Burnley - Owls Reject Increased Offer for Tudgay
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Owls Reject Increased Offer for Tudgay

Owen Coyle is understood to have made an improved offer for Sheffield Wednesday striker Marcus Tudgay.

The Daily Mirror today suggests we have put in a bid of £2 million for the player.

However on the Official Wednesday site, it is clear that the bid has been rejected and once more the Owls have made some hostile comments about our interest in the player.

The stern statement on the Owls Official Site reads:

"Sheffield Wednesday can confirm that Burnley Football Club have made a formal and what can only be described as derisory offer for striker Marcus Tudgay.

We would like to stress that this offer is most unwelcome and this move is regarded as an underhand tactic to unsettle our player.

Sheffield Wednesday attaches great value to Marcus Tudgay as a player and appreciates the contribution he has made to the club over the past three years. The squad development plan at SWFC is based on building a team around players like Marcus and we believe the dynamic that we are creating is a very positive one for the club and our players.

Marcus showed his commitment to the club recently by verbally agreeing to a new long-term contract......"

..and then it continues to waffle on. Yeah, I think we get the picture but the bottom line is that the player wants to have talks with the Clarets and why wouldn't he now that we are a Premier League club and he could be playing in the best League in Europe? Surely it's not about unsettling a player it's about giving him an opportunity to further his ambition and play in the top flight. This doesn't look either like the Andy Gray situation which was clearly more money-orientated and in any case Charlton at the time were still in the Championship. I doubt the Clarets would be able to give Tudgay much more then he is earning now and certainly not more than £15k/week.

Wednesday have also been having a pop at Tudgay's agent. Owls chairman, Lee Strafford, said:

"It's disappointing that an agent would act in such a cavalier manner when he is supposed to be protecting the interests of the player and also the right of the club to protect its assets. Sheffield Wednesday will not be taken advantage of in this situation..blah blah"

I think the sour grapes are probably due to the fact that Tudgay hasn't signed a contract with the Owls after giving Wednesday we understand, verbal reassurance that he would sign up for three more years before going on holiday back in May. Who can blame him when he has a chance to play against Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal on a regular basis rather than Barnsley, Doncaster, Peterborough and Plymouth?

Come on give him a chance and stop pussyfooting about with daft statements on your website. How much are you willing to let him go for? £2.5, £3, £3.5, £4m? I am sure Coyle wont pay a daft price for him but if Tudgay doesn't come to Turf Moor because you have ridiculously priced him out of the market you are simply just going to have one demotivated, cheesed off Owls player on your books and will lose out anyway!

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 15 2009

Time: 7:25AM

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Coyle still seems to want this guy, wonder how high he is prepared to go to get him because the Owls are clealy miffed
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15/07/2009 07:33:00

I think Burnley more than most Premiership clubs should realise that trying to get a player on the cheap by using the lure of Premier League football, and the big wages that accompany it, is wrong. Wednesday have seen this happen time and again as our talented young players are tempted away by the lure of the big stage (or the filthy lucre, you be the judge). Many at Hilsborough feel that the player's agent is the one that is pushing the deal but clearly your manager wants the lad. That being the case tell him to cough up the required amount or go away. This protracted situation is dragging on too long and doing either club no good. Just remember that what comes around goes around so unless you want to be visited by Kharmaic justice on your return to the lower leagues, do the right thing.
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15/07/2009 09:27:00

just a few things to consider, burnley will be favourites for relegation next year, when your team struggles all blame usually goes to the strikers for not scoring enough goals so he could be sat on the bench quite a lot, potentially I think wednesday has more to offer him than you can ( and that is not meant to be a personal swipe but we are a bigger club) and I think should we be promoted next year players would see a move to wednesday as a more attractive propostion than say a move to burnley, chris powell no doubt has his eyes on his 20% of tudgays salary and yes the chance to play against liverpool man utd arsenal etc is no doubt attractive but when your getting walloped every week how attractive is that going to be, in fairness you have a chance of survival but I think you need to sign at least ten new players
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15/07/2009 09:38:00

Just one thing to say the Owls fans, and I can understand the emotions here and yes we have been thorugh the mill like this too when we were in the Championship. However, lets look at the cool,cruel world of football here, the real world which as footy fans we cant change,much as we would like to. If you were Tudgay who would you want to play for and should your wish be denied? It's clearly not the Owls or he would have signed on the dotted line to extend his contract by now. Coyle is granted being the canny Scot here with the money and there may be more to come to test the water but he is not going to pay over the odds and certainly not the ridiculous £6 million I have seen quoted. I restate if you price him out the market and stop his ambitions to play in the top flight, even if it's just one year, you will have a miffed player on your hands. By the way, if do we get relegated, I suspect with the parachute payments we would still be abetter bet for promotion back up than the Owls. I suggest if you want to avoid that you will have to get promoted yourself in 2009/10. Good luck!
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15/07/2009 10:10:00

im not here to slag anybody i love all things football and i take my hat off to yous on winning the play offs ..i think £3mill will get you tudgay and if yous get him your getting a top lad that gives 110% every game he plays so best of luck to him and yous for next season..was only on here to see what yous tought about the whole tudgay thing
dublin owl
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15/07/2009 14:04:00

Very magnanimous comments DO! I suspect £3 million is about as far as Coyle would be willing to go, maybe a bit more via add-ons,appearances etc. We shall see if this saga continues, I get the feeling it will!
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15/07/2009 14:34:00

Coyle's comments:He responded: "What Sheffield Wednesday say is entirely up to them. I am not going to get caught up in anything negative about their club. They are a fantastic club, steeped in history and tradition.We made an offer of £1.5 million, plus add-ons, for Marcus Tudgay. That was inviting - it was rejected.At no time have we looked to unsettle the player. We made what we thought was a fair offer for a player who has only a year to go on his contract.It was turned down - Sheffield Wednesday felt fit to do that. I have no problem with that. If they want to say anything to besmirch the good name of Burnley that is entirely up to them." Coyle added: "I am not going to get caught up in tit for tat. We know how we work. I have never had a problem with anyone else."
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15/07/2009 16:02:00

But the offer he's talking about was rejected last week, today he's reported as having had a bid of £2million rejected. How is that not unsettling the player? I am not laying the blame purely at Burnley's door, Darryl Powel has been pushing hard for the move. It still remains that this bid has been rejected so Owen should stump up somewhere nearer the asking price or move on so both clubs can prepare for the forthcoming season and not be caught up in a last minute scramble for players.
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15/07/2009 18:47:00

I dont understand robc - How is upping our bid an attempt to unsettle the player?
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15/07/2009 21:54:00

Coyle never had a problem with anyone else? Ruffled a few feathers with comments over Jason Scotland not so long ago :)
Auckland Owl
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16/07/2009 00:07:00

Just seen this statement from Coyle “The offer’s been rejected. It won’t be improved upon.” . Poor Tudgay, another season in the fizzy pop league, he must be gutted
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16/07/2009 09:34:00

Deary me turfmanphil, you've not even played your first game in the Premier League yet, but already you're making derogatory comments about the lower leagues... high horse!
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16/07/2009 10:02:00

On a sensible note, I agree that 2.5m to 3m will see you acquire Tudgay. But it seems that Coyle wont be increasing the offer (or so he says). If thats the case then it look like Tudgay will refuse to sign his new contract, we'll probably keep him, and then re-assess the issue in January, like we did with Glen Whelan. Then you could probably snatch him for half the 1.5m you offered.
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16/07/2009 10:06:00

Aye it does that to you when you reach the dizzy heights. JW69! You will be doing the same if the Owls ever get up! Trust me you will!! ;-). Interesting idea about the Jan window
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16/07/2009 11:07:00

As his agent has just announced that Tudgay will not sign another contract I think that we can safely say the player is unsettled. I have tried to remain reasonably balanced, I agree that a bid of £3 million should get your man but following Turfman's fizzypop crack I look forward to your season of misery where defeat follows defeat. Coyle should have taken his one chance of a crack at the big time and gone to Celtic (who were so desperate they took Mowbray!). Next year you are in for a rough old time and the money you make (inc parachute payments) will end up in the pockets of journeyman players not good enough to win you ten games. Good luck and think about what you'll miss from the only genuinely competitive league in the country. I know we all want promotion but I for one believe that the Premiership has ruined football. Will Burnley ever win the league again? And yet they have two victories to their proud history I believe (appols if I got this wrong). That all ended with the abolition of the maximum wage, now the introduction of Premiership finances means only four clubs (I don't believe city have a chance) can realistically compete for the title. That has just become boring and next year when you are back in the Fizzypop league you'll agree! What is it that comes before a fall?
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16/07/2009 11:31:00

Just to echo other peoples comments. Fair play to you for winning the play offs and the fantastic season you had last year but just because you beat a few premiership sides in the cup last year doesnt mean that will carry through to this season and the first couple of games will see if you become a Derby or a Hull City. With regards to Tudders, I think that 2.5M will get him, however i think you will probably see him at yours in Jan as long as you dont become a Derby, who he was playing for during that season. It will be also interesting to see what happens when Tudders gets back from the Maltease tour wednesday are on at the moment.
Report Abuse
16/07/2009 11:57:00

I agree turfmanphil, and believe it or not, we've actually been in the top flight (and won it a few times aswell!). Sorry, i just assumed you were over the age of 20 with you being the editor. Me jumping to conclusions!
Report Abuse
16/07/2009 13:57:00

Dont think you have won the Premier League as it stands though have you? I go back to 1960 at age 6 when we won the top flight last time and celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year. When was the last time you were in top flight pre-2000 wasn't it?
Report Abuse
16/07/2009 18:13:00

I never said we've won the Premier League turfmanphil, I said we've won the top flight a few times (same kettle of fish anyway). Yeah we got relegated in 2000. When was the last time you were in the top flight prior to this season? How do you think you'll do this year?
Report Abuse
16/07/2009 20:25:00

Everybody knows we have been down to the 4th (Orient Game etc) and back in 33 years, so it's been a long time returning to where we belong. We are though a small town club and have had to be pretty astute financially over that period and once or twice nearly went bankrupt. I will be happy if we are 17th, I dont think we are any worse than Hull or Stoke and they survived. Our main advantage is Owen Coyle, he just has that knack of getting a small squad playing their hearts out whilst playing attractive football at the same time. We have to tighten up in defence though, we cant afford to get caught out by the Prem pacemen on the break
Report Abuse
17/07/2009 09:50:00

Best of luck to you guys, despite this damn Tudgay affair I'm still happy seeing you in the top flight (and beating the pigs along the way of course!)
Report Abuse
17/07/2009 10:18:00

Cheers JW!! Was a weird season last year as far as you lot were concerned, you got the double over us and Sheffield United and we got a triple over the Blades! What's that all about? ;-)
Report Abuse
17/07/2009 11:49:00


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