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Happy New Year (01/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Darren O'Dea & Home A Loan! (01/01/2009)

Rs We Excited by FA Cup ? (02/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Tony McMahon (02/01/2009)

Travel Advice for White Hart Lane (02/01/2009)

TV Debut for Sheffield Clarets Flag (02/01/2009)

Prediction League Table 2008 (03/01/2009)

Vital Burnley Fund Raising Recognised by Club (03/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Nicky Hunt (04/01/2009)

FA Cup Replay After No Goals in Dull Rs Game! (04/01/2009)

Can We Play Posh in FA Cup Please? (04/01/2009)

Remco van Der Schaaf has a Kidney problem (05/01/2009)

Rumour Mill- O'Dea Season Long Loan? (05/01/2009)

Burnley to Win their Spurs (05/01/2009)

Spurs Clash-View from T'other Side! (05/01/2009)

Clarets lose their Wembley Way down the Lane (07/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Bes Berisha (07/01/2009)

New Supporters Club for South West and Wales (07/01/2009)

Carling Cup hopes dashed (07/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Ade Akinbiyi (07/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Eagles Flight to Boro? (08/01/2009)

FSF - Watching Football Isn't A Crime (08/01/2009)

Bad News for the Gud! (08/01/2009)

Jones Extends Bantams Loan (09/01/2009)

It`s Swansea not Spurs! (09/01/2009)

Bes Foot Forward in Denmark (09/01/2009) the news - again! (09/01/2009)

Duff Game,Duff Ref,Duff Off (11/01/2009)

Rs is for Replay in FA Cup (11/01/2009)

FA Cup Victory but at What Cost? (14/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Dont Fly to Boro, Eagles! (14/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Back for McMahon? (15/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-No Go McMahon says Southgate (16/01/2009)

Clarets at Deepdale 2008/9 (16/01/2009)

Woe is Burnley after Deepdale Penalty Farce (17/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-OblO'Dea,Obli Dah (18/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Warren Feeney Snub (18/01/2009)

Trust Offer a Pampered Day for Two at the Turf (18/01/2009)

Claret Mountain to Climb (19/01/2009)

Next Sheffield Clarets Meeting! (19/01/2009)

Stewart Provides O'Dea Confirmation (20/01/2009)

Spurs Clash-View from T'other Side Part II (20/01/2009)

O'Dea on His Way-Says his Agent! (20/01/2009)

So close yet so far for the Clarets (22/01/2009)

Spurs Mug Clarets on Top of Mount Everest (22/01/2009)

The New Football Pools Fanzine Awards (23/01/2009)

New Wembley Way at WBA (24/01/2009)

Neil Warnock Praises Burnley (24/01/2009)

Clarets Heads Still High at Hawthorns (25/01/2009)

Come in Number 11-FA Cup 5th Round Draw Details (25/01/2009)

Maybe Cardiff or Arsenal in FA Cup Fifth Round (25/01/2009)

Was Defoe Eligible to Play?-Burnley to Ask FL? (26/01/2009)

Defoe in the Clear Say Football League (26/01/2009)

Giving Watford What For? (26/01/2009)

Thats the Ticket-West Brom FA Cup Replay 3rd Feb (26/01/2009)

Rumour Mill-Ade Akinbyebye to Ipswich? (27/01/2009)

Winter Woe Continues at Watford (28/01/2009)

Burnley Bounce Back (28/01/2009)

Clarets Get Rhys Williams On Loan-Says His Agent (30/01/2009)

Kiraly Looks Set for Loan to Bayer Leverkusen (30/01/2009)

FA CupTrophy Tour comes to Burnley FC (30/01/2009)

Coyle on Signing Rhys Williams on Loan (30/01/2009)

The Losing Addicktion? (30/01/2009)

You reap what you sow? (01/02/2009)

A League Win at Last! (01/02/2009)

Clarets Deadline Day Latest (02/02/2009)

Remco Loan Reduces Squad to 22 Players (02/02/2009)

Dullest January Transfer Window in Ages (02/02/2009)

It's Snow Joke for Tonight's Match? (03/02/2009)

Snowed Under Baggies? (03/02/2009)

400 'Hit the Site, Help the Club' on Vital Burnley (03/02/2009)

Braces, Baggies and Bob`s Underpants (04/02/2009)

Please Let it Be The Emirates! (Provisional Dates) (04/02/2009)

Prediction League Update-Jan 09 (04/02/2009)

Burnley X-Files-Where are they Now? (05/02/2009)

WTBM...Begging Letter (1)! (05/02/2009)

New Football Pools Fanzine Awards 2009 (06/02/2009)

Clarets Brumming with Confidence (06/02/2009)

It's the Old Ade-age,Gills! (06/02/2009)

It's Snow Joke, Setanta!! (07/02/2009)

Clarets Lack Killer Instinct in Brum Draw (08/02/2009)

Rumour Mill-Blackpool? Ade Kidding? (10/02/2009)

No Rest for Some Clarets-International Update (10/02/2009)

Poor Hitler, Poor Scolari! (11/02/2009)

When the Ball Moves Nominated (FFC Fanzine Awards) (12/02/2009)

Burnley X-Files- Mo 'On the Go' Camara (12/02/2009)

Clarets Plot St Valentine`s Day Massacre (13/02/2009)

Come in Number 8! (FA Cup Quarter Final Draw) (15/02/2009)

FA Cup Ifs & Buts - Blades or Tigers or Maybe Not (15/02/2009)

Clarets Extract More Wolves Teeth (16/02/2009)

Claretacchio Asks about Clarets Consistency (16/02/2009)

It's the Emirates, Lads ! (16/02/2009)

Coventry sent to Burnley! (17/02/2009)

Rickers World on Vital Burnley (17/02/2009)

An Optimistic Approach (17/02/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Steve Cotterill for Yeovil? (17/02/2009)

That's the Ticket- Sunday Funday at the Emirates (18/02/2009)

The Point in Disappointment! (18/02/2009)

Clarets Face Norwich Out East (20/02/2009)

Get Down The Turf Support The Boys! (20/02/2009)

My oh my, what a weird pie (21/02/2009)

Just Not Good Enough Burnley (22/02/2009)

Rumour Mill-Bolton want Owen Coyle? (22/02/2009)

Claretacchio Asks about the 'Owls of Anguish' (23/02/2009)

'Hit the Site, Help the Club' Raises Another £200 (24/02/2009)

Trust help fund Disabled Shelters at Turf Moor (25/02/2009)

Turf Titbits (26/02/2009)

Hull of a Game after Hell of a Game? (27/02/2009)

Burnley's Six Yellow Sweaters (27/02/2009)

Burnley`s Wednesday on a Saturday (27/02/2009)

Claretacchio's 'Hoots of Derision' (01/03/2009)

Owls, 'Owlers and 'Orrors (02/03/2009)

Committed Coyle in Contract Extension Talks (02/03/2009)

Sheffield Clarets Chip their way to the Top (02/03/2009)

Burnley and the Black-Pool of Despond? (03/03/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Micah Hyde Woking Hard (03/03/2009)

A Squad Game (03/03/2009)

Clarets Win in Much Wind Game at Blackpool (04/03/2009)

Prediction League Update-Feb 09 (05/03/2009)

Bring Back Capital Punishment say Burnley (06/03/2009)

Too Much Ammo in the Arsenal for Burnley (09/03/2009)

Where Eagles Dare but that`s Chris not Palace (10/03/2009)

When the Ball Moves Makes Fanzine Award Shortlist (10/03/2009)

Clarets Stun Palace with 3 in 10 (12/03/2009)

Clarets Aiming to Fell Forest (13/03/2009)

Worthy Paterson in Worthy's Northern Ireland Squad (13/03/2009)

Alan Mahon Looks Set for Blackpool Loan (15/03/2009)

Clarets Find a Fiver in Stroll through Forest (15/03/2009)

The Good News on Thommo (16/03/2009)

Clarets seek Suffolk Punch against Ipswich (16/03/2009)

Shall I wear the lucky pants ? (16/03/2009)

Coyle on Mahon Loan to Blackpool (17/03/2009)

Clarets Point to What Might Have Been (18/03/2009)

Rumour Mill-Houston We Dont Have a Problem, Ade (18/03/2009)

Sky Dictate Change to Blades Fixture (18/03/2009)

The Clarets Avowed Intent to Beat the Pilgrims! (20/03/2009)

Adam Kay on loan Accy Way (20/03/2009)

Diego?-A Penny for his Thoughts (21/03/2009)

Clarets Take the Cream of Devon (22/03/2009)

Advertorial - The New Football Pools (23/03/2009)

Clarets International-An Update (23/03/2009)

Prediction League Update-Mar 09 (24/03/2009)

Trust Special Newsletter-New Club Partnership (26/03/2009)

Ade Gets Houston Lift-Off (26/03/2009)

'Have Boots Will Travel` by Colin Waldron (27/03/2009)

VIDEO: England And Beckham's 109th Cap? (27/03/2009)

Turf Titbits (29/03/2009)

Akinbiyi Agrees Terms with Houston Dynamo (31/03/2009)

Burnley X-Files: David Unsworth Released (31/03/2009)

Coyle up for March Manager of Month (31/03/2009)

Chance to See Jimmy Mac Play Again (01/04/2009)

High Five for Clarets Young Guns (01/04/2009)

Alexander Has Hamstring Injury (01/04/2009)

Clarets International (02/04/2009)

Latest Injury Concern-Rhys Williams (02/04/2009)

Club Offer Great Deal for Next Two Home Games (03/04/2009)

Back to the Future for the Clarets (03/04/2009)

Rams-Shackle Clarets in Dying Seconds (05/04/2009)

Another Year of Alexander the Great (05/04/2009)

Vital Comp: Win A Copy Of Jeff Stelling's Book (06/04/2009)

Robbie Blake & All Powerade to His Elbow (06/04/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Unsworth Hangs Up Boots (08/04/2009)

Owen Coyle Playing the 2012 Overture (09/04/2009)

Owen Coyle's Hint on Potential Unsworth Return (10/04/2009)

QPR sack Manager on Eve of Clash with Clarets (10/04/2009)

Clarets Have to Avoid Falling on their Rs (10/04/2009)

Easter Eggs-tacy for Clarets Fans (12/04/2009)

Cardifficult Game for Clarets (13/04/2009)

View from T'other Side (13/04/2009)

Easter Reversal of Fortunes for Clarets in Cardiff (14/04/2009)

News of Ade from Across the Pond (15/04/2009)

Want to Watch Ade Play for Dynamo on Sunday? (16/04/2009)

Coyle,Player-Manager and the 12 Fit Men! (17/04/2009)

London Clarets support Vital Burnley (18/04/2009)

Squeaky Bum Blades Match after Nightmare Week (19/04/2009)

Coyle's Clarets Cup Final (20/04/2009)

Super Clarets Blunt Blades in Crucial Win (21/04/2009)

Young Guns at Deepdale for LFA Youth Cup Final (22/04/2009)

Clarets Lose 3-2 to Preston in LFA Youth Cup Final (23/04/2009)

Rumour Mill- Another Scott Severin Link with Dons? (23/04/2009)

There Is Moore To Know (23/04/2009)

Saints Preserve Us, Are They Relegated? (24/04/2009)

Russell Anderson Back In Training (24/04/2009)

It`s Going Down to the Wire in Final Game (26/04/2009)

Rumour Mill-Eagles for Everton? Moyes the Pity! (26/04/2009)

Robbo's View of the Weekend (26/04/2009)

Ade in the Life-Update from Houston (28/04/2009)

Reserves are Crowned King after Winning Title (28/04/2009)

Ade in the US Video-See Him Play, Hear Him Speak (29/04/2009)

Sunday Turf Moor Sell Out & Reserves Presentation (30/04/2009)

Clarets Seek Seventh Heaven not Seventh Place (01/05/2009)

Robbie is Official Supporters Player of the Year (01/05/2009)

The Day Burnley Reached the Championship Play-Offs (04/05/2009)

Prediction League-Final Table 2008/9 (05/05/2009)

Further Appeal Over Williams Loan Extension (05/05/2009)

Coyle Nominated for Manager of Month Again! (05/05/2009)

Just Too Little, Too Late? (06/05/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Oster Off! (06/05/2009)

Rhys Williams back with Boro (06/05/2009)

Reading in the Wembley Way-Part 1 (08/05/2009)

Clarets Players Dominate Actim Index 2008/9 (09/05/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Bowditch Bows Out at Ipswich (09/05/2009)

Rumour Mill-Jason Scotland for Clarets? (10/05/2009)

Clarets Edge Ever Closer to the Wembley Dream (10/05/2009)

Warnock Compliments Burnley Again (11/05/2009)

The Winner Takes It All... (11/05/2009)

Reading in the Wembley Way-Part 2 (11/05/2009)

Coppell Gets on His Bikey!! (11/05/2009)

No Need to Worry About Preston! (11/05/2009)

Arsenal Interested in Gary Cahill? (12/05/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Lowe on the Go! (12/05/2009)

Wembley is Our Heaven, Owen Coyle Our God! (13/05/2009)

Turf Titbits (14/05/2009)

Vital Burnley Launch Special Wembley Forum (15/05/2009)

It's Referee Mike Dean at Wembley! (15/05/2009)

Rumour Mill - Riordan back on the agenda? (15/05/2009)

The Records of Alexander the Great (16/05/2009)

So Far-o, so good? (17/05/2009)

Clarets under the Portugal Sun! -Thompson Explains (17/05/2009)

Burnley FC Announce Wembley Ticket Recall (18/05/2009)

Gudjon on Gudjonsson-Father&Son (19/05/2009)

Ian Holloway Favourite for Blackpool Job (19/05/2009)

That's the Ticket-Wembley Sell Out for Clarets (19/05/2009)

Away the Lads! (19/05/2009)

Burnley Backers! (Nobody Loves Us?) (21/05/2009)

Worldwide Clarets Watching Wembley on TV (22/05/2009)

Adrian Heath Backs Clarets (23/05/2009)

Alastair Campbell Blogs on the Clarets! (23/05/2009)

'An Ode To Burnley' by Poster Colin Waldron (23/05/2009)

Wembley and Ninety Minutes from Nirvana (24/05/2009)

We Are Premier League, Burnley Are Premier League! (27/05/2009)

Rumour Mill-Jermaine Beckford (27/05/2009)

Don't Do It God,They Fight Over Him in Glasgow! (27/05/2009)

Coyle Officially Says No to Celtic! (28/05/2009)

Burnley Confirm Another US Tour (28/05/2009)

Rumour Mill-Rhys Williams to Return? (29/05/2009)

Leeds to Visit Turf Moor in Pre-Season Friendly (29/05/2009)

Thats the Ticket!-Season Tickets Update 2009/10 (29/05/2009)

Now It's Bradford Away Again in Pre-Season (29/05/2009)

June 17th for Top Flight 2009-10 Fixtures! (29/05/2009)

Rumour Mill-Russell Anderson (30/05/2009)

Turf Titbits (31/05/2009)

Coyle's Ins and Outs! (01/06/2009)

In 1860 there was a keeper called Kiraly... (03/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-St Ledger? Is the Race On? (05/06/2009)

Chester to Face a Burnley XI (05/06/2009)

The Flood Gates Open...Up to 7 Transfer Targets ! (06/06/2009)

Can We Rejoice?-Tony Mowbray to be Celtic Boss? (06/06/2009)

Burnley Reserves Got Promoted Too! (07/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-Doyle for Coyle? (07/06/2009)

(FSF) Fans` Parliament (09/06/2009)

Saints Preserve Us,Police are Doing Summat!! (09/06/2009)

500 Up for Vital Burnley! (09/06/2009)

The Predictable Accy Baccy in Pre-Season! (10/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-Damien? Will it be a Double Duff? (10/06/2009)

Bonnie Scotland Again for Clarets! (11/06/2009)

Footy Fan Gets One Over On Police! (11/06/2009)

Kilmarnock then St Johnstone on Scottish Tour (12/06/2009)

Clarets to Sample Shrimps in Morecambe! (15/06/2009)

Fixtures 2009/10-It's A Copyright To Do! (16/06/2009)

And the New Celtic Boss is.......Tony Mowbray (16/06/2009)

Vital Burnley is in the Premier League! (16/06/2009)

Fixtures & Fittings-It's Stoke Up First! (17/06/2009)

Owen's New Contract Un-Coyles! (18/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-Official Clarets Bid for Scotland (19/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-Double Gunner Loans? (19/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-The Gary & Steven Caldwell Show? (19/06/2009)

Swans Chairman Confirms Clarets Bid for Scotland (19/06/2009)

UnCoyleing the Transfer Targets (20/06/2009)

From God to Mr Pastry! (20/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-Villa want McCann (21/06/2009)

Rumour Mill- Adam and Eve It Johnson? (21/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-Rabiu Afolabi Who? (22/06/2009)

Will Mears Be The First New Signing? (24/06/2009)

East Anglia Clarets Supporters Club Here We Come! (24/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-Matthew Kilgallon Linked (24/06/2009)

Today's Rumour Mill Update-No1: Bobo Balde (25/06/2009)

Today's Rumour Mill Update-No2:David Edgar (25/06/2009)

US Tour Dates Confirmed-Just 2 Now! (25/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-£2.75m Bid in for Steven Fletcher (27/06/2009)

Rumour Mill-Now £1.75 Million Bid for Tudgay (28/06/2009)

Vital Burnley Launch East Anglia Clarets Forum (28/06/2009)

Oi Adam,It's Burnley not... Real Madrid! (28/06/2009)

Mears Almost A Claret (29/06/2009)

Are Burnley about to sign Fletcher for £3 million? (29/06/2009)

Tyrone Mears Signs In First Summer Transfer (30/06/2009)

Clarets Break OwnTransfer Record to Hook Fletcher (30/06/2009)

Tudgay Interested in Move to Turf Moor (30/06/2009)

Rumour Mills!!- Doncaster's Matt? (30/06/2009)

Vital England Has Landed (01/07/2009)

Third signing for Clarets-David Edgar (01/07/2009)

Demand Sees Clarets Fans in David Fishwick Stand (01/07/2009)

Are We Back in the Driver Seat? (01/07/2009)

Rumour Mill-Hamilton Superkid James McCarthy. (01/07/2009)

Rumour Mill-Mahon To Return to Tranmere? (03/07/2009)

Rivals Has Gone Tits Up-New Home Here Though? (03/07/2009)

Rumour Mill-Did we mention Brian Easton? (03/07/2009)

Rumour Mill-The Cheeky McFadden Bid? (04/07/2009)

Win £50 in Vital Burnley's New Prediction League! (04/07/2009)

'You Tube' in Vital Burnley's Forums Now Available (04/07/2009)

The BST Update-New Feature (05/07/2009)

Fletcher's Cupid's Arrow On Target! (05/07/2009)

Rumour Mill- About A Mr Zaki? (06/07/2009)

The Trial of Pancrate (06/07/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Boro Coyne-ing It In! (06/07/2009)

Tuesday's Rumour Mill About A Sunday Loan! (07/07/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Mahon Signs for Tranmere (07/07/2009)

Wednesday Rumour Mill-McCarthyism & The Rest (08/07/2009)

Manchester United Fixture at Turf Moor Changed (09/07/2009)

Mum, We Are On the Telly! (09/07/2009)

Thursday's Rumour Mill- In Crowd Talk, No Action! (09/07/2009)

Thursday's Rumour Mill- Out Crowd All About Alex (09/07/2009)

Rumour Mill: Did We Do Dossevi? (09/07/2009)

Burnley X-Files: No Hyde-ing Place in Barnet (09/07/2009)

Rumour Mill in Overdrive-Keith Treacy? (09/07/2009)

Jones the Saddler! (10/07/2009)

Young MacDonald Has a Loan (EIEIO) (10/07/2009)

Friday's Rumour Mill-More of the Same,Nowt! (10/07/2009)

Burnley X-Files: Gray It's Barnsley not Burnley! (10/07/2009)

BST Update: Sponsor the Fans Team & Other News (11/07/2009)

Pre-season & the Friendly at Bradford is Here! (11/07/2009)

Saturday's Rumour Mill-Easton Back On? (11/07/2009)

That's The Ticket- Leeds United Friendly (11/07/2009)

Berisha Out on Loan Again? (11/07/2009)

New Burnley Coach Arrives with Legs not Wheels! (11/07/2009)

Bantams Beat Burnley and So What? (12/07/2009)

Sunday's Rumour Mill-Nowt New Just Same Old Sagas! (12/07/2009)

'The Burnley FC Miscellany' by David Wiseman (12/07/2009)

Sunday Rumour Mill Update-Wout Brama (12/07/2009)

Easton Medical at Turf on Tuesday! (12/07/2009)

Monday's Rumour Mill-Driver's Twente/Twente Vision (13/07/2009)

More Rumours from the Mill-Sunny Side Down (13/07/2009)

Tuesday's Rumour Mill-Will He Eckersley Like? (14/07/2009)

Morecambe Bays for Clarets (14/07/2009)

Clarets May Have Their Becks to the Wall in US (14/07/2009)

FSF - Footie Fans Opinions Wanted (14/07/2009)

Brian Easton becomes 4th Summer Signing (14/07/2009)

Owls Reject Increased Offer for Tudgay (15/07/2009)

Clarets Dominate Shrimps Net (15/07/2009)

Fernando Guerrero, Ecuador Trialist for Clarets (15/07/2009)

Coyle Signs Richard Eckersley (15/07/2009)

Eckersley on Eckersley (15/07/2009)

US Tour-Audio Broadcast for Ventura Match (16/07/2009)

Thursday's Rumour Mill-A Coyle £2m for Guerrero (16/07/2009)

The Midas Touch, The Psychic on Our Side! (16/07/2009)

Punch & Judy Show Continues over Tudgay! (16/07/2009)

ESPN Looking For Premier League Fans! (16/07/2009)

Friday's Rumour Mill-McCarthyism & Tudgayism (17/07/2009)

US Tour: Henry's Extra Wee Shine for Owen's Boots (18/07/2009)

Steven Fletcher Not On Song! (20/07/2009)

Oh Eck, United Want £2 Million! (20/07/2009)

Wigan Now Gets Second Burnley Target (20/07/2009)

US Tour: Audio Broadcast Update (21/07/2009)

Two Trialists in Burnley US Camp (21/07/2009)

Rumour Mill-Russell? Darel Do Again! (21/07/2009)

Wes Fletcher Off On Loan to Partick? (21/07/2009)

US Tour: VC Fusion 3am UK Time Kick-Off (21/07/2009)

Flood on Possible Franchise with VC Fusion (21/07/2009)

Clarets High Five at the Buena Vista High (22/07/2009)

Rumour Mill- Coyle to Sign Guerrero (23/07/2009)

No News on Tudgay is Now News! (23/07/2009)

Canaries Russell Burnley's Feathers! (23/07/2009)

Alastair Fronts 'Burnley Are Back!' Documentary (23/07/2009)

US Tour: Audio Broadcast of Portland Timbers Game. (24/07/2009)

Wes Will Be Hoping to Drive Jags. (24/07/2009)

US Tour: Timber Felling Next Aim for Clarets (24/07/2009)

Win a Copy of 'The Burnley FC Miscellany' (25/07/2009)

Clarets Log Another Win After Felling Timbers (26/07/2009)

Learner Driver Still On Test at Hearts (27/07/2009)

Vital Burnley's 'You Tube' Video of Timbers Match (27/07/2009)

Rumour Mill-Tudgay Move Could Still Be On? (27/07/2009)

Just the Ticket or Is It? (28/07/2009)

Rumour Mill-Guerrero Update & Craig Gardner. (28/07/2009)

It's Backy to Accy! (28/07/2009)

Chester No Go! (28/07/2009)

Accy Thump, Clarets Leave It Late! (29/07/2009)

Coyle on Guerrero (29/07/2009)

Just the United Ticket for Members! (29/07/2009)

Administrators' Modus Operandi Affects Burnley FC (29/07/2009)

Vital Burnley Help Trust Achieve 100 Shares Target (30/07/2009)

Tudgay Finally Off the Burnley Radar (30/07/2009)

St Johnstone Kick-Off Brought Forward to 2 pm (30/07/2009)

FFC Survey-The Fans Worried Minds! (31/07/2009)

Club Responds to Modus Administration Loan Issue (31/07/2009)

Bye,Bye Berisha & Bes of Luck! (31/07/2009)

Have Burnley Checked Out All Their Leeds? (31/07/2009)

Burnley Get Shock from Electric Leeds (02/08/2009)

Just the Stoke Ticket for 2000 Loyalty Points ! (03/08/2009)

Burnley Top Club, Top Fans and Top of League (04/08/2009)

Clarets International-Caldwell's Scottish Call Up (04/08/2009)

Rumour Mill-Je T'Adore Jozy Altidore ? (04/08/2009)

Guerrero in Town for Further Talks with Coyle (04/08/2009)

Hoping for a Killing of Killies in Kilmarnock (05/08/2009)

Burnley X-Files: A Little Bit of Sheffield (05/08/2009)

'The Burnley FC Miscellany'-A Vital Offer! (06/08/2009)

Guerrero One Year Loan Deal Agreed (06/08/2009)

Coyle on Guerrero Loan (06/08/2009)

Clarets Gloomy Pre-Season Continues as Killies Win (07/08/2009)

Just the Ticket-Stoke Update & Chelsea (07/08/2009)

Burnley Seek Perfection in Perth (08/08/2009)

Clarets End Pre-Season with Another Defeat (09/08/2009)

Countdown Begins (09/08/2009)

Clarets v Red Devils at Turf Moor 1976-Style (09/08/2009)

Last Week to Register for Our Prediction League (10/08/2009)

Chairman's Season Ticket Pledge-An Update (10/08/2009)

Kings Of Lancashire Night For LMA Benevolent Fund (10/08/2009)

There is Only One Jeff Stelling... (10/08/2009)

WTBM... to return (10/08/2009)

Rumour Mill-Clarets Getting On Their Bikey? (10/08/2009)

Just the Stoke Ticket-Still Some Left (11/08/2009)

Vital Burnley in FourFourTwo Magazine (12/08/2009)

Burnley in Hat for Carling Cup 2nd Round Draw (12/08/2009)

Could Edgar Still Play at Stoke? (12/08/2009)

It's Hartlepool Away in the Carling Cup! (12/08/2009)

Rumour Mill-Crikey, Bikey Deal Getting Close? (13/08/2009)

Clarets International-Bad Day for Caldwell Bros (13/08/2009)

New Member of the Burnley Writers XI (13/08/2009)

It's in the Can for Chris McCann (and Jay Rod) (13/08/2009)

Coyle on Bikey Confirming Interest (13/08/2009)

Clarets Must Stand Tall at Boom Boom Britannia (14/08/2009)

20 Editors - One Passion - The Ultimate Preview! (14/08/2009)

33 Years But Can We Rule Britannia? (14/08/2009)

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Jordan Goes 'Tits Up' (16/08/2009)

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North Manchester Clarets Meeting (18/08/2009)

Bikey Signs In Time for United Match (18/08/2009)

Turf Moor Baptism of Fire in Premier League (18/08/2009)

The Joys of Stoke and WTBM75 (18/08/2009)

Join Football Supporters Federation for Free (19/08/2009)

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Is Chelsea a Stamford Bridge Too Far? (28/08/2009)

View From T'Other Side!-Chelsea's Merlin (28/08/2009)

Carling Cup-Tis Tykes at Oakwell (29/08/2009)

Rumour Mill-My Perfect Cousin? (30/08/2009)

Coyle Sings Praises,Clarets Sing Blues at Chelsea (30/08/2009)

Coyle's New McKee to Future Success? (30/08/2009)

Clarets International-Caldwell Major Doubt (30/08/2009)

Clarets International-Bikey's Cameroon Call Up (31/08/2009)

Rumour Mill-Hesselinked to Burnley? (01/09/2009)

Just the Ticket- Liverpool Sold Out (01/09/2009)

Cousin Will Sign, So He Says! (01/09/2009)

Don't Be Shy Barnsey, Will Yer? (01/09/2009)

David Nugent Has Signed On Loan (01/09/2009)

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Back to the Future 2-Sticky Toffee Puddings (03/09/2009)

*Vital Mobile - Free 14 Day Trial* (03/09/2009)

Just the Ticket-Barnsley in Carling Cup UPDATE (03/09/2009)

Clarets International-Caldwell No Go for Scotland (03/09/2009)

Coach Trip to Ewood is a Must (03/09/2009)

Burnley help 'Save our Stanley' (04/09/2009)

Clarets International-Grezza & Fletch Start (05/09/2009)

In the Chair-Steve Davis & Jay Rod Coming Along. (07/09/2009)

Just the Ticket-Tottenham Hotspur (07/09/2009)

'Save Our Stanley' Match On (07/09/2009)

Vital Burnley Prediction League-August 09 Update (08/09/2009)

Clarets beat Accy 4-0 in Taxing Friendly (09/09/2009)

Rumour Mill-Zenden or is it a load of Bolo? (09/09/2009)

Bitter Taste for Burley, Poor Taste for Coyle (10/09/2009)

Burnley Plot Anfield Antics (11/09/2009)

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Coyle a Scotland Part-Timer? (13/09/2009)

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New Premier League Rules (15/09/2009)

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No Go Remco-The Missing Man! (17/09/2009)

Sunderland at Fortress Turf Moor (18/09/2009)

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Defences Unbreached at Turf Moor (18/09/2009)

Nugent Also Sticks Two Up Pompey! (20/09/2009)

Scan on McCann is Bad News (21/09/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Burnley 3-1 Sunderland (21/09/2009)

Nugent brace Mackems suffer (21/09/2009)

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Caldwell Back in Training (21/09/2009)

Barnsley for the Tyking! (22/09/2009)

Vital in 7th Heaven after Top Website Acclaim (22/09/2009)

Steve Cotterill's Green Army? (23/09/2009)

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Earning Our Spurs at White Hart Lane? (25/09/2009)

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Clarets fans not Keane on 5-0 drubbing (27/09/2009)

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Injuries Mount for Clarets (01/10/2009)

Jay Rod Faces Scan on Injured Ankle. (01/10/2009)

Owen Coyle on Jay Rod Injury Blow (01/10/2009)

Opportunity Knocks in Blues Battle (02/10/2009)

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Clarets Seek Record Home Win in Brum Clash (02/10/2009)

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Sky Mess Up the Fixtures Again (07/10/2009)

Coyle Plays With New Keeper (07/10/2009) Football Rich List 2009 (08/10/2009)

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Important Info For England Fans Ukraine Bound! (08/10/2009)

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Play the Burnley FC Miscellany Quiz & Win the Book (10/10/2009)

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Fair Play to Burnley but not Rovers! (12/10/2009)

Al the Prof's Funeral Arrangements (12/10/2009)

Trust Statement on Rovers Coach Travel Policy (13/10/2009)

County Caretaker Role for Dave Kevan (15/10/2009)

The Clarets Derby Collection (15/10/2009)

Rumour Mill-Matthew Kilgallon Linked Again (16/10/2009)

The Referee Foy the Mother of All Derbies (16/10/2009)

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Forget the Hype & Enjoy being Part of History! (16/10/2009)

And It`s No Na Never 2009-10 (Part 1) (17/10/2009)

Rumour Mill-A Case of Holmén Mayonnaise (18/10/2009)

Golf Champions Of Football (19/10/2009)

No Hiding Place for Clarets Fans in East Lancs (19/10/2009)

John Mullin Returns in Youth Coaching Role (20/10/2009)

Elliott Sweats Over Potential Ban (20/10/2009)

Will Pollitt Be Back at the Turf on Saturday? (21/10/2009)

Elliott in the Clear (21/10/2009)

Penny gets in his Two Penny Worth! (21/10/2009)

Ye Olde Beautiful Game (22/10/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Burnley v Wigan (23/10/2009)

Wigan at Fortress Turf Moor (23/10/2009)

'Inglorious Bastards' put Bee in Burnley's Bonnet (23/10/2009)

Barclays Bank It! (25/10/2009)

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Wigan Ate All the Sand Pies! (26/10/2009)

The Beast Injury Update (26/10/2009)

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What a Hull-abaloo!! (29/10/2009)

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Out of Contract Summer 2010 but in Our Hearts? (29/10/2009)

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Clarets Hoping for One Hulluva Win (30/10/2009)

Tigers Listing Ship is Hulled & Sunk (02/11/2009)

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Turf Titbits (02/11/2009)

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Richard Moore's Birth of a Claret (05/11/2009)

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Mismatch of the Day (06/11/2009)

Clarets to lick the City slick? (06/11/2009)

Mears the Pity, Tyrone Cant Play for England Yet! (08/11/2009)

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Vital Europe 50th Anniversary Fantasy Footy Tour (10/11/2009)

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Young McDonald Has Some Charm........EIEIO! (12/11/2009)

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Clarets Are You F-O (16/11/2009)

Clarets Are You P-Z (16/11/2009)

Chelsea, Bikey & The African Cup of Nations (17/11/2009)

Burley Goes, Coyle Stays? (17/11/2009)

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Just the Ticket-Wolves (19/11/2009)

Tyrone The International Star? (19/11/2009)

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They have a Villa, We have a Fortress! (20/11/2009)

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Rumour Mill-In the Weiss Squad? (22/11/2009)

Villa's Late Reprieve Tough on Courageous Clarets (23/11/2009)

Pesky Heskey is Villan of the Peace in Draw (24/11/2009)

When The Ball Moves...Issue 78 (24/11/2009)

Rumour Mill-Sticks made from Burch? (25/11/2009)

The Irish Youth Connection begins to pay Dividends (25/11/2009)

FA Cup Third Round Draw-Come in Number 9! (25/11/2009)

Wiseman say Only Fools Rush In-Quiz 1 of 3 Update (26/11/2009)

Coyle on New Boy, Kevin Long (26/11/2009)

Hardly Happy Hammers look for Home Comforts (27/11/2009)

Hoping to Hammer the Hammers! (27/11/2009)

Just the Ticket-Everton (27/11/2009)

Claret Dale is the Wiseman of the Clarets World! (27/11/2009)

VIDEO Preview: West Ham - Burnley (27/11/2009)

Hammer Horror Show with a Late Twist (29/11/2009)

It is the FA Cup, It is MK Dons (29/11/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: West Ham 5 Burnley 3 (30/11/2009)

Nugent No Go at Pompey (30/11/2009)

One Match Ban for Caldwell (30/11/2009)

Burnley Keep Agents At Bay (01/12/2009)

Bolton and Villa Fixtures Change (01/12/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Portsmouth - Burnley (04/12/2009)

The FSF's England Fans' Guide To South Africa 2010 (04/12/2009)

Clarets Seek Victory in the Safe Harbour of Pompey (04/12/2009)

The Miracle Mending of McCann (06/12/2009)

Clarets Pompey the Price on Road to Nowhere (07/12/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Portsmouth 2 Burnley 0 (07/12/2009)

Further Change to Villa Fixture (07/12/2009)

A Saturday in Milton Keynes! (08/12/2009)

Just the Ticket-MK Dons (09/12/2009)

Does Charlie Claret Have Enough Loyalty Points? (10/12/2009)

Just the Ticket- The Rovers Return Plan (10/12/2009)

Easton, Edgar, Eckersley and the Curse of E? (10/12/2009)

Jimmy Robson Book Signing in Club Shop on Saturday (10/12/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Burnley v Fulham (11/12/2009)

The Fortress takes on Fulham (11/12/2009)

Dull Point against Fulham better than Null Point (14/12/2009)

Gunners Take Aim at Fortress Turf Moor (15/12/2009)

Just the Ticket for Old Trafford (15/12/2009)

Is Cotterill Favourite for Owls Job? (15/12/2009)

Kevan Karetaker at Kounty! (15/12/2009)

Richard Moore's Burnley Bull (16/12/2009)

Rumour Mill-Wilshere Come Jack? (18/12/2009)

A Massive Point as Gunners Fail To Smash Fortress (18/12/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Wolves - Burnley (18/12/2009)

Young Alex MacDonald Returns (18/12/2009)

Clarets face Mick and the Big Bad Wolves (19/12/2009)

View from T'other Side-Wolves (19/12/2009)

Rumour Mill-Can We Bale Him Out? (20/12/2009)

Clarets Fail to Turn Up at Molineux (21/12/2009)

Merry Christmas from Vital Burnley (22/12/2009)

View from T'other Side-Everton (23/12/2009)

When The Ball Moves...79 (23/12/2009)

Edgar Sorted , Eckersley Not (24/12/2009)

Banish Boxing Day Blues Burnley & Beat Bolton (24/12/2009)

VIDEO Preview: Burnley v Bolton (24/12/2009)

Tricky Toffees Drubbing with Double Cream Please (25/12/2009)

VIDEO Highlights: Everton 2 Burnley 0 (29/12/2009)

Festive Flop 1-Bolton & All That (29/12/2009)

Festive Flop 2- Toffees? Bah Humbug! (30/12/2009)

Burnley FC deny Mansouri Interest (30/12/2009)

Rumour Mill- The Speculation Summary (30/12/2009)

Megson Sacking raises Coyle Link Again (30/12/2009)

Irvine Goes at Preston. Cotterill in Frame? (30/12/2009)

What a Difference a Year Makes! (31/12/2009)

Dynamo Guy Discusses Our Rumoured Houston Targets (31/12/2009)

Caldwell Could Be Out For A Month (31/12/2009)

Nugent's Nuggets Could Be Fools Gold (31/12/2009)

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