spend, was forced to sell our best players to make ends meet and at one point was single handedly running the whole club when we had no chairman and the board situation was a real mess, he held us together. Wednesday is one of the hardest team to manage in football and in the end Brian just ran out of ideas and fans will never lose the respect for him that he earnt with us. I hope he gets the job with you lot and hope he does well cos Im sure he will. I wish him all the best.
tmp can't have it both ways, dissing Laws even before he's appointed and then saying CP that "we'll have to see what happens before passing judgement from the terraces." Another fine example of tmp setting himself up as judge and jury.
Thank you, Stevetheowl.
I suggest you read what I have said again JJOK, I am not 'dissing him' I am saying it is a very dull appointment that does not instill me with confidence based on his record to date. I also say I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Read the top comment and please dont over react
Tmp has nothing to teach me about over-reaction.
Some recent Facebook quotes by one person: "Getting Laws is like being hit by a dead Kipper." "Why do I feel so depressed if they've gone for Laws." "Laws failed at Championship level." Headline : Laws to beat O' Driscoll in two horse race. Reaction , "Oh, no!" "Looks like our cheapskate club has gone for Laws."
I understand what you all think of me thats fine, but nobody know why coyle left burnley and I can't get my head round it. The question is why would he turn down his boyhood club like Celtic and then go to bolton, rumour has it and this is from someone close to burnley football club that coyle was promise money in january for new players which kilby has refused to give him that sounds more logical. As for BL what has he done in the championship "nothing" he is a cheap option for kilby, and i would't mind if they gave BL a contract until the end of the season and look at it again, but knowing kilby he will give him a long contract nothing against BL wrong man for the job.
I liken it to having an opinion about one of our political figures before they are actually elected.Don't see what your problem is, they are just opinions and by no way as strong as some of them on this thread.
..and dont quote me out of context
You know you lot are sounding like us Owls fans when we set Irvine on, ok he may be a cheaper option but who says its always the dearer option which is the best. I will stand corrected but I always said Brian Laws could do a good job with the backing and a bit of money to sign players. You currently have a better team than us thats why you are where you are and we are where we are he will do a job with your current players for sure. He can do a job for you I think you wil be suprised.
Sky Sports saying Doncaster Rovers confirm O'Driscoll staying with Laws expected to be unveiled by club in about next 20 minutes
'bit of money to sign players'..and breathe! ;-)
So it looks like Laws! I have to say he would not have been my favourite but he seems an honest manager and an ex claret so he has my support good luck Brian.
Are there any reasons to be cheerful, feedupclaret?
Couch Potato
News Conerence at 3:30pm say Sky now
Please don't judge Laws on just his time at Wednesday. He had precisely ***** all to work with. He'll do well for you, I'm sure. Us Owls will have even more affinity with you if this is true now, seeing as our Bri loves beating those piggies too! UTO :)
Two and a half year deal for Laws.
will it ever happen
Will what ever happen, will it ever happen? By the way, I apologise for spelling your name wrong, fedupclaret.
Couch Potato
FedUp - Kilby out! Be serious - Without Kilby this club possibly wouldnt still be in the football league. How many bad managerial appointments has he made in his tenure?
looking at the comments above nobody wants BL as manager, all i'm saying is kilby and the board had a chance to do what they did two years ago and get a unknowed manager and give it a go,not someone who floated around the lower leagues without success. At 52 years young I thought I would never see BFC in the premiership and I dared to dream and I like it, not like a negative appointment like BL. Like you all think championship next year some of the first team sold to better clubs i.e. steve caldwell now I'm taking the *****.
All I ask of you fedup is that you give Laws a chance as I will, and don't get on the board's back. As Claretdale says who knows where we would be without Kilby. In just over 10 years he has delivered two promotions and helped us reach the premier league. If you want to sing about Kilby I suggest it is da da dada Barry Kilby!
you are taking the *****, its like taking the ex-wife back
I haven't got a clue what your last message is meant to mean, however I am obviously wasting my time trying to hold a reasonable conversation with you. I suggest you become chairman and let's see how far you get?
Are people saying we were definitely going to stay up with Coyle's appalling away record, inability to rotate a squad, one-track tactics, long final winless run... and with those who weren't on his happy face mobile speed-dial stuck in some kind of wilderneness? I don't recall too many fans walking away from Goodison saying we were safe. And if O'Driscoll had come in, was it just a matter of turning up and we'd be in Europe? Having heard the Board's reasons, I am pleased BL is our manager.
Couch Potato
Let's not forget Kilby has an excellent record in hiring managers. All of our last appointments have taken us on in some way. I have to say I'm warming to the idea of Laws - thanks to stevetheowl for this thoughts - I'd forgotten he was single handedly running the club for a period. I think he could be good for us. Hopefully give the players and staff a lift.
I must admit CP, having heard the board reasoning I am happier with the appointment. Also I think Laws said the right things in the statement given on the club website. I agree we were not safe under Coyle, just as we are not relegated under Laws. I maintain the thing we can do as fans to help avoid relegation is offer our support. Getting on people's backs will not do a bit of good to a situation that we cannot change whether we like it or not. So I say up the Clarets!!
Have to say I am not overly impressed with the appointment myself, but I dont think Kilby has let us down before and regardless of what we think about the appointment, if we dont get behind him it will make the job that bit harder

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