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Wiseman say Only Fools Rush In-Quiz 1 of 3 Update

A new book was published recently by Clarets author, the Reverend David Wiseman. Clarets fans may know the life-long Clarets fan from his other books on Burnley FC which include 'Up the Clarets','Vintage Claret' and 'A Case of Vintage Claret'

His latest work is a book entitled 'The Burnley FC Miscellany'

The good news was that the publishers, Breedon Publishing provided Vital Burnley with three copies of the new book to give away free in our competitions this season.

Last night we held the first part of our first quiz based on Categories A-Z taken from the book and we will complete the second part tonight(Thursday 26th November) from 7:30 pm.

We asked 10 questions last night covering topics A-J and the remaining 16 questions from K-Z will be asked tonight.

These were the questions we asked and the answers:

Andy All Rounders

Which Andy managed to play for the Clarets in all shirts available numbered 1-12?

Answer: Andy Farrell

Burnley Bribes

Which manager did director, John Turkington offer to buy a Bentley for if he got us promoted to Prem?

Answer: Stan Ternent

Capital Comebacks

Which London club did we play in the 1960-61 season in a game in which we were 4-0 down at half-time and came back to earn a 4-4 draw?

Answer: Tottenham Hotspur

Dodgy Debuts

Which keeper let in 7 goals on his league debut for the Clarets?

Answer: Billy O`Rourke

England No Can Do

Which Clarets manager turned down the chance to be in charge of England?

Answer: Jimmy Adamson

First League Double

In 1888 we beat this team 4-3 away and 4-1 at home but who was it against? (Clue: B-team from Lancs)

Answer: Bolton Wanderers

Greying Goal scorers

Who is the oldest player ever to score for the Clarets?

Answer: Graham Alexander

Hat-trick Heartbreak

Who scored a hat-trick in the 60s against Spurs in an FA Cup game only to be on the losing side (4-3)?

Answer: Willie Irvine

International In Town

The only FULL international match ever played at Turf Moor involved England against whom?

Answer: Wales (1927)

Jimmy Jimmy

Which Jimmy wrote a book in 1983 called 'Book of Lists` in which accolades were given to both Jimmy Mac and Jimmy Adamson?(Clue: Not a Claret)

Answer: Jimmy Greaves

A blend of similar types of questions covering all eras of our history will be asked tonight from K-Z, some will be easy, some not so easy. Clues will be given if necessary and multiple-choice options provided if required.

The person who provides the quickest correct answer gets 3 points and there is one point for the others who are correct.

Based on last night Claret Dale has taken the early lead and here is the current table:

Claret Dale: 16 points quickest five times

Grimsby Claret: 12 points quickest two times

Rickers Twickers: 10 points quickest one time

Couch Potato: 6 points quickest one time

8clarets8: 6 points quickest one time

Vin Rogue: 3 points and yet to be the quickest!

Tune in tonight and see how they do and who wins our first book. It will all take place on and beneath this article. If you want to play it's not too late, the others may have a head start but you could still play and win.

If you want to see the fun & games we had last night you can visit this LINK:

Wiseman say Only Fools Rush In-Quiz 1 of 3 Part 1

The rules will change slightly tonight folks. I will put up questions in blocks of 5 or 6 as follows:

K-O at 7:30 pm. You will have 15 minutes to provide me with your answers and post them in total beneath this article

P-T at 7:45 pm. As above

U-Z at 8:00 pm. As above

Winner announced by 8:30 pm

Good luck!

Here are the first block of five NEW questions:


Kippers Go Bang

Which Clarets player who played in the 1946-7 FA Cup Final was given the nickname 'P`Tang Yang Kipperbang`? (Clue: Initials PK)

Lost Chances

Which season post-1970 did the Clarets play their last 16 games without a win and were relegated?

Managers from Merseyside

Which Liverpool manager once described Burnley as 'that village team`?

Nicknames in 1900s (Nearest will get 3 points if nobody spot on)

What year did we change strip colours and become known as the Clarets?

One game wonders

One player made his only ever appearance for the Clarets on his debut in 2003-4? Who was it?

Next Five Are P-T:


Plymouth Pummels

Which season this decade did we beat Plymouth 1-0 after a run of six games without a win?

Question of Quotes

Which Clarets player of the 1960s said 'If you can`t get the man, make sure you get the ball`

R-Club Rarity

A rare Boxing Day win in 1987-8 season saw the Clarets defeat this team 4-0 but who were they?


19 Smiths have played for the Clarets over the last 100 years or so but which one played for us in the late 70s?

Transfer to Return

Which player who later became our manager was sold to Everton for 20,000 in 1950?

Final Six Questions (U-Z) are:



Which current Burnley FC Executive plays the ukulele and is a paid-up member of the George Formby Appreciation Society?

Violent Ramming

Which Clarets player ruthlessly fouled Rams full back Marc Edworthy at Turf Moor in 2005 but got away with yellow? The Rams lad had a severe facial injury and missed the next few games. Final score 2-2

Well Travelled Journeymen

Which former Clarets player in recent times (post 70s) has made the most moves to other clubs in their professional career?

X marks the Spot

What did the X placed against a team mean in a fixture during the first 50 years of league football? e.g. Blackburn1 x Burnley 3 (Result from October 1922)

Youngest Young Gun

Which player is the youngest to ever make his debut for the Clarets first team?

Zed and We Had One

We have only ever had one player since the war whose surname began with the letter Z so name him?

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday November 26 2009

Time: 11:04AM

Your Comments

I think the blocks of five might work better and ensure things are less frantic. Let's try it anyway as we complete the experiment and decide how to do these in future [Edited by turfmanphil]
Still think Jimmy Cranky was a cracking answer! I fear relegation is on the cards for this VR, I can see no way back short of cheating and bribery. Pint Phil?
You seemed to struggle with the technology a bit as well VR, hopefully the format change will ease things a bit! Never give up, one or two quick wins and you storm up the League. Ill buy you a pint anyway!! lol ;-) [Edited by turfmanphil]
Looking forward to it - Should be OK for 7.30 too.
I really enjoyed it last night it got the old adrenaline going, cant believe i'm in second place thought I'd be bottom.
Grimsby Claret
Two things!! First, I would have got the A and C questions if I had arrived in time!!! (But as I have read the A and B sections of the book, it's fair I didn't, even though I knew about Andy Farrell before reading the book... honest.) Second, how much older was Coyle when he scored in the reserves than Grezza was when he scored for the first team? VR and I both answered Coyle to that question. Okay, and a third thing!!! It was quite a laugh, once I got the hang of 'press F5 to refresh', even though that sounds a bit like an advert for deodorant. I may be late again tonight. Meanwhile, I still wonder if I am having to use my scroll thingy too much... and whether CD has programmed his scroll thingy to give him an edge!!!
Couch Potato
I may have to play for time as I have ordered the book and reckon the postman should have it here by Christmas Day. I was given this lap top thingy got a dingley dangley thing and away I went.......gave the chap 10 he was more than happy....and here I am being humiliated in a quiz lol
CP - I am a very sad man who loves quizzes and therefore when a question was expected i sat pressing refresh approximately every 2 seconds! :-) Hopefully I will be able to continue my early success in the later questions.
It will be interesting to see how the blocks of 5 will work?
Should work, more time to sort out depending on your level of confidence. Easier for me too, just need to see which one is the quickest for each question in each block at a glance and which are correct
I think I am with it now? I was thinking you was going to put 5 Questions and we had to give 5 answers at once ? Anyway ignore me I will play it by ear ;-)
How are you going to work out the quickest? Do we post after we have got an answer per question or post them all together?
Grimsby Claret
No post ALL five answers/group,leave rest to me
Its a test this time of who is quickest answering five correct answers instead of one
ok thanks for clearing that up
Grimsby Claret
In a moment in the article above you will see the questions in categories K-0, you have up to 15 minutes to answer as a block of five then I will reveal answers
Will wait a few mins to see who turns up
Here I am had trouble with my dingley dongle connection thingee! Have enrolled on a lap top course but I have to watch the dancers first it says!
i am here ;-)
Not sure I understand, but let's give it a go. CD! I really thought you had some programming solution!!!
Couch Potato
CP & Rt to come yet,just give em a minute, everybody clear on the new format?
considering I am 25 - My computer literacy borders on pathetic! :-)
Where was the new format explanation?
Couch Potato
ready and waiting, got to pick the wife up at 8:15,
Grimsby Claret
Ah CP is here, you will see 5 new questions in the article above in a minute. Post all 5 answers TOGETHER withing 15 mins
are the questions going to be in the article? or beneath as per last night?
Should have said is anybody clear on the new format haha
Sorry chaps - injured in the warm up so will have to duck out and go and pick the missus up from the station. Might try and join in the last couple of rounds though.
rt, she who must be obeyed
Grimsby Claret
Questions are now up,dont forget post all your answers togther.Good luck
Pass, 1972/73, Bill Shankly, 1908,Paul Scott?
Peter Kippax 1954 Shankley 1928 Gazza?
Peter Kippax Bill Shankly 1973 1910 from Green and no idea lol
Peter Kippax, 1954, Shankley, 1910, Paul Scott
Grimsby Claret
I am not going to count up the scores this time until the end just put up the answers and the next set of questions
RT are you doing this one?
Can someone send me a nudge when the next questions are up ;-)
RT gotta rush you,next lot going up in a minute
Petr Kippax. 79/80. Shankly. 1903.Townsend.
Couch Potato
OK count down 10 seconds next set of questions will be up
2005/06,Dobson, Wolves, Jamie, Harry Potts
Questions P-T now up. Answers for K-O: Peter Kippax, 1979-80, Bill Shankly, 1911, Ryan Townsend
these questions are a different gravy to last night
You have until 8pm to answer, then I will put up final six questions (U-Z)
2006 willie irvine bolton Tommy Adrain Heath damn they were hard
2005 Brian ONeil Wolves no idea Harry Potts
1976, Pass, Rochdale, Harry Potts, Malcolm
Sack the Adrian Heath I pass miss read it wrong :-(
2008. Harris. Rochdale. Dunno. MAlcolm. (
Couch Potato
My mouse has died! I dropped my Clarets Chronicles on my foot. And these questions are too damn hard.
Couch Potato
Right 8 pm so next questions up in 10 seconds, final six
The first lot were too easy!! ;-)
Sad news about the mouse CP - still, think what you'll save on cheese and mousetraps.
February 6 2006, Gordon Harris, Wolves, Potts, Malcolm
Grimsby Claret
OK U-Z up, you have until 8:15 to answer
Answers for P-T: 2005-6, Brian O'Neil, Rochdale, Malcolm(Smith),, Harry Potts
Stevie Thompson, Branchy, Paul Stewart, versus, Leighton James, Pass - dont know if stewart counts as he was only on loan - these were hard!
just found it and of to bed soon,,,o well, no multiple choice so im brain dead now after a 15hr day,,,almost forgot my name so no chance with these tonight,,,sorry...
Soor Gav, next time mate, two more competitions to follow
Thompson an executive,Dale? ;-)
Thompson Ball Connelly reserves Jay Rod Zelem
Ingleby. Sinclair. Akinbiyi. X=? Dunno Chaplow. Zelem.
Couch Potato
TMP - i misread the question in attempt to get the fastest answer - Whoops lol
Fletcher, Thompson, Ade, League One sounds as if it should ve versus? Zimmerman lol brother of Zimmerframe
X means 'at' as it was us who was home!
Couch Potato
OK chaps finish off your answers if you haven't already no rush. Will do the maths and let you know the winner later tonight on this thread and summarise the results. Will reveal U-Z answers in about 5 mins
Ah executive i missed that like Dale haha
excellent - nice 1 Phil - enjoyed this more than last night ( personal opinion of course)
Yeah tactics are interesting Dale, some have gone for quick to get three others have seen what other cards have been played before answering in hope of picking up one point for correct answers
Do you think the block of 5-6 worked better? It did for me and my fingers aint tired refreshing so much
Barry Kilby, Wade Elliott, Ade Akinbiyi, Pass, Dave Thomas, Peter Zelem
Brian O'Neil one of my all time favourite clarets Number 4, scored a cracker on MOTD in the 60's lol....funny I found that the only question I really knew, plus was convinced we changed to Claret in 1910, maybe it was 1910/11. That was very hard am off to see if I can work this google thing and find a Z player! Back soon
Run that by me again, tmp. I have no idea which of your two categories described me, as I never did grasp the rules!
Couch Potato
Fletcher, Branch, Gazza, x=vs, Zelem
Grimsby Claret
These questions are really hard if you havnt got the book
Grimsby Claret
Answers U-Z: Paul Fletcher, Graham Branch, Marlon Beresford (over 20 moves so far), x denoted home team, Tommy Lawton 16 years 174 days, Peter Zelem
Shame I missed the first bit but these questions were certainly testing and 15 minutes goes by pretty quickly when you're scratching your head. Better format though - one for next time ?
Interesting experiment, hope you enjoyed it, you will know who won later tonight
How many would you have known Phil out of interest?
By definition they are going to be hard, they are not mainstream hence title BFC Miscellany but I thought it was fun watching the tactics and responses
VR... sez in Clarets Chronicles in was at start of 1910/11 season, in honour of Villa, reigning champs at end of 1909/10 and 6 times winners by then. Sadly, I only just found this section of the book on page 586.
Couch Potato
8C8, I would have stood a good chance with all questions from late 60s-70s and from 2004. My wilderness years between 1980-2003 would have scuppered me on those
I think they wore it 1910/11 but nobody started calling em Clarets till late in season,I assume 1911 but 1910 is pretty close enough
Had to pick my wife up which lost me ten minutes of the last set of questions too RT but i would still have got some wrong
Grimsby Claret
It's quite hard having to think of more than one thing at once!
Couch Potato
Might try the chatroom next time in real time, no refreshing,downside is hits go offsite so we dont get extra dosh
I think they were all slightly hard but good fun well done to the winner it made a change, cheers tmp for hosting and a special mention to Breedon Publishing for providing the books :-)
CP I don't have the book and just been told on the phone that I can press a TAB thing and have internet all over the place lol. I think my average speed from last night was maintained I cant use the scroll button so I certainly couldn't use tactics and think I deserve 5 bonus points for slowest lap top and dinglee danglee thing in comp!
It's not easy playing second fiddle is it GC ? But taxi duties during the week buy me time off at the weekend to go to West Ham and Portsmouth ( and Wolves - but don't tell her yet ! ).
Think i liked it better when it was one question at a time. As it allowed abit of banter between questions.
Grimsby Claret
VR it sounds like your laptop needs cleaning up I highly recommend ccleaner it will clean all the rubbish that gets left behind on your pc/lap top and it's free
Which earned most dosh for site and club? I agree with GC that last night was more sociable. It was interesting flying through teh Chronicles at high speed. But the banter was better last night.
Couch Potato
Peter Zelem Central Defender 88-89 from PNE went to Winsford Utd that only took me 25 minutes to find....gosh this world wide web is full of crap!
Ray Simpson's Clarets Chronicles 1 World Wide Web 0 on the Zelem question!
Couch Potato
I too thought last night was more fun more intense and better time for banter but takes more time a happy medium maybe?
GrimsbyClaret its not you, Couch Potato its not you, RickersTwickers its not you, Claret Dale it might be you!
Grimsby Claret
Im a Claret, get me out of here!
Grimsby Claret
Is turfman still with us?
Couch Potato
I reckon the quizmaster's nipped out for a quik pint.
Couch Potato
Do you want to borrow my calculator phil?
Grimsby Claret
I enjoyed both nights, I think I maybe enjoyed tonight a bit more as I wasn't last to answer like I was last night! I may have not got the answers right but my thanks to Phil for all the effort to organise it etc. See you on Saturday, we are aiming to be at Upton Park tube by 1pm, let me know where and when?
I think Phil's working out the rules. You know... do away questions count double after 15 minutes? who was seeded? did video technology catch anyone cheating?
Couch Potato
Right lads unless there are any stewards enquirys, i can announce the winner is ClaretDale with 29 points and Grimsby a creditable second with 23 points. Dale gets the book, well done mate! RT got 19 (pity he missed five),CP 18, VR 16 (Got 3 quickest this time) and 8c8 14. Will do full article and breakdown tomoz, thansk for playing chaps and once again well done Dale
Congrats to dale, well done mate.
Grimsby Claret
Cheating CP chance would be a fine thing, it must be close as Phil is becoming the Remco Van Der of Vital..... Will I be relegated to another Vital sight!?
CP missed the first few as well last night!
Is that across both nights? Anyway, well done Dale, and thank you Phil.
Couch Potato
Yep both nights added together
Cheers Phil well done everyone, its not the winning its the taking part unless your name is Dale lol. My bribery failed to win favours!
Ill buy you a pint instead at West Ham VR!! ;-)
Thats great - Cheers Phil for hosting the quiz - I enjoyed it ( and not just because I won :-))
Not sure how I can get book to you, Dale? Do you want it in post (in which case email your address)? If not maybe could drop off at next home game (Fulham) somewhere. Not too big/heavy!
I will be outside the ground on Saturday Phil - Maybe there?
Ground as in West Ham?
yes - I am planning to be selling outside Upton park from about 2
Great stuff this - well done to 'Dale and thanks to Phil for taking the time to set this up and act as Bruce Forsyth/ John Humphreys/ Sue Barker !
David Coleman?
Sue Barker? Gee thanks guys! Used to fancy her tennissing knickers off her in my younger days! :-) Glad you all seemed to like the quiz. I got a new one devised for the next one based on something I used to do a few years back on other messageboards. Yes,watch out for the return of 'Who Wants To Be a Clarets Millionaire'!!

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