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'If It's Football, It's Vital'

Vital Burnley - Archives for 2008

Burnley Pool Resources (01/01/2008)

Clarets Seaside Lashing (02/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Laffs for Riordan? (02/01/2008)

Eduardo - Be Scared! (02/01/2008)

Rumour Mill - Dong Fangzhou (02/01/2008)

Gooner Guide to Turf Moor (03/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Stanislav Varga (03/01/2008)

Varga-Its a Burnley Loan (04/01/2008)

Rumour Mill- Richard Chaplow (04/01/2008)

What's Burnley`s Arsenal? (05/01/2008)

Proud to be a Claret! (09/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Andy Gray (09/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Riordan Relapse (09/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Andrew Driver (09/01/2008)

Scunthorpe Match changed to Saturday (09/01/2008)

Window of Opportunity? (09/01/2008)

Plymouth Ho Ho Ho? (10/01/2008)

Clarets Whelan Bid Rejected (10/01/2008)

S'canistay Varga (10/01/2008)

Coyle Recoyles on Rumours (10/01/2008)

Clarets Trust 2008 Beer Festival (11/01/2008)

Kick Football Fans Out Of Football (11/01/2008)

Jay Loan to Stirling (11/01/2008)

Clarets Pilgrims Progress (13/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Lots of Tabloid Gossip (14/01/2008)

The View from 1882... (14/01/2008)

Vital Burnley having a Ball! (15/01/2008)

We Sponsor Trust Beer Festival! (15/01/2008)

Rumour Mill- Gray Day for Clarets? (16/01/2008)

Burnley Fans Trial by Frustration (16/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Whelan Bid Upped? (16/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Barry Robson Still! (17/01/2008)

Blimping Heck ! (17/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Jones Crewe (17/01/2008)

Pre-Match Trust Socials Announced (18/01/2008)

Gray Skies in Burnley (18/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Alan Lee to Return? (18/01/2008)

Gray Clouds and Sky Blues (19/01/2008)

Ipswich Chairman denies Lee Rumour (19/01/2008)

Gray sent to Coventry? (20/01/2008)

Magilton on Lee Rumour (20/01/2008)

Vote for 'When the Ball Moves' (20/01/2008)

Jay keen to get stuck in (20/01/2008)

Vote Vital Burnley Too ! (20/01/2008)

Thank You Mr Flood & Mr Coyle (20/01/2008)

Turfites Take (20/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Robson £750k? (21/01/2008)

Coyle Gives Up on Riordan? (21/01/2008)

The View from 1882 (22/01/2008)

New Vital Burnley Prediction League (22/01/2008)

Its just another January Day! (22/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Lee Lets See (22/01/2008)

Jones Not Changing at Crewe (22/01/2008)

Thompson says no to Robson Offer (23/01/2008)

Rejecting Robson (24/01/2008)

Coyle's Strongest Signing Hint Yet (24/01/2008)

Riordan Back on for Clarets? (24/01/2008)

Elliott Impresses in Actim Index (25/01/2008)

Duff could Play as soon as February (25/01/2008)

Steal from Iron, Burnley! (26/01/2008)

Rumour Mill- Maradona,Stead & Cole (27/01/2008)

2008 Football League Awards (27/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Neil Lennon (27/01/2008)

Burnley Melt Down The Iron (28/01/2008)

Race Night with a Difference (28/01/2008)

A Call For Calm. (28/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Riordan&4million Laffs? (29/01/2008)

The View from 1882 (29/01/2008)

Where is the Cole Man? (29/01/2008)

Cole joins Clarets (29/01/2008)

Old Firm battle for Lafferty (30/01/2008)

Rumour Mill-Robson Hood? (30/01/2008)

Coyle says No Kyle Rangers Bid (30/01/2008)

Coyle all for Argy Bargy! (30/01/2008)

Twelve Hours To Go (31/01/2008)

New Maradona? Same Old Story (31/01/2008)

That's Cardiff Stuffed Then! (31/01/2008)

Young Gunner fires for Clarets (31/01/2008)

Coyle on Mark Randall (31/01/2008)

Robson Chooses Celtic (31/01/2008)

Stoke get Whelan (01/02/2008)

A Day to Win at WBA (02/02/2008)

Baggies Just Too Good (03/02/2008)

The View from 1882 (05/02/2008)

Win A Subscription To 442 With Vital (05/02/2008)

Rumour Mill-Crewed Jones? (05/02/2008)

Tom's Law on Referees (05/02/2008)

Coyle-Maybe A Loan from Tomorrow (06/02/2008)

Eircom We Have a Game? (07/02/2008)

Burnley face Us (08/02/2008)

Rumour Mill-Old Firm Laffs (08/02/2008)

Don't Ruin Our National Game! (08/02/2008)

Burnley`s Us-less Draw (11/02/2008)

Vital Burnley Chat Room (11/02/2008)

Vital Burnley Matchday Live & Chat Room (11/02/2008)

The View from 1882 (12/02/2008)

Tom's Law on Referees (12/02/2008)

Us to Rs for Clarets (12/02/2008)

Ade & Andrew Show (13/02/2008)

No To Game 39 say FSF (14/02/2008)

Eircoms a Bohemian Rhapsody! (15/02/2008)

Burnley's Agent Fees 2007 (15/02/2008)

Vital Burnley Footy Games Feature (15/02/2008)

39th Game Update (16/02/2008)

Vote for 'When the Ball Moves' (17/02/2008)

Vital Burnley Nominated for Award (17/02/2008)

Vital Burnley Footy Game 2 (18/02/2008)

Back Four Claret & Blues (19/02/2008)

Plymouth Pre-View from 1882 (20/02/2008)

No Cole Fire at Plymouth? (21/02/2008)

Sad News about Gazza! (21/02/2008)

Duff Back in Action Soon (22/02/2008)

Yehaw Heath Stokes it Up (22/02/2008)

Wade's Contract-An Update (22/02/2008)

Tom's Law on Referees (23/02/2008)

Clarets in 7th Devon (23/02/2008)

Burnley's Devon Cream Sour (24/02/2008)

Vital Burnley Footy Game 3 (25/02/2008)

Rumour Mill-Adam Johnson (25/02/2008)

Rumour Mill-Scott Sinclair (25/02/2008)

Coyle on Varga, Cole and Akinbiyi (25/02/2008)

The View from 1882 (26/02/2008)

Sky Blues at the Turf (26/02/2008)

Cole in Serious Bother (26/02/2008)

Win but No Great Shakes (28/02/2008)

The View from 1882 (29/02/2008)

The Coyle Dilemmas (29/02/2008)

Can we Sting the Hornets? (01/03/2008)

Bracing Day for Blake (03/03/2008)

Refusing a Contract? Harley! (03/03/2008)

The View from 1882 (04/03/2008)

Hull of a Game on Cards (04/03/2008)

KC Rocky Horror Show! (05/03/2008)

Young Reporter: Hull City (05/03/2008)

Coyle a Clarets Triallist (06/03/2008)

The View from 1882 (07/03/2008)

Clarets in the Potteries (08/03/2008)

Burnley cant Stoke it up! (09/03/2008)

Young Reporter: Stoke City (09/03/2008)

Its a New Day, its a New Dawn.. (10/03/2008)

Can Clarets cure Addicks? (11/03/2008)

Rumour Mill-Liam Miller (11/03/2008)

Rumour Mill-Sam Vokes (11/03/2008)

Burnley keep Dream Alive (12/03/2008)

Young Reporter: Charlton (12/03/2008)

Burnley EX-News: Michael Ricketts (13/03/2008)

The View from 1882 (14/03/2008)

Call-Up but McCann He Make it? (14/03/2008)

Wolves at Turf Moor (15/03/2008)

Old Yawn before New Dawn! (16/03/2008)

Young Reporter: Wolves (17/03/2008)

Alexander in Early Burley! (18/03/2008)

Laffs Worthy of International Squad (18/03/2008)

The Eurovision Coyle Contest (18/03/2008)

Varga Injury Concern (19/03/2008)

Coyle Hone A Loan? (19/03/2008)

Elliott Wades In (20/03/2008)

Easter Derby at Deepdale (21/03/2008)

Coyle on New Triallist (21/03/2008)

Derby Doom & Gloom (23/03/2008)

Clarke Carlisle Red Card Appeal ? (24/03/2008)

Coyle may Plaster with New Filler (24/03/2008)

McCann No Go Montenegro (24/03/2008)

Clarets Trust Social-Sparrow Hawk (25/03/2008)

Dyer Trouble for Former Claret (26/03/2008)

Double Irish Joy for Lafferty (27/03/2008)

Jonah back at Crewe (27/03/2008)

Elliott Wades into New Contract (27/03/2008)

Play For Your Club Clarets Team (27/03/2008)

Barnsley for the Tyking? (28/03/2008)

WeTyke the Water Biscuit! (30/03/2008)

New Triallist at Burnley? (31/03/2008)

The View from 1882 (01/04/2008)

200 Members Up (01/04/2008)

Rumour Mill-Sean Evans Part 2 (01/04/2008)

Cole Bailed out of Trouble (01/04/2008)

Rivals Rite-Norwich v Burnley (02/04/2008)

ClaretsTrust eBay Auctions (02/04/2008)

Evans Above, No Show! (03/04/2008)

Dave Beasant in Goal? (03/04/2008)

Bes Time to Come Back? (04/04/2008)

Turf Redevelopment Update (04/04/2008)

De-Perch Mode Clarets? (05/04/2008)

Bury Fans B 2-6 Burnley Fans (05/04/2008)

Clarets are not Carrowing! (06/04/2008)

Flick Your Way To Uefa Euro 2008 (07/04/2008)

One Day left in Trust Auctions (08/04/2008)

Rumour Mill-Riordan Again (09/04/2008)

Clarets to Blunt Blades? (11/04/2008)

Robinson: Expect selection shocks (11/04/2008)

Fans game OFF (12/04/2008)

Clarets Take Sharp Beattie (14/04/2008)

Trust Beer Festival Clock Ticking (15/04/2008)

Drumming up Support or Not? (15/04/2008)

Appendix No Laffing Matter (15/04/2008)

Trust Player of the Season Award (16/04/2008)

When the Ball Moves Questionnaire (16/04/2008)

FFC On The Standing Issue At Footie (16/04/2008)

A Clue in Reserves Defeat? (16/04/2008)

Bradford to test Burnley in July (17/04/2008)

Coyle wants to keep Rodriguez (17/04/2008)

Burnley X-Files: Andy Gray (18/04/2008)

Beastly Deal or Not? (18/04/2008)

Saints Deserve Us? (19/04/2008)

Burnley Prey-Saints Pray (20/04/2008)

Club Player of the Year Vote (21/04/2008)

Turf Titbits (22/04/2008)

Jimmy Mullen gets a Walsall Boost (22/04/2008)

Traditional Accy Friendly Announced (22/04/2008)

Triumphs, Trophies and Turf Moor Legends (24/04/2008)

Rodriguez goal sinks Coyle's former employers (24/04/2008)

Stan Ternent-New Huddersfield Manager (24/04/2008)

Jepson rejoins Ternent at Huddersfield (24/04/2008)

The Cole Effect Hire? (25/04/2008)

Coyle on Randall & Arsenal (25/04/2008)

Bluedbirds over Burnley (26/04/2008)

Benny Hill on Muppet Show (28/04/2008)

Rumour Mill-Kaspars Gorkss (29/04/2008)

Sweet Welsh FA for Purse-Complain Here (30/04/2008)

Garreth O'Connor released by Burnley FC (30/04/2008)

Alexander the Great (01/05/2008)

Redknapp Pulls the Purse Strings (02/05/2008)

Where Eagles Dont Dare (04/05/2008)

Should we be surprised? (04/05/2008)

Eagles Take it, Easy! (05/05/2008)

Will they Go or will they Stay? (06/05/2008)

Harley Offered Deal, Spicer Off! (06/05/2008)

Will Brian get the Premier number? (06/05/2008)

Trust Beer Festival Starts this Friday (07/05/2008)

Clarets Off to the Glens (07/05/2008)

Harley No Go, To Go but Why Go? (12/05/2008)

Glentoran New Friendly Date Awaited (12/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Sun Jihai (12/05/2008)

Clarets Announce New Date for Glentoran Friendly (12/05/2008)

Vital Football Fantasy League Winners (12/05/2008)

At The Cole Face! (13/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Matt Walwyn (13/05/2008)

A Tale of Two Clarets Keepers (14/05/2008)

Win A Signed Copy Of Shoot To Win (14/05/2008)

Cole No Deal? (15/05/2008)

League Crowds Break 16m Barrier (15/05/2008)

It's No Sacrifice for Unsworth? (16/05/2008)

Another Friendly Change-Bradford (16/05/2008)

No Cole in the Fire for Clarets! (16/05/2008)

Jay Rodriguez Cheers Things Up! (16/05/2008)

Coyle wants to be a Millionaire Record Breaker (17/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Martin Paterson (18/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Kaspars Gorkss Linked Again (18/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Paterson Clarets Interest Confirmed (19/05/2008)

FFC Survey On Grassroots Football (19/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Paterson Bid Rejected (20/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Laffs & Old Gold (22/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Stephen Elliott plus Cash for Laffs? (22/05/2008)

'Weekend,lads' says Coyle (22/05/2008)

James O'Connor Says No Deal (23/05/2008)

Comment - Coyle is right (23/05/2008)

Burnley X-Files:In,Out&About (24/05/2008)

When the Ball Moves Online Joins Vital Burnley (24/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-David Weir (26/05/2008)

When the Ball Moves...New Section (26/05/2008)

Billy Bingham-New Clarets Irish Scout (26/05/2008)

Rumour Mill-Clarets Russell up Deal for Darel? (27/05/2008)

Coyle showing some Iron over Paterson (27/05/2008)

Unsworth Gets more Time to Decide (27/05/2008)

Burnley need more Steel to get Paterson from Iron (27/05/2008)

Burnley's Hearts Broken over Andrew Driver (28/05/2008)

Lafferty Outburst in Belfast Telegraph (28/05/2008)

No Nay Never by Dave Thomas-The Second Volume (29/05/2008)

Another Bid Turned Down-Kevin McDonald (29/05/2008)

Sandy Stewart Speaks on Burnley Transfer Situation (30/05/2008)

Clarets set for busy summer (01/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Darren Byfield (02/06/2008)

Yankie Doodle-Dandy for Clarets! (02/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Clarets in Pole Position for Riordan? (03/06/2008)

Crainey's 'Please Release Me' Clause (03/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Paul Anderson (03/06/2008)

Clarets on US Pre-Season Tour (03/06/2008)

Minnesota Thunder fan contacts Vital Burnley (04/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Bury Bishop to prey for Burnley? (04/06/2008)

Turf Titbits (04/06/2008)

Is this the New Clarets Away Kit? (04/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Double Swoop in Scotland (05/06/2008)

Paterson wants to Leave Scunthorpe (05/06/2008)

Blue is the Colour? Get Away!! (New Away Kit) (06/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-In for a Penny...? (06/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Rangers' Gow plus £2.5m for Laffs (07/06/2008)

Austin Who?-Pete Bucks the Trend (07/06/2008)

The Flood Gates Open (07/06/2008)

Forget about Kyle Lafferty! (07/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Penny Drops in Spain? (08/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Is this Kerr-ect? (08/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-No Cesar Salad? (08/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Plus Potter say Wolves (09/06/2008)

Wolves see Lafferty bid accepted? (09/06/2008)

Turf Titbits (10/06/2008)

250 Up for Vital Burnley! (10/06/2008)

Claret Rumour Mill Grinds-A Summary (11/06/2008)

Vital Burnley in Chat with US Fans (11/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Lee Cook (11/06/2008)

Minnesota Thunder's Novel Youth Development Plan (12/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Spicing up Donny? (12/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-New Laffs Celtic Bid (12/06/2008)

US Friendly Changes & Confirmation (12/06/2008)

Carling Cup...It's Bury! (13/06/2008)

Fixtures 2008/9-No New Year's Day Match ! (14/06/2008)

Hearts in Driver Seat as Second Bid Rejected (14/06/2008)

Penny for Our Work Permit Appeal Thoughts? (15/06/2008)

Fixtures 2008/9 Released: First up ,Owls! (16/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-YAWN Rangers are back in for Laffs! (16/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Rangers have Last Laffs? (17/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Anthony Stokes (17/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Darren Barr (17/06/2008)

Its Official Burnley accept Rangers Bid! (17/06/2008)

Kaspars Gorkss-QPR Naughty Boys? (17/06/2008)

The Lafferty Deal: The Latest (17/06/2008)

Dyer Straits in a Wright-Philips Mess! (17/06/2008)

Was it Lee that Ipswich Offered for Lafferty? (18/06/2008)

Turf Titbits (18/06/2008)

Cotts Laffs Out Loud (19/06/2008)

It's Still No Gow for Burnley-Deadline to Decide (19/06/2008)

Vital Burnley launch Northern Chat (19/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Back for Paterson? (20/06/2008)

Gow Confusion as Agent says No Deal (20/06/2008)

Turf Moor Redevelopment Update (20/06/2008)

Bury Carling Cup Match Date Announced (20/06/2008)

Burnley X-Files: Little Hope for Pompey (20/06/2008)

No Gow (20/06/2008)

Fans Team to head to Preston (21/06/2008)

Paterson Bid Accepted! (21/06/2008)

Coyle Speaks about Paterson Deal (22/06/2008)

Coyle will not bid more for A Driver! (22/06/2008)

Rumour Mill- Russell back on Hitlist? (23/06/2008)

Defeat in the final for the Fans Team (23/06/2008)

Paterson becomes Coyle's First Full Signing (23/06/2008)

Coyle on his New Number 10 (23/06/2008)

Pato Patter (24/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Kevin McDonald (24/06/2008)

Rumour Mill- Dear Deek Come to Burnley (24/06/2008)

Penny Might Drop In -Work Permit Appeal on Friday (24/06/2008)

We are on the Telly,Mum! (24/06/2008)

Coyle on Penny Signing Subject to Work Permit (24/06/2008)

We have Apparantly Signed Kevin McDonald? (24/06/2008)

Kevin McDonald Officially Signs for Burnley (24/06/2008)

Coyle Delighted, Rae Bitter over McDonald (24/06/2008)

McDonald's Dad puts Alex Rae in His Place (25/06/2008)

Alan Gow on his way to Norwich? (25/06/2008)

Penny for Coyle's Thoughts! (25/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Christian Kalvenes (25/06/2008)

Craig Levein confirms Burnley Link to Kalvenes (26/06/2008)

Club Clarify Youth Policy with Gawthorpe Update (26/06/2008)

Who Next after Kalvenes Signs In? (27/06/2008)

Quids in for a Penny as Appeal Board say Yes! (27/06/2008)

James O'Connor becomes an Owl (27/06/2008)

The Clarets Mystery Loan Target is....? (27/06/2008)

England Euro 2008 Failure-Fans Blame Grass Roots (28/06/2008)

Its only One Penny! (28/06/2008)

Rumour Mill-Ritchie Jones (28/06/2008)

Burnley X-Files: Cole from the Forest? (29/06/2008)

The Prof is Back-Al Boys Joins Vital Burnley! (29/06/2008)

Lisbie: 'No way I would move up North' (29/06/2008)

Burnley X-Files: McGreal Ipswich Reserves Coach? (30/06/2008)

Coyle Wants 3 More New Signings (30/06/2008)

Unsworth Leaves Burnley (30/06/2008)

New Squad Numbers Announced (30/06/2008)

Hearts are Driver-ing Everybody Mad! (01/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files: Dyer Turns Down Saints (01/07/2008)

Home Friendly Announced-Inverness Caley (01/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files: Sinclair now a Lincoln Man! (01/07/2008)

Paterson on First Day Back in Training (02/07/2008)

Rumour Mill-Riordan back on Clarets Agenda (02/07/2008)

Coyle Dampens Riordan Speculation (02/07/2008)

Rumour Mill-Riordan? Have We or Haven't We? (03/07/2008)

Carolina Railhawks- US Fan Offers Help (03/07/2008)

It's like Wednesday all over again (03/07/2008)

Another job missed for Cotterill (03/07/2008)

Coyle Updates on His Transfer Targets (03/07/2008)

If I had a quid or two... (03/07/2008)

Rumour Mill-Remco van der Schaaf. (03/07/2008)

Jarrett, Scott & Other US Fans Chat to Clarets (04/07/2008)

Have a Beer with Stanley the Ref in Minnesota! (04/07/2008)

Vital Burnley APB: Can you help locate the Proggy? (04/07/2008)

Vital Burnley Sponsor BFC Supporters Team Player (04/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files: It's Forest for Cole! (05/07/2008)

So it's not Ritchie Jones then! (05/07/2008)

Clarets can Mexican Wave Goodbye to Carrusca (05/07/2008)

Vital Burnley go Mad & Sponsor Razo for BST (05/07/2008)

Clarets Fans Can See Railhawks Friendly LIVE!! (05/07/2008)

Proggy Vault forum launched by Vital Burnley (06/07/2008)

Midnight Chat while watching Railhawks Live (07/07/2008)

Rumour Mill-Van der Schaaf Linked Again (07/07/2008)

New Chief Executive role for Fletcher (07/07/2008)

Signing could be close for the Clarets (07/07/2008)

Clarets sign Van Der Schaaf (07/07/2008)

Coyle on about his New Van! (07/07/2008)

Gabs to miss US trip (08/07/2008)

Rumour Mill-Where Eagles Dare? (08/07/2008)

Eagles could Soar to US and join the Burnley Tour (09/07/2008)

Photos of the Clarets in US-Training Day 1 (09/07/2008)

The Penny Wont Drop for Railhawks Game (09/07/2008)

The Mystery 22-Owen Coyle stays Coy (09/07/2008)

US Thunder Audio Webcast-Neal Logan needs Help (10/07/2008)

Rumour Mill-Adam Hammill Loan (10/07/2008)

The Carolina Railhawks LIVE thread! (10/07/2008)

Coyle Denies Eagles Medical (10/07/2008)

Coyle on 2-1 Defeat in Carolina Friendly (11/07/2008)

Rumour Mill- Driver's Agent Talking with Hearts (11/07/2008)

Give 100% & Get it back (11/07/2008)

Wade Elliott's Psychology on Cary Defeat (12/07/2008)

Funny Footy Footage (12/07/2008)

US Trialists Galore for Burnley-Coyle Explains (13/07/2008)

Eagles flying in Scotland not Carolina (13/07/2008)

Get out the Matchsticks Again-Thunder Live Viewing (14/07/2008)

Thunder AND Lightning?-Coyle Explains (14/07/2008)

Open session for the Fans Team! (14/07/2008)

Red Tape costs a Penny! (15/07/2008)

Thunder Eyes,Early in the Morning on Vital Burnley (15/07/2008)

Happy Birthday Owen! (15/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files:John Oster gets Rams Trial (15/07/2008)

Matchday Mayhem US Forum Changes Name (16/07/2008)

Clarets have Thunder in their Belly (16/07/2008)

Robbo's View: Minnesota Thunder (16/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files:Eric Djemba-Djemba (17/07/2008)

Who will be the US Club to Partner? (17/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files:Laffs Rangers Injury (17/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files: Harley the Hornet (18/07/2008)

Will Eagles play Kaizer Chiefs?-The Latest (18/07/2008)

Pick Your Championship Fantasy Football Team (18/07/2008)

Penny from Heaven at Last (18/07/2008)

Vital Burnley Want Your Clarets Photos (18/07/2008)

Scottish Tour-Queen of the South 1:1 FINAL SCORE (19/07/2008)

Eagles speaks from....SOUTH AFRICA! (19/07/2008)

Coyle on Queen of the South Draw (20/07/2008)

Rumour Mill-The Nots and Maybes (20/07/2008)

Coyle on New Latvian Trialist, Kalninš -Updated (20/07/2008)

Scottish Tour-Partick Thistle: 1-0 Clarets Win (21/07/2008)

Truly International Clarets (21/07/2008)

Robbo's View: Queen of the South (21/07/2008)

The Line-Ups: Partick Thistle (a) (21/07/2008)

Shiny New Penny Debut as Clarets beat Partick (22/07/2008)

Rumour Mill-Kevin Kyle (22/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files:Shelton looks to Fjords (22/07/2008)

It's Burnley not Barnsley says Mostto to Penny (22/07/2008)

Coyle on Trialist & Transfer Targets (22/07/2008)

Scottish Tour-St Johnstone 1-3 Clarets at FT (23/07/2008)

Worldwide Clarets R'Us as Vital Burnley hit 300 (23/07/2008)

BST seek your support this Sunday (24/07/2008)

Hearts & Minds Made Up by Driver? (24/07/2008)

Coyle on Saints Victory & that Paterson Incident (24/07/2008)

Young MacDonald-The Scottish Connection (24/07/2008)

Coyle says no to Kalniņš (24/07/2008)

Burnley X Files:No Dyer Straits,Dyer Saints! (25/07/2008)

Burnley X-Files: Impish Sinclair to try Coaching (25/07/2008)

The Return of Remco (25/07/2008)

Accy Backy:Clarets Win 3-0 (26/07/2008)

Vital Burnley Championship Fantasy Football (26/07/2008)

Berisha on His Bes Behaviour! (27/07/2008)

Jimmy Mac, When Are You Coming Back? (28/07/2008)

Vital Burnley Prediction League Returns (28/07/2008)

New Trialist playing for Clarets against Glentoran (28/07/2008)

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Coyle on Promising Trialist, Alex Solovjovs (30/07/2008)

Bantams Last Cluck at Finish as Clarets win 2-1 (31/07/2008)

FFC Survey On Hopes & Fears For Season (31/07/2008)

Coyle Juggling His Balls on Transfer Front (31/07/2008)

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Solovjovs to spend more time with Burnley (01/08/2008)

At last a Turf Moor Friendly! (01/08/2008)

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Burnley 2-1 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (02/08/2008)

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Well it's about time (04/08/2008)

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Scots Under 21s call up for Kevin (12/08/2008)

Vital Burnley Launch Gambler's Den Forum (12/08/2008)

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It's Oldham again for the Clarets (14/08/2008)

Rumour Mill-Alex Bruce (14/08/2008)

Solovjovs Move Looks Unlikely (14/08/2008)

Coyle Denies Bruce Interest (14/08/2008)

Ipswich 1st Up at Turf (15/08/2008)

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Palace match (20/08/2008)

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Clarets at home in the third round. (30/08/2008)

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Chelsea Batterer`s Ball (24/11/2008)

Burnley Fall Foul of Goal that Wasn`t (25/11/2008)

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Steve Jones now on loan at Bradford (27/11/2008)

Coyle on the Loan Situation (27/11/2008)

Derby Day at Turf Moor (28/11/2008)

How to Congratulate Jimmy Mac ! (28/11/2008)

Burnley Go Fourth in the Fog (30/11/2008)

QPR v Burnley-FA Cup 3rd Round Draw (30/11/2008)

Hit the Site, Help the Club! (30/11/2008)

Return of the Gooner Show (02/12/2008)

Burnley Sour More Cream of London (03/12/2008)

Super, Super Kev McDonald! (03/12/2008)

No Derby but Derby Yes Please? (04/12/2008)

Denting & Drinking More London Pride? (07/12/2008)

The Blades After Preview! (07/12/2008)

No Longer Damn All at Bramall (07/12/2008)

The Price of Success? (07/12/2008)

Bluebirds Over (08/12/2008)

Disappointing Home Draw Against Cardiff (10/12/2008)

Oh When the Clarets... (12/12/2008)

Clarets Win But Saints Preserve Us! (14/12/2008)

Rumour Mill-Dean Shiels (Hibs) (14/12/2008)

Cotterill for Crewe? (16/12/2008)

Rumour Mill-Stoke for McCann? (16/12/2008)

Cotterill Derails Job at Crewe (17/12/2008)

Trust Cement New Partnership with Burnley FC (18/12/2008)

Watching Football Is Not A Crime (18/12/2008)

Could Anderson Return for Clarets? (19/12/2008)

Xmas Shopping in Bristol (20/12/2008)

That's The Ticket! (Spurs Home) (20/12/2008)

Vital Burnley to host Official Clarets Trust Forum (20/12/2008)

Clarets Win in Bristol Fashion (21/12/2008)

Merry Christmas from All at Vital Burnley (21/12/2008)

Roses Boxing Day Clash (25/12/2008)

That's The Ticket! (Spurs Away) (25/12/2008)

Burnley`s Ghost of Boxing Day Past Returns (27/12/2008)

Keepmoat test for Clarets (27/12/2008)

Rumour Mill-Bradley Orr Not? (28/12/2008)

Keepmoativating Failure for Coyle (29/12/2008)

Battle of the Banter-Clarets v Spurs (30/12/2008)

Rumour Mill-Good Ins, Bad Outs in January Window (31/12/2008)

Let's start 2009 with a bang! (31/12/2008)

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