Burnley - Will Coyle Break Clarets Fans Hearts?
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Will Coyle Break Clarets Fans Hearts?

Burnley beat MK Dons 2-1 in the FA Cup third-round at stadium: mk yesterday but there was only really one conversation amongst Clarets fans, before, during and after this match. This was one hot topic too which was quite appropriate as we all tried to keep warm on a bitterly cold day in Milton Keynes. The discussion centered around one basic question. Would Owen Coyle still be our manager by the time of our next match against Stoke City at Turf Moor next Saturday?

Bolton Wanderers of course sacked their manager, Gary Megson in midweek fuelling speculation in the media that Owen Coyle was their favourite to replace him. Coyle has always been a bit of a hero with Bolton fans. They have idolised him since the time he used to play for them in the nineties. That fact was evident to see when we recently played Bolton at Turf Moor on Boxing Day. Bolton fans have never accepted Megson as their manager and once more boos were heard in the Cricket Field stand aimed against him. Even more remarkable was the fact that these same fans were chanting Coyle`s name in appreciation. Little did we know then this would be Megson`s next to last match in charge of the club and we would soon be fearful of losing Owen Coyle to the club down the road.

As soon as Megson got the sack, the media reported that Coyle was Bolton`s number one target to succeed him. At first Owen Coyle seemed to deny any interest and the Club confirmed no approach had been made. It looked like Coyle was once more going to remain loyal to the club and very much like the time he was linked with a move to Celtic scotch the rumours, get his head down and focus on keeping Burnley in the Premier League. At the time he said:

"It is a fantastic job for someone but my focus is on doing the best against MK Dons this weekend, I`ve had speculation time and again but I`ll focus on the job in hand."

Yesterday though the media speculation intensified and The Sun newspaper reported that Coyle would make a dramatic U-turn, jump ship and soon be the manager of Bolton. The Daily Mirror also stated that Coyle was close to informing Burnley FC that he wanted to join their Lancashire rivals this week.

The local Bolton News today (Sunday)confirms that Bolton have identified Coyle as their number one target to fill the vacant manager`s spot and want him in place by next weekend`s trip to Sunderland.

Bolton chairman, Phil Gartside knows Owen Coyle well and indeed recommended him to Burnley two-years ago. It is understood he is preparing a bold attempt to poach our manager in what could become a fairly acrimonious affair. There was a report in the Mirror yesterday that Burnley are preparing to report Bolton to the Premier League for tapping-up Owen Coyle. It is illegal under the Premier League rules to approach another manager in the top flight during a season unless the two clubs involved have reached an agreement with suitable compensation being agreed. Burnley FC are still denying that any official approach has been made by Bolton

The bookmakers yesterday suspended betting on Coyle becoming the next Trotters manager so things are beginning to look a little bleak for Clarets fans.

The News of the World suggest the Clarets would require 4m compensation from Bolton should Coyle take up the offer to become their new manager and they also state that Bolton will make a formal approach for the Burnley boss today with Wanderers hoping to rubber-stamp an appointment within 48 hours. The paper evens goes as far as saying that the settlement fee with Burnley is all that stands in the way of a deal.

This is all very bad news for Clarets fans but can it be believed? There is certainly nothing at the moment that gives 100% confidence he will stay at Turf Moor. At the end of the MK Dons match, Coyle did eventually begin to walk over part-way to the Clarets faithful who were cheering him on and making it obvious they wanted him to stay. His body language did not seem to suggest this would be his last game in charge for the Clarets otherwise I think he would have come over to be nearer to the crowd and prolong his appreciation. We were some distance from the technical area and it was a bitterly cold day, so maybe Coyle just quickly wanted to get off the pitch and get warm.

It was also perhaps slightly worrying though that Coyle did not appear in the post-match TV interview. This will be the first time I think he has ever missed one. Sandy Stewart stood in for him in front of the ITV cameras and gave a less than impressive explanation as to why Coyle was not giving the interview. It would appear that Coyle had bombed off to Luton Airport to catch a flight to Scotland to see his family for a belated New Year celebration.

Stewart said: 'There is nothing to read into this. Owen had to get away to see his family to celebrate the New Year"

It is debatable whether anybody believes this story and all it has done for the sake of staying on for a few more minutes after the match is fuel the speculation that something is going on. Is Coyle media shy now on this issue or was he bombing off to Bolton for talks? These are some of the questions fans are now bound to ask.

Clarets fans have another question too.

Why would Coyle want to go to a club who are equally struggling at the wrong end of the table?

I can think of three main reasons with probably all three being relevant

1. The move could be purely mercenary and done for selfish financial reasons. I guess you can`t blame someone seeking to improve their salary but I had thought Coyle had more integrity than that. He has been a breath of fresh air and has adopted high moral standards in this fickle world of football. If he went purely for the money, I would lose all respect in him not that he would probably care. He certainly wouldn`t care about the plight of Burnley after the mess his leaving could inflict on the club. One that could indeed condemn the Clarets to relegation undoing all the good work he had achieved to date and making a mockery of his earlier statements about getting on with the job at Turf Moor.

2. He has realised that it is going to be a tough battle to keep the Clarets in the Premier League and has been frustrated by the lack of funds available to buy new players in the January window.

Quite simply, Coyle might be tempted by the much bigger budget available to him at Bolton and all things being equal feel he might stand a better chance of keeping Bolton up than Burnley adding to his already impressive CV. This is maybe something our Board should look at and decide once and for all whether their frugal stance is definitely the right one. If they don`t get this right we stand to lose our best asset at the worst possible time with the club looking over their shoulder at the relegation places with no manager.

3. Bolton are just down the road and unlike the Celtic situation, Coyle would not need to uproot his family so if he judges Bolton to be a better bet for survival than Burnley under his guidance, that`s a factor that could strongly sway his decision.

Let`s face it, Bolton`s wish to bring Coyle to the Reebok has more to do with their fans sentimentality rather than any proven ability at Premier League level. They may find his style of play more entertaining and attacking than the one offered by Megson but there is no guarantee he can save Bolton either in a season where Coyle too is experiencing his first in the EPL. It would take some time for Coyle to settle in and he would have to move fast in the transfer window if he was to add to their squad. Would he have time to sort all this out? He knows the ropes at Burnley, he has a plan in place, surely it would be better to see that through at least until the end of the season and then review the situation depending on whether we survive or not.

Would Bolton not be better putting Peter Reid in charge as caretaker manager until the end of the season? He is still based in Bolton and is also a bit of local hero having also played for the club. Reid is on record too of saying he would relish the opportunity. If they still want Coyle in the close season then go for him then rather than wreck our chances of survival now.

If Coyle does go, I know one thing, he won`t be God anymore to me but the Devil and he certainly won`t get any thanks from me. He will just be another footballing manager out for anything they can get. Yes, he may have got us promotion but it will count for nothing if he goes at this vital stage of the season knowing the implications this predicament might have for this club with relegation staring us in the face and no manager. I hope he has more integrity than that. His hollow words about loyalty and having a job to do at Burnley will forever echo in the minds of Clarets fans if he goes now. Sometimes I just wonder why we bother

Just stay Owen please and give me some faith in football.

This article is purely the individual opinion of the Editor and has no bearing on any other Clarets organisation of which he is involved

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday January 3 2010

Time: 8:47AM

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This is doing my head in, either go or stay just decide quickly and then we can all move on
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03/01/2010 08:50:00

Some more media snippets today-Burnley boss Owen Coyle was spotted in the tunnel 45 minutes after the Clarets' 2-1 FA Cup third round win at MK Dons, fuelling speculation that he is set to take over succeed Gary Megson as Bolton manager. Coyle had missed the post-match press conference with his club saying he had to leave early to catch a flight to Scotland. (The Mail on Sunday) Bolton will make a formal approach for Coyle on Sunday but Burnley will demand 4m compensation. (News of the World ) Alan Curbishley will hold talks with Bolton chairman Phil Gartside about taking over as manager at the Reebok Stadium. The 52-year-old has been out of work since leaving West Ham in 2008. (Sunday Express)
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03/01/2010 09:30:00

Feel really sorry for you guys. As an Arsenal fan, I have really admired Burnley's football under Coyle's management and I would be frankly shocked if he would choose to leave Burnley for Bolton, especially right now. Better off where he is, would be my thinking but as you say, "loyalty" is a very strained ideal in the mercenary, dog-eat-dog world of top-flight football. I hope that Coyle turns out to be the man I thought he was and commits to Burnley AT LEAST for the remainder of the season as this would be in the best interests of your club. Good luck, Burnley.
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03/01/2010 09:34:00

Nice write up and agree entirely with the sentiments. Faith in the positive side of human nature feels a bit shaken at the moment, Coyle felt a bit like a mentor who taught you to be content, happy, honest, loyal and optimistic. He was a throwback to decent managers that fans could relate to. I'd feel very let down if he went now to a local rival below us in the table, and will be sharpening my vocal chords for the Reebok. I also think it would be a huge error for him - never go back, that's the saying, isn't it?
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 09:47:00

I certainly don't agree that I would lose all respect for Coyle if he went to Bolton. He has been fantastic for us and I'll never forget some of the great days we have had with him in charge. That doesn't mean I want him to go but we should not delude ourselves that players and managers feel the same way about our club as we do. Like it or not, to most of them it is just a job and a career. Additionally, this tapping up business is a farce. With all the media outlets these days ( including internet forums ) there is enough speculation to tell a monk in a monastery if another club is interested. For me, this decision hinges on two questions - is Bolton a better long term prospect than Burnley and by going there does Coyle have to disrupt his domestic arrangements ? I think it would be a backward step for OC - but I'm not making the decision.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 10:21:00

The other thing that worries me if Coyle goes, is that he could try & poach some of our players too. Many would probably be happy to follow him as well.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 10:21:00

That's a fair point as, depending on who the new manager is IF he goes, there is bound to be some disruption. If the worst happens, just hope we don't end up with Paul Jewell or Gary Megson. Wonder if we would go for Kevin Keegan ?
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 10:27:00

Sorry RT if Coyle goes under these circumstances he will have effectively put two fingers up to this club and it will be unforgivable in my eyes. Its about time contracts are written with meaning. It's a joke saying you have a four year contract knowing you can just bugger off whenever you like. 4 million compensation? Peanuts and it will leave us managerless at a critical time. It could be the deathknell and what's worse Coyle would know that. He is our best asset,the Board should do everything in their power to make sure he stays and if that means digging deep then do it
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 10:28:00

The Clarets will simply put Steve Davis in charge until the end of the season I suspect. I mean they wouldn't want to spend any money would they!
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 10:31:00

Top manager.. Will be a great loss for you guys..
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 10:33:00

What depresses me in all this is the demonizing and slagging-off of Owen Coyle before anything has actually happened.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 10:51:00

The hope is he will read it though jjokocha and realise what Clarets fans will feel if he does the dirty on us. If he doesn't and stays loyal he will have completely restored my faith that not all managers are shallow money-grabbing sods!
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 11:16:00

We shouldn't jump to the conclusion that Bolton talking to Coyle means that he's definitely going there. West Brom spoke to Alan Irvine in the summer and Irvine decided (probably wrongly) to stay with Preston. If any of us was head-hunted for a job interview in any other walk of life we'd surely be intrigued into what that offer could be, even if it was to go back to our current employer and negotiate better terms. I think everyone agrees that it isn't about money for Coyle but he has never concealed his ambition. Phil Gartside will stop at nothing of ensuring Bolton stay in the Premier League. He even proposed an end to Premier League relegation a couple of years ago. After taking the pragmatic approach last time by appointing Gary Megson, an appointment that has lost the club supporters, he will be determined to make the fans' choice happen. Due to his efforts with Burnley, Coyle is no longer seen as a gamble. As one of the established Premier League powerbrokers, I believe he will be able to serenade Coyle with ambitions that might be beyond the Kilby/Flood partnership. However, there will undoubtedly be a hugely emotional response from Burnley staff and there will be a battle of conscience going on in Coyle's mind. I still feel this will be a wrench that might influence this decision more than anything else. To turn his back on the club and crucially, the players and staff he has built such a bond with over the past 26 months, without the blessing he would surely wish for, one would think, would hurt him.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 11:57:00

Agree with that Cuban. I changed my job in November and thought long and hard before doing so. I know it isn't the same and that football involves more passion but the principle is similar. No doubt that OC will be turning over the positives and negatives in his mind but the reality is that he will do what is right for him - just like everyone else would.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 12:19:00

I don't know if i am having a bit of a blonde moment but I have come up with a theory that Coyle is playing the media or not. Maybe the reason he didn't speak after the MK game is because he is just didn't want to get into the debate about if he is leaving, and he just wants to concentrate on the team and job in hand. I just hope he is the honest integeral guy that has given us some great memories. There is a flip side to this as well are the board happy for him to go if we get the 4m maybe they are not happy with our away form. I hope I am wrong and they will do everything in their power to keep him.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 13:30:00

If your board arn't prepared to support him with at least a little funding then why should'nt he join BWFC. The board & owner have ambition to be a top half / odd UEFA team. Megson just didn't have the same ambition & thinks scraping survival is the best we can wish for. Coyle clearly has loftier aims, with or without Burnley.
Big Stu
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 13:42:00

Comparing football clubs to the outside world, I don't think is fair. For one thing most business contracts contain a notice period typically 3 months to avoid acute business problems for a company by someone upping sticks and leaving the company in dire straits without being able to sort out replacements in good time. Coyle could join Bolton tomorrow and leave us in a mess! If there was a clause in the contract that said he could leave but only with 3 months notice that would take us up more or less up to the end of the season and would be much fairer on Burnley FC. If he leaves though, no matter how much you try and justify it,he will have done the dirty on us and left us in a pickle.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 13:44:00

We have no idea what aims Coyle might have, Big Stu nobody does. Everything is all based on pure media speculation & hype at the moment. I do find it strange to be honest that Coyle would think Bolton to be that much better than Burnley in view of our current positions in the table and I also find it odd Bolton think an unproven manager at this level is the man to keep Bolton up just by chucking money at it and having some sentimental attachment to a former player! I do hope though our board will show more ambition to keep him if it comes to the crunch
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 14:57:00

Can't agree with the demonising of OC all of a sudden. You can't undo what he's done, and he would go with my thanks. Of course, I would be disappointed, and somewhat disillusioned with his decision. I don't think that this is the "right" move for him, but perhaps the transfer kitty and so forth is the straw that broke the camel's back. Life will go on...
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 15:04:00

While watching the Old Firm game I started thinking that maybe Coyle would be getting a call from Celtic again, if they had lost. Then Leeds beat MU. My overheated brain went into seriously hyped-up rumour mode. Is Fergie's job safe? Then I calmed down... I realised that Owen Coyle wasn't paying any attention, but was doing exactly what he said he was doing - having a late Christmas with his Mum! Merry 10th Day of Christmas to all the Coyles!
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 15:06:00

100 % agree with that WTBM- sums up my view perfectly - and let's not forget how the St Johnstone fans must have felt in November 2007. Managers and players moving on is a fact of football life but until he's gone.....he hasn't gone ! Long live Owen Coyle. [Edited by ford]
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 15:09:00

If he left you also couldn't undo the fact that we will be demoralised, have no manager, be two points off the drop zone and could have a much greater chance of going down no doubt with some of our players being nicked as well. In effect Coyle by his actions would have undone all the good work in getting us up in the first place and would have let us down badly at a critical time! Yes,Life always goes on but sometimes it could go on more fairly
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 15:18:00

Here is my two pennies worth. In the summer after promotion Coyle agreed a bughet for the next season in the Prem with the board. He did not say and IF at Christmas this is happening I want more, or I want lots more. He then brought in 6/7 players Mears, Bikey, Fletcher, Eckersley, Edgar, Easton. He told everyone who would listen what the financial plans for the coming season were. I have listened to him, read what he has said and admire him as not only a football manager but as a person with strong moral fibre. If he goes to Bolton this month I am afraid all my belief in him and what he said will be challenged. I have asked myself, if he goes to Bolton do I want Bolton to do well and the answer is NO. If he had gone to Celtic the answer would have been YES. I maybe in the minority but if he leaves this football club in January he will have condemned his and our beloved Clarets to relegation. At what point is the Bolton job better than the Celtic job or his current job? For the players who have signed contracts be they new or renewed contracts, who listened to his plans for the future for them as players and the club they will all count for nothing.......For goodness sake stay with us....
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 15:41:00

Hear,hear VR
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 15:47:00

Can we all calm down a little bit? At the moment its all if, if, if. The media always blow things up to huge proportions. Coyle has done great things for us and for the time being he has earned my loyalty. Lets wait and see what happens.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 16:31:00

I can understand why various folk are saying that because he got us up there are no hard feelings. But I don't agree. Owen's main ambition was to get himself onto a seven figure salary, and elevated in the eyes of his peers. He did it. Our promotion was a necessary by product. That much is now clear. If he could have achieved his aims and left us in the lurch last April, with a few games to go, he would have done, reading between the lines. I may be wrong on this, and will respect him if I am, but if he goes I will be proved right. Alan Nixon says in the People that Coyle is ruthless. Fine, but others are too, when they have been let down. I think Owen underestimates the extent of the ill feeling there will be against him. Personally, I've may have misjudged him, it's not something I tend to do, and I've told him to his face a couple of times how impressed I am with his morals and ethics. So sorry, no forgive and forget from me. Let's just get in a manager of equal or greater ability and get those wins we need to stay up, and move on.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 16:40:00

On a more hopeful note, Sunday express have said that Alan Curbishley is lined up for talks at Bolton. Always liked the sunday express haha!
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 16:40:00

Rant over...exhale. p.s. Allardyce virtually broke even on transfer dealings over his time with Bolton, this thing about needing money to achieve things is the refuge of the under achiever. Look at Stevie Cotterill. He never stopped going on about it.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 16:41:00

Folks he hasn't gone yet!!!!!!!!! For Gods sake! If he goes fair enough we can vent, but as I have just said if, if, if!
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 16:47:00

Maybe I am naive? But I don't reckon he has had any intention of going to Bolton. Then again, if he's reading some of the things on here, he might just start thinking that maybe he should. We demand loyalty from him. We should show him some in return till he gives us solid reasons not to.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 17:00:00

Here here CP. Here here!
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 17:13:00

Spot On CP - Some are criticising Owen before he has even done anything. Whatever your view IF ( Yes IF) he does go, at least wait until it happens.
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 18:18:00

People are just making it plain what they will think IF Coyle goes, I don't see what the problem is with that. If he doesn't go then the comments wont apply,that's fairly clear but until we know the outcome there is no harm in providing a theoretical opinion
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 18:44:00

I think we are right to have this debate because, he had the chance after the MK game to answer the question on TV, he made a choice not to do that. Unless he is a fool which I doubt, he would have known that not to appear on TV would make not only the media put two and two together, but also me and you as OC supporters worry about what two and two equals. He had the chance to put our minds a little more at rest but decided not to do that. I hope the reason was so that he could rush off to sign that lad from Falkirk my lad is always saying he should sign or some Old Firm players or see his family or all of the above!
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 19:54:00

Any post match interview yesterday would have been pointless as any questions would simply have been about Bolton. Which OC would have batted off and nobody would have been any the wiser. The only thing that worries me is that he hasn't said he isn't going, merely concentrating on the MK game. Once the official approach comes - and Sky are reporting that as being imminent - we should know one way or the other. My guess now is that we'll be looking for a new manager already. Hope it's Kevin Keegan !!!
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 20:26:00

Looks like your chairman put a 3.6m clause in OC's contract which means he has no choice but to allow talks. I beleive he turned down Celtic for family reasons. However Rioch left BWFC for Arsenal the season we got promoted yet he will always be a hero with the Bolton fans. It happens unfortunately....
Big Stu
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 21:34:00

Now why on earth did they put in clauses like that?!
Report Abuse
04/01/2010 06:41:00

What are the sources of what you are saying Big Stu? Without knowing the sources, it's impossible to say whether you know something or are just adding to the mass of uninformed speculation.
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
04/01/2010 08:08:00


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