Burnley - Nugent's Nuggets Could Be Fools Gold
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Nugent's Nuggets Could Be Fools Gold

Most Clarets fans will be disappointed by today's news that the Club do not have the resources needed to bring David Nugent to Turf Moor on a permanent basis.

Nugent of course is currently on loan from Portsmouth and Coyle has made no secret of the fact that he admires the player and would like to sign him permanently. David Nugent has also made it clear he wants to stay.

However today on the Official Site Owen Coyle says:

'Financially what the cost would be, and indeed salary-wise, would be out with our realms of possibility'

It would appear that our only option would be to try and negotiate an extended loan for the player to the end of the season

'I would certainly like to extend his loan,' confirmed Coyle.

The financial situation at Portsmouth is of course now legendary and basically precarious to say the least so they will be looking to maximise the amount of profit they can get from selling players in the January transfer window to keep HM Revenue & Customs at bay.

The danger for the Clarets is that another Premier League club could be interested in signing Nugent and since they all have bigger budgets (so we are told) than we have, they would have a high chance of stealing him from under our noses.

Pompey are of course going to bite their hands off if offers come in making our chances of signing him on loan somewhat remote.

David Nugent could himself help the situation by accepting a much lower salary at Burnley. He seems to want to stay at the club but if that meant a significant pay cut would he still show the same loyalty and wish to stay? Should we even expect him to?

It is difficult to know sometimes what the Board is thinking. To a man they all of course want us to stay in the top flight with all the financial rewards that would bring but then words are cheap and actions we are told speak louder than words.

The problem is if that action involves digging deep into the coffers and taking some calculated financial risks then it would appear it could be a bridge too far.

People who are loathe to criticise the Board will say that if there is no money in the budget we should accept that but is that the whole story?

We are all expected of course to trust and support the Board and none of us truly know what the financial situation is at the club on a day to day basis taking into account cashflow and Director's Loans. We pick up the odd statement and we read what is said at the AGM. We hear that the club want to remain debt-free but to what extent and at what cost?

We are told that promotion to the Premier League is worth 60 million to those clubs that achieve it although of course there isn't this one big chunk available all at once. We have all experienced 'Fortress Turf Moor' too this season with average gates above 20,000 with all the financial benefit that entails.

Do we not owe it to ourselves to try and keep this nirvana going by our actions not words?

David Nugent cost Portsmouth 6 million and his value surely is now less than that but even if they still demanded 6 million, Clarets fans would be forgiven for thinking it all seems a drop in the ocean compared to the other financial benefits we are currently enjoying in the Premier League.

Sometimes it just feels like we are continuing with the 'sticking plaster' approach we got so used to in the Championship. Let's be brutally honest though, we would still be there if money was not found for Owen Coyle to build the team he did and that was precisely the calculated risk that was taken back then.

Now it seems we still have to contend with 'sticking plasters' in the top flight, the only difference being they are better quality and might stay on for longer.

If we don't survive this season will all the Board Members hand on heart accept our fate or will they privately be saying to themselves if only we had taken that extra financial risk and found the money for Nugent and others in the January window?

I just sense sometimes that they seem willing to accept relegation, rely on parachute payments and try again rather than do everything they can now to give us the maximum chance of staying up this time round and reaping the far greater financial benefits if we succeed.

Of course, this will provoke a lot of debate but in the end I will support whatever the Board do whilst hoping they really do prove me wrong.

Tell us what you think about the Nugent situation below this article or in our forums.

This article is purely the individual opinion of the Editor and has no bearing on any other Clarets organisation of which he is involved

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday December 31 2009

Time: 3:07PM

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Well I wanted to get it off my chest so there!!
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31/12/2009 15:16:00

If their is no money for new transfers - their is no money. This is something we need to accept in my opinion. A large portion of the money we received for getting promoted has probably gone on existing debts. If we go down, we go down - but lets have a club with better finances as a result.
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31/12/2009 15:39:00

There is no money for me to buy a 40 inch HD TV and I don't have a contract at the moment but I know I could take the risk and get a loan and survive and be much happier in the long run. If not I could just sell the blessed thing and recoup some of my losses. Smaller scale but of course principle is the same.The problem is we are not party to the club's risk taking and have to trust what they do but I still ask if we go down, whether they will live perfectly happy with their decisions they have previously made or whether they will have regrets when its too late? I think what has happened is that we were caught out by our own success on the pitch with the Board totally unprepared for the top flight. It's all very frustrating
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31/12/2009 15:57:00

Thats why it is so important to the club to have at least one more season in the premier league to get many more millions. Even then we could not go on a mad spending spree.
grimsby claret
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31/12/2009 16:12:00

Yes - I think the principle is very similar. My outlook on that would be that if I didnt have a contract ( assume you mean emplyoment), I wouldnt be making purchases which were 'unnecessary' - If the contract doesnt come, I would imagine you would make a substantial loss and be further out of pocket. From what I can gather, risks have been taken in the past but these were more out of necessity and we only managed to balance this with promotion to the PL. If we hadnt - who knows where we would be? I do not want Burnley to ever be in a situation again where they have to win a game to avoid finanicial meltdown and would therefore prefer them to take a 'safer/budgeted' outlook rather than a 'risky/hopeful' view. Everyone is different ( I am nore cautious, others less so), but I do not think that the board should be blamed if they take a safer approach that helps ensure the future of the club!
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 16:14:00

No Dale it's an assessment of the CHANCES of me getting another contract in 2010 and the risks of getting something to keep me happy in the meantime. I am not averse to risk taking when its calculated. There is a huge grey area in my opinion between 'safer/budgeted' and 'risky/hopeful' and that depends on the individuals making the decisions and their stance on risk-taking. Of course I don't know but I don't suspect for one minute all of those on the Board would be in agreement and of one mind on the degree of risk taking but suggest they would accept 'collective responsibility based on a democratic vote of all Board Members. We just don't know but I just hope they have the balance right and don't live to regret it
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 16:31:00

Yes I agree that all board members are unlikely to have the same view on the degree of risk and this is something that they will need to discuss and hopefully come to a collective conclusion. We will see what they come up with. Could it be that the signing of say Nugent is a calculated risk and would give us a better CHANCE of survival? You may be right.
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31/12/2009 16:37:00

5m for Nugent and a doubling of his wages? I can't see either happening.We can only afford him at the moment presumably because Portsmouth are paying half his wages. If the club had that sort of money to spend, I think they'd spend it in other ways. I certainly wouldn't put all my eggs in the Nugent basket.
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 16:46:00

Not sure they have any eggs though JJ,not even sure they can afford the bloody basket!!
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 16:49:00

Ask Nugent to accept a paycut? good luck with that one :))
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 17:13:00

Why are you being so negative and suspicious Phil , nobody has said that money is'nt available , it may be that the managers decision not to spend the money he has available on Nugent at this time?
Bernie lee
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 17:23:00

I would accept that if we have brought in the right number of new faces by the end of the January window. I think actually I am being more positive in terms of 'can do' rather than 'cant do' although I hate those Amercian expressions. I would not say I am being suspicious either simply questioning and challenging what appears to be the current stance over Nugent
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31/12/2009 17:28:00

Spend all of any money available on Nugent and then see him pick up an injury? All your eggs in one basket to survive? That way is not for me. The risks to BFC are too great to gamble on one player who has got 3? goals. I like him, want him to stay but would not risk anything other than the loaning of him for now. We need a top class keeper, we need a top class left back, we need a goal scorer, we need a central midfielder, we need a Premiership team BUT what in my opinion and that of others above seem to agree on is we NEED BFC to be debt free, not looking like Portsmouth, Southampton, Hull, PNE etc etc. I want to support BFC in either the Championship or the Prem League (not Div 2 or 3) if being sensible delivers this I am happy.
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 17:49:00

Just read what I typed! Forgot to add of course I would support us in the Conference but my preference is to avoid that at all costs!
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 17:51:00

Interesting debate, but one which few of us know the full facts about. I would imagine that our projected revenue streams in the future if we go down will remain bottom half of Championship, even with parachute payments, since these would need spreading over five or six more years. That makes it imperative for us to stay up to avoid several more years of possible relegation battles in the CCC (Owen would surely be poached if we went down). For these reasons I would think we have to take calculated risks - if we do not have three incomings in January (net of first team outgoings, loans included) then for me we will have blinked at the wrong time and the chance may be gone, forever. As Claretdale knows my business is in giving financial advice to extremely large organisations and in my experience a balance between risk taking and prudence is often the correct approach.
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 17:55:00

p.s. I am not saying that we should or shouldn't buy Nugent, but that would be Owen's decision, and the Board should, privately, agree with him a sum of money with which to operate in January. There is also an argument that paying money to Pompey would help a rival in getting their embargo lifted, and considering recent misses, maybe there are better strikers out there. Though I do like DN and would keep him.
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 17:59:00

" and the Board should, privately, agree with him a sum of money with which to operate in January " What makes you think that is not the case ???
Bernie lee
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 18:06:00

I do agree that a balance between risk taking and prudence is right Steve - but I think it is finding that balance that is difficult bit. This would be true in most of your business dealings I imagine? Without knowing how much of a risk further signings would be for the club(ie. not knowing the full facts as you say above), it is difficult for most of us to make an accurate opinion. We need to trust them!
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 18:16:00

Bernie - I dont think it has been said anywhere that this isnt the case, just that this would be the best way forward. I also agree with this - How much money etc we have available is the business of Owen and the board only.
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 18:19:00

100% agree it's between Owen and the board , and it wouldnt cross my mind that the Board wouldnt agree Owen a sum of money with which to operate , dont know why it was metioned by crosspoolclaret ! Whether that is a lot or a little , it will be what those with the club at heart deem the right ammount and that will do for me !
Bernie lee
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 18:30:00

All the best in 2010 for Clarets eerywhere , i'm sure it will bring us better fortune !
Bernie lee
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 18:42:00

Hear,hear Bernie, we might have disagreements on how to go about things at BFC but we can all share one great thing, the love of a great club! Happy New Year to all Clarets everywhere
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 19:29:00

Que sera, sera. Bonne annee! :)
Report Abuse
31/12/2009 23:51:00

Damn wanted to get rid of him aswell.
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 07:56:00

If I was Nugent I would look at another club...why? Pompey are not his future, Burnley could lead to a pay cut and relegation followed by the exit of the manager, so why not try for a Prem club that can match his wage demands and transfer fee?
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 10:48:00

Think it is likely that we won't sign Nugent permanently. Pompey will surely want a fee ( that we probably won't pay ) and given that Nugent wants to come back north I can see him ending up at somewhere like Stoke City.
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 20:49:00

Hmmm good debate. Perhaps were going to try and extend his loan then wit for pompey to go bust! We then pick him up for nothing! Haha, seriously though, We as fans don't know the financial situation at the club or what Nugents fee or wage demands are. I think we need to wait and see till the end of Jan to see if we bring anyone in. Then we can see where the money has been spent and see if we agree. I do think its more his wages then the fee that is the sticking point.
Report Abuse
01/01/2010 22:31:00

According to the Daily Mirror,Coyle struck a deal ls to extend the loan in January or sign Nugent for about 1m. Only 1 million? If it's the salary that's the problem then we must surely have known the situation so why give us all false hopes? If we cant afford 1 million what's the point of being in the Premier League? I find it hard to accept we have no money with all the financial benefits promotion was supposed to bring. The club always try and defend their stance by asking us to look at clubs like Pompey who overspend and get into problems but how many clubs do exactly the same thing and survive, and become successful most of the Premier League I would suggest. It's a simple choice, dig deeper or drop deeper
Report Abuse
02/01/2010 06:50:00

It now seems that Owen is using the Bolton job to his own advantage, either to get it, or more likely to negotiate improved transfer funds. The Nugent deal could be a key battle for us - my guess being that the wages are beyond our pay cap and this is preventing Owen from making the decision. To answer Bernie the reason I mentioned the Board agreeing a budget with Owen in the thread above, was to emphasise that Nugent will be Owen's decision - within the total budget AND maximum wage parameters agreed. Outside these parameters he may need the Board's sanction. Reading today's Nixon article in the Mirror, Coyle clearly has some concerns, and this may be one of them, who knows?
Report Abuse
02/01/2010 10:32:00

Dont agree with dig deeper or drop deeper Phil. Could easily be turned around to read DIG DEEPER AND DROP DEEPER. There are no certainties in football and money alone can't buy you out of relegation. Luck must play a part, as I said before but now using the above DIG DEEPER and he gets injured like McCann, lets not put all our survival eggs in one basket.
Report Abuse
02/01/2010 10:32:00

Every club in the Premier League dig deeper and 99% of them survive in debt. The revenues from being in this league are the main reason we can survive. I am sick and tired of the suggestion that if we dont spend a few more million we are going to go the way of Portsmouth. Spending more is not a guarantee for survival but if not doing it, means we lose our manager to a club that does and we don't boost a squad that we all know badly needs boosting then why bother being in the top flight anyway?
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 10:50:00

It turns out Portsmouth wouldn't even allow us to play him in the FA Cup game, so not sure what to make of that. Either it means they want to have him in the squad for Pompey's FA Cup challenge or they want to sell him and not have him cup-tied to increase his value
Report Abuse
03/01/2010 15:45:00


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