Burnley - Don't Do It God,They Fight Over Him in Glasgow!
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Don't Do It God,They Fight Over Him in Glasgow!

We have hardly had time to stop celebrating our fantastic victory at Wembley and our return to the top flight for the first time in 33 years when already the media are predicting we will be losing our manager.

He is the firm favourite to take over from Gordon Strachan who resigned last week after Celtic failed to win the SPL.Owen Coyle was born in Paisley and is a lifelong Celtic fan and being a devout Catholic supported the team as a child

Owen Coyle is God to Clarets fans and if he does take up this offer it will be like a kick in the teeth and it will hurt bigtime.

Why the hell would any manager in their right mind turn down the chance of managing a team playing in the top league in Europe and move to the micky mouse SPL with just two clubs boringly fighting it out every year? Sorry Owen if you take this, just because you supported Celtic as a child, you are deluded mate and will upset every Clarets fan on earth!

BBC Sport believe Celtic will conclude a deal for the Burnley manager by the end of the week and state that Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has already spoken to the Clarets hero.

Operations Director,Brendan Flood though is determined to keep Coyle at Turf Moor and said recently:

'I am 100% sure that Owen Coyle will lead Burnley in to their first season in the top flight in 33 years.'

Flood also confirmed there had been no official approach from the Buoys for Coyle, who still has two years of his current contract to run at Turf Moor.

Sky Sports News is now saying that Owen Coyle would like to be granted permission to talk to Celtic about the position so things are looking rather grim for Clarets fans at the moment.

Every Clarets fan will now be praying that Tony Mowbray or someone else will somehow become the favourite for the Celtic job again.

Slaven Bilic would also be interested in the Celtic job according to his agent and former Hoops defender, Rudi Vata.The ex-Everton and West Ham centre-back and current Croatia national team head coach is looking for a new challenge.

'Slaven is certainly available to talk to Celtic but we have not heard anything,' Vata told BBC Scotland.

If Coyle does go we will need compensation for the remainder of his contract but that will not prove prohibitive for a club like Celtic.

DONT DO IT OWEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Journalist

Writer: turfmanphil Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday May 27 2009

Time: 6:01PM

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If he takes this job i will lose all respect I had for him!
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27/05/2009 18:06:00

Sven is being highly tipped for the job at Celtic now!
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27/05/2009 18:13:00

Oh good!
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27/05/2009 18:15:00

Not sure they want him though i am not sure that they are sure who they want did that make sense ;-)
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27/05/2009 18:23:00

I hope he stays put, he'll regret it if he doesn't, i'm not actually a fan of this club but have found myself looking out for results for the past season, i have great respect for coyle despite him trying to lure one of my teams players south of the border. As for the state of the spl, well, it can only get better hopefully be a few surprises next season. All the best to you's for next season. I predict a top 10 finish, or around about there
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27/05/2009 18:27:00

Oficial Response from BFC on website “Contrary to widespread speculation, Burnley Football Club has not received any official approach from Celtic for the services of manager Owen Coyle,.Nor will the club welcome any approaches for Coyle, who remains under contract at Turf Moor.”
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27/05/2009 18:29:00

I think it is incredibly harsh for anyone to say they would lose respect for Owen if he was to go to Celtic. The club you support as a child will always have a special place in your heart, It may well be that this would be a dream come true for Owen. I hope and believe that Owen will stay - he seems genuninely proud of what he is building and I think he will want to continue the job. If he is to go - I will wish him luck and be forever grateful for what he has done for Burnley Football Club.
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27/05/2009 18:33:00

All those journos have got to convince their editors they are worth their expense accounts, which used to be bigger than the ones that we are complaining about for MPs. Their salaries are sometimes bigger than MPs' salaries too. And they will all now want an excuse to visit Burnley too. So we'll hear more stories. But if OC does go, I will have to contact all the people who I have recently told that he comes across as a truly committed, honest and decent man, and say I was wrong to conclude from this that he'd stand by Burnley until he had shown he could manage a team successfully over a few years. I think Coyle should talk with anyone who shows an interest in him, but I think he will say the time's not right for him.
Couch Potato
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27/05/2009 18:35:00

Let's not come to any conclusions just yet eh!!
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27/05/2009 18:39:00

Sorry Dale, if he takes this job he will be just like all the other sods who jump ship and stab you in the back! I cant believe he would do that to Burnley FC just to manage a side he supported as a child. Would he join Inverness CT had he been born there and supported them all his life? Would he hell and if he moved to Celtic he would be deluded to turn away the chance of managing a club in the TOP league in Europe! Let's hope he really isn't that shallow
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27/05/2009 18:41:00

From virgin sport :Reports suggest that Owen Coyle is poised to be named as the new Celtic manager in the next few days. The Burnley boss has won plaudits from all corners after taking his unfashionable side to the Premier League after a 33-year absence following their victory in the Championship play-off final. Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell has spoken to the 42-year-old, though Burnley have already poured cold water on any speculation that Coyle may quit the Lancashire club so soon after promotion. Chairman Barry Kilby said: "Owen is ambitious and he's young. But he's contracted to Burnley and he'll be relishing his chance to pit his wits against the best in the Premiership."
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27/05/2009 19:16:00

Bloody unfashionable the cheek,i must admit to starting to get the jitters about all this Burnley certainly keeps you on your toes come on Owen you know what's right!
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27/05/2009 19:20:00

I disagree Phil, How is he stabbing us in the back? He has done a better job with Burnley than anyone could ever have imagined! His task was probably to try and attain a top half finish which we hadnt done for the previous six seasons - In his first full season he has acheieved promotion to the premier league, 2 cup runs better than any for several seasons and has done this all by playing football better than any I have seen in the 20 years i have watched the clarets. To use a Coyle type phrase, I am sure he will make the decision on its merits. If Celtic are offering him the chance to manage the club he has supported as a boy, triple(???) his salary, and manage in the Champions League - It would be a big big big decision to turn it down! As I say, i am desperate for him to stay - but if he is to go - I will say Thank You and wish him good luck!
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27/05/2009 19:54:00

Not sure about Celtic being able to triple Coyle's wages? i am sure the new contract offered would be a nice earner if he was to go it would not be for money i think i am pretty sure of that but then again i did not imagine myself commenting on this scenario!!
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27/05/2009 20:03:00

Fair point on the wages front - I am not sure what he earns at the Turf or what he would earn at Celtic Park - But I would imagine a club playing champions league football would be able to offer better wages. I am not saying that wages will be a major factor in his decision - and I am sure he got a fantastic bonus for taking us up.
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27/05/2009 20:27:00

I am just hoping after seeing the estimated 30,000 of us who lined the streets for the victory parade will help him in his decision and that would be to stay at Burnley.
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27/05/2009 21:00:00

Agreed sheclaret i was one of them too but you just never know do you?i can't see the attraction myself no offense to the SPL but all you have to do is finish above one team but what a much more of incentive it would be to test yourself as a manager in the Prem league? i found myself earlier saying Let's not come to any conclusions just yet eh!! one way or another this has to be resolved as quickly as possible for the sake of everybody involved,let's hope we are just not getting carried away! you would not think we got promoted two days ago :-(
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27/05/2009 21:57:00

Unfortunately, this is what happens in football when you have a bit of success as there will always be someone bigger wanting to nick your players or manager. Minutes after the game ended on Monday one of my Celtic mates sent me a text message asking me when OC was going to move to Celtic. I replied that he would probably want to stay with a bigger club. That was tongue in cheek but, in truth, why wouldn't Owen be interested in moving to Parkhead. He was born in Paisley and played most of his career in Scotland and, though everyone claims to be a ' boyhood Celtic fan ' when the manager's job comes up, I suspect he probably is. Whether he stays or goes I will always respect him and you have to take the wider view. We all love Burnley but , with a few exceptions, most players and managers are doing this as a job. Most of us would take the opportunity to better ourselves and our families if we could and, after all, wasn't that what he did when he left St Johnstone ? I can't blame Owen for being interested in listening to Celtic - that doesn't mean he will go....but, as Owen would say, outwith everything else he probably will. Good luck to him if he does.
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27/05/2009 22:52:00

Not sure what can be done if OC wants to take the opportunity. The only compelling reason for him to go would be that it might never be offered again. Claretdale is right to say that we should respect his achievements and wish him well should he choose to leave. However, rather than wallowing in self-pity, we should accept the situation and recognise - with everlasting gratitude - that OC has helped us take a monumental step up. If he leaves, we cannot play the victim...we must remember, as OC said, that he may have been the manager but the collective effort of the players and fans has driven the club forward. The problem is that play off winners are already two or three weeks behind in terms of planning for next year...a change of manager would place us at an even greater disadvantage and makes us more vulnerable to a panic appointment. I cannot believe that the board haven't considered the likelihood of OC being poached; do you think there might be any suitable candidate immediately available?
Ansdell Claret
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27/05/2009 23:09:00

Just checked Rickers Twickers latest post. Good to see he has spotted OC is the only person in the world to use the word "outwith". Somewhat ironic given this thread that his other oft-used expression is "long may it continue".
Ansdell Claret
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27/05/2009 23:13:00

Fair play RTs but would he be better himself? Stachan won 3 out of 4 leagues not good enough?what does that say?this is what i can not grasp! surely a manager in his prime which Owen is would take over at Celtic doomed before you are even started? i can't say good luck to him if he did go even for all he has done for us the man has been a god to us but to go this way would be just well a serious bad move,i hope i am proven wrong big time but what a time to happen!i could not even contemplate replacing him anyhow we are bigger than this we will get through it up the Clarets!!
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27/05/2009 23:25:00

Perhaps a little early to be talking about replacements but, if that is a process we need to pursue, let's hope Barry and his cohorts can use their imagination and our new stature to attract some decent candidates. Suspect that Van Basten is off to Chelsea and Sven might be a non-starter ( though a few ladies would probably disagree with that ). Can't imagine Micky Phelan would want to leave OT and the job is probably too early for Darren Ferguson. I really hope so-called big names like O' Leary, Jewell and Royle aren't approached and, like AC, would be astounded if there wasn't some kind of contingency plan in place.
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27/05/2009 23:25:00

I know we're jumping the gun and fearing the worst but there are only three weeks until the fixtures are published and we need to be considering the squad now. Each day that is lost is critical and I'm sure the board are aware of this...let's hope there is resolution tomorrow.
Ansdell Claret
Report Abuse
27/05/2009 23:40:00

Yes but still missed my point would he be bettering himself?a two horse race or the cream of the Prem?i know which i would take regarding bettering oneself he was not that forthright when asked about this when Alister Campbell asked yesterday with 30 thousand ppl shouting his name!a confused supporter just wants to know whats going on?Owen Coyle da da da come on fella you know we are the place to be! i just wish he see's this :-(
Report Abuse
27/05/2009 23:46:00

Have to disagree with Ansdell Claret. Quite a few Scots use the word 'outwith'. Meanwhile, I am wondering this morning whether we are paying the price - in our excited and exhausted minds - for imagining Owen to be a god. We have built him up, now we feel he is letting us down, and he hasn't even done anything! He is in no way a god. He is a good and possibly great man who has led a team. There are many other leaders in that team. Yes, this would be a desperately bad time to lose Coyle, but the other leaders with whom he has been working would step forward and take us forward. Of course, it is much easier to say this after reading Coyle's statement on the club website this morning! Have a good holiday with your family, Owen. Have a quiet chat with Celtic, tell them how much you love them, tell them you want the job, but not now. Pick their brains about their players, and talk to those of thier players you want to join you... in Burnley, in the Premier League. Come on!
Couch Potato
Report Abuse
28/05/2009 07:38:00


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