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Taking the Leeds (01/01/2012)

Rumour Mill- The Trip Switches & More! (02/01/2012)

The Cruel, Cruel Defeat at Elland Road (03/01/2012)

Trippier Signs Permanent Deal-3.5 Years! (03/01/2012)

Mee Next? Its Official Man City! (03/01/2012)

The Transfer Window Eddie-torial! (04/01/2012)

Rumour Mill- Adam Smith Spurs On Clarets? (05/01/2012)

Rumour Mill-Rivals Move for Marney? (05/01/2012)

Three Returneth from Loan! (05/01/2012)

Last Chance - WIN Signed Burnley Shirt (05/01/2012)

The Poisoned Chalice for Howe and Trippier? (05/01/2012)

Clarets Perched to Shock Canaries in FA Cup? (06/01/2012)

Norwich Match-Supporter Information M1 Closure (06/01/2012)

Rumour Mill-Poyet looking at Vokes (07/01/2012)

Clarets Can Have No Complaints About FA Cup Exit (08/01/2012)

Vital Burnley Prediction League- Final 2011 Update (08/01/2012)

Just the Ticket-Forest for a Tenner! (09/01/2012)

Gone to Cort, Leon! (09/01/2012)

David Edgar Signs New Deal Until 2014 (12/01/2012)

Burnley Hope to Not Be Down by the Riverside! (13/01/2012)

Turf Titbits (14/01/2012)

Vital Burnley proud to sponsor Steven Hewitt (14/01/2012)

The Stanislas & Pato Injury Blows! (14/01/2012)

Sweet Riverside Revenge for Stunning Clarets (15/01/2012)

Rumour Mill-Montgomery for Our Midfield ? (15/01/2012)

Howe Pro-Vokes a Response from McCarthy! (16/01/2012)

WIN tickets to see Burnley with Texaco FC (17/01/2012)

Well That`s Mee Sorted, What About You Vokes? (18/01/2012)

Burnley and No Butts from Rams (18/01/2012)

Howe signs Josh McQuoid on loan (20/01/2012)

Howe`s 'No Not That Lafferty' Trial! (20/01/2012)

The Wind in the Pillows! (22/01/2012)

Rumour Mill-Okuonghae Who? (23/01/2012)

Rumour Mill- James McFadden on Loan? (24/01/2012)

One Eck of a Goodbye! (26/01/2012)

Rumour Mill-Jay Rod Out Of Toon? (26/01/2012)

COMPETITION: Win Two Tickets + 40 Fuel!!! (27/01/2012)

The Long Road to Rochdale..and Eventually Back! (27/01/2012)

Hands off Treacy, Handshakes for Lafferty? (27/01/2012)

'Time Off' by Vin Rogue (28/01/2012)

Our Eddie`s Quiet Revolution Takes Shape (28/01/2012)

Just the Ticket-Southampton (28/01/2012)

Just the Ticket-Visiting the Royals! (28/01/2012)

Rumour Mill-Now Black Cats Prowl For Jay Rod (29/01/2012)

Rumour Mill- Burnley Luke to Chambers? (29/01/2012)

Can the Clarets Fell the Forest Again? (30/01/2012)

Burnley X-Files: Vokes signs for Brighton (30/01/2012)

Daniel Lafferty Signs In! (30/01/2012)

Alex Macca's a Move to Plymouth! (31/01/2012)

Jay Rod`s Brace Spells Double-Trouble for Forest (01/02/2012)

Cobblers to Carlisle as Window Closes Quietly (01/02/2012)

The Posh Do at Turf Moor! (02/02/2012)

It Snow Posh Spice for Clarets! (06/02/2012)

Mullin It Over, Overson and Out! (06/02/2012)

It is Goodbye to Barry! Get Well Soon (07/02/2012)

Rumour Mill-Fryers or Just Deep Fat? (07/02/2012)

Marching on to St Mary's! (10/02/2012)

Rumour Mill-The Reebok Robinson Raid? (10/02/2012)

Vital Burnley Sponsor Burnley FPA (11/02/2012)

Woeful Wa'Saint the Word at St Marys! (12/02/2012)

Turf Titbits (12/02/2012)

Rumour Mill-Jay Rod on a Jol'y? (12/02/2012)

Vital Burnley Prediction League-Update (13/02/2012)

To Tyke a Vital 3 Points! (13/02/2012)

Barrow Get Harvey For Longer On Loan! (13/02/2012)

Not a Massacre but Burnley Tykes It! (15/02/2012)

Charlie Claret by Royal Appointment!! (16/02/2012)

Sorry Charles Burnley Don`t Support The Royals! (17/02/2012)

Frustration in The Mad Defeat (18/02/2012)

Win a Mystery Prize in Vin Rogue's Competition! (18/02/2012)

Burnley Youth Craven for Blackburn? (18/02/2012)

Vital Burnley Host Burnley FPA Forum (18/02/2012)

Just the Ticket-Watford (19/02/2012)

This is Our Turf...for Early Birds! (19/02/2012)

On Mee Head! On Mee 'You Tube'! (19/02/2012)

Clarets International-Trio Get N. Ireland Call-Up (20/02/2012)

Birmingham Change A Clarets Fixture Yet Again! (20/02/2012)

Lion Taming at the Turf, Burnley Hope! (23/02/2012)

Lions Roar, Burnley Bore and Fans Snore! (26/02/2012)

Rumour Mill-Is the Heaton for Clarets? (27/02/2012)

Roger Eli`s 'Thanks for the Memories` (27/02/2012)

View From T'Other Side! (28/02/2012)

Climb Every Mountain, Watford Every Stream? (29/02/2012)

Rumour Mill-Could Josh Be a Summer Target? (29/02/2012)

Stewart Sent Out On Loan To Alfreton (02/03/2012)

Season Surely Over after Hornets Sting Clarets (04/03/2012)

Just the Ticket-Cardiff City (04/03/2012)

Just the Ticket-Ipswich Town (04/03/2012)

Palace on the Turf! (08/03/2012)

Rumour Mill-Fowler, Lafferty and the Scissor Kid! (11/03/2012)

The Official BFPA 1991-92 Anniversary Dinner (11/03/2012)

Rumour Mill-Burnley Big It Up For Bigirimana? (11/03/2012)

Sad and Sorry Day at the Turf (11/03/2012)

That Was The Young Guns Week That Was... (12/03/2012)

Rumour Mill-Wily over Willo? (12/03/2012)

Another Pre-Season Alty-Cation for Clarets! (12/03/2012)

Lions, Hornets, Eagles and now Bluebirds! (17/03/2012)

Blast from the Past- FA Youth Cup Final 1968 (17/03/2012)

Just the Ticket-Blackburn in FA Youth Cup Semi (17/03/2012)

Good Point or Season Over in Cardiff? (19/03/2012)

Will Clarets Have Any Suffolk Punch Left? (20/03/2012)

Rumour Mill-Will move go up in smoke for Mellis? (21/03/2012)

Rumour Mill-Interest in Hines and Howieson (21/03/2012)

Poor Defeat in Dire Game at Portman Road (22/03/2012)

Bottle of Claret to Smash Hammers? (22/03/2012)

Vital Formula One (23/03/2012)

Was Amougou that Bad? (25/03/2012)

Did Howe Make a Mistake Signing Treacy and Hines? (25/03/2012)

One Final Youthful Revenge? (25/03/2012)

A point yet no point against Hammers at Turf Moor (25/03/2012)

Clarets Pride at Stake in Portsmouth (31/03/2012)

Burnley team turn up 45 minutes late! (01/04/2012)

That was the Youth Week...That Wasn`t to Be! (01/04/2012)

Howe on His Howieson! (02/04/2012)

Luke Chaps, Conlan Gets a Pro Deal! (02/04/2012)

A Brum Do! (02/04/2012)

Just the Ticket-Doncaster Rovers (03/04/2012)

Vital Burnley Prediction League Update (03/04/2012)

Burnley Stall as Birmingham Brum Brum! (04/04/2012)

Easton No Future At Club Says Howe (04/04/2012)

Rumour Mill-Coyle Wants Jay Rod! (04/04/2012)

Do you think things look Brighton the Horizon? (05/04/2012)

SKY's the limit for Barnsey? (05/04/2012)

Burnley Take All the Good Friday Spoils! (07/04/2012)

Keepmoativating the Fans, Burnley! (08/04/2012)

Just the Ticket-Leicester City (09/04/2012)

Burnley Put Another Nail In Donny`s Coffin! (10/04/2012)

Coventry sent to Burnley! (10/04/2012)

Just the Ticket-Blackpool (15/04/2012)

That's Why You`re...Staying Down! (15/04/2012)

Outfoxing the Foxes? (16/04/2012)

Leicester and Burnley Draw Ensures Both Stay Down! (18/04/2012)

Prediction League - An Exciting Finish? (19/04/2012)

The Donkey (Lashers) Derby! (20/04/2012)

Oh We Don`t Like To Be Beside the Seaside! (22/04/2012)

Here endeth the season... (23/04/2012)

Dull Draw Ends Dull Season! (29/04/2012)

Rumour Mill-That's My Bhoy, Jay Rod? (29/04/2012)

Rumour Mill- Trippier Out of Toon? (30/04/2012)

Rumour Mill-Marney Attracting Interest (30/04/2012)

That Was The Clarets Week That Was... (30/04/2012)

Rumour Mill- Zoko it to them! (01/05/2012)

Vital Burnley Prediction League-The Play Offs! (01/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-Alex the Bruce Anyone? (04/05/2012)

That Was The Clarets Week That Was... (06/05/2012)

Five Trialists Came, Did Five Go? (06/05/2012)

The JayRod Merry Go Round Up! (06/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-No Owls of Protest Over Treacy? (07/05/2012)

Carlisle to Northampton or Cobblers? (07/05/2012)

Agent Kean: Mission Accomplished! (07/05/2012)

More Pros and More Goes! (08/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-Howe in line for a Ward? (11/05/2012)

The Seven Deadly Sinners Out of Contract? (11/05/2012)

Rumour Mill- Benali for Burnley? (11/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-Luke It Might Be O'Neill! (12/05/2012)

Vital Burnley Sponsors of BFPA Vintage Clarets. (13/05/2012)

Vital Burnley Euro 2012 Prediction League (13/05/2012)

Will it all UnCoyle for the Judas Snake? (13/05/2012)

Winner of Burnley's Got Prediction Talent Is...? (14/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-Jason stays Shackelled at Derby? (14/05/2012)

Deals, Leavers and Gossip!-Weekly Update (20/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-McCann Swan Laking? (21/05/2012)

That Was The Clarets Week That Was... (21/05/2012)

Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The B-Sides! (21/05/2012)

2 Heads Better Than 1 Steering Good Ship Burnley? (28/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-York's Meredith Linked! (28/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-Looks Like Jay to Saints for 7m? (29/05/2012)

Turf Titbits (29/05/2012)

A Nice Warm Bath, Stanley? (29/05/2012)

Rumour Mill-Pitman and Vokes but no Chaplow? (02/06/2012)

Rumour Mill- Martin In? (02/06/2012)

Follow the Euros on Vital England (02/06/2012)

Clarets International: The Four Update! (03/06/2012)

Rumour Mill-Bidding War for JayRod? (04/06/2012)

Howe's Zat, Back to Seven Subs! (04/06/2012)

The Vital Burnley 'Predict A Season' Winners (05/06/2012)

Club Statement on Saint JayRod (11/06/2012)

That Was The Rumour Mill Week That Was... (11/06/2012)

Vital Burnley Nominated Club's Preferred Fanzine (12/06/2012)

Rumour Mill-Well Folks, It Might Still Be Vokes! (12/06/2012)

First One In and Luke It's O'Neill! (15/06/2012)

Rumour Mill-Clayton Still On Howe's Radar? (16/06/2012)

Rumour Mill-Cardiff Rival Burnley For Shackell? (16/06/2012)

That Was The Clarets Week That Was... (16/06/2012)

Rumour Mill-Meredith or Merry Dance? (16/06/2012)

Garlick on the Breath!-Long and Winding Road? (17/06/2012)

Howe Reserves The Right Not To Have Any In League! (17/06/2012)

Rumour Mill-Fryers or Liars? (18/06/2012)

2012-13 Fixtures: First Up...Bolton at Home! (18/06/2012)

Rumour Mill-Okuonghae Ok for Clarets, Magnus? (18/06/2012)

The Rumour Mill Weekly Update-Williamson and Co! (23/06/2012)

Tribute to Big Bob RIP (24/06/2012)

Olympic Howieson!-What a Year & How Son! (24/06/2012)

Burnley X-Files: No Laffs for Kyle! (24/06/2012)

Rumour Mill-Carr Park at Turf Moor? (25/06/2012)

Gotta Keep a Keeper or Five! (02/07/2012)

Rumour Mill-Usual Links, Usual Nowt! (03/07/2012)

George Porter is a Claret! (03/07/2012)

Just the Ticket-Port Vale in Capital One Cup (03/07/2012)

Rickers Twickers Wins Euro 2012 Prediction League! (04/07/2012)

Turf Titbits (04/07/2012)

Burnley X-Files: Amougou for Boro? (04/07/2012)

Shackell Signs In! (05/07/2012)

Rumour Mill-Taking Stock now Clayton No Go? (07/07/2012)

Rumour Mill-Chris McCann-ary? (09/07/2012)

Beast and Stewart Keep On Burnley's Books! (09/07/2012)

Vokes, Pugh, Treacy and a Couple of Latvians! (14/07/2012)

Burnley X-Files: Cofie a Blade! (14/07/2012)

Rumour Mill-More Austin to Huddersfield Tosh? (15/07/2012)

One Canary Not Moving From Norwich Perch? (16/07/2012)

FSF Policing And Stewarding Survey (16/07/2012)

Mills Signs In But Only On Season-Long Loan (18/07/2012)

Macca McStays in New 12 Month Deal! (18/07/2012)

Hines Departs Turf Moor (18/07/2012)

Pre-season Starts at Altrincham but Bartley Out. (21/07/2012)

The Fletcher Irony and the Vokes Conundrum! (21/07/2012)

Clarets International: Trapattoni faith in Treacy! (21/07/2012)

Shackell is New Burnley Captain! (21/07/2012)

Pre-season Jaunt in Altrincham (22/07/2012)

Wolves Confirm Vokes Can Leave! (23/07/2012)

It`s that Bury Gigg Again! (23/07/2012)

Burnley do the Shaking at Bury! (25/07/2012)

Dad Deacey says son Jordan on way to Turf Moor! (29/07/2012)

Burnley Off for an Early Bath! (29/07/2012)

Vokes Back in a Claret and Blue Shirt! (01/08/2012)

Burnley Clean Up in Bath! (01/08/2012)

South West Tour ends with Cheltenham (04/08/2012)

Whaddon Easy Win in Cheltenham! (05/08/2012)

Just the Ticket-Port Vale (05/08/2012)

Official Squad Confirmation (06/08/2012)

Clarets International-Pato, Lafferty to Miss Vale! (06/08/2012)

Vital Burnley Prediction League 2012-13 Is Go!! (06/08/2012)

Rochdale Brings Pre-Season Schedule to a Close (07/08/2012)

Rumour Mill-Blackpool want Austin? (07/08/2012)

Safe Standing - The Silent Movie! (07/08/2012)

Friendly Misery for Burnley & Ings (09/08/2012)

Clarets International- 2 No A-Vale! (11/08/2012)

Stock Clearance before Stock Take!-Now Taken! (11/08/2012)

Just the Ticket-Middlesbrough (11/08/2012)

Just the Ticket-Huddersfield Town (11/08/2012)

Rumour Mill-Still Being Linked with Montgomery? (12/08/2012)

Vital Burnley Predict a Season Competition (12/08/2012)

Bad News for Ings! (13/08/2012)

Burnley to A-Vale Themselves! (13/08/2012)

Burnley See Off Vale in Good Start to Season. (15/08/2012)

Plymouth at Turf Moor in Capital One Cup 2nd Round (15/08/2012)

The Long Awaited Bolton Game is Here! (16/08/2012)

Hope for Home Comforts! (17/08/2012)

Burnley Ensure Bolton Suffer a Coyle on the Bum! (19/08/2012)

Just the Ticket-Plymouth at Turf Moor in COCUP (20/08/2012)

And So To The Riverside... (20/08/2012)

Burnley Edged Out and Down by the Riverside! (22/08/2012)

Hoodwinking Hudds? (23/08/2012)

This was no Bolton at Huddersfield for Burnley! (26/08/2012)

A week of two halves! (26/08/2012)

Official -Great Dane Richards is a Claret! (26/08/2012)

What to do with the Steven Fletcher Money? (26/08/2012)

It`s A Long Way to the Dressing Room, Kevin! (27/08/2012)

Burnley Hoping for some Plymouth Ho Ho Ho! (27/08/2012)

No Pilgrims Progress as Beast Saves Blushes!! (29/08/2012)

Burnley Hoping To Avoid Seagull Poo! (30/08/2012)

Swindon Away for Clarets in Capital One Cup (31/08/2012)

'Do Summat' Burnley (31/08/2012)

Pilgrim MacDonald Again! (31/08/2012)

Stewart a Claret?-Yep Confirmed! (31/08/2012)

Clarets Rocky Horror Show as Brighton Rock! (03/09/2012)

Clarets International-The Dutiful Break! (03/09/2012)

Just the Ticket-The Swindon COCUP! (03/09/2012)

Stewart Back at Alfreton! (03/09/2012)

Was Bob Lord Totally Wicked? Well He Is Now! (03/09/2012)

Rumour Mill-Wickham on Loan? Con or Connor ? (05/09/2012)

Rumour Mill-You can still put a Brett on! (05/09/2012)

Burnley X-Files-The Recent Activity! (08/09/2012)

Rumour Mill-Can Burnley Win With Kenwyne Jones? (08/09/2012)

Must Win Posh Do For Burnley! (09/09/2012)

Time to Take Stock (14/09/2012)

Austin Powers Clarets to Posh Win! (17/09/2012)

Burnley X-Files: Laws of the Irish! (17/09/2012)

Just the Ticket-Got yer Foxes Ticket yet? (17/09/2012)

Burnley X-Files: Bikey Praised for Boro Debut (17/09/2012)

Just the Ticket-Ramming it !! (17/09/2012)

Power to Burnley not the King! (17/09/2012)

Burnley Outfoxed in 2-1 King Power Defeat (21/09/2012)

Derby Day! (22/09/2012)

Howe Rams It Down Derby`s Throat Again (23/09/2012)

View From T'other Side!: Vital Swindon Speak (24/09/2012)

Robbin` Robins? (24/09/2012)

Cup Exit at County Ground (26/09/2012)

Howe to Curtail Lions Roar? (27/09/2012)

Don't mention the 'C' Word (27/09/2012)

Stanislas and the Millwall Jinx! (01/10/2012)

Just the Ticket-Crystal Palace (01/10/2012)

Rams, Robins, Lions and now Owls (02/10/2012)

The FSF's Away Fans Feedback Project (02/10/2012)

All the Threes!-Except Points! (04/10/2012)

Where Eagles Don't Dare! (06/10/2012)

Capital Punishment at the Palace for Clarets (07/10/2012)

Clarets International: Trio on Duty (08/10/2012)

Rumour Mill: Duffy on loan plus Austin interest? (09/10/2012)

Clarets International: Lafferty in Irish Squad (10/10/2012)

Howe Zat? Eddie Cherry Picks and Goes! (12/10/2012)

Pashley Holds Fort! (13/10/2012)

The Coyle Conundrum! (13/10/2012)

In the Frame: Michael Appleton (14/10/2012)

Vital Burnley Prediction League : First Update (14/10/2012)

In the Frame: Graeme Jones (15/10/2012)

In the Frame: Mick McCarthy (15/10/2012)

Rumour Mill-Robbie Brady on Loan? Fergie Say No! (15/10/2012)

Pool of Claret Wine or Whine? (18/10/2012)

Too Much Too Young (18/10/2012)

Pash-ionate Display as Burnley Peel Tangerines! (22/10/2012)

Just the Ticket-Last Chance for Brizzle!! (22/10/2012)

Robins Flight To Be Stunted By Clarets? (22/10/2012)

Jonjo Heuerman's Big Football Tag (23/10/2012)

4-3 Again This Time to Burnley! (24/10/2012)

Just the Ticket-Cardiff City Update (27/10/2012)

In the Frame: It looks like Dyche! (27/10/2012)

From Robins Nest to Bluebirds Over (27/10/2012)

Woeful in Wales! (28/10/2012)

Just the Ticket-Ipswich at Portman Road (28/10/2012)

Burnley X-Files: Laws in for the Knill! (29/10/2012)

Sean Dyche Officially Our New Manager (30/10/2012)

The Dyche Plan to Keep Wolves at Bay? (01/11/2012)

Let the Good Times Roll (01/11/2012)

VIDEO: No Radical Change At Burnley - Dyche (02/11/2012)

New Era and Flying Start for Dyche (05/11/2012)

FSF's Safe Standing Campaign (05/11/2012)

Just the Ticket-Hull City (06/11/2012)

Dyche Leeds Way for Burnley (06/11/2012)

A Point off Play-Offs after Beating Leeds! (07/11/2012)

Battle of the New Managers at Portman Road (09/11/2012)

Dyche`s First Defeat in the One that Got Away! (11/11/2012)

Just the Ticket-It's Oakwell, It's Barnsley! (12/11/2012)

Clarets International- Northern Irish Laffs! (12/11/2012)

Clarets International-More Kiwi Fruit for Howieson (12/11/2012)

Dyche Seeks Return To Winning Way Addicktion (15/11/2012)

Burnley Trips Up! (19/11/2012)

Target to Detooth Tigers! (24/11/2012)

Just the Ticket-Forest at the City Ground! (25/11/2012)

KC and The Sunshine Band of Clarets! (25/11/2012)

Just the Ticket and More-Rovers and Super Sunday (26/11/2012)

Tyke it to the Limit, Burnley! (26/11/2012)

At least not totally Oakhell! (28/11/2012)

Tracing Treacy Not Sinking Without Trace!! (29/11/2012)

Barstewards` Derby is Finally Here! (01/12/2012)

Barnsley at Oakwell in FA Cup Third Round! (02/12/2012)

From Disaster to Disappointment in Derby Draw! (02/12/2012)

Mee Ouch: Out for 4-6 weeks! (05/12/2012)

Burnley Plot De-Forestation! (06/12/2012)

Macca? His first avowed intent to be a Pilgrim! (06/12/2012)

Burnley X-Files: Grezza for Mellon at Fleetwood! (06/12/2012)

Manchester United 3-4 Burnley! Get in Youth Team! (07/12/2012)

Nowt in Nottingham! (09/12/2012)

View from T'Other Side-Watford (13/12/2012)

Keeping Hornet Stings at Bay on Dychember Day! (13/12/2012)

First United and Now City for Youth Team! (14/12/2012)

Twenty years of shirt (14/12/2012)

Another Draw, Another Disappointment for Burnley! (15/12/2012)

Just the Ticket-Brum,Brum!! (17/12/2012)

Are Burnley Brumming with Confidence? (21/12/2012)

Just the Ticket-Owls at Hillsborough! (21/12/2012)

Rumour Mill-Bartley and Howe? (21/12/2012)

In Memoriam (22/12/2012)

When the Ball Moves...The 100 Milestone! (22/12/2012)

No Killer Instinct at St Andrews! (23/12/2012)

Merry Christmas to All Vital Burnley Users! (23/12/2012)

It's Derby on Boxing Day! (25/12/2012)

Double Delight for Burnley on Boxing Day (28/12/2012)

From Rams to Foxes...Another Win Please! (28/12/2012)

Model of Inconsistency Hits in Poor End to 2012 (31/12/2012)

Happy New Year, Clarets Hope to Owl! (31/12/2012)

Rumour Mill-Pato a Blade Runner? (31/12/2012)

U's Better Believe It, Porter On Loan! (31/12/2012)

Lazaar's Contract Cancelled by Mutual Consent (31/12/2012)

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