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Club Statement on Owen Coyle-An Update

It is now official that Owen Coyle has had talks with Bolton concerning the managerial position at the Reebok following the sacking of Gary Megson last week

The Club statement on the Official Website earlier in the evening read:

'Burnley Football Club can now confirm that manager Owen Coyle has held discussions with Bolton Wanderers FC over the vacant manager's position at the Reebok Stadium. Burnley Football Club chairman Barry Kilby will now meet with Coyle to discuss his future at Turf Moor. This will take place following Coyle's return from Scotland tonight (Monday).Burnley Football Club will not make any further comment at this time'

Clarets fans thought that would be the end of any announcements for the day but the Official Website then made this announcement at about 10pm after about two and a half hours discussion between the two parties:

"Senior Burnley Football Club officials have, on Monday evening, held detailed talks with first team manager Owen Coyle over his future at Turf Moor.

"As a result of these talks over Coyle's future with his current employers, both parties have decided to take a further 24 hours to digest the information shared before making any further announcement.

"There will be no further comment during this time from Burnley Football Club or Owen Coyle."

Most Clarets fans judge this to mean that there might be a glimmer of hope that Coyle could be staying at Burnley.

Some sources in the media are also suggesting that Coyle's move to Bolton could be on the verge of falling through.

Wanderers chairman Phil Gartside, it is understood had hoped to announce Coyle as manager on Tuesday afternoon so that timing now certainly seems to be scuppered.

Sky Sports also hint that this delay could mean there may have been further developments following Coyle's discussion with Burnley's senior officials.

They state it was widely anticipated that Coyle would confirm his move to Bolton after talks with Barry Kilby,

Come on Owen do right by Burnley FC and restore all the faith and respect we have had for you. Surely another three months with the club to try and keep us in the Premier League will be a fitting tribute if you succeed before wishing to move on. I implore you Owen not to leave us in such a mess at such a critical time. You once took your players outside to see the fans queuing for tickets to demonstrate what this club means to us. Please remember that moment before you make your decision.

I want to contunue saying 'Owen Coyle is God' please don't make me have to change the 'G' in God to 'S'!

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 4 2010

Time: 3:45PM

Your Comments

Oh well, we should now know by tomorrow at the latest what the situation is
sorry but its nice to see that its not just us (Pompey fans) that get screwed after a bit of medium success, i was begginning to think it was a conspiracy, but does that mean we still cant get nuge off the wage bill
Super Bock 1898
He needs to go regardless now , his mantra for players is loyalty and motivation by playing and not money , as he has spoken to Bolton his heart aint here ! Timing is very poor but this is BFC not OCFC , so we will move on and find our new Owen Coyle !!
Bernie Lee
If he decides to stay I would still support him, done wonders for this football club lets not forget that!
Can't question is work and what great things he has done here , but he preaches loyalty and committment then leaves us in a transfer window with much work to be done , that I can question ! This is BFC not OCFC , lets not forget that !!
Bernie Lee
No point in doing wonders for a club and then pooing on us from a great height and going against all his own mantras! Sorry CW he has lost all respect I ever had for him should he take up this offer with a club that let's face it is fighting with us to avoid relegation.They are hardly a Big Four club. As far as I am concerned he can get stuffed and try & get Bolton up via the Wembley play-offs next season. I just hope we are not one of the clubs back down there trying to stop him ! [Edited by turfmanphil]
Everyone to their own opinion and whilst I can understand taking that view on it, mine is less judgemental and more realistic; ***** happens, get on with life
Personally if I had a banner that said 'Owen Coyle is God' on it, I would be crossing the 'G' out and replacing it with a S! [Edited by turfmanphil]
Not looking good at all. IMO I think he should at least see the season out a BFC. He knew the limited resources available at the start of the season. He got us into the Premiership on limited reosources and I believe he could keep us in the premiership on the same limited resources. It would also prove his worth a lot more.
If OC says to BK that he wants to stay, despite having been offered more money, is that being unloyal? If he says he wants to stay but only if BFc improve his contract, is that being unloyal? If he says he wants to stay but only if BFc improve his budget, is that being unloyal? If the meeting had taken place secretly, and he stayed, is that being unloyal? There are many questions and no easy answers. I find myself wondering who else at the club BK is talking to? Stewart? Davis? Caldwell? Grezza? Fletch? Dobbo? What they say to BK about what they think constitutes loyalty is more important than what I think. If BK consults the leaders in the club and they think they can accept OC staying (if he wants to) and win the fans over, I would accept that.
Couch Potato
Nobody expected OC to leave us so soon . He has chosen the worst time leaving us midway . Burnley are negotiating with a number of new players at this moment . We wonder what may happen . It is the cruellest cut of them all . may I call OC a t.........
I don't agree with that davemanu. Whatever happens he has been brilliant for this club and whilst I can understand fans being upset slagging people off is pointless. Coyle's history as both player and manager suggests he moves clubs every couple of years so he may feel he is ready for a fresh challenge now. Personally, I think he is making the wrong move at the wrong time but that's my opinion. I have been involved with football for over 40 years now and the only loyalty in the game comes from fans so we can't be surprised when people move on. And remember, Coyle left St Johnstone to join us !!!
I could accept that if it wasn't for the fact Coyle tried to come across as someone different with more loyalty and higher morals, even expecting his players to play because they wanted to rather than take the money and sit on the bench. Well it looks like he doesnt want to manage Burnley and has decided to follow the money to Bolton. He has broken his contract and upset many at the club. It might be perfectly legal but it still hurts and I would say moraly reprehensible in terms of the timing. Burnley clearly means nothing to him at all
You cant blame him for wanting to go to potentially a bigger club, he has taken Burnley as far as he can with the resources available. It would be wrong to deny him a chance to take Bolton Wanderers back into Europe. Bitter pill to swallow I know but 3.5 Million quid should soften the blow. (P.S. I wonder what % of the 3.5 millin Coyle gets?)
The key word there is potentially,you are just as likely to get relegated as we are with a manager unproven at this level. You are expecting him in under three months to work miracles with a squad he hardly knows, trying to get them to play a way they are probably not familiar with. Throwing loads of dosh at it doesn't guarantee success either ask Mark Hughes
I would also say 3.5 million hardly softens the blow when we have to sort out a manager and try and get new players in with just a few weeks of the Jan transfer window left with the club just two points off the drop zone. The timing is crap and I will never forgive Coyle for doing this to us at this time (assuming of course he does)
Money Talks Coyle walks in the word of the Meerkat "Simples" I so wish you had sacked him and come in for Megson.
P.S. Headline on Vital Bolton will read "Tawt inserts Coyle"
You saying you have more money than Celtic? He turned them down and they are his childhood club. Money doesn't always talk but sadly this time it looks like it has although the money has more to do with the squad building budget than his personal wealth I believe
Simply he has gone the moment Kilby said that Coyle has been in talks & my fears came to a head. "discuss his future at Turf Moor" Mr Kilby What future? With the links to Celtic & the scotland job i'm still trying to get my head WHY THE F**K Notlob?? Clearly it's more money than the Burnley board are willing to pay him. Megson was told to sell in the window so i presume he will have to do the same.
60 million in debt... whats another 3.5 million,,,,,,
any respect for coyle and bolton will vanish if this goes ahead, i wont forget what he has done, but by the same token he would more than likley be sending us straight back to were we came, and that is unforgivable, end of and fekin simples as said, sorry but this is making me very very mad....
Just seen on SSN that talks are scheduled for 7.30 pm tonight. Love to be a fly on the wall there. I see that Warnock is the Vital favourite for the expected vacancy !!
I guess that when he departs, he may just be reluctant to be Mr Media for a while. "You surely knew that leaving BFC at the start of the January transfer window would screw them up?" Burnley Football Club are a superb club, one I have loved and admired since they got me from St Johnstone, they have a great manager now who I respect, I hope they don't end up bottom of the league and I hope they have a party with the compensation I managed to get them, oh did I tell you that I only want players who want to play football and worry about the wages secondary....well I have changed my mind!! I hope not Owen, I hope not, listen to Kilby remember all you have said this last year and if you really meant it you will see out this season with us p.s. my toys are still out of the pram
well said vin.. rickers if warnob comes to burnley then thats me a ********s fan, im trying not to say anything i regret at this time but its hard, just who allowed him to talk to them and why, its a joke, i can see crys of sack the board if he goes, and we will be the joke of the prem,,,,
Sky Sports News sources understand Bolton and Burnley have agreed a compensation deal for manager Owen Coyle... G'Owen, G'Owen Gone?
ffs,,,,,well if its true, he can fek of and go down with em...
I think we have to hold our horses a bit here. I'm not sure I agree with all this vitriol when nothing is decided yet. Also OC got us to the premier league on a meagre budget which is better than any other manger has done in the past 33 years. Yes I don't understand why he would go to Bolton but if he does lets hear his reasons before slating him. I do agree that if he does go the timing is terrible and it does leave us and all the players he brought in in the lurch. Anyhow as I said lets see what develops and why
Billy Hamiltons Boot
Billy - For me that is almost bang on the money! Well said ( or typed) :-)
Try looking internally. He's got you to the halfway point of the season & you've never been in the relegation zone. You've beated UTD at home. He askes the board for some support now the window is open & they refuse because they are scared of going down & spending money doing so. Is that not a lack of faith in his ability to keep the team in the division?? Fair play on him for speaking to a board that clearly do have faith in him.... BWFC
Big Stu
the clubs have agred the compo package, owen has talked to them, not like we are jumping the gun, unless kilby can convince him to stay its a done deal, i would love him to stay but just stick sky on, its alive with the story, coffee time chaps, inhale deepley.
Sky Sports News sources understand Bolton and Burnley have agreed a compensation deal for manager Owen Coyle. The Trotters identified Coyle as their primary target after bringing Gary Megson's reign to an end in the wake of last Tuesday's 2-2 draw with Hull City. An approach was made for Coyle, who has enjoyed great success during a two-year spell in charge at Turf Moor. The Scottish tactician, who spent time with Bolton as a player, has already held talks with Reebok Stadium bosses about filling the vacant position. And he has now moved a step closer to being appointed as manager after Bolton offered the 3.6million it would take for the Clarets to release Coyle. Burnley chairman Barry Kilby will meet with Coyle later on Monday before an announcement is made about his future.
I have lost much of the respect I had for Coyle, If he takes the Bolton Job he is not a man of his word has no integrity no loyalty, has let himself down and I hope one day soon he will bitterly regret leaving Burnley at the worst possible time. How will he sleep at night. He will not be able to hold his head up in Burnley ever again.If he goes his side kick will no dought jump ship too. IF not he needs a push. In fact make them both walk the plank. Thats the punishment for mutiny.
Grimsby Claret
Oh heck... anyone reckon Stoke will field a weakened team against Fulham midweek before coming to the Tuf on Saturday?
Couch Potato
For all those doubters - This news surely indicates that we are fighting out corner and doing everything we can to hold on to our man. And as for Owen, He is thinking about this seriously!
SKY now saying no decision for 24 hours. Time to get some sleep. Though that won't be easy.
Couch Potato
Obvious conclusion is that talks have finished and OC is going to go home, speak to his family, sleep on it and make a decision in the morning. Looks like there is a glimmer of hope.
I wonder what will happen with a few people on here and other websites should OC now decide to stay. Given some of the vitriol that's been aimed at him, maybe he would be better just going? All we know is that he's discussed the job...nothing more.
There's been some ridiculous hysteria among Burnley supporters today - let's not forget Owen has kept his counsel and said nothing. He does not owe the supporters an explanation...and indeed I believe there is a glimmer of hope...
Perhaps just perhaps he is a man of his word and just maybe he understands the mess he will leave behind. Leave in the summer, if you are offered a big job, but now and to Bolton does not make sense to any of us.
I agree with Barnsey - some really strong things said about OC over the last couple of days which have been hard to stomach. Whatever happens, he has been a fantastic manager for us and, though he may still move on, I will always watch his future career with interest and thank him for what he has done. Got no problem speculating about our next manager but I hope it will be a while before OC leaves us.
Agree, CC. Thanks, RT! Some on here and other sites need to take a step back and breathe!
Okay here is my take on it, I was hoping this would have been resolved by tonight or at tomorrow at the latest looks like another 24 hours? that bodes well for me a chance he will stay on or at least be persuaded too, I am not impressed with the slagging-off given to OC by my fellow clarets!! fair enough he went and asked about another job nobody say's he will take it? Are we as fickle as Bolton fans? No we are not but it sounds like it today, come on chaps speculation let's not dive on a man's back before we know the truth
As it not even occurred to you that Clarets fans in showing their emotions and stating what they would truly feel if Coyle left us at such a critical time may even have a bearing on his decision should he be tempted to read message boards? He needs to know how strongly some of us feel and how betrayed we would feel if he left. Don't worry I am still breathing but I am still allowed to show my anger & frustration. If he doesn't leave he will restore my faith in football and my respect for the man but there is no harm in saying what our opinions would be if he left us. I think the one's that need to breathe are the ones who think this is all hunky dory, will not cause us any harm and is simply ces't la vie. They are the ones that need to smell the coffee and wake up!
We've had a load of hits though and some very clever, deliberately controversial comments have made it just like TalkSport. Only more fun.
Football to the fans is all about emotions and different opinions, that is the beauty of the Footy website and forum concepts. What is not acceptable is when comments about a poster's opinions get personal and I have to say compared to other sites that I wont mention, we have conducted this discussion well and I think with dignity
I don't know how to start a discussion off...Phil please open a discussion where we can all pen an open letter to Owen telling him why we want him to stay.
Jury before for the trial springs to mind? Don't get me wrong if it does happen, I will question my judgement and believe me I have gone over that all day. I still think he will stay? or maybe he won't have having read Claret websites? and yes it as occurred me tmp you don't know he has gone yet! If he does go I shall give my opinion then!
Jane do you mean in the forums? I have got your PM and will set something up for you in Backchat Burnley
Please could anyone wishing to write an Open Letter to Owen Coyle imploring him to stay in line with Jane's suggestion please do so quickly on this forum thread in Backchat Burnley- (Cut&paste) I will collate them and send to club FAO OC
I am saying no more only will be bitterly disapointed if he goes, but also very anoyed with him if he stays.
Grimsby Claret
Yes, I very much feel the same GC. If he stays I suspect the reception for him will still be quite cool from a number of Clarets fans with some maybe even hostile towards him, something which I would not condone. If he goes, I am sorry but I will never forgive him for leaving us in this mess.
I'm still breath, and it's c'est la vie, mon brave! ;) I don't think it's hunkt fdory at all, but going off at the deep end isn't going to help anyone.
Morning all. Slept well hope everyone else did. Two things can happen today imo. OC "It was a wonderful offer to manage a football club that played a big part in my life some years ago, like the Celtic vacancy it tugged at my heart, I have had to talk with Bolton, Burnley and most importantly my family to make the choice about my future. I have decided to stay at Burnley Football Club and continue with the progress we are making at this great Football Club. Please respect it has been a difficult time for me but I have a game to prepare for this Saturday." Take two OC "Everything I said about loyalty and wanting players to want to play before counting the cash is out of the window boys. I played for Bolton years ago, Phil is a good mate and needs me, so my loyalty has now shifted as you can understand to Bolton especially as the Board at Burnley are sticking to our financial plan for this season and Phil says I can spend as much as I want. Excuse me I have a desk to pack up and a match to prepare for. Bye and thanks.
It helps me,you should try it!
Some of us go in the deep end, some at the other. You can sink or swim anywhere. The thing I really like about this site is you get to read a great diversity of views. Long may it continue.
Couch Potato
Does turfmanphil think "never forgiving someone," is NOT being hostile to them ?
People have never forgiven me for things, I dont consider that hostile just a fact. Owen Coyle took his players outside to see us queuing for tickets if I recall, showing them what this club means to us. I hope he is standing out the Turf now and remembering that moment and if he is that he realises what effect his leaving now might have on our club at such a critical time.I am sorry I cant help the way I feel. If he leaves now I will never, ever forgive him and to be honest I don't give a fig whether he thinks I am bring hostile or not [Edited by turfmanphil]
Written under the presumption he has already left I fear tmp?
MK Dons is ces't la vie Barnsey, but I notice you are still protesting about them by not going to games. We all have our passionate 'going off the deep end' moments and we all find comfort in doing it. We are neither right nor wrong
I fear he will leave and just like if we were stood in a pub/club/outside the turf/inside the turf etc we are just chewing the cud...shooting the breeze....typing our thoughts and fears, hopes and beliefs as they unfold. I have read loads on the current topic, some people have changed my thinking, some have reinforced it but all are just showing they care about this situation.
I'm not going off the deep end about MK. I'm not going there, simple as. I don't think you can compare the two situations, either. I find it hard to assimilate the bile that has been aimed at OC here and elsewhere: what are people going to do if he stays? Strikes me as being a bit two-faced, if you ask me. Wait til the facts are known and THEN go off at the deep end. Some statements here have been made with little or no information, which is never a good state of affairs, as I am sure you would agree?
Being on here is certainly better than watching SKY Sports News 24/7.
Couch Potato
People comment about things they dont fully understand or have all the facts to hand, all the time. They make a judgement on what they appear to think is happening and comment on it. We make comments about Prime Ministers and call them liars and worse even though we haven't been party to cabinet meetings and the like just read comments in the Sun. Politics, Iraq war, you name it! Most comments have been made based on one assumption, that Coyle would leave with the club left to pick up the pieces. he has now done precisely that so the emotions expressed before it happened are still relevant and dont need to be repeated. Nor do we need to know why he did it to be honest

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