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Rumour Mill-Traitor's Gate to Bolton for Coyle?

Normally you take rumours in the media with a pinch of salt but when the journalist is Alan Nixon, who has close connections with Owen Coyle you tend to sit up and take note.

In the Mirror today he states that Bolton chairman, Phil Gartside was given permission to speak to Coyle by Burnley operations director Brendan Flood over the weekend and that the two met up in Glasgow.

Coyle was supposed to be up in Scotland for a family reunion according to Sandy Stewart who in Coyle's absence was given the onerous task of speaking in the post-match interview following the MK Dons victory on Saturday.

Sadly for Clarets fans, Nixon goes on to say that Gartside managed to persuade Coyle to come to Bolton with the expectation that he will be in charge by the time Bolton face Arsenal at the Emirates on Wednesday night. Some baptism of fire!

More worrying still is the reason stated by Nixon which apparantly had nothing to do with the salary side but all to do with the superior budget Bolton would have to buy new players compared to the pathetic one available at Turf Moor. It is well known that Bolton a club also struggling for survival in the Premier League have a budget three times that of the Clarets. It would appear Coyle has been frustrated by the lack of ambition shown by the Board with their shoestring budget giving him an uphill battle to compete in the top-flight.

Of course there is no official announcement yet so a lot of this is conjecture at the moment but with Nixon saying it and also now Sky Sports suggesting a similar story it looks like it's the end of the road for Coyle as Clarets manager.

If this is true it will be a huge body blow to Clarets fans. I will not repeat my personal thoughts on the matter other than to say I will be very disappointed by Coyle's decision if true and even more annoyed with the club for the way they have handled the whole affair.

I guess I just have to accept that all managers have ambition and that once again words have a hollow meaning and there is no such thing as loyalty. We used to live in a better world! Life will go on for Clarets fans as it always does but if Coyle goes which is looking increasingly likely, this will hurt big time and will be a severe knock to our chances of surviving in the Premier League with all the financial benefits that would provide.

This article is purely the individual opinion of the Editor and has no bearing on any other Clarets organisation of which he is involved

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday January 4 2010

Time: 9:07AM

Your Comments

I hate Christmas! Bah Humbug
Coyle operating with a budget of 14million at Turf Moor by far the lowest in the Premier League. Bolton have a 40million pot (Source:LT)
If indeed this is the end, which is still unconfirmed, then it's time to start thinking about new beginnings, and get behind the team. I very much doubt if they will throw in the towel, and are every bit as good today as they were yesterday. Owen Coyle is a football manager, and never has been a god, except in our minds. We now need to re-open our minds to the realities that IF he goes to Bolton (or anywhere else) (a) they may well go down anyway whatever the size of their budget (b) we can still definitely stay up (c) we may well end up with a better manager. All you have to do to get a handle on some of his weaknesses is trawl back through this site over recent weeks. But, despite those fairly well-established flaws - God only knows we all have them - I very much hope he stays and I will stay loyal till that's proven otherwise.
Couch Potato
If SSN is correct then Coyle is the new Bolton Manager and I am gutted, but would like you to put a thread up for possible new managers. If God has turned into an ArCoyle over the weekend then I like you Phil will want to get it off my chest. His words will be empty from now on in. Perhaps he didn't like being challenged about his continued selection of Robbie away from home, who knows etc etc. Finally for this bit, if there is a God please make sure Bolton finish below Burnley this season.
The biggest problem we face if he goes is the time-factor and the timing. I assume Sandy Stewart will follow him to Bolton as well so Steve Davis will probably be caretaker manager until we sort out the mess. He will be close enough to follow in Coyle's tradition I assume but how gutted will the players be and what chance do we have of holding onto them if Coyle comes in for them from Bolton with his massive budget compared to our pathetic one? We could have a demotivated,destabilised team. Our intentions to bring in Wilshere could also be scuppered if Wenger was only letting him come here because of Coyle & his style of football. What else was in the transfer pipeline which will now be on hold probably unless they can sort out a manager this month? This could have a lot of implications and we have little time to sort it all out. We are also having to sort it all out just two points off the drop-zone. It's hard to remain positive under those circumstances. Sometimes football stinks and at times far too many smells seem to eminate from Burnley FC
Nothing new about the budget for us or Bolton - either to us or to Coyle. Sounds like he was always planning to jump when a suitable horse came along. Let's start a sweep for when he leaves Bolton because he has a lower budget than Birmingham, West Ham etc. Will also be interesting what happens if Bolton go down and the benefactor with the 50m-100m loan invested still demands his alleged 10% annual interest on his investment.
LT think our top target will be Darren Ferguson on assumption they will want a young up and coming,ambitious manager with prospects again(yeah right and probably CHEAPER!!). They also mention-Steve Coppell(yeah like that one), Billy Davies and Paul Jewell(Yawn!). Also in frame could be Sean O`Driscoll,Mike Phelan,Peter Reid(Yawn!), Alan Curbishley (yep nice one), Brian Laws and Alan Irvine (oh great proven Championship failed managers) [Edited by turfmanphil]
Agree with you on that CC, I am also quite uptight about the players he brought in not trusting him anymore. Fletcher for example at 3 Million is now left without his mentor, does he think why did I sign such a long contract for OC or does he think Bolton may buy me for 6 Million? Pick any of the others for similar equations. I for one would not sell the used tea bags from Gawthorpe to Bolton for at least 4 weeks, which is how long I anticipate my extreme anger to last should the story be correct!
Without doubt, Gartside has wooed Owen Coyle but I think he has taken quite a risk. Phil, I think apportioning any blame on our board is a bit our of order to be honest. Maybe Kilby shouldn't have given us free season tickets? He knew what he had to work with in this first season and signed a contract extension in that knowledge. He has let us down, no question. And showed a complete lack of heart for those around him. I just hope the club are steadfast in resisting Bolton's attempts to sign any of our players in this transfer window. That really would be the final insult.
On the subject of new managers, well it's something we weren't expecting so I'm not sure going for a young ambitious manager long term is the right thing to do. Steve Davis in a caretaker capacity I desperately hope he doesn't follow OC. It won't seem a popular choice but we need a manager high on charisma and capable of keeping the troops motivated. Dare I mention Neil Warnock? He'd jump at the chance for another crack at the Prem in the role as an underdog and might have the battle hardened ingredients needed for the job in hand.
Interesting that as of just now has nothing about Coyle in either football news or Monday morning gossip. What they do have is The Burnley Express taking a 'five for' in Cape Town, then England slumping to 57 for 3. If that's an omen, it's going to be a topsy-turvy day. I agree with all tmp says about the timing (If true, and even if not true.) being very bad for Bfc's squad development. But not so sure we should get down on the Board. Sounds to me like they have stuck to what has been a clearly stated plan, Coyle went along with it (positvely in public), and so did pretty much all of us. Coyle is now the one who's changed (perhaps). But in that you can still get Megson's account of what's wrong at Bolton on, perhaps we'll hear Coyle's stories on Burnley, if the story unravels as predicted here. It would seem possible that what he'll say changed at the club was the hit Brendan Flood took in his businesses (and his family) and that, without his forward drive, the rest of the Board reverted to their more financially conservative stance. All of which is speculative guesswork, and substantially at odds with what was said around the time of the AGM. What matters is at Gawthorpe and on the Turf. Come on!
Couch Potato
Am convinced this is a done deal and the only thing that annoys me is the way this has been done. Not sure that Sandy Stewart comes out of this with any credibility but then again he was probably shoved in front of the cameras reluctantly on Saturday evening when it now seems clear that Coyle was still at the ground. Am tempted to go to The Emirates on Wednesday but doubt I could stomach seeing our current manager in a Bolton tracksuit just yet. If we are talking new managers then I reckon the board are likely to go with safe, unpopular choices like Jewell or, even worse, Reid. Can't see Curbishley or Coppell taking this job and it is probably too soon for Mark Hughes. Brian Laws, Alan Irvine lack the right pedigree for me but what about Warnock ? Granted it would be a controversial choice but could the fans come to forgive and forget his previous indiscretions ? A far more ambitious selection would come from the likes of Ferguson, O'Driscoll - who plays similar football to Coyle - or Keegan.
Coyle is probably as ruthless as the rest of them and presumably thought if another Prem club came along he could use that as a bargaining chip to try and get BFC to up the ante. If the Board hand on heart truly couldn't have found anymore money to keep him happy then fair enough but realistically with a budget of 14 million we are relying on luck and in many ways may as well be in the Championship if the aim is simply to remain debt-free(not something most of the other Prem clubs seem to entertain which is why they remain Prem clubs in the main). Coyle was truly special and could well have been the spark that was tipping our chances of survival from luck to reasonable. Our problem is we haven't got much time to find another one that could offer the same spark and we have to do it on a much shorter timescale. [Edited by turfmanphil]
Managers, I think I would start with promoting Sandy Stewart then when OC comes for him we take any compensation! Seriously I would appoint Grezza and Steve Davis who know the way things are running at the moment, hopefully they maybe able to tweak it a bit away from home and get the points we need. In the summer when we know the future, appoint either a manager to get us promoted or a manager to keep us in the prem. Sadly prem managers and Championship managers are two different beasts.
Well we will be entitled to 3.6 million compensation if Coyle goes so the Board better spend that both wisely and quickly on sorting out a new manager and bolstering the squad. If this goes into the general 'we are not going into debt pot I will be livid
Dare I mention Steve Cotterill? ;-)
Better watch your blood pressure tmp!!! But if you aren't livid yet, your posts when you are will certainly get the hits on this site up! (Please forgive my attempts at humour and 'taking positives'. We all have our different ways of dealing with pressure. Anyone getting any work done today?)
Couch Potato
I am passionate fan that calls a spade a spade. That;'s what football is all about. Trust me it's better than towing the club line all the time. I have been trained in a business sense to question and challenge the perceived thinking in any situation. You don't tend to get any browny points for it and you can be chastised on forums for your opinion but providing it doesn't get personal we are all entitled to our opinions. Poll now up if you want to have a go at forecasting our next manager
Right I am switching off my lap top taking my toys with me until tonight and am going to believe that everything I ever heard OC tell me was true. Based on that he was happy to work within the budget he agreed with the board for this season and is happy being the Burnley manager. As such he will still be Burnley manager on Saturday. I will return with my toys later, happy and content in the knowledge that OC told the truth and the media hype can go and suck their own toes for all I fact I would rather pass a kidney stone than listen to this OC is leaving nonsense! This is the April Fool come early.........I do hope so..nurse....Nurse.......NURSE
It's going to be an interesting day.
Having slowly begun to accept the reality of the situation...the interesting day happened yesterday when the unsavoury Gartside flew to Glasgow to discuss the move with Coyle. My concern has turned to the amount of money Bolton will be paying for us for Coyle breaking his contract. Alan Nixon says 1m and the LET says 3.6 million. This figure could actually have more bearing on our season than anything else. It might be the difference of strengthening in January or not.
I like what you did there VR, just hope Coyle reads it too!! ;-)
Sadly, despite my posted attempts at last-ditch loyalty yesterday, it does rather now sound as though Coyle will be reading small print and nowt else today... not even the card on his Ma's late Christmas present? Using your Mum as cover for business dealings... no god I have ever read about would have done that. But then I never did get caught up in the 'Coyle is God' delusion, and obviously Owen found it a cross to bear too. So I'll keep an open mind till it's slammed shut, and take heart from comparing where we are today with how I was feeling a year ago, in the middle of a 5-game losing streak and about to get thumped 4-1 at the Lane. The startling success that followed perhaps contained the seeds of today's apparently unfolding treachery and tragedy...
Couch Potato
to be fair, he came to burnley, did his job well and moved on? he got you guys promoted and gave you a memorable trip to wembley! how can you complain!. if you got offered a job in the same industry you work in, for more money and better job security you'd go to?
Yes and in industry you have to work three months notice not leave the club(company) in deep *****! I am sure you would be absolutely over the moon if it happened to your club! By the way he has not apparantly done this for personal salary reasons but because he has been given a much bigger budget to play with on new players. Something our board I believe need to take a long hard look at and stop pleading poverty. He turned Celtic down and would have got far more money there
What a blue Monday this is turning out to be. I just want to be really girlie now and go to bed hug my teddy bear and cry. Then burn the Burnley shirt OC signed for my daughter when he met her at her school. I feel sick to the stomach
At least you are showing your true emotion SC, some seem to just accept the situation and think everything will be hunky dory!
To be fair Phil, we are powerless to change the situation. I think it's very important that the club moves on as quickly as possible. The match against Stoke on Saturday is absolutely vital and we haven't got time to be feeling sorry for ourselves.
We each deal with grief and loss in different ways and on different schedules.
Couch Potato
Are we powerless? Bolton Fans got rid of Megson, to some extent much to my annoyance our fans also got rid of Cotterill, why cant fans the other way round convince the Board to keep Coyle? At least let them know how we feel rather than capitulate and roll over saying ces't la vie.
Motivation (in this case to encourage OC to stay) can be by both the carrot and the stick.
Couch Potato
BBC Sport website have an article stating that basically Coyle would be stupid to leave Burnley! Hope you have read it OC
The longer it goes on with no news the better for me. Hope he stays and there will be no hard feelings from me whatever t5he outcome TBH. What he acheived for the club and me personally as a supporter I never thought I would see in my leftime, so good luck and thanks whatever happens Owen.
LHrover and any of our own fans who compare Coyles move to Bolton with a bloke moving to another job for a more money. Coyle moving would devestate 20,000 Clarets fans. I compare it more with a Husband leaving his wife and shacking up with some tart down the road who has slightly better looks and he knows she has some money left to her.
Grimsby Claret
Just to also say Im 100% behind Barry Kilby he is a LOYAL fan and has the long term future of the Club at heart.
Grimsby Claret
CW While Owen Coyle contributed to us winning promotion and one of the best days of my life. But would a newly married bride who's wedding day was all she dreamed off, Still love her bloke if after a short time after the wedding he ran off with some tart from down the road.
Grimsby Claret
Is anyone else like me at work and keeps checking every web site possible to see what the situation regarding OC is. I wonder how many man hours have been lost today by BFC fans trying to find out news on OC. If he goes maybe Bolton should also have to pay for man hours lost!!
Interesting analogy GC. But presumably, if OC does decide he never meant to leave, the club would have to pay the cost if they then decided they didn't want him back. Moreover, the pre-nup will have given the bloke quite a few rights that go beyond those of a married man. So I still hope for a reconciliation, and hope that Owen did have some time together with his Mum. I am beginning to understand why the trip north was set up that way, but also how what now seems like subterfuge has backfired in the minds of many of us.
Couch Potato
Good point SC. You have certainly caught me derelicting my duties. So this is my claim to Gaffer Gartside for his best 2/6d! But I did come in early and will stay late. Honest. Though, today, as things now seem to get torn apart before our eyes, out of anyone's control, I don't think anyone believes anyone any more. So when Boff Whalley has finished his opera about Bob Lord, he can start work on another one about this tragic, troubled and troubling episode.
Couch Potato
I'd love to be a fly on the wall tonight when Coyle meets with Kilby to discuss his future with the club after meeting with Bolton! Let's hope Barry Kilby can pull something out of the hat to keep him at Turf Moor. Doesn't look likely though
Keep the manager? Take the money? Bob Lord would have taken the money and appointed from within.
Couch Potato
Well I believe Burnley FC staff have been truly stunned by the prospect of losing OC Phil. As two of Burnley's most loyal fans of all (Flood and Kilby) were the guys who brought him to the club in the first place, surely they will be doing everything in their power to persuade him to stay. I'm amazed if they need any extra convincing from fans ( a large number of which on another discussion forum seem to be losing their minds!). I am heartened, at least, by the fact that Kilby will have the "last word" on this. I can imagine the tabloids will be loving this angle: "Burnley chairman Barry Kilby was set for heart-to-heart talks with boss Owen Coyle late last night in a last ditch battle to keep the Scot at Turf Moor. Kilby is believed to offer his recently married wide Sonya and a lifetime's supply of lotterty scratch-cards in return for Coyle to remain with Burnley at least until the end of the season!
Just throwing a fly in the ointment here; Imagine Coyle stays, we get relegated and Kilby sacks Coyle shortly afterwards; where would the loyalty card lie then?
Well as you said CW ***** happens!! We would cross that bridge if and when we got to it. At the moment we are already crossing one that is in danger of collapsing big time
Lets hope Kilby can pull something out of the hat!!
I don't recall any manager in the 60s and 70s wanting to leave Burnley, indeed any under Bob Lord. It's a sign of the times that loyalty doesn't seem to be in a manager's vocabulary these days although thats maybe because football clubs are all too willing to sack them at the first sign of a bad run

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